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  1. Speaking of CMON they announced a Last of Us game today https://cmon.com/press/the-last-of-us-is-coming-to-tabletop?fbclid=IwAR1SAiywBkfhu-hbqP_J1hFVM31wya0ICb69BxOPGwrJOZotLM_3eTZSuxA
  2. @kelley keep an eye on Newbury over the next few days. Some of their stores get more copies of stuff then they need as they don’t have big vinyl collectors in the area , and they put it on the web site.
  3. Yeah one of the reasons I rarely back CMON stuff anymore. Things are more Miss then Hit these days. A few games they need to release second editions to fix major issues
  4. I am glad I did not back Trudvang from CMON. They are pretty much redoing the entire game, changed parts of the team so the project is delayed at least a year.
  5. And I just got the email from gamestop. I said yes, lets see what happens. Still have my amazon preorder in case.
  6. Pt 2 was a success, as I was able to get the Mortal Kombat and X-files soundtracks that were my must gets. Also picked up the Live Hootie and the Blowfish Album and the Britney RSD release. This one was very different then last time, as a lot of stuff they only had 1 or 2 copies of a lot of things. Glad I got there an hour early and was 10th in line, as we got the last copy of MK.
  7. I talked to gamestop and they had no record of my order. I did not get any message from all access like that. I got one via amazon anyway.
  8. They are actually allowing Snyder to now shoot additional scenes for JL. For everyone’s sake I hope this new cut is decent.
  9. My base game from the Marvel United Kickstarter arrived . Hope to try it this weekend. Also need to play the LCG Red Skull box because I already got notice for the Kang Scenario pack shipping 😳
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