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  1. Yeah I woke up early to watch before work, just like I did with Mando. So damn good. It’s a great time to be a Trek fan.
  2. Wrecking Crew scenario pack is scheduled for first week of Feb. As for SW, I am surprised Armada has not been killed already. X-Wing and Legion do really well in sales so I expect them to be around still. Destiny had so many issues with sets coming out. Also the cost of the dice was very expensive for FFG. They should have went with some smaller ones. I really enjoyed playing it when I could get a game.
  3. They are so short anyway, so it’s not really a time sync if you don’t like a small arc. All the characters get there moments,
  4. Turtles Arrives and Batman Adventure System is on its way to KS Feb 18th. https://www.idwpublishing.com/batman-the-animated-series-adventures-shadow-of-the-bat-launches-on-kickstarter/ Hope Marvel United is after it
  5. Of everything SW this is what I have been most waiting for. Gives me goosebumps Witness the end of the groundbreaking series. The final season of @StarWars: #TheCloneWars starts streaming Feb. 21 on #DisneyPlus.https://twitter.com/disneyplus/status/1219983053222637568/video/1
  6. Scythe and Rebellion are in my Top 10. The others I have not played. My game buying has slowed down in the last few years because I have so much unplayed stuff.
  7. TMNT actually got delivered 🤟🏻Stuck at work 😰
  8. Tmnt delayed until tomorrow. $#%^€£
  9. As much as I would love to get Neoprene mat’s for all games, that’s just more space taken.
  10. Just saw this pic from someone who got TMNT today, I need to make shelf space. My Kallax are jam packed.
  11. I am looking forward to Marvel United and Batman TAS(with same system as TMNT) KS coming soon. As I know they can be played solo if needed.
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