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  1. Depends heavily on the engine + how their physics system is implemented especially. Usually they're not lock stepped to frame rate, but some silly games don't handle higher framerates properly. Usually the game should happily run at 60fps with a define changed...
  2. How's the season pass/DLC for Borderlands 3? The content for 2 was a ton of fun... Trying to decide on base game at $10 or the one with the season pass included.
  3. Game Pass Ultimate = Xbox Game Pass + Xbox Live Gold + PC Game Pass. $15 a month normally. This is about the best price you can find right now - GameStop will have it for a buck cheaper in store on Friday, but you can order this online right now Mind MS won't let you stack past three years.
  4. So what were your big lessons building it all out? What'd you do differently if you started over knowing everything you know now?
  5. Elite Dangerous & The World Next Door are currently free.
  6. Unfortunately, no clue. I've decided to stick with wires at this point.
  7. We've gone through a number of wired + wireless headsets for the Xbox that are available in big box stores, like Logitech + Razer. From cheap ($5+) to what I call expensive ($150). We've had muddy sound quality, horrible build quality regardless of price, and in the end, for my son, it's been cheaper to buy cheap ones more often than an expensive one that breaks. For me, in the end, I went with the ones we use at work - Steel Series Arctis 3. They look a little different to some because they have an extremely comfortable "headband" made out some sort of skiing material that keeps
  8. We made it hard on ourselves, because we're Scotland. Serbia didn't show up for most of the match, we failed to capitalize, and then when they pushed at us, we gave away a goal with two minutes to go. FFS. Still, they made it, with a solid streak without losses, and they look to have a bit more conviction that the last decade of Scots' teams. We made it into Euro 2020 by the longest, most tortuous route, which is something to celebrate, sure, but if we were good, we wouldn't need this backdoor.
  9. No clue, mine's been disconnected in a drawer.
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