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  1. I forgot how bad that boomerang controller looked.
  2. It could be the ssd for all I know.
  3. I need to take apart my tower and find out what is wrong with it still. If I can’t find the issues some upgrades may need to happen in the next few months once I get a new desk setup.
  4. If you missed it last time $1 ultimate which upgrades your time left for free https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/xbox-game-pass-ultimate/CFQ7TTC0KHS0/000F?ranMID=24542&ranEAID=oelFIBIMgTk&ranSiteID=oelFIBIMgTk-E6kvnz90Sb9Ytm_lGzwWjA&epi=oelFIBIMgTk-E6kvnz90Sb9Ytm_lGzwWjA&irgwc=1&OCID=AID2000142_aff_7593_1243925&tduid=(ir__vs6rhfrckckftgazxkqdydtlre2xnwl0it2kzcas00)(7593)(1243925)(oelFIBIMgTk-E6kvnz90Sb9Ytm_lGzwWjA)()&irclickid=_vs6rhfrckckftgazxkqdydtlre2xnwl0it2kzcas00&activetab=pivot:faqtab
  5. Not in these cases Jay. Scott Snyder has constantly said he already had American Vampire plotted until the end. A few times a year he says " We are starting work on it soon", and then nothing, then the same thing again and again. He has the same issue with his Wytches series at Image which I also enjoy. Saga the creative team announce they would take a 6 month break just to get ahead of things , and its been 2 years.
  6. Because it could take a few weeks for people who contract it to get symptons. So that mountian is right around 14 days after the lockdowns in major cities started.. So after that points cases should drop because the spread slowed by people staying home.
  7. Now it’s screwing with Bronx Zoo Tigers https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/05/us/tiger-coronavirus-new-york-trnd/index.html
  8. Yep they always paid, its ridiculous the publishers did not at least pay for part of it. You mentioned Saga, that’s the other problem with the industry, especially Creator owned. Too many series take hiatus saying “taking a 6 month break” and never return, Saga is the big one, American Vampire is the one that pisses me off the mostl. The last issue was 2015, third cycle was supposed to start 2016. By the time is supposedly comes back next year it’s 6 damn years. Funny thing is that last issue is still full price on comixology 5 years later.
  9. Yeah the order is Singles, Trades, Digital from the last data I saw. FCBD has hurt a lot of stores and many just do not do it anymore. they are paying for the books to give out, and it was not worth it as people were not buying anything else while there. It’s why exclusive items started being done that they could sell , helps balance things out to even. The majority of books are bought by people 30 and up. And yes 25 books would be a $100 without any discount. Which is why DCBService is so popular. At minimum it would halve the cost every , sometimes more. 4-5 years ago I was buying an insane number of books monthly. Now I get 2, maybe 3 Digitally. Walking Dead ended, so it was one less book.
  10. And good luck finding a decent comic store that actually is focused on comics. We have three nearby and they are more focused on statues, , magic cards or action figures. Midtown comics in the city is great but I don't get there often, just like the only decent board game store is in the city also. I always have joked with phil, I need to visit romier's to go to a decent comic or game store.
  11. I do not believe comics are going to go away from monthly issues. That is where the bulk of their sales come from, and would be a major cause to kill it. I do believe they will start to scale back the number of titles every month, and do limited series for certain character. Many companies including Image have started doing this in the last few months. They realized retail can not handle so many titles a month (funny thing is the board game industry is starting to learn this as well). Put out less products, but make them better and must read/play. The comic industry also has a problem that many other companies have had. They don't adapt with the times. For years I ordered a lot from DCBS because the prices were so cheap. However I didn't want to store most of these issues. Then Comixology started, and there was a time when Digital comic sales were booming. They would have price drops two weeks after release, and a lot of people like myself bought a ton of titles monthly. Then after a year or so DC decided to price drop after a month, then two months, then they went the Marvel way and it took 6+ months for prices to drop. Other companies followed them, and then digital comic sales dropped a lot and became flat for the last few years. Anytime a Publisher talked they complained about it, and that digital was not the future of the industry. Bullshit, you fucked it up.
  12. I'm curious, why is ghostbusters not a choice for a collection?
  13. That film is on D+. They also put up a bunch of Nature Docs here yesterday, looking forward to those. Also if you have young kids (even if you dont) watch Bluey. Fun little show. I need to get back to working my way through the catalog on D+. Still a lot of stuff i have not seen in a while.
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