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  1. I love trains & great photography, so this is awesome! Thank you for sharing with us Ed! Now I'm off to examine every detail in these images! 😁
  2. And,... We just got home, & my son already customized his character to look like Guy,..
  3. Free Guy was enjoyable! The theater was full, which was nice. Brought 4 kids, ages 11-14, and they all LOVED it, so big thumbs up from that generation!
  4. After all these years, I'm still loving this game! Here are couple clips from my last game before logging off. The first one was is pretty nice goal, the second is an LOL clip of how the game ended. Fun times! https://www.gifyourgame.com/PannieredTrustfulAtarefaunet https://www.gifyourgame.com/ThermicFoetalCaptainfalcon
  5. I forgot to mention it's that we did see Jungle Cruise at a theater. The theater was full and it made the movie feel more special, as all of the bug moments elicited strong audience reactions. We had seen Black Widow in a full theater, but it was a far more subdued experience, where Jungle Cruise in a full theater really felt like old school throw back fun in every way.
  6. Jungle Cruise is a great leave your brain at the door summer popcorn throwback adventure flick. I assume this will be a one off as well, which seems so rare these days, an adventure film without a sequel already on the back burner. I'm sure they could concoct a sequel, but it certainly feels like a stand alone one off. My family all enjoyed it, and certainly more so than any had anticipated. Everyone was Luke warm going in, and really excited leaving. It's certainly a movie that'll make an impression on kids, with plenty adventure movie visuals (good and creepy), awe moments, jump scares & laughs. Take little bit of Indiana Jones, Romance & the Stone, The Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jumanji, etc, throw them in a blender and then put it back together with care, you'll get the Jungle Cruise. Nothing ground breaking, but certainly a good summer ride. Appropriately so!
  7. An old theater in our town that had closed many years ago was aquired by our local arts collaborative and after many years of fund raising, planning and renovation the theater finally just opened. It's a soft opening, as there is some work to be completed before the offical grand opening. Black Widow was the first movie to be shown, and we got to attend opening night. It was a special way to welcome back the theater & the Marvel Movies! I wanted to get a picture with Black Widow on the marquee, but we were the last ones out after the final show, so we just missed the marquee being shut off. 😔
  8. That is fun! The PS2 had an amazing run! Who TF was buying it 11-12 years in? Crazy! The blip of 'other' peaked in 2013 (see below), what was that from? Looking at gaming history wiki, it appears to be from Ouya, which seems kinda crazy.
  9. I'm out of touch. I tracked down my kids PS5 for Xmas and haven't paid attention since. Why is there an on going shortage of consoles?
  10. I enjoyed it, looking forward to the future of everything! Sharon Carter is the only blemish for me, I've never been happy with her character and arc, and I feel like both have only gotten worse. Just meh IMO. Everything else, the future is bright for the MCU!
  11. The Batman looked interesting, but OK, now I want this as film get made,...
  12. This is my first Kickstarter backing, and they're very close to the initial goal. You can be the one to push them through! My family is currently addicted to the Mac & Me episode. So many quotes, we will just listen to the audio while on car rides, it's fantastic!
  13. This was an issue from the first episode, back when I criticized it initially. This show has some decent stuff, but overall it's just a hodgepodge of convenience and forced character interactions. Bucky & Falcon's relationship has been served with the subtly of a hammer and shoe horn! The saving grace for this show will be getting a kick ass US Agent. Anything less than that and I'll be disappointed.
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