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  1. Hot damn! That was a blast! Fillion as Drake is a given but Lang as Sully was inspired. Would love to see this version come to fruition. Never happen but one can wish...
  2. OldDarth

    The Headphones Thread

    Getting real excited. Only a couple of months to go....
  3. Yes this soundtrack surpasses Beyond Two Souls. Really enjoy them both.
  4. Yeah Farpoint with the Aim Controller is very cool. If you have an aversion to spiders, the game preys on those that have such a fear.
  5. OldDarth

    The Headphones Thread

    Gee! It seems I killed the thread with my previous post. Lord knows, what this one is going to do! Getting more excited now. https://www.engadget.com/2018/06/12/audeze-mobius-headphones-e3-2018/
  6. Nicely done! And the graphics do look good in that video.
  7. OldDarth

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Sept 2018

    This will be a wait till it's on sale purchase for me.
  8. And Wipeout Omega collection. Best current VR experience on the PSVR.
  9. I have one. Works flawlessly with my G27.
  10. Picked up FarPoint with the Aim controller. Game is a blast and the Aim Controller works awesomely.
  11. heheh. But I do agree. Wipeout is freaking fantastic in VR.
  12. My favorite type of game. I love good stories with character arcs.
  13. OldDarth

    Ant-Man and the Wasp

    Another Ant-Man lover too. Really enjoyed the smallness - pun intended - of the first movie. Great change of pace from the other Marvel movies.
  14. Thanks for the tips. Struggling with the game myself.