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  1. I just got an email for the 15th anniversary reminding me that this place is still around. I haven't been around in a while (probably 10 years). I miss you guys It was great catching up during the E3 chat today. I think the peak of my participation on this forum was during the Halo 2 era 😦
  2. For those who use this to back up TV shows, what settings do you recommend? I would love to start encoding alot of my tv shows into some sort of media center compatible format. It is just so much more convenient to watch shows this way. If somebody has a good ripping/encoding work flow that works great for them - please share.
  3. I work on a component of windows that is not really visible. For users of Vista, there is a new features called the Reliability Monitor which basically displays the reliability of your system over time. I work on the component that provides the reliability information. This reliability information is also sent up to Microsoft (for those machines which opt in) and is carefully monitored. It was great getting to see all the reactions (good and bad) that came out of PDC. I have never worked on a product that is used by so many people before.
  4. Wow. Crazy. He died young. I really enjoyed reading alot of his book.
  5. Man, I step away from the forums for a while and you guys start a thread discussing the very product I am working on I am interested to see what the reaction will be from the people at PDC. I know we here in Windows land are very excited to finally have customers getting their hands on it.
  6. Well, I grew up in San Diego and lived there for 30 years until I moved up to Washington less than a year ago. I am not sure what the cost of living is like where you are moving from but you seem to already to be prepared for the shock associated with the differences. Culture wise, I would say you won't have any problem there. I may be biased but San Diego isn't like LA, New York, and San Francisco which have a very definite culture (good or bad) and can easily make people feel like outsiders. I don't get that vibe in San Diego. If you are used to the outdoors (hiking, hunting, etc) then you will have to adjust to seeing the outdoors as being the beach or the park. As in any big city, there just isn't any vast outdoors areas unless you want to travel outside the city a bit. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any specific questions/concerns.
  7. My wife is due in August as well. Luckily we aren't in Texas.
  8. I have been thinking of buying the battle chest with all the expansions but it is still like $40. I figured someone out there must have this game and not play it any more. Let me know.
  9. I always thought penis-monster was must a synonym for the interwebs as in "I was surfing the penis-monsters today and I found this article."
  10. Ok, so I have Guitar Hero III for Xbox 360 but I have Guitar Hero I and II for the PS2. I am looking to pick up a copy of Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 if anybody has one that they are done with. Let me know if you have one. Thanks.
  11. Looks like it is in Texas according to their website.
  12. I downloaded Psychonauts last night but I didn't get much of a chance to play it yet because it took all night (like 4+ hours) to download. I don't think my current connection is all that great. Hopefully that will chance soon since I am moving.
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