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  1. So its getting to the point where I have to finally replace my old trusty 42" Panny plasma. I've done (seemingly) endless research, and I'm down to either one of three TV's,or wait & see what the 2020 lineup brings. Because of the size of my living room, I can't get bigger than a 55". I'm worried about burn in,especially after seeing the burn in on the other halfs phone. Otherwise, it would be either the LG B9 or C9. I am also seriously considering the Samsung Q80 QLED. Am I being a worry wort about the OLEDs? At least with those they supposedly will handle HDMI 2.1,so the set would be future proof for a while. Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. BP is definitely up there with Winter Soldier as my favorite all around MCU film. This looks like it’s gonna be another huge year for Marvel.
  3. I'd be interested to see what he would do with it. How bad could it be?
  4. I need to get back into playing this. It's been ages...
  5. I'm liking what I've seen & played so far! It's gonna be a long wait until September.
  6. I mostly play Words With Friends,Dice With Buddies & The Pinball Arcade on iOS. But I just found out earlier this week that one of my all time favorite flash games - Nanaca Crash - is available for it. So I'm a happy camper!
  7. What a concindence - I just started rewatching the OT with my daughter (mainly because her SW knowledge is sorely lacking). I made it a point to watch the Despecialized Editions first - so when she sees the current "official" releases she'll better understand why most of that is garbage...
  8. I'll be getting the game for sure - probably the LE. Which system,probably the One - but that isn't set in stone just yet.
  9. So my only question is where is Nightwing? Seriously - even though I'm a big superhero fan - I didn't start watching Arrow until a couple of months ago. I'm just about done with Season 1, and I've been recording the S2 reruns so I can jump in when I'm finished. Wish I've started watching it sooner...
  10. Figured I'd bring this up as it hasn't been updated in awhile. I'm still playing TPA,and while it'll never replace the real thing - it's pretty good for what it is. I have all the tables to date on my iPad Air,as well as Season 1 on Steam - as I finally got around to putting a video card into my PC. The Steam version looks nice - but it'll be PS4 visual quality when they update to DX11 later this year. I'll most likely be getting it on the Xbox One when it releases this year as well. Farsight is almost done with Season 3, and there have been some awesome tables with it,like Fish Tales, Black Rose,High Speed, & Who. Dunnit. Diner is also coming this summer also.
  11. Chris, that is a really nice collection of tables. I'm impressed & jealous too
  12. Wnen Crave Entertainment filed for bankruptcy,it messed up TPA's DLC schedule because they were the publisher of record for TPA programmer Farsight. I know that they are working on it & hopefully things will be fixed soon. Also,Star Trek: TNG is coming to TPA as well...
  13. What Merlot said - You would have thought one of us would have gotten lucky with a Xbox...guess they really are that limited. As for myself,I never got a code for the helmet. It figures...
  14. I sat in on the Harmonix panel about Blitz yesterday at PAX East, which was very informative. I still think that RB 4 will be coming,but not anytime soon. As for Blitz,it is a lot of fun! Took a bit to figure things out,but once I got the play mechanics down - it was fine. I'm getting it the day it comes out...
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