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  1. It's an odd day when you buy an in-demand-but-out-of-print boardgame to flip (The Thing!), but it comes with a nice big lasagne, make-your-own-movie-popcorn + seasoning, a very good arthouse movie on BD, and a couple of Alamo coasters. Thanks, Alamo Drafthouse?
  2. Good idea! I'm not going to use mine either - ERVDTE
  3. Actually started season 1 over the weekend + loving it, a couple of episodes a night after the kids are in bed.
  4. Now dealing with a corrupt Olympic gymnasium And hit what looks like a soft level cap at 50, which opened up a whole new system, on top of the whole new system that opened up at 42... This game!!
  5. I'm using the Venom gear, but don't have enough hides to level it up. But doesn't seem to be hindering me I'm at the south of the map, dealing with fake minotaurs + . Been doing a lot of quests for a certain famous Greek philospher, which have been a ton of fun to do. And the level 5 spear upgrades are soooo nice too.
  6. As much as I need to listen to music while I code, our VPN setup makes it really hard to do so 😕 I can listen to music, do meetings, compile + run etc, but if I want to check out files from our code repository, I need to be on VPN, which means no streaming music for bandwith reasons. That's hard. Likely going to figure out other solutions using my phone + a second set of headphones this week. I need music. I miss the hustle + bustle of the office far more than I ever expected. Multiple annual reports have talked about how I need fewer distractions, more desk time etc, but ultimately as a lead, I need those interruptions - every time I get interrupted, someone else doesn't & gets to stay focused. Yes, I'm still too critical path on Live issues, but we're working on that - I shouldn't be critical path. All that and the random coffee/kitchen chats I overhear important info from are totally missing as a remote studio. 😕 I miss the day to day gumpf.
  7. I think time's not going to be kind to 1917, in that its technical excellence + quality of presentation are draped over what's ultimately a story that doesn't make sense, filled with critical scenes that only make sense because of Star Wars Stormtrooper logic. I loved it when I first saw it in the cinema, but its flaws, that I was happy to ignore because of 'film reasons' were more in my face the second time. There's much to love in it, but I suspect we're giving it more leeway because of its technical & structural achivements. The guts don't stand up to dissection 😕
  8. Underwater. Reviewed poorly on release, can totally understand why critics disliked it. It's the kind of low budget highly focused monster movie they don't really make much any more. There's little character "growth", there's little plot, just one big monster chase. Kristen Stewart actually holds it all together well, despite most other characters being largely just paper thin. The action's well scripted. The monsters are monstrous. The situation is dire. And it kept our attention for the 90 odd minutes it was on. Totally slight film, but we enjoyed it.
  9. Drawful 2, Hob, Gone Home are free this week.
  10. Totally Reliable Delivery Service just launched on Epic, free to grab before April 8th. And more games as normal tomorrow... https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/totally-reliable-delivery-service/home?sessionInvalidated=true
  11. Wow at Frosthaven numbers, that's going to be crazy big by the end. Not for me at this point.
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