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  1. Hey LCVG peeps, long time no write! I've been playing Destiny on the PS4 (along with my boys.) Anyone here doing the same who would like to team up for some late game raids? Mystified as to why Bungie has matchmaking for lower level strikes but not endgame. I know there is a gamertag thread, but I'm really only looking for Destiny on PS4 (unless it is cross-platform?) companions. Let me know if anyone has interest or if there is a better place to look for this on LCVG. My gamertag is Snakefish on PSN. Used to play a lot on XBL but in the new gen switched to PS4 and PS+. Would love to reconnect with some fine folks at LCVG...
  2. That last line isn't a spoiler? Now I know there is a hotel, an elevator, and something insane happens when I get out. Don't do this to us slow players
  3. I believe this console also sold out the first holiday season: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreamcast Then Sony crushed its balls in a vice that the PS2 built. Early Sales \= Health or Longetivity for a console. MS has the power and money to hoist an XBone or Win 8 on the consumer for a year or two, but they can't seem to make people want or like it. I think all the shenanigans with the XB1 are going to prove a bridge too far this generation. They better pray to all the Gods in heaven that the hardware is more reliable than the X360 in the first years. That could turn a slow malaise into an outright bloodbath.
  4. I didn't allow myself to turn on the PS3 last night Angry, I had stayed up to 3 AM Friday night getting mauled by clickers again and again and again. That game is too good, I HAVE to make it last if possible.
  5. Even more unusual is the "undead" type enemies don't react to Joel's flashlight at all. Even the runners, who can still see (a little), seem completely incurious to the bright light shining on their face out of a dark crawlspace 6' away. They just go about their business ... and are silently dispatched by the very brightly lit Joel. It would have added another layer to have to "go dark" if you wanted to have a stealth run. This game is just 31 flavors of great though. It looks stunning, the voice acting can just be called acting (it's that good), and it is harder than balls in many sections. Combat is crazy difficult until you adjust to the idea of running away whenever possible and the scarcity of items and crafting system is devilishly well done. Do I make a med kit or a molotov with that rag and alcohol? I have to make something to not leave more crafting material behind, but the choice can have a major impact on your game. Not having a molotov when you need it is ... unfortunate. Not going to say anything about the story or locations, but both are awesome. No doubt a strong GOTY candidate.
  6. Um, Halo pretty much sold Xboxes singlehandedly back in the day. Only reason I bought one so early.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised to see both of those issues dropped or changed, DRM being first. Really it depends on the sales they see. If the XBone already has a million preorders or whatever level they want to see, then no changes. If they are lagging Sony in preorders by 3:1, I would expect some backtracking pre-launch.
  8. If there was any lingering doubt, Sony just squashed it. Not jumping in on day one, but when I do it'll be a PS4.
  9. Did they say when iOS7 is hitting devices? Really excited for the 3rd party controllers. I would love to play some racing or FPS games but no way in hell am I using the touchpad for such games. Between this and PvZ2, things are looking good for Apple.
  10. Crimson Dragon is exciting as hell, Titanfall looks cool, Halo is Halo (though is this going to be a launch title?) But the $500 is just a no go personally. I'll wait for the redesign and price drop 1-2 years in. If I get one at all, I just really don't care about Kinnect the way MS cares about Kinnect. We'll see what Sony has on tap, right now MS is looking like a pretty firm no. ------ Oh yeah, and iOS7 is going to support 3rd party gamepads. At $40 for the controller and $10 for apps, do I need a new console in the next year?
  11. I put down my $60 bones at GS this week. Excited to see what we get next Friday! I haven't played on the consoles since Halo 4 and Xmas...
  12. Exactly, and well stated Starhawk. To strap on my armchair QB helmet, this is what I would have done with the XBone design and launch: Rip out the Bluray drive completely and have it be a download (or USB flash drive install) only machine. Sell an add-on external Bluray for folks that want to play discs, or CDs (what?!?), or whatever. This way you don't pay Sony for every console sold, you trim a good $75 off the standard price, and you remove one of the major malfunction candidates in the system. For me, this would be ripping the band aid off quickly as Romier said. Just get off of discs, completely and permanently. In 5 years, I seriously doubt most people will not be streaming video at least 90% of the time for movies and shows. Let me put it this way: not a lot of new laptops are shipping with disc drives anymore, I'm typing this post on one. With a wireless router in the house I haven't missed that extra weight or price once since I moved over. Make the HDD smaller but replaceable with standard drive. Also, allow external plug in drives via USB (or some faster connection?) Again, it trims the cost of the standard unit sold but gives those that want an obscenely large HDD an easier path to getting it. For games, just do what Valve did a few years back with HL3. You download all the textures, sounds, videos, etc in advance, then at the launch hour, it DLs the actual game code and activation key, which is small in comparison. Servers would still be slammed on big launch days, but if "launch hour" is midnight by the time many folks get up it would be done. It would also be trivial to prioritize DLs to XBones that are actually on and running first (real users waiting to play) over consoles powered down (but paid) waiting for the code. Kinnect 2 I guess would be the same. It would be nice to remove all the proprietary BS and always on crap, but MS wants it so bad that might be impossible. Anyway, had I seen something like that as the NeXtBox instead of this locked down, proprietary monstrosity they are pushing in the XBone, I would have been a lot more forgiving. They missed a major opportunity to jump ahead of the curve with this console, this thing is on the edge of being obsolete 2 years into it's lifespan.
  13. Am I the only one that finds this logic extremely entertaining? It's like watching a red queen's race between the morbidly obese matched against those with broken legs. So if MS doesn't gunk the used market for the big publishers, then the publishers will arbitrarily raise game prices to $70 as a punishment? Either case, they are going to end up with less customers buying less XBones (no matter which scenario comes to pass.) Meanwhile, Steam, iOS, and android just keep humming along with their $5-20 titles. Not the same game level as say Destiny I know, but times are tight people. Who the heck can drop $400 on a console and $70 on every game like it's nothing? I get the feeling we are watching the death throes of the console model (at least as it has existed up until now.) These ideas just don't make any sense with modern life and economics.
  14. I think I'll have to preorder this somewhere, it's looking like 20 lbs of awesome crammed into a 10 lb bag.
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