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  1. I've seen some highly ranked comments being disappointed "there's no need to buy a PS5 anymore" since the Horizon PC rumor and Im like, where did they announce day and date with PC? 🤷‍♂️
  2. There's a couple of people around GAF and Era that seem to be trusted, and if they are to be believed, Microsoft will be bringing it this gen with regards to games. OsirisBlack has mentioned this before on GAF, but recently emphasized it even more and then likening next-gen to Nintendo vs Sega. Matt on Era has said similar things, and supposedly he's never been a big Xbox guy. Both seem excited at how they see everything playing out. Osiris also really strongly hinting to Ready at Dawn working on a new game, and what he describes people are parsing as The Order. Anyway, the speculation is fun, but take a few grains: 🧂
  3. Oh yeah I'll be watching this. If they could get their audio, video, and lighting just a little better, they'd be on another level. They need one more person who's a little more skilled with production.
  4. We sort of already knew this, but I hadn't seen anyone come out and say for sure. Jaffe basically confirming February:
  5. For some reason, I thought these were only on Switch, which I don't own, but I bought the first Doom right after you posted about it the other day, and it was already updated 🤘
  6. Item for Next-Gen wishlist: There should be a PlayStation and Xbox app that lets you read/listen/watch all supplemental content for a game. Things like: In-game text and lore that relate to the story Other In-game material like audio logs In-game maps Soundtracks Art books Behind the scenes material Instruction manuals They'd sell more deluxe editions because of this too.
  7. I think you have to have a setting in Data Handling turned on. I saw that on reddit and I don’t have that setting on my PS4 at all in the US.
  8. There is some funkiness with the way they calculate some of this data. For example, it says all of the following are true for me: I played 77 hours of Apex Legends (which is online only) I played 0 hours online Top played online game was The Forest with 2 hours played Also, it says I played 1462 hours in 139 days which is like 10.5 hours a day and definitely not true. I'm pretty sure the "total hours of gameplay" includes the PS4 simply being on. This was mine: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/campaigns/2019/wrap-up/?PXP=287a2aa1f271faad46baed02ce10533dd90c316dc9eef3ca050f3a57db8e4785
  9. Spotify does something similar to this. Log in to your PSN and see how your 2019 played out: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/campaigns/2019/wrap-up/
  10. I know you've had some experience with it already, but it'll be cool to see what you think after you've had more time with it. Definitely a love it or hate it type of game. I think I've had more fun with the trophy achievements than the main story. There's something appealing about setting up the infrastructure needed and creating ways to efficiently max out these Preppers. The game constantly gives you new tools to conquer the environment.
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