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  1. Been keeping an eye to see when Tickets for this weekends End Game shows go on sale ( they have not yet), and its fascinating that the summer movie season has been so poor that most theaters in the NYC/Long Island area do not have anything other then Toy Story and the new Annabelle scheduled for Fri,Sat and Sunday yet. Only AMC Empire in Times Square has 5 movies planned for the weekend, and it has space for double that number.
  2. I’m at $1 at the moment.but my plan is to back the first set, and whatever else I want in the first wave.Then they say in the FAQ the PM for the second wave will be open until later next year, so I will get the other stuff before that closes.. Help spread the $$ around, as I want to back the Batman Adventures game when it’s up later in the year/early next.
  3. I’ll give each app a 2-3 trail to see which ones I like.
  4. A friend of ours just gave me a few large boxes of NES, SNES, GC, wii, Wii U, Ps2, and Xbox 360 games (and a wii system and snes) to do with as I please (he has more, just need to find the ). NES/SNES are pretty beat up, rest looks in good shape. Going to go through them all tomorrow.
  5. "It was announced on July 22, 2016 that Asmodee also acquired F2Z Entertainment (Z-Man Games, Plaid Hat Games, and Filosophia).[13]" I meant asmodee, all the same company Plaid hat is mentioned on their site https://www.asmodeena.com/en/
  6. Just saw that Plaid Hat has discontinued the Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn line. Which frankly is very sad, as it was a really good game. It had a great jump out of the gate, and then FFG purchased them. Huge year + delay between expansion releases and by then it was too late, and whatever support they had was gone. I need to keep a close eye on retailers to see if they discount decks, to try and complete my collection. Most of these are since FFG purchased them Tail Feathers was discounted within a month Crystal Clans and Guardians which were built to expand both just stopped out of the gate with no news Sector Ops 2 had board issues, everyone is just waiting for clearance sales Gen7 came and went Seafall was the biggest bomb in gaming over the last few years Neon Gods I forgot even was released until I looked on their site Comanauts the same exact thing, and it was a storybook game I was interested in. I don't even remember a review of it on any of the Youtube channels I follow Only stuff that has done decent Starship Samurai I really enjoyed, and at least it got an expansion, but its been quiet Stuffed Fables is probably their biggest hit since Dead of Winter I am surprised they are still a design studio at this point.
  7. "p.s. Make sure you stay all the way through the credits, and I mean all the way through. " Woody joining the Avengers?
  8. What podcasts apps do you guys like on IOS? I have been using Apples, but the more stuff I add to it, the more it sucks. Spotify is missing things I listen to. Breaker I am trying now, and seems to work good, minus a few hiccups. I can import your subs from Itunes. I like the social part of it where you can see what your friends listen to, but no one uses it, lol.
  9. I have not see it officially renewed but looks like S3 of The Toys that made is about Power Rangers, Wrestling, My Little Pony and TMNT.
  10. My fav Hickman stuff is East of West and his Avengers run. But he has a bunch of other really good series as well.
  11. Except I have those as 3 and 2 respectively
  12. I liked it more the second time and that was after watching End Game.
  13. Would not be surprising actually. They used a bunch of his stuff for the last few avengers films. Hickman is a terrific writer, and I am actually excited to get back to reading x-men again. It’s been a long time.
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