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  1. She was annoying, like in the way morning radio are just nonsense, babble and fake excitment. And if you need to market your new console with a fridge, because it looks like a freaking fridge, maybe ya should've scrapped the design a while back. When a new Atari is more thoughtfully and tastefully designed, you've probably failed with your esthetic choice.
  2. Maybe you can save yourself some money and just get a new prescription. It'll fix my penis probelm & your display dilemma,...2 4 1!
  3. Lava on the floor, lol! So many kids climbing over furniture trying get out of the lava!!!! I hope she is able to have some other kids over, that game is a blast with friends. They will play for so long. 🙂
  4. You can use the credit toward Epic store an purchase, so I just used it on one of the RL bundles (car, items & RL credit). Then used the credit toward Rocket Pass.
  5. I must have said this before, but here it is again,... I enjoy this show more than any SW movie outside of the OGs. I just enjoy the look, the feel, the cast and characters the whole production quality. We can nit-pick anything these days, but I'm looking forward to the new season, and more so than I ever did for any of the movies! I'll step down now
  6. Crazy right! My wife mentioned it, and my reaction was, "no, wrong guy, can't be.". Damn!
  7. Yeah, it's Riddler! I like The Batman so far, I'm interested in this one! That fight looked like it came straight out of the video games. All one of those guys had to do was raise a fist and he would have smashed the counter button. 😁 And on the topic of Crysis on Infinite Earths, I've watched way more of the DC series and seasons than I care to admit. I got through it for my daughter, gotta be a good Dad! The DC shows, all so painful! Bretter than the DC movies, but such a slog-fest. I was not a fan a Crysis, but it totally worked within the sphere of what they were wo
  8. Already a fan! Immediately looked good, and as Kelly stated, faster on mobile! 😎
  9. I've already stated that I stand not by Epic in this fight, but by the smaller players that might benefit. That said, I have no issue with Epic leveraging their user base. Apple can out-spend you, and Apple already has tremendous clout & mind share established. Epic needs to go all-in with whatever tools they have at their disposal. That 1984 in-your-face-Apple was brilliant IMO! I hope we get to a point where Apple has to try and make a case against their own 1984 ad in a court room. Good luck with that!
  10. Big pockets companies I loath taking each other on. Both, and all, ultimately want the same thing, more money and ultimate control all to themselves. I would say I don't give a shit, but then I guess since smaller Devs might benefit, so I have to be on team Epic. Mildly. But not for any reason connected to Epic, they'll be the Apple of gaming someday if they navigate to that point. I'd say at least they'll both waste money fighting, but I'm sure they'll both find a way to push that cost on to consumers somehow. Fuck'em all!
  11. It is ugly, and why does that black matte area particular controller look like it's been used for like 500 hours already? It looks nasty! That doesn't bode well.
  12. I couldn't be more excited! I want to spend time in the OG Mafia world. It was wonderful back in the day, and this remake just looks fantastic! Romier knows what I'm talking bout!
  13. Reintroduce Yourself - Old Members Thread, No Old Dudez Parts, Just Say Hello
  14. This is one of the best memes I've across. It's just a great use of a clip, and tying together of right-in-to-moment pop culture zeitgeist.
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