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  1. Damn it, I know that some asshole is going to take my first few words out of context. Quote me in their signature. Post a deep-fake video.
  2. I like any man subscribe to the ideals of monogamy until it becomes inconvenient to my impulses. But try I must to choose one and be faithful.
  3. We're definitely being drawn into platform wars tribalism here. A lot of us, including me, are trying to figure which next-gen console to invest in for the next half decade or so. And I know I'm looking for pros and cons to guide me toward that decision. But post-decision I will weaponize all of those reasons as comfortable reinforcement of why I made the right decision. So if Sony head quarters has a massive covid-19 outbreak killing everyone in the company, hell--yes I'll be posting here saying "Thank god I bought an xbox." Because that's how I roll. But if somehow I
  4. Been looking for an excuse to go Microsoft. Seriously, been deluding myself into thinking it is a good idea. But friggin MS owns friggin Doom, Skyrim, Fallout, Starfield, and dishonored ... hard for me not to start thinking that Microsoft is a good bet now. Especially with Last of US, Spiderman, and Horizon on the PS4. Once I get my fill of those games, I can walk into the next-gen sunset with MS. That is until Bloodborne 2 comes out. Then I don't know what will happen. I wonder if MS has any more acquisitions up their sleeve? Larian Studios is something I would think
  5. And Loki is going to mess heavily with time and the multiverse. We're not going to know what's down and what's up. I hope it doesn't get too crazy, because I really don't want every new marvel movie's stakes to be undone by multiverse shenanigans. That being said, this show is a crazy idea and I'm pleased that it is being made because I could see executives saying "WTF is wrong with you writers. Who thought of this crap? You're fired."
  6. I went through the mental gymnastics of justifying getting a series X if I can't get a PS5. So even though I was 100% going to pick Sony this generation, I might actually go Microsoft instead based on circumstances outside my control. But I am super happy about it because I'm viewing Microsoft very positively these days. At least in gaming.
  7. If I can't get a ps5 I may actually get an xbox. I'm so committed to having a next gen system. And most off the exclusive games will be on PS4 anyway. I'm starting to convince myself to go Xbox.
  8. Spiderman and assassin's Creed are there only two games I will definitely be getting. So I had two ps5s in my cart. Got to the final confirm screen. Error.
  9. Can't figure out whether I should play FF again. Back in the day I was obsessed. But after FF7 I veered away from JRPGs. Partially because I loved the likes of Fallout, Skyrim, and the Witcher so much. More action-orientated I guess? But also because the RPG game genre got assimilated by ALL other genres. Even sports games are mini-RPGs. That is, the reason I loved RPGs back in the day was to get my unique dose of exploration, story, loot, experience point grinding, skill trees, etc. But now all friggin games have that. I still love me some turn-based tactic
  10. So I never played this game. But I adore Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3. Is this release just a nostalgic play? Or will the gameplay hold up?
  11. When I searched for DefaultAppInstallManager.cs I got this Microsoft page with people having Windows store installation issues: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/windows-store-will-not-install-any-apps-something/59c8dbb4-b8c1-48e5-a5e5-7c8578afbfb0 I've had so many problems with Microsoft and Sony over the years with regard to their accounts, I do not envy you. I think I complained about getting my Game Pass account to work at all until I went through and reset all of my Microsoft account attributes to their defaults. Sucks.
  12. The more expensive the better. That way I won't have to compete against the 13 year olds using their summer lawn-mowing money to steal MY GOD DAMN PS5. #AdultsHaveMoreMoneyThanKidsBitches
  13. I did not love season 1. I thought it was "pretty good." And to be honest, I'm a fan of Jon Favreau and was a little disappointed in parts of the show here and there knowing that he made it. The trailer for season 2 is really good. Well done. So I'm looking forward to it. Though I can see the shows strings a little bit where the episodes will be either a monster-of-the-week adversary or an A-Team thing where he happens across people and begrudgingly helps them. I guess in a world where shows no longer need to generate 24 episodes, I want to see less filler and more cor
  14. What’s keeping them from offering other solutions in the future? Do they have a deal with seagate for exclusive rights forever?
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