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  1. I enjoyed it, looking forward to the future of everything! Sharon Carter is the only blemish for me, I've never been happy with her character and arc, and I feel like both have only gotten worse. Just meh IMO. Everything else, the future is bright for the MCU!
  2. The Batman looked interesting, but OK, now I want this as film get made,...
  3. This is my first Kickstarter backing, and they're very close to the initial goal. You can be the one to push them through! My family is currently addicted to the Mac & Me episode. So many quotes, we will just listen to the audio while on car rides, it's fantastic!
  4. This was an issue from the first episode, back when I criticized it initially. This show has some decent stuff, but overall it's just a hodgepodge of convenience and forced character interactions. Bucky & Falcon's relationship has been served with the subtly of a hammer and shoe horn! The saving grace for this show will be getting a kick ass US Agent. Anything less than that and I'll be disappointed.
  5. I had been highly anticipating this game, but one of the first reviews I saw kinda cooled me off. https://www.polygon.com/reviews/22344923/it-takes-two-review-ps5-ps4-xbox-one-series-x-pc So, what's the deal, is this review just ridiculous? It seems like many others like the game.
  6. My son wanted to watch the Snyder Cut. My take, in a word,... exhausting!
  7. Those posters are good enough that I am confident Suicide Squad will be one of the best DC movies. The low bar helps! Those first two posters are great!
  8. This looks neat! I love different quirky games with unique styling & creativity!
  9. I liked Falcon & Winter, but maybe a bit less than others here it seems. Not sure why, they did good stuff, just still kinda vanilla at the same time. It's hard coming on the heels of Wanda, where every episode left us wanting more immediately. Every episode ended too quickly and left us excited to see where the show would go. Falcon just lacked that excitement. It was good, but when it ended, but there was no 'omg we have to wait a week' feeling. I'm open to this show getting better going forward, but it's got some work to do if it's gonna be more than
  10. Better trailer, sure. But does this make me want to see this movie any more? Nope, not at all!
  11. I dunno, I assume everything could be fake these days, just the way I filter everything. The part you point out is this only point that I also questioned it. But she's so worked up, so flustered, she could totally be lost to 'normal' response. If it is real, she doesn't even want to be listening, so her reaction could be screwed up. The way the guys are chill, but also seemingly caught off by the crazy feels legit, and their part is well done if fake. What's more depressing, me giving in to 'this could be real', or you assuming it's '100% fake'?' Sadly it co
  12. Holy shit, What a fucking wreck of a person! Yikes!
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