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  1. Romier IMed me today with this terrible news. Like many of you I remember spending many long nights playing Rainbow Six and GRAW with Covak. He was always at the top of his game and a super nice guy while on XBL. His family and friends will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. So on a rainy Friday night I was browsing the NeoGAF forums and came across this bombshell: I'm not sure of all the details, but it looks like Sega will release this into arcades first. Once this is ported to 360 or PS3 I'm all over it! Here's the link to the Sega Nerds forum discussion on the topic: http://www.seganerdsforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2279 I'm as giddy as a school girl .
  3. I'm still in as well. I say we give a range of a few days for the first round to be played. I never know when I'm going to be working late so it would be hard for me to make one set night.
  4. Gamestop finally got my TE Fightstick in today and boy is it awesome! I'll be online tonight if anyone is up for some matches.
  5. Good luck Anthony! Just take it easy for a few weeks and you should be as good as new.
  6. Well HOLEEE SHIT! http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=353720 Sorry for posting a link to NeoGAF but this news just makes my day! I love the Virtual On series and the fact that the best game in that series is coming to XBLA (with multiplayer and HD graphics) just makes my day. I can only hope that Sega opens the flood gates and gets more of their arcade titles on XBLA.
  7. Apparently there is an issue with a number of the SE sticks related to a washer at the bottom of the stick. Apparently if the washer wasn't correctly placed on the stick it can rub against the PCB board and cause input commands to come out incorrectly. MadCatz has already released an official statement on this so hopefully if you run into the issue they take care of it quickly.
  8. Dean, Now that Pioneer is getting out of the TV business I'm waiting for a sweet deal on an Elite 151 (60"). Once the price drops I'll join the 21st century.
  9. Well I had planned on getting the PS3 version of the game but now I'm concerned it may not display in 1080i. I know most recent PS3 games have, but it just sucks that with every new release I have to wait and see if the game will properly display on my CRT. Have any recent PS3 releases NOT upscaled to 1080i?
  10. I'm Capcom's little bitch...I'm getting both the PS3 and 360 version of SFIV. Of course I couldn't pass up the chance to beat down both Romier and Dean.
  11. Despite reserving my TE on November 30th my Gamestop still hasn't received it. The shitty thing is that the Gamestop in the mall got their shipment, but the store I reserved my stick at didn't. I'm holding out hope that it will arrive tomorrow or Tuesday, but if I have to wait until March I'm going to be very pissed. The Hori EX2 just isn't cutting it anymore.
  12. Looks like I'll start playing Hardcore. I love using the Garand but it just isn't effective at all in the normal multiplayer modes.
  13. Oh I'm well aware the story itself is fictional, but yes I meant the overall theme of the film. Shoot me some recommendations for other films that address this as I think I must be missing out.
  14. I'd say a number of Michael Mann movies are on the "hold up very well" list. Specifically Heat, The Insider, and Collateral are movies that I revisit at least once a year. I'd also add Dances with Wolves to that list as it's an epic that is timeless and tells a story that all should be aware of.
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