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  1. Obduction & Offworld Trading Company are currently free.
  2. I have no memory of the character, not a big comic reader as I've said before. But I thoroughly enjoyed the landing of the series + extremely happy it didn't end with another big magic special effects fight like Wandavision did.... And actual progression.
  3. Good gawd, this game never ends. Every time I think I'm getting to the end, nope, here's another planet to explore! Have fun! I want to get to New Game+, hurry up + let me
  4. Live service does not necessarily mean traditional multiplayer only or no single player. The people who have consistently paid $60-90 for an Assassins Creed game each year are effectively paying for that regular "big game + periodic updates + big game update + more periodic updates" model already, just not with the tag of a live service.
  5. Oh yes, I know they sell it pre-sliced. For my picky kids, likely going to try a variant with chicken - chef said that would work too + not be as intimidating looking. Kids.... Photos!
  6. Well, that was a ton of fun + I learned a lot. I am not an advanced cook, note. Class of 8 split across 3 stations, with each station making the full course to share among their group. I had a couple of very nice women around my age, one of whom was Korean.... Dishes were bulgogi beef BBQ in lettuce wraps (with a ton of veggies...), shallot pancakes, veggie stirfry with glass noodles, and a side of quick pickled cucumbers. Ingredients were prearranged on trays to pull out at the right time, tools were all arranged for exactly what we needed, and any oils etc were in little dishes. Beef was already sliced + marinating, but he gave us tips on what to buy + how to slice it (freeze it for a bit...). Lots + lots of veggie chopping. I learned how to do onions really really easily. About 2/3s through, we get a 10 minute break to "browse the shop" while they clean up + set us up to do the stir frying - you get 10% off anything in Sur La Table during the session. Food was delicious, I lucked out with some nice conversation, and I learned stuff. Detailed step by step instructions + ingredient list come home with me. I'll do this again.
  7. The damage soaking bosses is the one complaint I have and why I haven't finished it. They're keeping the turn based combat, yes.
  8. From November 2019, when Shu's "indie" focus got announced. The decisions + changes from back then, and what went into Sony making them, are what's causing that twitter thread etc.
  9. Gang Beasts, Immortal Realms, Limbo, Bug Fables + Going Under are all added. Bug Fables is supposed to be a well done RPG inspired by Paper Mario The Thousand Yard Door. Going Under is a dungeon crawler with a really well done satirical FAANG internship meta layer.
  10. Yeaaaahhhhhh. He did good things at Wolves within a budget and up until the last 18 months or so, they were an attacking, interesting team. Given he'll be unable to splash 100s of millions, I hope he wants to play attacking, positive football and grow some youngsters/undervalued talent up. And keep Kane.
  11. Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition - what happens if Terraforming Mars takes the action selection from the awesome Race For The Galaxy + ditches most of the board? You get the best + worst parts of the base Terraforming Mars game with some of the awesomeness of Race... Note, I love Race and I've played it in person over 500 times so my feedback is clouded. This has the action selection (build green/build blue or red/produce/activate/explore etc) but with it more straightforward to draft and much less opportunity to "block" actions compared to Race... It's got 200+ cards that are all more targeted than the base Race set - few dual purpose cards, much more obvious "trees" of potential engine building. It's got much fewer opportunities to card draw than Race, so your chances of getting the cards you need is smaller. No drafting compared to Terraforming Mars, which went a long way to mitigate bad luck in that game... In the end, I enjoyed my play, we all constantly compared it against the two games, and it's not going to replace Race for me. But I'll be fine playing it again. Much like Terraforming Mars, I can appreciate while people absolutely love it... But Race does it better
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