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  1. @Angry the Clown Mondo announced today they are doing their own Ghostbusters 2 release later this year. Other things they announced or mentioned coming this year or early next Pixar’s Up-preorders in a few weeks Full Metal Jacket Hook MI 4:Ghost Protocal which will come with a slip case for the first four releases. Gunpowder Milkshake with Milan Records A SW title that is not Mandalorian S2 box set 😩 Suicide Squad Only one other title from Disney this year (not The Rock), which is frankly disappointing if Black Widow is the only MCU release this year. They mentioned one other title in partnership with Milan, but the mic cut out. Some of the other soundtrack titles from other companies On the stream Trading Places Viewtiful Joe Power Stone Death Note 6lp
  2. I did find it funny People Under the Stairs was a RSD only release, but mondo released an edition days after and was cheaper.
  3. Yes it does. Im behind on playing. I switched off the team covenant subs and just order everything from Miniature Market to save some money, as it was no small amount per release. So i wait to hit the free shipping threshold.
  4. The Mondo release of the Superman score goes on sale tomorrow. my list for mondo preorders keeps growing.
  5. Yep its a major problem for all shipments coming from china right now. There are not enough containers right now. Board game prices are gonna jump the rest of the year. Now companies that produce in europe like Awaken Realms should not have this issue.
  6. Bassan Tariq close to being named director of Blade. https://deadline.com/2021/07/blade-director-bassan-tariq-1234721241/
  7. Its gonna be an interesting show as Kate Bishop is a main part of it as well setting up a new Widow/Hawkeye dynamic.
  8. I’ll watch anything that team makes.
  9. Got the Matrix 3xlp release today for RSd as its the one thing that was must have for me. The other soundtracks i was thinking of picking up were way over priced for single LP releases. Like the last few RSD they will be in the bargain bin in a month.
  10. @ChrisBardonRebels is after Clone Wars in the timeline .
  11. Sweet, they hinted a while back there was a bunch more movies and toys that made us happening.
  12. there have been many versions of Kang over the years. Each one from a different point in his timeline. The worst is Kang the Conqueror. There is a two part avengers earths mightiest heroes episodes on Disney+ which were really good if you want to check out the character.
  13. Well we learned a few things in the finale. It was a version of KANG as fans of the MCU expected (YES), Loki is a series going forward , and will be a major part of the storyline going forward. Wonder if Hiddleston shows up in Ant-man and the Wasp Quantummania .
  14. I tried them all , and Overcast is just the most reliant, and easiest podcast app I have used.
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