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  1. FfG did a swerve today on Champions and I dont know how to feel about it. After wrecking crew we knew Thor was coming, but it was always thought they would alternate scenarios every few months. After thor its 3 more character packs then the first story box . Thats almost 6 months without a new scenario.
  2. The gigabit does help a lot. I have it on fios.
  3. FFG has had plenty of stinkers over the years.
  4. Have you ever checked out Marvelous Ms Maisel on amazon? One of the best looking shows I’ve seen.
  5. For Goomhaven I got the vinyl sticker pack for cheap in case I ever want to reset it. As for the sales, nothing from this past weekends sales, a few weeks ago Walmart had a few Mansions of madness expansions for cheap.i bought a champions insert from Meeple Reality but it wasn’t on sale. It shipped today, looking forward to it coming,
  6. The Movies that made us if just as good as Toys. Same narrator and same quick cut humor. Watched Dirty Dancing and Die Hard so far.
  7. Nope funko has normal funko pop and 10 inch pop.
  8. Black Widow Teaser..Yes please https://youtu.be/RxAtuMu_ph4
  9. Finally watched it, damn that was awesome from start to finish. Binging it, everything just clicked on all cylinders. Can’t wait for next season. And please give us a Pike enterprise series also.
  10. The hulu thing i did was separate
  11. I do not know. I signed up for the Disney plus 3 year deal during D23, and now for the $2 a month Hulu BF deal for a year. So it’s like $5.50 a month this way,
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