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  1. I've been enjoying this and pleasantly surprised how many elements of the gameplay feel similar to Metal Gear Solid V. From the movements of your character, to menu screens, to even the cadence of how voiceovers work. I also heard that the terrain changes over time, like if other online players walk the same path, the ground becomes a dirt road.
  2. Some video we took of the brawl at the end. Love Jericho taking down the camera guy 😆
  3. I've got it pre-loaded, so ready to go. Not sure when I will get a chance to put some real time into the over the next few days.
  4. Gamesindustry.biz has a long interview with Jim Ryan on all the changes at PlayStation and the big restructuring heading into PS5. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-11-07-sonys-jim-ryan-we-had-to-make-changes-to-deliver-our-ps5-dream
  5. Seems like a great fit for Shuhei. This is the type of stuff he seems more passionate about anyway.
  6. So John Drake left recently, Shawn Layden is out, and now Gio Corsi: Adam Boyes left awhile back, but I think he and Gio worked with smaller developers and indies. I could be totally wrong on that. Not sure if Boyes was ever replaced and what this means for smaller titles and the platform. Might just be the industry trend.
  7. The moment the baby starts crying and they're trying to figure out if that affects their footage allotment for the preview 😂. Brad's like, "Let me just soothe the baby. Hang on". Timestamped link: The thing that makes me wonder if I'll like this is the repetitiveness of the missions. If this wasn't Kojima, I might just wait or skip it altogether, but I think I'm willing to give it a shot. I also like how much the gameplay looks like Metal Gear Solid V.
  8. Anybody watching this? Someone recommended it to me, and I’m only one episode in, but it’s great.
  9. Everyone seems to love Hideo. What kind of spell does he put on people? Can he even speak English? Celebrities he's involved with fawn over him. Geoff Keighly can barely contain himself when he talks about him. I think he instructs the Game Awards production crew to only shoot him from the waist up when Kojima is mentioned.
  10. This app can modify Aperture and iPhoto so they will continue to work with macOS Catalina
  11. I can't remember where I heard this, but there was a rumor they were looking for a buyer. I guess no no one bit? 😐
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