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  1. I dunno, I assume everything could be fake these days, just the way I filter everything. The part you point out is this only point that I also questioned it. But she's so worked up, so flustered, she could totally be lost to 'normal' response. If it is real, she doesn't even want to be listening, so her reaction could be screwed up. The way the guys are chill, but also seemingly caught off by the crazy feels legit, and their part is well done if fake. What's more depressing, me giving in to 'this could be real', or you assuming it's '100% fake'?' Sadly it co
  2. Holy shit, What a fucking wreck of a person! Yikes!
  3. This is Keith's convoluted & covert way of subverting the forum's policy on political discussions. If you read between the lines Keith supports Trump's 2nd impeachment acquittal,... "Just on principal we should hold off burning the witch until we can confirm they're a witch. Because there is no going back once you throw the match."
  4. Annnnd, now I just ordered these to enjoy with the wife and kids over school vacation. Stranger Things Upside Down, and an add on light kit.
  5. I decided, out of guilt for being so harsh, to re-watch that trailer. Open to being wrong, I went in with a fresh positive mindset. Here's my fresh all new take,... Needle didn't move!
  6. Hot Garbage! I could not be less interested. They are all-in on this version of DC and I am all-out! The DC Universe is just grotesque superhero mythology porn at this point. Yuck!
  7. I've listened to these such as Pod Save America, Shaperio, Yang etc., and I appreciate when they go into topic with heart and attempt to tackle a topic sincerely from their perspective, but I've also cringed at each when the 'geeked' factor dials up. I appreciate enthusiasm and authenticity, but when someone gets a little too giddy and lose their grounding for a moment, it's just, yuck! I also enjoy Common Sense with Dan Carlin, and his other Pod work (His last episode on Hardcore History Addendum with Tom Hanks was awesome!). He's only had a couple Common Sense episodes this year
  8. I like the Rewatchables as well, but I find I have to really cherry pick episodes that might interest me. It's basically the last podcast I go to when I can't find anything else and I still have house chores to finish.
  9. $15 on Epic to tomorrow. (looks like the other deals in this article are over though) https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/good-deals/2021/1/5/22214879/hades-nintendo-switch-best-buy-deal-sale
  10. Wow! I figure VR is out then too? I got this for my son, a big Nintendo fan, yet somehow he'd managed to never hear about it before. That worked out, he was really curious what the heck it was when he opened it, and now he loves it! Him and his sister have been getting a lot of use out of it, & lots of laughs too!
  11. WW84 I went into this movie completely blind, haven't heard a word or opinion beforehand. For reference I loved the first WW, easily the best DC movie of late for me. WW84 is a hot mess, and a total bore. Finally WW fits in with the rest of the recent DC Universe. Ugh! Gal Gadot is a fantastic WW, she was not the probelm. Everything in this movie other than her sucks. There are so many things I didn't like about this movie I would even know where to start. Things I did like 1. Gal Gadot 2. The little girl on the mall teddy bear was a cute mo
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