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  1. First time I've seen that Erica game. Damn, that looks to be on a different level than any FMV I've ever seen. Very cool to get it via ps+. It's not something I would have ever purchased, but I'll certainly give a go now.
  2. Just slow down the testing! Probelm fixes itself. E z
  3. These shots of, errr, ummm, "my Dad" from, ummm, "30 years ago", yeah, yeah 30 years ago!
  4. Fine, it's not like my gif guarantee was worth shit anyway. I hereby rescind my empty prediction, I defer to you lower price point folks. And naturally, I hope you are indeed correct!
  5. This is me too! The other day I got my first haircut at my regular hairdresser. (long time friend, kids go to school together, etc) For some reason she was only taking cash, not sure why, seems like the opposite thing you'd want to do at this point. (She's also used to me only paying via my watch or phone. ) For the lulz, I dumped the contents of my wallet on the counter and told her, "it's been in my wallet since before the pandemic, and you can have it all!" It was probably about a 60% tip after cost, but I didn't mind. She was dying laughing.
  6. Ahh, so Epic purchases PlayStation, mmm, that could happen. We are in the darker timeline after all! Slogan,... Free consoles for souls!
  7. You said $399 just to drag the rest of us into conversation kicking & screaming, didn't you! Fine, whaaaaaaaaa! $399 doesn't give them much future price drop wiggle room. It's $499 & $599!
  8. Sortable link https://randombundlegame.com/browse?sort=steamDb
  9. 1190, and maybe 5 discs as well! I'm already on the record as all digital, so this was the easiest quiz, in like fa evaaa! All digital on lighting fast drives, give me that now!!!
  10. First time I saw it vertical, I thought it looked pretty nice. My reaction to this horizontal,... not so much a fan. This however is super subjective I suspect. I would guess that this will be polarizing, some love, some meh.
  11. Here in Rhode Island the governor announced schools will reopen at the end of the summer. Hopefully this sticks, no significant rebound of C19. IMO, Home schooling has gone as smoothly as we could have hoped, both in our district, and here at our home with four kids. I applaud everyone who made it work! And,... It's also a total failure, IMO. My kids have had it easy, 100% support from their schools, two parents home helping with any needs, all of the equipment and supplies they could want, no worries, plenty of down time, etc. They have been in great spirits and made the best of everything. I also don't think they've learned jack-squat. Well, about as minimum as possible, as far as I can gather. Distance learning is simply not conducive to teaching or learning for middle school or elementary. It's not for lack of effort on anyone's part, it simply is what it is. If home schooling can only provide like 20% (I feel like that's being generous) of the experience and opportunity that a typical day of school might offer, everyone putting in 100% simply doesn't matter. To be fair, a fresh school year with planned distance could certainly do far better, but make no mistake, it would also fall far too short in many ways. We've been lucky, I imagine distance learning has gone horribly for some. There are so many ways for things to have gone wrong, so many variables and variations. If have been waiting with bated breath for todays announcement, I can only assume there are some people literally celebrating (cautiously I'm sure, but still).
  12. OK, this makes the least sense. A line for Ikea furniture? This must be the most epic furniture sale ever? Or,.... Zombies!!! Fuck, it is the End of Days! I get it, omg, ZOMBIES!
  13. What is this? I don't play Dead Rising, so I Googled, didn't see a release. But if course this is also Ikea, don't think they sell video games. Do they? There couldn't be this many people buying physical games any more. Could there be? And during a pandemic no less. Uh, digital? Seriously, what is this, a line for Covid testing? A line of really polite American looters?
  14. Added Money Heist to my watch list as well! 👍
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