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  1. Another vote for a middle of the road Marvel movie. Loved the culture and the world but the Black Panther as a superhero character has a pretty run of the mill set of powers. And those Rhinos - whew! So silly. Suri is a great addition to the MCU and by far my favorite character.
  2. So I couldn't resist anymore with all the overwhelming positive. This McCreary clip really has me excited.
  3. My only quibble with the latest reincarnation of Spidey is the implementation of Stark tech into his suits - turning him into an Ironman Jr. Spidey is cool enough on his own IMO. But it's great that fans of the Iron Spider suit will get to play with it in the game.
  4. Detroit is another of those E3 preorders for me. Can't wait - big fan of Quantic Dreams.
  5. Post Your Gaming PC

  6. Another good rail shooter is Archangel where you are inside a giant Mech or Jaeger if you will.
  7. I'm not versed on the Gauntlet lore. Is there another gauntlet or just the one?
  8. Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    I loved the final moment. Nice cherry on the top but agree it does comes off as a movie action beat - it felt earned to me.
  9. Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    A Quiet Place is FANTASTIC! A horror movie like this only comes along every ten years or so.
  10. Wipeout physical copies should be around $15 - 20. Check your local video game stores for used copies.
  11. Fraid so. Was a couple of months ago.
  12. Welcome aboard the PSVR train Rusty. You also need to get RE7! Also Until Dawn:Rush of Blood is a fun rail shooter. I also enjoy Driveclub and Dirt Rally VR.
  13. Can't wait! This is one of my E3 preorders so got it a good launch price.
  14. VR Support? Could be time for my first playthrough.
  15. Played it for a couple of hours last night. What a blast! This is a masterful expansion of the original game. The sense of speed coupled with the graphical clarity makes this a MUST experience. Doing 180s is vertigo-inducing, and drops from a higher to lower elevation can be felt in the gut. Yet I never felt VR dizzy just real-world type reactions. The sense of scale for the cityscapes and especially the vehicles - which I didn't think were so big - is awesome. You also see spectators - who knew? - and the jet trails of the cars around you. Fantastic stuff! Now all they need to add is HOTAS support to match up with the one depicted in the cockpits. Now that's pod-racing!