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  1. OMG great thread idea. I was just looking at Uplift desks the other day.
  2. Definitely reminds me most of the PS1 boot sound as it almost sounds like it's revealing two logos and has a similar flow.
  3. The tweet gif shows some different angles of the controller: Also wonder if that might be the boot sound.
  4. Fantastic news! Do we know if the 4:3 versions are remastered HD? I've had Seasons 1-12 on my Plex server with commentary tracks and subtitles for awhile now that regular get watched. If these 4:3 versions are better quality then what I have now, that's make a big difference.
  5. That girl was playing Hotline Miami on the Vita 😁
  6. Ok, that is precisely my method and I'd wondered if there was an easier way that I was unaware of. Seems like an easy thing to improve for the next iOS version.
  7. I think so, and this is one scenario I'm wondering if there's a better way.
  8. Is there a good video or tutorial that covers all of these? I feel like I know all of them, but wonder if I'm forgetting any and might be nice to refresh myself on the use cases.
  9. They've added so, so, so, much since launch. I've enjoyed getting back to it at times when they do big updates. Ultimately, it's just not a game that hooks me for long periods, and the best way I can describe it is the gameplay loop feels more like work or real life chores and management than a game. The last time I played I enjoyed digging up rare fossils as I found a planet that was full of them, but ultimately I get to the point of thinking, "why am I doing this?".
  10. I didn't comment on that earlier when you were deciding, but I did get 256 on my current one and it basically feels like unlimited space. The main reason I did go for 256 was for the potential to edit photos, but I never did get a workflow down for that. Maybe with the next iOS and Xcode that will start to become more of a reality.
  11. The early reaction system was different in that (if I remember correctly) it was simply an up arrow in the bottom right corner. Almost no one used it.. except for the football guys in that one thread. They used it a lot. It wasn't until the system changed to more of a "Like" system that everyone else gravitated to using it. Those guys are also why we have the custom "real face" emojis.
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