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  1. Goddamn that is fantastic. Great video too. I only had one song Com Truise on my list and it was only a remix (Battlecry (Com Truise Remix). Will explore more.
  2. Edited the first post with YouTube links. I never listen to music on it so it never came to mind, but makes more sense for this.
  3. Dark all Day is on my list! Crystalline was not, but it is now. This song is though:
  4. I've been meaning to make this thread for 2-3 years after getting into a conversation on Discord after E3 with @Romier S one of those years about music similar to the Hotline Miami soundtrack. Here are some of my current favorites. I'll dig through my older favs later. https://open.spotify.com/track/1AWHIMK1YKJoOGD13t0OeW?si=AqzXze82RgyuYAlNMNrVjA https://open.spotify.com/track/4wOhPUptCNCCJK0OtjFzpy?si=lVJKdao7S6anxn-Z521p4w https://open.spotify.com/track/66MWaZizAcrA9hx7Q4MAoW?si=3yXaEppOSl2ymJDWqNfheA By the way, Spotify links are supposed to auto embed with version 4.5 of the forum software, which his imminent. Until then, you have to click the Source button and insert the embed code from Spotify, not the link. If you want to post music here or anywhere else on the forum, and your account doesn't have HTML posting privileges, send me a DM and I'll turn it on.
  5. If you were going to format a large external hard drive for your Mac, what format would you use? APFS, HFS+, or ExFAT? This will be a usable drive for now over USB 3.1 gen 1 and later on the plan would be to relegate it to backing up another faster drive of the same capacity. I don't think I will have to plug this into a Windows computer, and if I transfer to Windows it will probably over a network only, so not sure if there's a reason for ExFAT in that case.
  6. Looks like the headset still requires a wireless adapter even for PS5? 👎
  7. We're thinking COVID is affecting the bump in Digital ratio numbers right (that 67.3 number)? I was going to say the same for the PS+ bump, but looks like it jumped up in 4thQ too after being stuck at 36 million for like a year?
  8. I did the kickstarter for this and have a copy now. I've not finished it, but it's decent. Lots of talking heads.
  9. I saw that version 8.0 of the PS4 firmware was going to allow for Authenticator apps, which is welcome to see and more secure than a text message. Just be sure to store your backup codes in a secure place as with any authenticator app.
  10. Anybody using digikam? I'm not using Lightroom much anymore, and I just discovered this existed. They just released a big update in 7.0.0. I've installed it and it's scanning pictures now. https://www.digikam.org Features: https://www.digikam.org/about/features/
  11. These are the three form factors: Some more info: https://petapixel.com/2019/03/13/cfexpress-memory-cards-will-come-in-three-different-sizes/ I use an XQD card, and while it's a defunct standard, the form factor is the same as CFexpress Type B. That's what's in the Canon R5 (and Type B may be needed there for 8k, not sure). The question I had was how camera manufactures were going to deal with dual CFexpress cards. Type B was all that was out there, so would they do 1 Type B and a 1 SD Card? That seemed most l likely to me, but Sony pretty much implemented it perfectly pushing Type A.
  12. Fascinating. I didn't even know these were a thing and not used to thinking about filters in general. Thanks!
  13. I'm most excited to see CFexpress Type A cards are actually going to be a thing. The "B" form factor is the one that's been out so far (same as XQD) and some months ago they announced a smaller A and larger C, I just wasn't sure if they'd ever catch on. Type A is where it's at for small form factor and better ability to hold two cards. Also, this camera's card slots are set up perfectly since they also accept SD.
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