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  1. W T F! It's 2019, it should be illegal to charge for that. Literally should be free to use!
  2. Panzer on the Switch is great news! This is just my subjectivity, but I'm so far out on physical media that it seems strange that it's getting a physical release. Good news for people who are in on physical media though! A quick search, can't find an answer,... is it also getting a digital release? I would assume, just didn't find a confirmation. (Other than in your above post referencing 'physicsl version,' which seems to imply digital additionally)
  3. Quality programming is only going to get you so far, this new service isn't getting a dime from me without some terribly uninteresting baking content, preferably foreign, and lacking dishes desirable to American palettes.
  4. I didn't love it, but with any of these shows it's difficult to cram origins and a compelling story all into a small pilot. I could totally see it growing on me as it matures, I'm open to that. I'm glad to hear that it is part of the Crisis crossover!
  5. Any DC tv fans here see Batwoman? Curious, opinions. I did watch the pilot, didn't do much for me, but I didn't have a whole lot of expectation it would, just more curious. I'm interested those who are more vested, what was your take? Is this show expected to be part of the other DC universe shows on tv, or separate?
  6. Wasn't really serious there. Wasn't really making that leap, just making light. Fictitious name = not so serious Real name = possibly serious ... Probably never serious 😉
  7. Ironman himself might side with Scorcese on this running debate,... https://www.indiewire.com/2019/10/robert-downey-jr-turns-down-avengers-endgame-oscars-campaign-1202179720/
  8. I didn't see it, but was exactly my expectation. Not a movie for me, but he looks to be doing great in the role. I also have a small fear that some psycho fan(s) will be inspired by this movie, god I hope that this never comes to pass.
  9. No doubt Tom was caught off guard and I believe that exchange with Iger happened, but i also don't think the conversation with Tom really had true influence. That is to say, they were getting a deal done somehow (always felt they would), and this feel good story doesn't amount to much. I do think Tom was caught off guard, and emotional. But this story is simply part of reconciling with him over him getting burned by the locking horns business of these two media giants. A pat on the back for the young chap, good job boy, now get back out there and let's make more money!
  10. I like that poster better than every recent DC movie outside of WW. 🙂
  11. Unfortunately David's season came to an end. 😔 His protege Lucas Reale made it to Stage 3. 😎
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