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  1. Sloppy as hell but at least an attempt to fix continuity. The number of shuttles et al was hilariously over done. The casting for the Enterprise crew was superior. Would much rather stay with Pike next season.
  2. Tie Fighter Force Jumping? 🙄 If a Star Wars movie has to have a Death Star - happy it's a wrecked one. (...please don't be a fully functional Death Star...)
  3. This last episode gives me hope - maybe they're gonna time travel this whole nonsensical continuity out of existence. That would make me happy. Did like the look of the Enterprise bridge.
  4. Star Trek is like watching Sherlock Holmes or Roman or Victorian romance adaptations. They all have a world look that is particular to them and invokes that imagery in the audience. The horse drawn carriage and fog of London for Holmes, the garb of Roman soldiers and their armies, and the flatscreen video screens and push button control panels of Star Trek. The recent adaptation of Ben Hur is visually very similar to the 1950s Ben Hur. Star Trek is a view of the future created back in the 1960s and antiquated as it seems, TNG and the series that followed honoured the series's roots and were logical extensions of the original series. What's being done since JJ took over is a revisioning that fails to follow the continuity of the original timeline established in TOS through TNG, DS9 & Voyager. It's akin to giving technology to Holmes or Ben Hur that did not exist in those time periods. Star Trek should be treated the same as those, like a period piece. What came before should be respected and heeded instead of being ignored. I'm all for cosmetic updates to bring Star Trek shows more visually in line with today's sensibilities but such changes should be done with restraint without changing the overall look, shape, and feel of the original series time period.
  5. This series has been a tough haul for me. The biggest strike is against it - is the lack of continuity. There's no way in hell this series is taking place ten years before the original series! Maybe in the JJ Kelvin universe but certainly not canon. The tech on display is ridiculous. The Enterprise is in this series is another continuity killer. And the Spock/Michael relationship is nonsense. Star Trek has a distinctive look of the future that makes it a period piece and it should be treated as such. Stop these annoying reimagings!!!!!! The show looks fantastic and the cast is uniformly good but the writing last season was horrible. It's improved somewhat this season but when you have an Admiral telling everyone on the Discovery bridge that Pike and the Enterprise are Starfleet's best - why wouldn't this show be about them instead? Totally want to see that show. Anson Mount's Pike has easily been the best thing this season. And Klingon Time Crystals? Seriously? And the Klingons wouldn't use them!?!? Yeah, right. I've got a cargo hold full of tribbles for sale for anyone that buys that.
  6. Us - enjoyed the movie while watching but the reveal behind it all had more holes than substance. Greatly diminished my enjoyment. Text book case of story endings being hard.
  7. This flew under my radar till now. Looks magical.
  8. Sexy Claire Mod. Like the hat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg06AAoAgjk Even wilder:
  9. Stadia does seem poised to address several issues - like single cpu/gpu limitations for instance. Latency and graphic quality are a mixed bag depending on what platform you game from.
  10. Borderlands 2 VR latest patch adds AIM Support. Sweet!
  11. One of my outstanding E3 - 2017 preorders. (The other is Death Stranding.) Response to the previews are mixed but I remain hopeful.
  12. GOG had the two games on sale over the holidays. Almost picked them up but reviews are mixed so I backed off.
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