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  1. Yes the marathon and half marathon are in January. That's really the best way to enjoy your trip and not feel exhausted at the end of it. Most of my previous trips I felt like I needed a post vacation to recover.
  2. I enjoy both Spring and Fall. It really comes down to my children's school break. This year was the firsts time in three years that they had the same spring break. Next year they will both be in the same High School and once again have the same spring break. What I really enjoy about the spring is the flower and garden festival. It is similar to Food and Wine where they have additional kiosks selling food however it's honestly the nicest that Epcot looks all year. The way they decorate the park with the topiaries and flowers really brings out the park's beauty. While the Spring is generally busy It really depends on when in the spring you go. The only time I have been there during Spring was late April 2014 and it wasn't bad since most of the other schools in the country had their spring break earlier in the year. The weather is perfect, warm enough to swim and yet not too hot where you don't necessarily have to wear shorts if you don't want to. We have only don the short weekend trips in the fall. The Fall just has a lot going on that you would enjoy. The Halloween Party has my favorite parade and fireworks. Recently from what I have heard the Halloween Party has been a bit overcrowded which is why we skipped it last October. Let's not forget Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. While I have never been, I have heard they are really fun.
  3. Nothing in terms of monetary compensation. What they have done is allowed for any borrowed points from next year, that were used for a trip that was cancelled due to the shutdown, to be moved back into it's original year. This is important as once points are borrowed or banked into a year they are stuck there and have to be used or they are forfeited. The issue right now is a lack of availability. With people pushing their trips out to the fall and winter months there is nothing available through January. Fall and winter months are always busy with DVC due to Food & Wine, Halloween and Christmas Party's as well as the Marathon in January. However for there to be nothing available this soon for those months is concerning. The next year and a half will be interesting when it comes to availability due to the number of points out there.
  4. Yes, it has. It has changed the way I vacation at Disney. I no longer feel like I have to do everything on this trip because I know I will be back. I have been able to share some amazing trips with my family to both Walt Disney World and Aulani (Hawaii). While it was a big financial investment I have gotten my money’s worth. I have hosted my siblings and parents at WDW. We took around 20 people to Hawaii to celebrate my daughter’s 15th birthday. Next Easter we are spending 10 days total at Disney world. The first five days will be my wife, two kids and myself. The next five days we will be joined by my wife’s siblings, their kids and my in-laws. We have also done multiple smaller trips in one year. There have also been years were haven’t gone in order to save our points for the larger trips where we hosted family. I have also rented out my points when I was planning on traveling somewhere other than Disney. It really comes down to how you want to travel and whether you really want to spend so much time at Disney. The big thing for us was it forced us to take vacations.
  5. Well just booked 10 days at Animal Kingdom Villas Kidani Village for next year's Easter Break. Hopefully things get back to normal by then.
  6. Yes those are all queues. In reality all rides that have any type of restraints or interactivity will be an issue. Well Spaceship Earth is supposed to go down for a lengthy refurb which won't be an issue for the moment. Yes, I knew they were cleaned. However the distribution will have to change as currently most are just laid out on trays and everyone picks up their own. My point was that there are a lot of instances where guests may come into contact with surfaces or items that my have been touched by others. I'm glad I'm not in Disney's shoes. I can't imagine the logistics as well as cost that will go into opening.
  7. Off the tope of my head.. Winnie the Pooh, 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, and while not screens the play land in Dumbo which could be roped off. There is also the piano interactive section of the Haunted mansion queue. Let's not forget about 3D/4D films and attractions: It's tough to be a bug, Muppets, what about Flight of Passage and Toy Story Mania? Those glasses will be problematic.
  8. I'm also wondering how they will handle transportation. I can't imaging they will run more buses to maintain social distancing on them or the gondolas. I can see Disney also having to turn off the interactive screens/entertainment that are in the queues. I remember being in the parks in 2014 during Ebola and having to keep an eye on the kids to make sure they didn't touch any of the interactive screens while in queues. There are too many things to have to worry about to have anything close to an enjoyable vacation.
  9. I had a trip scheduled during Easter that was obviously canceled due to the closure. I’ll be honest with you all as big of a Disney fan as I am, leading up to the trip I honestly didn’t feel comfortable going. Even if Disney had re-opened in April as they had originally intended I would of canceled the trip myself. As an AP holder I don’t plan to go back this year. My AP was originally set to expire in October. We have been given the option to request a partial refund (total AP price - the price of tickets for # of days used) or have the AP extended the number of days the closure lasts. I’m going to take the refund. Wife and I are going to schedule a trip for next Easter break and hope for the best.
  10. Sounds like you had a great time. If you are still interested in DVC you should look into purchasing from the second hand market. You will save thousands vs purchasing directly from Disney. Not a sales pitch at all I'm a DVC member and have purchased points both ways. David's is a great way to dip your toes and see which resort you would prefer as your home resort. I own at Animal Kingdom Villas and bought direct from Disney 7 years ago then added on a few more points two years later through the second hand market and was surprised how much more points I was able to purchase for a lot less than what I paid direct. I haven't had a chance to stay at the Poly but it's on my list. The only negative about that resort at least on the DVC side is that they only have studios or the Bungalows. As a family of four studios are getting tight and honestly once you stay in a one bedroom you don't want to go back to a studio. However if it were just the wife and I then a studio would not be an issue. Looking forward to hearing about your Batuu and DHS experience.
  11. I’m going to be in L.A. this weekend and will try to make it to Disneyland on Saturday. Hopefully I can make one of the boarding groups. If not then I’ll try again at DHS in April.
  12. The only requirement to receive a credit is to make sure your accounts use the same email address.
  13. I’m not surprised by this as one of the biggest complaints from guests has been cast members reluctance to break character when people have asked for simple things as restroom location. I was at Walt Disney World last weekend and experienced the opposite. None of the cast members behind a counter were in character. When given my total I wasn’t told it was in credits, or corrected when I asked for an item using its normal name vs Batu name.
  14. If you’re planning on going to Universal I would suggest you get a two park pass for at least one your days so that you can ride the Hogwarts Express.
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