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  1. Missed the first game night of the year because of kids' homework, but did end up playing Love Letter, Ticket To Ride New York, and a wee game of Mexican Train with my daughter, so all in all, not too bad. In the end, I'm going to skip all of those big KS running. Decided to go with Zombicide 2nd edition, it'll get more table play than Foundations of Rome or Dork Tower.
  2. Horace, which is supposed to be a really funky cool twist on platforming, is currently free.
  3. Oath I'd never get to the table. Apex I'm actually tempted by, I've seen it in various math trades over the past few years + it looks interesting.
  4. There are two other KS launching today I'm interested in. FFS. Apparently FFG is rejigging its other LCGs too like LOTR. Ch-ch-change 😕
  5. How closely it follows the template of those two films is a large reason why I felt I'd seen it before.
  6. 1917 is an oddball experience. It's a really tiny story. There's really only two characters for most of the film, along with some people they meet on the way. There's no real character growth. But it's an incredibly captivating experience, focused on how WW1 & its structure of warfare affected the solider, and how this particular pair react to it. It's breathless at times, but happy to pause at others. A real masterpiece of film making, well worth seeing on the big screen.
  7. Which, as you said, has been their strategy for a while. Ecosystem + all that jazz. Going to be an interesting launch, that's for sure.
  8. I've enjoyed Wingspan every time I've played it. It's not revolutionary but it's a nice wee engine builer, dripping with theme + prettiness, and it's easy to teach. Far better than the other Stonemaier game from last year
  9. It was a totally different episode. Enjoyed it more than I expected, not sure where at all they're going to end up with the changes to the back story, and, spoiler,
  10. In the expansion, we got two rules wrong ultimately: - we could "flush" the item store more than once per game. - we could add more than one coin to a creature per turn. The second makes it much more easy IMO as you can kill certain creatures far faster than designed. That's what we counted as 'easy mode', though we still played the big boss as one coin per turn. The item flushing action from the expansion ("once per game, skip buying to flush all items available for purchase") is something that should be in the base game too IMO, and I think the design team agrees.
  11. So is anyone still actively watching the new Who? It's not been 'must watch' tv in our house for years. I watched the Spyfall episode from New Year's Day & it felt utterly by the numbers. Chibnall's stuff is still awful 😕
  12. Purty! We faced down He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named for the final box of the expansion for the Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle expansion. I'd discovered we'd been playing one expansion rule wrong that likely sped up our games, but we kept with it as "easy mode" until the final battle against him. Despite a hard fight against a bunch of nasty creatures + villians, we survived to stand against him one last time, and easily beat him with our lean, mean, drawing machine decks. I thoroughly recommend this game as a heavily themed intro to deck-building. It starts very narrowly, with new concepts + cards introduced each "year" in the original game, following the books/films plot wise, with a box to open to reveal all the new stuff to play with. Easy for the first few years, then around 4, it starts to step up, and year 6 is a real "game". The expansion, which focuses on creatures + adds a new playable character + some house cleaning, steps up the difficulty again + is much more of a gamer's game at that point. It's been a great experience playing through this focused on two players, my daughter + me, and she's grown as a gamer throughout it. Big thumbs up.
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