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  1. Romier, long time no see! I'll take Skyrim, but I do have MW3 (360) - would you consider a trade? If not, its OK, i'll buy it anyway.
  2. I am all over this, have been watching every trailer as it released. Looks fantastic!
  3. Paul, I topped a couple of your times this morning. I love this feature! Anyone else playing, feel free to shoot a friend request to "Hustle". The more the merrier, as far as the Speedwall is concerned. Carlos, c'mon man, improve on some of the times of yours!
  4. Single player. Executive Order. Veteran. End of level office and hallway. Deaths: Too many to count. Will go at it again tonight.
  5. Indeed. The voice recognition would no longer work too well. Not that a center channel vibrates, but that would not help, either.
  6. The biggest issue with the Kinect is going to be the "playspace", which is also the official term MS is using when relating to the play area. At the very least you need to be 6ft from the sensor to play as a singler player, and 8ft for two player action. Lighting is also a huge factor. EVEN lighting gives the best results, and the sun will indeed affect gameplay. The glare just completely fools the sensors. Also, guys, make sure you are not backlit. Having yourself lit from the top or front will yield much better results. Also place the sensor at least 2ft. from the floor, not on your center channel speaker, and not behind glass. This comes from a guy working for Microsoft, supporting the Kinect. Me. Is it perfect? No. Is it fun, yes. Is it the future of gaming. Uhm... All that said, I am actually very impressed with the Kinect. My kids love it. We have Adventures, Joy Ride, Sonic, and Kinectimals. The way Kinect ID works allows players stepping into and out of the playspace to be instantly recognized is very slick. My girlfriend has twin 9 year olds and they are coming over tonight. I am eager to see if Kinect can tell them apart. I doubt it will.
  7. Alright, sucks was a harsh word, and I actually don't hate the guy. I simply think that he is absolutely terrible at in-game adjustments. Have you ever seen the Giants run the no-huddle, even though Eli excels at it? Remember the Tiki years, and how dangerous the screen pass was? It was the Giants bread and butter. Here we have a back, Jacobs, who is a BEAST in the open field, and happens to have incredibly soft hands. Do we ever use the play? Nope. Play action? Not enough as far as I am concerned. One thing the Giants do, consistantly and irregardless of the situation, is pass on 2nd and long. Even if it's 2nd and 9. Take 3 yards. Run a draw! Make it 3rd and 5 or 6. That's where Smith will shine. And one more thing. He gets the plays to Eli way too late. Delay of games? Some are on Eli, but he always gets to the line with 5 to 7 seconds to audible. Peyton gets to the line with 15+ sometimes. That's on Gilbride. Anyway, my two cents...
  8. Not to absolve Eli, but with a 21 point lead, RUN THE BALL. First down throws? Idiotic. Bleed the clock! 2nd and 9? Why is this automatically a passing down? Kilbride sucks, and the Giants win despite him.
  9. I agree with Joey though, I can't quite forgive Banks not being one of the first 30. I hear you guys, I really do. He is a class act, and I was (am) a huge fan. I love watching him and Papa on Giants.com. BUT... He played alongside 2 Hall of Famers. He was great, don't get me wrong. But the thinking was, I'm sure, that he benefitted by playing alongside those guys. Hell, Gary Reasons was awesome, too. Bavaro, on the other hand... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6Ywnk1b_nQ (who else walks away from this hit) I couldn't find the 45 yard catch and run where he drags the entire 49'er defense down the field.
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