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  1. I kept reading about this game and decided to blind buy it on the PS4. I played quite a bit of it last night and was immersed quickly. The graphics are STUNNING. I'm currently playing it on Normal but will ramp it up later. One of the better games I have played in a long long time.
  2. Walmart in particular has a business practice in smaller towns to sell below cost to run the competition out of business. Best Buy would do it as well. In fact, the vast majority of PC's they sold were at or below cost. Margins may have improved since I last worked there but it was not an uncommon thing for us to either lose money or come close on each PC sale.
  3. As of last Wednesday, I am now a dual next gen console owner. I've had the Xbox One for a few months and pulled the trigger on the PS4. I picked up Knack, a PS+ membership, and Second Son to go along with it. One thing that stood out was how utterly simplistic the packaging was for the PS4. It felt.. cheap. That being said, it's a non issue really as I put the box up in the closet when I was done. I have an original PS3 60gig (?) with the backwards compatibility chip/ability in it. Is that more valuable to resell than a regular PS3?
  4. I look at the announcement as a big meh for me. I understand why they did it but i felt I did good at purchasing a new Xbox One with Titanfall + Kinect for $447. If I had waited, I'd would be paying $399+$50-$60 for Titanfall so I'm a lot better off with my original purchase even ignoring the inclusion of the Kinect. I can't really use it anyway as the cord isn't long enough so I still feel quite good about the purchase. Usually with announcements like this, I dread that I bought it too early but in this case, I feel exactly the opposite.
  5. I walked up to a convoy of 3 and grenaded all 3 with a handheld RPG. I completed my first gang hideout yesterday. I hacked the cameras to study the 2 leaders then slowly but surely took each guy out using hacking (hacked the explosives tied to their waists, the wall bombs etc). It allowed me to walk right in and take the guys out stealthily without firing a shot. Then I went and found hidden loot. Only I didn't pay attention as I walked across the train tracks to get to my car and a train ran me over
  6. Late to the party but I really have enjoyed this game thus far. The accolades are deserving.
  7. I bought it as well on the Xbox One (haven't bought a PS4 yet..) Early impressions are it's fun but it's too early to judge. I doesn't seem all that unique though.
  8. 5S's are sold out until October. http://www.tapscape.com/iphone-5s-completely-sold-iphone-5c-restocked/ 24 hours to sell out of September stock of 5S's.
  9. I think we're still waiting for the Giants season to start
  10. Yes. Bought a 32GB 5S in Space Grey. It's a massive improvement over my 4. The speed at which it operates and flies thru apps is unreal. We compared it to a co workers 4s and it left it in the dust as well. I didn't buy any Docks so I can buy the new lightning connector docks starting soon. I paired a new Mophie Plus to the new phone. It fits it perfectly but some 5 cases do NOT work with the 5S due to the camera layout. It's slightly wider. The Lifeproof cases in particular are having issues with it.
  11. If I had to put a Moore Bond film in my Top 5, it would be For Your Eyes Only. Did anyone watch the excellent 50 Years of Bond Cars for Top Gear last night on BBCAM?
  12. I saw this yesterday in IMAX. This was by far the best modern Bond film yet. Best Bond film since 1964 in my mind. I'm anxious to see it again. My top 5 in case you are curious: Goldfinger From Russia With Love Dr No. Skyfall Thunderball Then Casino Royale at #6.
  13. Cam has no offensive line to block for him. Their running game is absent (as a result).
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