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  1. Good Dead Cells Talk Welcome to Game Pass Yakuza 0 + Kingdom Hearts 3, just got added
  2. Dark Quiet Death was intense + fantastic. I'm enjoying MQ, but finding certain episodes difficult for how close to home they hit. I couldn't watch episode 6 the first time I put it on, turned it off after 3 minutes, because it matched my day at work almost exactly.
  3. Dead Cells isn't really a Metroidvania IMO, despite people calling it. It's not got the same loop. But it's a *damn* good action game. One of my favourites from the last few years. And I never got on with any Dark Souls.
  4. So this is a thing that's a must buy for me. Scooby Doo Betrayal At Mystery Mansion - an official remix of Betrayal At House on the Hill, by the designers, with the Scooby Doo theme??? Yes please. There's been fan attempts at this, but this looks awesome.
  5. I do like the support for existing controllers. We've got a couple of customs + a bunch of normal xbox one controllers already, and moving them over to the new xbox will remove a bunch of ancillary costs.
  6. Time to start saving. Can't imagine that spec is cheap. $500?
  7. I genuinely didn't understand today's episode, 1st part of the grand finale. I seem to be in the minority.
  8. Lords of Hellas was a game I almost nearly backed because it looked a good dudes on the map game. I'm glad I didn't for this & other reasons from game balance. Ugh. Their KS execution is really miss over hit. I got lucky with This War of Mine, but others didn't.
  9. Lots of YouTube recap vids for previous games. There's lots of side games that take story in weird directions apparently. Lots of fan service.
  10. A quick game of Cartagena tonight, a long running favourite in our house from before the kids were even a thing! I traded it away years ago, but got it back last year. Really simple to explain, easy to play in a short period, but full of tough decisions, just what I like. Y'all see the Asmodee North America "Parts Replacement" changes? If you're missing a piece or need a replacement part, you now need to contact the seller for a full replacement copy of the game. Second hand or a "non parter" store? Tough. Why are you removing the parts replacement program? With the number of quality titles in Asmodee USA's growing library, maintaining an independent stock of elements of each game becomes more difficult. We believe offering the customer service through the store they have purchased the game from will be a better experience. Good luck with that 😕
  11. Tonight's episode was the best I've seen in a long, long time. It felt like the heyday of the reboot - tight, narrow focus of a setting, a bit of a historical setting thrown in, a clear defined villain, and all round good plotting + acting.
  12. Also set up + ran through some turns of this beast, Catacombs, so I can finally teach it to my daughter. Love this game, but it's definitely not seen enough playtime.. Flick 'em up meets a dungeon crawler? With great art + a huge range of characters, monsters, rooms, and bosses? Yes, please.
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