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  1. From pictures it looks like Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes animated series is on Disney+ as well. It came out after the first Avengers movie and lasted a few seasons, but it is terrific. Also gives me hope that Spectacular Spider-man will be on there, and that will be all the best Marvel animated series on the service.
  2. Second season of The Chef Show is up.
  3. Yeah I found it odd. Aren’t the sales of Disney stuff on iTunes a conflict already.
  4. Alba was supposedly taking over as Deadshot, but has not been confirmed.
  5. Yes the bumpers must return
  6. I was looking forward to his version of SS, cast makes me even more excites. Its like a whose who of James Gunns friends, family and girlfriend.
  7. Some more 80’s animated series coming to the service “Disney+ will have classic Marvel animated series like X-Men ‘92, Spider-Man ‘94, Spider-Woman ‘79, Spider-Man ‘81, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Iron Man ‘94, Fantastic Four ‘94, Incredible Hulk, Silver Surfer, and Spider-Man Unlimited” Been a while since I have watched x-men 92 and Spider-Man 94. Add those to Ducktales, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck and Rescue Rangers, and we have our new Disney afternoon.
  8. I was never a watch person, but I love my 4. So much easier to quickly see messages, email and notifications . Not to mention controlling podcasts and music while at work.
  9. I hit a bitch of a boss battle which is much easier co-op supposedly.
  10. The new ipad is calling my name, i really need that upgraded. Will wait until black friday to see how much lower the last few Iphone models go.
  11. They shoot Marvel films in places other then Atlanta.
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