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  1. Patch update: https://controlgame.com/control-september-update/
  2. This guy does great work. 1 hour, 15 minutes on the Dreamcast launch!
  3. The way the 2 photos link together in the post also has a nice effect.
  4. Since Sony and others are in an acquiring mood, they should buy the Silent Hill IP and give it to Kojima Productions to work on after Death Stranding.
  5. I got tickets to the November 6th TNT show. This will be the one right before Full Gear.
  6. Time for a little bit of the bubbly!
  7. To this! My guess it it's just a formality and the police got excited and posted the picture too soon.
  8. From looking badass to to to 😂
  9. Yep, I felt exactly the same. The show was at least 1 match too long. I know they are trying to deliver on the product though, but I heard comments from people there that they were drained towards the end. I loved it overall. I think Pac v. Omega was my favorite match of the night, and placement of it early may have helped. Was disappointed when Arn Anderson wasn't Cody's 1 person at ringside, but then that changed 😁. We went to a WWE "Starcade" house show a couple of years ago, and Arn came in and Spinebustered someone just like this.
  10. So Cody’s going to have Arn Anderson in his corner, amirite?
  11. I think so. From what I've gathered they want to only do a paid PPV once a quarter. That's like perfect scheduling for me.
  12. All Out this weekend! Just seeing this makes it feel like it’s on another level:
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