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  1. No, but I added it to my list after going down the IMDB & wiki rabbit holes. Watch movie, enter rabbit hole! Here's a picture of my father with George O'Brien (1977). No, not the lady, you funny guys! Bottom left, not the best image, sorry. My father's always been a big movie fan & film collector.
  2. I enjoy watching older films, so I took my wife along this past week through some, carefully picked to warm her up to the whole notion. The 39 Steps (1935) (This was my first viewing as well) It's a great movie, we both enjoyed. (Spoiler; all of these movies were great, and we both enjoyed them throughly! ) The draw was to see an early Hitchcock film, knowing it would be different than the later stuff most of us are familiar with, and is considered a classic as well. In retrospect in glad we watched this first, as I feel like I personally enjoy the next two films just a bit more, so it just happened that I lucked into the right viewing order. My Man Godfrey (1936) This movie is great, It's seen it before, and it was great experiencing it with my wife for her first time. My wife starts each of my random movies choices with a bit of 'wtf is this', followed by a resignation that somehow it'll turn out to be good. She's just been through it enough, like her own personal groundhog day. But I think in Godfrey she didn't simply give into the experience, but found a piece that connected with her. It's just a fun movie, lampoon and roast, yet warm and rewatchable. Imagine a 1930's version of the Kardashians meet George Bailey as Mr. Belvedere, BUT the Kardashians are actually entertaining! This is a great movie to watch with your significant other. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927) Anyone who know this movie is probably already laughing out loud. 😁 I threw caution out of the window with this one, I picked one of the greatest silent films ever! My wife,... She gets so annoyed when these movies end, despite trying to be positive going in, deep down she's expecting to not enjoy stuff. And I don't think she's ever not liked a movie I've picked. It's like 'fist in the air', I really enjoyed that, you win again! This was clearly my biggest achievement, she really, really enjoyed a silent movie, whodathunk! I don't really want to spoil this one, but it's a great wife movie! Well, if she's adventurous enough to let you subject her to a silent film!
  3. What service do you use? Don't all of the major streaming services allow you to download playlists to your mobile device?
  4. This is a great video, thanks for sharing Ed! This video touches on different concerns that I have. Considering we do not have a vaccine, we have a global community with wildly different measures and lack of measures (both macro and micro scale) we are in this for the long term ( the end-ish point being, vaccine widely available day). We've been funneling our lives into ever increasing small hubs of 'necessities', the Walmarts, drug stores, hospitals of the world. These places don't just need to be clean, they need to be hyper-clean. Now hospitals are being hyper-cleaned, but they are also being directly assaulted by the virus (that's where the sick flood to). The other places we are being funneled to, they are doing what they can, but this is of great concern. I have yet to see a single Walmart worker with a mask, though a few with gloves. This should be 100% by now, gloves and some sort of face cover for all. Obviously for their health, but for everyone, considering near entire local populations are being funneled to them. And if you look at the selfie I posted the other day, no one in line is wearing a mask (a small number of us in-store were). If we cannot 100% close and quarantine society (obviously), we need to get as close as possible to not spreading/infecting. Unfortunately we are in a strange place, where we are funneled to a few small places, yet contamination measures are a total mixed bag. Basically, we are stuck in one of models where the virus perpetuates! As stupid as we'd all look, I think until we have a vaccine the government needs an immediate measure to provide masks and gloves en masse to all. Send it along with their stimulus checks. Set up distribution points in every town. This stuff would then be required for any interaction with other near-distance human interactions outside of the home, or when entering/interacting with any building outside your home. Additionally any worker in any commerce activity must use these measures, and necessary sanitary measures, at all times while working in all fields of the economy. (Edit; this needs to be on-going distribution. People need new clean gloves and masks constantly, and free, otherwise this is pointless, people would reuse contaminated materials. ) This is the only way we can keep the basics society available, while also getting as close to the 100% quarantine model. Anything less amounts to half-measures. If everyone had masks and gloves (for the in-term until vaccine day), the economy could in-theory begin a quick recovery as we get past our current peak. Yes, I'm saying masks and gloves by law for all for the next 1-2 years (until vaccine day), along with strict hygiene requirements for all business and things come back on line. Lighter note,... If you go to his video history, he recently posted a QA walk in the woods. It's so interesting how a face can be so different than what you imagine when listening. I won't spoil, but listen to him and then go look to see him.
  5. This is sad, but it's also a very detailed account, which is why I'm sharing. Just very interesting to hear her account of her husband passing from this. Just crazy, so sudden, and I feel so bad for her and the family, what they have gone though. Could literally happen to any family at any time. https://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2020/04/02/30-year-old-teacher-dies-coronavirus-luderer-camerota-newday-vpx.cnn
  6. Hey there Ewrong Musk, Home Depot has this shit just sitting in a box next to the register. Not difficult to find. Bought my one. Go get yours! Seriously though, bit odd forcing myself to wear it. Just felt like I have to swallow pride and be smart. Late 40's, four kids to care for, I just can't screw around due to silly pride. Weird times!
  7. Don't even try. I tried with the OG guac, tried to sell him on the gameplay. Right up his alley, or so you would think. He didn't like the theme. The theme!
  8. Not Covid, but this guy rocks, and his long life and positive attitude is 'exactly what the doctor ordered'! Stay safe my friends! Let's all be Bob's!
  9. You watch that show? My wife loves it. I call it, 'This is Us, Arguing'. I can't take drama and fighting and human bullshit in real life, and I honestly cannot fathom how anyone can spend their down time watching fake life drama, fake life bitching and fake life fighting. I know a bunch of people watch this stuff, but I really cannot understand it at all. It's literally the opposite of what I want in my free relaxing time. I know, so much of entertainment is really just this soap opera BS. Figgen Marvel Universe is one huge running soap, I get it! But the no action, no comedy, slow moving, never resolving, ever revolving TV drama stuff does not compute on any level! This also goes a bit beyond just disliking entrainment drama, my brain has always been wired with an aversion to fiction in general. I'd rather read an interesting non-fiction book over fiction, etc. Although I'd take a fiction book over TV soap by a country mile. I'm spilling this because I'm generally curious, anyone else feel similarly? And, no I'm not a robot. Toy Story 3,... that's all I'm saying. 😭
  10. Hadn't really paid much attention up until now, but I went ahead and purchased Dreams today, figured with so much time on our hands it'd be worth exploring with the kids. I can't believe that forest/river vid is from Dreams, like really can't! Maybe after spending some significant time with the 'game' I'll come around. 🙂 Is there any word of PSVR support? Last news I can find is all from mid-February saying 'coming soon-ish'.
  11. Take care, we all hope you are well!
  12. Racial profiling is so last year! Here in my town we are resident profiling. At the order of the RI governor, residents of others states (New York really) are being pulled over, having police knock on doors if they see an out-of-state plate in the driveway, and getting reported to police by residents when seen around town. They are being told to quarantine for 14 days. Kinda crazy, but we do get a lot of NYers escaping here to their vacation homes. At least it seems to be all polite and more suggestion than order. But still strange.
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