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  1. And now Tencent are buying Leyou, apparently. Cray-cray.
  2. Allegedly Covid has exasperated supply chain + made existing console supply sell faster than expected?
  3. It'll be a lot more fun to watch if it is worse, especially if we're all on discord.
  4. I didn't realise Frankenstein/Lovecraft were character stretch goals from the first KS - yeah, this set has them, saw them as I was flipping through the character deck. Plus a bunch of expansions. Crazy amount of cards and a relatively slim manual. Boxes are actually smaller than I expected, which I'm happy about. Looking forward to digging into this!
  5. Mark your calendars, folks - Ubisoft's doing a "Digital Presentation" on July 12. Let's hope it's beyond the quality of their in-person E3 shows, am I right? Watch on their website + signed into ubiplay, you get Watch Dogs 2 on PC for free.
  6. Islanders is a fun wee build 'em up (that's a genre, right?) puzzley score game that's currently $2 in the Steam sale. Place a building, get points for the 'harmony' items within its sphere of operation, lose points for the things it doesn't like, e.g. a house wants to be near the town centre, a fisherman wants to be away from other fishermen, etc. It's all 'small' + tight + gorgeous to look at, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it as a wee refresher score challenge.
  7. Well, as discussed, jumping in. I've been curious about 7th Continent for a while - I know it's a weird mix of choose-your-own-adventure + survival gameplay, and I know a good buddy adored it but he's a sucker for narritive games, so I'm curious how it works for me. No Frankenstein/Lovecraft, as it's the 2nd KS, but still lots for the price. Worst case, I sell it on for what I'm paying. BTW that copy of The Thing is paying for this (and more...). Sold for a ridiculous amount on BGG, and I probably could have sold it for more.
  8. This. If I was in charge of a large single player story focused game that's got tons of hype, it'd need an extremely large wheelbarrow of cash to justify it being on GamePass at launch. Like extremely large. But for an online focused game, with revenue sources from players after it launches? That's a possibility... It'd still take a huge big wheelbarrow + a large amount of "co-marketing". Thankfully, I'm not in charge of anything.
  9. Someone's selling a big bundle of 7th Continent locally for what looks like a good price.... And I have boardgame sales money just sitting there idling (thanks, The Thing!)... Must resist... Though I'm still tempted to splurge on Too Many Bones once it's back in stock instead... Must resist...
  10. Forza 7 release date - October 3, 2017 Forza Horizon 4 release date - September 28, 2018 They've moved away from the on/off yearly releases, but I totally expect Forza 8 this year, yeah. It doesn't seem like it because of the continued DLC + features they've been adding to Horizon 4.
  11. The new DLC is a surprise. I had a thoroughly good time with this back in the day, even with its weird-ass level curve, because the combat was enjoyable.
  12. Splash Damage is already wholly owned by a Hong Kong based company called Leyou. They also own Digital Extreme (the Warface guys) and a minority share of Certain Affinity (here in Austin, allegedly working on a big Transformers online game a la Destiny etc.). Apparently they also indirectly own the Telltale Game assets, weird. Used to be a big giant chicken farmer (no joke). http://leyoutech.com.hk/subsidiaries
  13. Obsidian is working on more The Outer Worlds + Grounded, which comes out real soon I think? https://grounded.obsidian.net/ World's Edge manages the Age of Empires franchise, and nothing else announced that I know of.
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