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  1. I found the fan in the power brick to be too noisy when the system is off. It stays on when power is set to instant-on so I switched to energy saver and it shuts off now. I use my Harmony remote to turn it on and off so I don't need the voice commands.
  2. I was able to find it on the PS3 under services list. On PS4 it states there are no services when I click on it.
  3. Damn, still can't find it. PSN issues aren't helping either. It's taking 3 and 4 tries to get from one menu to another.
  4. PSN is a mess right now in the US. I bought a PSN+ sub via the Amazon deal but when I entered the code on PS4 I got a few error messages and then it said the code was already redeemed when I tried a second time. I can't figure out where it shows my PS+ expiration date to see if the code went through. None of the account and profile sections on PS4 or the website show it.
  5. I might be getting a component rack next month so the console gangbang will have to do until then. If they survived Amazon shipping then they should be able to handle this. My XBone arrived in a box smaller than the PS4 using the second controller box as a side cushion with DR3 and deflated air pillows (basically a layer of saran wrap) on top. The controller packaging is pretty jacked up but the pad looks fine.
  6. My component rack is enclosed and not very console friendly when it comes to heat so I've been putting them on top. With the new systems I wasn't sure what I was going to do but came up with this setup. All the vents are exposed and no wobbles. Not prettiest but it will do. Wish I could have gotten a black SS PS3 instead of the GOW bundle when I got it.
  7. I haven't turned mine on since the yesterday so I'll check tomorrow to see if it went through using the daily updater. Do you have to accept a new TOS with 1.51?
  8. With PS+ on PS3 it would turn on and check for updates around 4 or 5 AM. I think PS4 does the same. If the 1.51 update and game patches came out today it wouldn't download/install until tomorrow morning.
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