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  1. Yep loved every second, gonna watch it again shortly. Also more casting news.Ethan Hawke to play villain on Moon Knight https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/ethan-hawke-to-play-villain-opposite-oscar-isaac-in-marvels-moon-knight-exclusive
  2. He is, he is not gonna say before marvel announces it. Hailey Seinfeld said the same exact thing and she was signed, and was filming before it was officially announced. Same with Tatiana Maslany on she-hulk. Even Oscar Isaac is in Moon Knight and it’s not officially announced yet.This deadline, not those rumor sites.
  3. Chris Evans is close to a multi film deal to return to the MCU kind of like RDJ did for Civil War, Homecoming, etc,
  4. Almost every every movie that says NYC... The subways are always wrong, or the put elevated trains in places where there are none. Or when the local hospital and Burger King here in queens,ny everyday were in Chicago for The Big Sick.
  5. Lol yeah that sequence was very strange, but everything else was spot on. The uniforms are fantastic as it’s about time they had a really big change in the franchise. Was an enjoyable finale, and I hope it is more ensemble going forward as well, as these other characters deserve more backstory. The cast is fantastic. It’s a clean slate now, and I’m surprised they did not hint at next seasons plot like they did the first few seasons.
  6. There was an entire investigation done by WB on it. Cyborg was supposed to have a much larger role in Snyder’s cut, but whedon pretty much cut it all out. Full details have never been released, but other cast members have hinted they did not get along with Whedon either. Geoff Johns was mentioned it a few of the complaints, which is kind of shocking. After the investigation whedon left two projects he was working on (one for HBO).
  7. That’s exactly how I think of it @Carlucci
  8. Mondo announced today that they will be releasing DC movie and TV soundtracks starting with Aquaman. I may not like most of their movies, but I do like the soundtracks
  9. It was renewed in October for s4, so it’s gonna be a while.
  10. I love this show. S3 was great, but it's too short.
  11. Tom Kane had a stroke, which has left him unable to talk at the moment, , and probably ended his ability to do voice over if he does get speech back. He is the Narrator and voice of yoda in The Clone Wars. Also did work on so much other stuff as well. Fuck 2020 https://deadline.com/2020/12/star-wars-archer-voice-artist-tom-kane-stroke-1234663335/
  12. I've seen them pop up a few times a week in different spots, but they sell out pretty quick. The S is up on Best Buy right now
  13. Terminator Dark Fate- Liked it, there have been far worse Terminator films. I already knew the big thing that happened going in.
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