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  1. Yeah, Nintendo makes us bend over, that's for sure. I've played so many amazing games for free-$29. But almost every Nintendo game I've ever played was $39-$59. It sucks.
  2. In a world where I hadn’t played 10 amazing Metroidvania games since Super Metroid, that video would have exploded my prostate. As-is though, a simple underwear change got the job done. This game looks fantastic.
  3. Yeah, that trailer was better than the original game. And I liked the original game. I don't mean that as a slight. It literally is the best game trailer I've ever seen. A+ The Starfield trailer, like this trailer, lacked any detail about the actual game. But THIS trailer is its own piece of art. It stands on its own. The Starfield trailer was just an abstract promise of a game - the type of abstract promise that the Outler Worlds trailer is making fun of.
  4. It is funny. While "Skyrim in space" is in some way what I expect, and in some way is what we "should" expect, the world of videogames has evolved a lot since Skyrim. So if Starfield feels like a Skyrim mod, I'll be a little disappointed. Inventory management is always a chore in these types of games and I hope that every RPG developer makes it a top priority to come up with the best management system ever! And there are a lot of fantastic open world games that have come out since Skyrim. I hope Bethesda has been watching, listening, and playing the competition.
  5. if anyone asks, is it OK if I tell them you went fishing, to the shooting range, or something more manly and less embarrassing?
  6. Loki is damn good in my estimation. Can’t get enough of this character. Owen Wilson is perfect for this role. And I like how their framing EndGame since I dislike what time travel means for the MCU and this puts it in context and wraps limits around it.
  7. This video analysis lights my soul on fire. 85% excitement, 15% dread. Like any good kinda hurt.
  8. Crazy. I’m colorblind and have a hard time identifying crap based on color. Makes understanding important cues difficult. I bet I’ve disliked games before based on a feeling of confusion and difficulty that others can’t relate to. So I appreciate this effort.
  9. Damn, this was already of high interest. But this might be my most anticipated game. Though I have a backlog that makes such thoughts feel dirty and toxic.
  10. I will buy the game tomorrow just to side-step the bullying and shaming in this thread. But I can't promise I'll play until Wasteland 3 has been completed. Purchased. But in doing so i saw that Assassin’s Creed is also on sale. I guess we’ll sleep when we’re dead.
  11. You see, Jeff, I can deal with the bland as fuck four-letter common name and the eardrum melting Minnesota accent. I don't want money and I don't want medals. What I do want is for you to stand there in that ****y white uniform and with your Harvard mouth extend me some ****ing courtesy! You gotta ask me nicely.
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