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  1. For sure. The show has done a really good job of moving past superficial drama quickly. I trust it to continue.
  2. I'd argue your spoiler has been obviously brewing for a whole series.
  3. Up for sale again. They got bought for 1.2b by a private equity firm a couple of years back. Crazy growth for something not making much profits.
  4. Football is life. Glad you liked it. It's fantastic tv that hit home really hard with the divorce plot.
  5. Knife skills class was really interesting. Lots of vegetable prep, lots of learning, and a good group. Came home with a big bag of prepped veggies for soup tomorrow.
  6. I was gonna say - try Descenders. It's a little lowfi at times, but it's been an awesome "chill out" game that I keep coming back to.
  7. The Keyforge stuff is bizarre + weird operational situation to be in. I've seen a few theories... Something is seriously messed up on a company culture / procedure level.
  8. Tonight's gaming was straightforward - a couple of new Queen games (a Feld take on Dominion & a dice race game) and Railroad Ink. All easy to learn for gamers, with some nice takes on their genres. I almost won Scrap Racer. I did abysmally at Railroad Ink, a good 20 points behind.
  9. Last weekend, for Labour Day, was the usual day of gaming out in Liberty Hill at good friends' place after a completely unhealthy Chicken Fried Steak at one of the best places to have it in the state. A few new games, some favourites, and a "two table teach" of Dune Imperium that was a ton of fun. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Lunch: The games:
  10. Malignant is getting some really extreme reviews among coworkers + friends. I need to see it.
  11. Sable + Skatebird have release dates. Subnautica Below Zero hitting game pass, which is a big get, and I finally get to try Tainted Grail on PC. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/09/14/coming-soon-xbox-game-pass-september-update-2021/
  12. 10/10 from Gamespot + IGN... https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/deathloop-review-all-you-need-is-kill/1900-6417729/ Easy Allies - 8/10.
  13. "The Artful Escape" - I know this came up in a conference or trailer video a while back, but couldn't find a thread or post. It's a small Australian dev team, making an extremely arty music journey through psychedelic music + art right out of a Roger Dean cover. It's not much of game, frankly, but it's a really enjoyable 3 hour "story experience" if you dig the music. Seriously - there are endless runners with more "gameplay" moments in them than this. I still enjoyed my time playing it. Free on Game Pass.
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