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  1. High definition minis are hard to print well with the typical 3d printer - resin printers are far better for that, but are messier, stinkier, & more toxic. 😕
  2. Have you played the base first to make sure you like it?
  3. We have two consoles, three accounts. My account has gold, gamepads, any digital purchases. The 'old' Xbox is my master/primary machine, and is the one kids play on. Any account logged in to that Xbox gets gold and full access to library. The Xbox X is in man cave. As long as my account is logged in, anyone else logged in gets full access too. I can't log in to the old Xbox and have someone on the X though, so I stick to the X . Every one has own profile for their save games/friends, migrates seamlessly.
  4. I'll be on vacation in Disney, so I can avoid the sales Speaking of vacation, used a bunch of today to re-familiarise myself + play a bunch more of Middara. So good. Playing rules I got wrong right too Reconfigured how I lay out/organise some of it too, using some business card holders I got for Arkham Horror a long time ago helps keep them sane, plus realising what fluff is needed minute to minute vs just occasionally helps a bunch. I don't need all the rare item cards or spells etc.The player mats I love, but easily could be played without them & save a bunch of space. Anyway, here's some pics: This was a really tough scenario, a couple of encounters long without resting in between, with a bunch of tough decisions/combat, including using an "ally" for the first time. That's four different monster "groups" shown in that last photo, for context... And one dead earth loa, lol
  5. Duh yeah, sorry. Of course not everyone is familiar with them, sorry. They're a piece of 3d printing design awesomeness - multiple hinges in a single print without any manual steps to put them together. It's a way cool design. Kids love 'em We made a bunch of "sir flexi" with a top hat, and a few with a keychain loop, and a few dolphins with similar hinges. So "touchable" & playable.
  6. I have an Anycubic I3 Mega. Chose that model for positive reviews, relatively big build area, and the fact that it shipped mostly built - two pieces basically instead of having to build out the frame myself. The thing I've printed most of is flexi-rexes for my son to give out to buddies/classmates at school. The most practical? It's a minor thing but two battery holders (AA + AAA) are utterly functional + space saving. Mostly it gets used for boardgame organisation "stuff" so far. The biggest downside is these things are not plug + play. They require maintenance, they require you to level the bed, they sometimes jam. I spent last Saturday diagnosing a feeding issue that involved stripping down the hot end (the part that melts the plastic) and eventually the feeder (the wheel that feeds the filament up to the hot end) to find a couple of rogue fragments that were preventing the feeder from working. I'm utterly happy with mine regardless. Totally a want/toy, but it's been fun, and the kids like to see designs come to life. Printing flexi-rexes in heat responding colour changing filament? Fun!
  7. Yeah, Gloomhaven's a game that gets easier to play with a well organised insert for sure. Not every game needs one, but man, they're nice to have to speed up setup & tear down. Yeah, I bought an Anycubic Mega-S a few months ago & am happy with it. Our library's got a mini makerlab too, but you're limited in shape/size, and I wanted more freedom. 3D printers definitely aren't a consumer item yet, need a bit of tinkering often, but I dig it so far. Start a thread
  8. Can't take credit for the design, that's off Thingiverse, but printed them myself.
  9. And I've seen tons of positive posts onTrails of Cold Steel elsewhere but never really looked at it. 70 hours you say? ...
  10. Now that's a recommendation I can get behind. I just so don't have the time/patience for angsty JRPGs these days, as much as I love 'em. Ni no Kuni 2's averageness took up a chunk of time + limited gaming energy last year, that it's going to take something special to kick out Destiny 2. But please post
  11. Insert for Twilight Struggle done! Sickle/Stars logos didn't come out well because of needing to print them that side down. The little boxes at the top are basically spacers. Map + rules fill up the rest of the space on top.
  12. Whole family really enjoyed Far From Home, even the kid who turns her nose up at Homecoming/Marvel mostly. Just an all round good action film, with top notch pacing too. And the right amount of humour.
  13. I'm perfectly happy to have thrown money at it, I've gotten a huge amount of playtime + fun out of it. It's still my go-to game day to day. The loop + gunplay just hits home so well for me. And they keep adding more stuff for me to do - the Menagerie is a ton of fun right now.
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