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  1. The Elite, 665 and Hub are all available on the U.S. Best Buy still. My parents even bought back ups.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, I just ordered two extra 665’s from Best Buy
  3. There are 3-4 soundtracks I want to pick up, but the Matrix Complete is my first priority.
  4. RSD releases announced https://recordstoreday.com/PromotionalEvent/580?view=all
  5. Ashes Returns and new Champions Campaign box in the same week
  6. Zemo has always been rich.. he’s a Baron.
  7. I played the base game solo a few times when it came in wave one. I haven’t had a chance to play again. Hell I have the 2nd TMNT Kickstarter which I have not touched yet either which I really want to play as well. Almost all of our game group will be fully vaccinated by the end of the month, and we are getting game nights going again ASAP
  8. @dogbert I got it all, and the number of boxes is insane. Crazy thing is, the retail release plans changed, so only into the spider verse is being released. The rest by default are all is exclusive. If I do get x-men it will be in the pledge manager down the line.
  9. 1)There are no starship battles in this 2)Who the hell is the guy in the middle.
  10. I’ve made a thread in the spoiler area for Falcon and Winter Soldier.
  11. Damn great episode today. Emily Van Camp finally returns as Sharon kicking ass like John Wick and Brühl just chews up each scene as Zemo.
  12. The writer was watching Infinity War when he wrote part of that movie The battles were great.
  13. @WhooterPlaystation had all sorts of migration issues with the game . I would check their support page.
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