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  1. i immediately thought that at the beginning of the trailer. If Nintendo had made The Last of Us πŸ˜†
  2. I don't disagree on WCW and a some of the Attitude era stuff as well. Also a big fan of Pac; I missed that entire match though. Im about done with Jericho, but I can handle Christian Cage a bit longer. I forgot to mention the time Matt Hardy teleported across the stadium was when Era 1 AEW jumped the shark for me. πŸ˜† That was the best clip I could find! Hopefully they are trying to distance from it.
  3. Late reply, but here we go with YouTube references πŸ˜† I don’t think anyone will argue that WWE has a good product. They really have been terrible for a long time now. And that being the case just makes it easier for AEW and sets the bar really low for them to compete. AEW doesn't need 6 mil to be successful yes, but the point is that the product is niche and supported too much by "marks" who follow every little detail about the business. One thing that stood out to me from All Out was how the crowd actually knew who Suzuki was. I follow this stuff and *I* barely knew, so the general audience does not. They don't need those people to be a success, but to be more successful, they do. And I don't think their recent style will lend itself to that growth. I'm not sure how much pre-Punk AEW you've seen over the last year or so, but most of it has been pretty bad. I can suspense my disbelief, it wrestling after all, but can a man get a little logic? When a guy can bring a baseball bat to a ring , or a manger egregiously interfere, but when a pinned guy puts his leg on the ropes causes a second ref to literally come from backstage to re-start the match makes no sense to me in this world they are trying to build. Riho can suplex Nyla Rose off the top turnbuckle? Come on. The crowd loved it, but it's not for me. I've heard Omega was booking the women's division but not sure. The Young Bucks matches are generally moves for the sake of moves with little selling. It’s a style, and I get it, but once again there are no rules in these matches. The Young Bucks actually hired their favorite ref from the Indies, and you can tell why because he never does anything or shows any intent to be an actual referee. It’s fun to watch tricks for awhile but gets old fast. But around the same timeframe, they had this amazingly great match with Cody v Dustin so you know they are capable of doing it. Miro was a *great* example of them fucking up something and later doing it right. They debuted him wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and as the best man in Kip's wedding and had him trapped in a stupid storyline for a bit, but now they've fixed him. He's always been one of my favorites. And now with Punk and Danielson things are changing. You can already see it. It's like Punk arriving as started a new era. Add in Cody, Malakai Black, Miro, Adam Cole, and we are getting somewhere. I'm excited to see where they are going now, and tonight's show looks to be good as well!
  4. Super excited. I wonder if this is what the Durham team are working on after Ratchet.
  5. Looks like the Japanese release date is 10-1 and US and Australia is 10-4 for this kit with the 28mm.
  6. They can't. The closest thing would be searching Spotify to see if they have it in the library and adding those albums to your list in the apps.
  7. I absolutely love Spotify. I cut Apple/iTunes years ago after a constant issues. Just looking at the interface for Apple Music gives me PTSD. Not the only time, but the worst experience I remember was when iTunes would sync your library to the cloud. It wrecked what I'd built and was matching wrong versions of songs. It never worked well at all and should never have been released. The music discovery on Spotify is top notch and the library is really extensive. There's something nice about a company that purely focuses on music. It feels like they are constantly trying to improve the UI and experience without cluttering the interface or implementing unneeded features.
  8. Yes. They kind of lost me in their second year, but I started keeping up again around the Punk rumors. Last night's show was so worth it. I was surprised they didn't hold back and threw as much as they did at it. I'm hoping the addition of Punk and Danielson will help balance the promotion to be a little more wrestling focused and less flips and tricks like most Young Bucks matches (last night cage match excluded).
  9. The body itself is released, but not the bundle I got with the 28mm lens. Still have the pre-order but also still not sure of keeping it. The main reason is I don't know how much I'll actually use it over the next couple months and wonder about holding off to get it later.
  10. Qualcomm says aptX Lossless can deliver lossless CD-quality audio over Bluetooth
  11. Fuck, my apologies to @JFo πŸ˜„ I also just realized Dain Anderson lives in my town so there’s that.
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