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  1. What indie devs/third parties care more about is who their rep is, how effective that rep is, and what the general third party support is like. That's the likes of Gio I'm talking about. Those guys leaving are an issue.
  2. Got to play Black Angel at a friend's Extra Life thing. It's clearly an evolution of Troyes, with a space theme, and a bunch of extra mechanics thrown in. So Troyes - it's a euro dice worker placement-meets-area control game? You have a set of dice, you roll, you allocate them to worker spots, & territories and can buy dice from other players, with a forced co-op mechanic to fend off an impending barbarian invasion. It's been in & out of print for years for a reason, all to earn coins + influence to sway your dice. It looks dry, but it's tight, focused, cut-throat, and fantastic. Black Angel takes all that, adds a bunch of mechanics from a different game, adds a player board with tiles to activate middling bonuses, and adds garish iconography. And plastic bits. I didn't mind my play, I"d play it again, but I won't be replacing my copy of Troyes with it. Catacombs third edition arrived, with its awesome playmats to replace tiles. Stickered base game, need to do expansions/bonuses next. Will hopefully play with kids soon. Stuck a $1 pledge in for Zombicide 2nd edition in the end - I like a lot of what they've done, there's some fun survivors, but do I really need all that plastic?
  3. So after showing that pic of your setup, Romier, one might be in my future. Anyone gone the Rasperry Pi/mame route? I don't know that just a couple of games is enough.
  4. I've seen that locally with chains moving into the region, different attitudes/ways of running things as a business. Orpheus, the FunkoVerse games are certainly getting good initial reviews, far better than I expected, but I don't see anything in them encouraging repeated play value 😕
  5. What was I just saying about how hit & miss game stores can be? So many are clearly run by people who want to be around gaming, rather than running a business No gaming here this week, its been busy, but a mathtrade came in - Assault on Doomrock, which is a weird-ass dungeon crawlery game that I've been wanting to try but not enough to buy. Flipped a cheap local second hand buy into a copy of it + the needed expansion. Bargain Quest replacement cards arrived too, finally, which means I need to play it again with my daughter.
  6. Qube 2 + Layers of Fear are currently free.
  7. Game stores are so hit or miss these days. Haven't found one I liked playing in since our "Nerd Stock closed last year, it's really put a dent in our gaming (plus shipping games) but they just couldn't make the economics work with a large rent increase. We've had two chains open up here recently - Gaming Goat + Game Kastle - the latter being much more of a traditional game shop experience. Honestly, Gaming Goat makes it hard to shop anywhere else - I can hit them up on FB for preorders, they're easy to get to at lunch, and the prices are better than anywhere else local. But I buy so little retail, game wise, these days, they're not going to survive on me
  8. TOO MANY GAMES. Subnautica's one of my favourite games from the past few years. Minit is a ton of fun. And Lonely Mountains Downhill's got some buzz too. And Afterparty's by the Oxenfree guys...
  9. incredibly hot and noisy, more so than any kit I remember.
  10. That pic doesn't do justice to the monstrosity that was a PS3 devkit. Breath on it wrong & you could fatally brick it, it felt like. The PS2 kits we needed to keep outside our office area because of the noise + heat.
  11. Last night's game night was cut short by a homework emergency. Got a play in of one of the best card games ever, Glory to Rome.
  12. I haven't played 7th Continent, but one of my buddies who is deeply into narritive games loves it. Middara is enough for me lol.
  13. So this is a thing - Zombicide Modern 2nd Edition...
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