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  1. Have to wonder how high actual box office would have been without HBO max . Our theater was crowded for a first showing on a Saturday. Only other movie that busy since theaters reopened here was Shang Chi.
  2. Cant be sure on some comparisons until we see Pt2 , but one thing I missed, was . May be time to dig out the DVDs on the miniseries for another watch.
  3. Hayden will be staying in sw a bit longer as he will be appearing in the Ahsoka series multiple sites are reporting.
  4. I guess Asmodee doesn't like paying for backup drives
  5. Y bounced around between so many formats, channels and directors, its a miracle it was even made at all. It will probably end up at HBO max. every other DC property is moving back there. Even Pennyworth is leaving Epix to go to it.
  6. Only Murders in the Building with a fantastic season finale. Steve Martin had me non stop laughing for the entire second half.
  7. Yep it’s a realignment with the D+ shows that had production delays. Word leaked earlier today that ms marvel will be pushed back later in the year, and She Hulk and Moon Knight may come out earlier now. We should get the full slate on D+ day
  8. The beta for the Dungeon Alchemist map making software that I mention I backed on Kickstarter has begun. This thing is amazing, and even though it’s more like an alpha it already has way more functionality then I thought.. It’s already generating rooms, and exporting in formats for Fantasy Grounds and Roll20 with Line of sight, lighting, walls, door, windows, etc all done . A sample of a map I made in less then 5 minutes. I didn’t edit or touch anything in the rooms that were auto generated .the bottom pick is a screen cap inside fantasy grounds showing all the back end stuff which usually took hours to get done manually.
  9. We finally saw this today, and I loved every second of it. I rewatched the other four movies this week in anticipation and everything just fit, and flowed well when watched close together. Casino Royale, Skyfall and No time to die feel like the big story beats where Quantum and Spectre are the glue the moves from one big thing to the next. At one point it sounded like Zimmer was riffing off the Bale Batman theme. It was so close, and then it moved away to something different,
  10. Easier said then done. There is also a supply issue of stuff to make vinyl.
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