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  1. Flipping the "old" thing got me enough to buy my big pile of 7th Continent, my 7th Citadel pledge (so far anyway...), a big dish of lasagne, popcorn + Alamo popcorn seasoning. I count that as a win. No interest in the new one
  2. Wow that's crazy - I didn't back it either as it looked too similar to other stuff... But re-do? That's Super Dungeon Explore territory. Can't imagine people are happy.
  3. And HeroQuest. And a new Thing game. And a few more that are lower key. Market is way over crowded.
  4. I don't know what y'all are seeing... If it wasn't a launch game...
  5. There's likely some free DLC to grab too The car pass is a lot of cars. There might be a pack or two (Gymkhana?) outside of the car pass even... I forget. Expansion Pass + VIP is a good combo of content though..
  6. Two days to go. Standard is under $10, Ultimate (game + all stars + VIP + Car pass) is $21. Expansion pass is $10.
  7. Unrelated, honestly. This would be part of an existing MS deal for Game Pass (see Doom 2016, Dishonored, Prey, Fallout 76 & more).
  8. I did single ship for Marvel United, and it's been good/validating(?) to see the positive buzz after the weird Walmart release. It looks like there's some good options to dial up/down the difficulty with the wild cards, which looks useful to get my kids in.
  9. I updated, fired up my save game from 13 months ago... I'm noodling along, figuring out the resources on my planet + what I need to be doing. Go into space to harvest some metals from asteroids, notice a set of big cruiser ships popped in. Go dock, go to talk to the captain, am instantly booted out of the ship, so I'm now effectively floating in space, freeze + die.
  10. They have sold a lot of copies over a long period, with a very small team to pay for.
  11. These new machines are *big*. BTW, have we talked about this? New feature to allow you to download + install any game from the Android app, not just on purchase or insertion of the disc. So you'll be able to download + install a game you know you've got the disk coming from Amazon etc. https://lordsofgaming.net/2020/09/xbox-now-allows-game-preloads-before-inserting-a-disc/
  12. I played it at length a while back after the big "Atlas" story launched. Had a base I liked. Lots of language learned. A good amount of progress. Then they updated "stuff" and my base was completely borked, and the planet type had changed to something toxic 😕 And then they revamped all of the recipes + crafting systems in the next big update....
  13. The patch note / list of changes is crazy cool. It goes on & on & on. https://www.nomanssky.com/origins-update/ And, again, they've significantly changed existing game systems. 😕 A number of lesser-used crafting products have been removed from the game. A smaller number of new crafting products have been added to replace them. The number of specialist survival products have been reduced. The stack size for the remaining survival products has been increased. The stack size for Glass has been increased. A range of new buried items have been added
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