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  1. I think they tweaked the DS4 rumble emulation in the DualSense update. I saw a few comments about it and need to test it more, but there were a couple of games I'd played before where it seemed like it could be improved for sure.
  2. Unless you look like a bodybuilder, or are at least in better shape than most Marvel superhero actors when they are on screen, I usually recommend to skip the isolation exercises and focus on compound lifts like Deadlift, Squats, and Presses. You'll get good lats and traps from doing those (specifically Deadlifts in this case) along with working your core and a ton of other muscles. Personally, compared to anywhere else on my own body, my lats are probably more developed than most anywhere else, and I like deadlifting. You can add the isolation stuff for fun if you like doing them
  3. Yeah they sent a survey out shortly after launch implying that they were probably doing so.
  4. I'm with you on all of that. It's just the grips for me. I'd argue the DualSense's might actually be smaller, or at the very least it's the same density just arranged in a less desirable way.
  5. I've just seen more comments online, a few conversations with people I actually know, and then my own experience, they didn't nail it. They've made small tweaks to controllers in the past. I wonder if they'll do anything here.
  6. This might be a hot take, but I think the ergonomics of the DualSense controller are a big step back from the DualShock 4. Mainly it's the grips, and I think that's partially what's causing your issues. The grips are too tapered at the bottom which affect your grip and the handles themselves are aligned in a more vertical position than most controllers, forcing the need to flex your wrists more to correctly hold the controller. This is exacerbated the closer you hold the controller to your body. The Xbox and PS4 controllers' handles flare outward a bit more, and both
  7. @Angry the Clown After playing almost nothing for the past couple of months, this grabbed me like you were saying. I'm not as interested in the story as much as I thought I'd be, but the gameplay and progression are where it's at. I'm part way through the Old Growth mission but moved on to do other things. My side mission list is quite long now! I'm pretty sure I'll try to Platinum this. This game reinforced an idea I've had before: Sony and Microsoft should create API so in-game lore and supplemental material can be read/consumed outside of the game, with the mostly l
  8. The Sony compact primes are announced. I like these a lot. They have a de-clickable aperture ring, a function button (love this), are weather sealed, have a linear manual focus ring, and the lens hood is compact in design as well. The only real downside to any of the recent Sony lenses is focus breathing. It's a compromise they're obviously willing to make because it's pretty much across the board lately with these primes as well as the recent 50/1.2 and the 35/1.4. I'm not really sure I care though as I use the camera less for video, much less for focus pulls, and I'm not sure I
  9. Yeah originally the slot was XQD only, but since it's the same form factor as CFexpress, they updated to use both. I'm still using an XQD card though. The redundancy in the Z 6II is an SD slot so I like the option to use either.
  10. I keep getting intrigued with Sony’s lens lineup. Nikon has 2 small primes coming out that I was interested in (a 28mm and a 40mm) and then Sony does stuff like that. Similar story with the 50mm f/1.2. I do think that lens has some compromises but it’s still small to make up for some of those.
  11. Nikon saying their flagship will have a high-res stacked CMOS sensor.
  12. Oh yeah, I love that about the Fuji system. I'd probably use that for most edits and export to Capture One for more extensive ones.
  13. When I started using the Nikon, I found that I got better results using their own software than I did from Lightroom, specifically with colors but other adjustments as well. Their software also retained in-camera features like Active D-Lighting and Picture Controls, and it retained the exact look of the in-camera processing. The problem was there were two pieces of software, Capture NX-D and View Nx-i that duplicated most features between them both, but each had their a few unique elements so you had to juggle between the two. Capture was sort of RAW focused, and View was more for
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