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  1. I saw that. I like that strategy of releasing the old game on other platforms as promotion for the sequel -- that is definitely coming out in February 2021 BTW. Great game.
  2. When will my MRI results be available in Stadia?
  3. Sorry, I can't help but just redundantly confirm that I am so excited for this game. And anyone who isn't as excited as me is just wrong. There simply is no other way to view it.
  4. You mother fucker! I've been holding this back for a long time. But no longer! I am sick of the straw-man-veiled praise on delayed games for "taking time to do it right." Fuck off! We're upset that the full and final awesome game has been delayed. Expectations, that THEY set -- shattered. No one is ever saying "Please, drop your half-baked steaming pile of shit game on us." So when I say "Fuck, Duke Nukem Forever was delayed again...#$%$^#$%#$^" ... And then some asshole, whose name rhymes with schmoey, posts gleefully right after my complaint, and says "They're taking their time to get it right. Good for them." You're not some reasonable, well-meaning, savior of the message boards. You are a kick in the balls to everything decent in this world you fucker of mothers.
  5. This, Last of Us 2, and Ori are my three most anticipated games of the year. I'll have my PC down in my home theater just in time for this game.
  6. I just wanted to provide this update. I fixed my PC by installing a $64 SSD the day after it broke. And now I'm waiting for delivery of my completely unnecessary new PC parts. My wife says I can't buy a PS5 this year now (Said nothing about getting an Xbox Series X though).
  7. There is a movie called Bye Bye Love that I adored. Really great ensemble cast. About divorce. Funny. But emotional and tragic ultimately.
  8. Good news! My PC's SSD died! That means: I'm using this as an excuse to build a new PC I'll still fix my old PC (shhhhh), and then move it to my Home Theater I'll now have a high-end, SSD-based, gaming platform in my home theater I can shelf my umbrage for "current-gen" load times as a reason to not play games for the next year (waiting for my PS5) Yay!
  9. It is so good. Wow it would be sad if they'd didn't do more seasons. But I imagine it is expensive.
  10. Lost in Space S2 is fabulous. IMO, significantly better than S1. Much better writing and character development. At least, so far.
  11. I guess when there is a difference of opinion, it matters whose right. Let's hope Derrickson was wrong.
  12. I thought it was funny when, during post-logo reveal silence, everyone in the audience held up their phones to take photos of the logo. The "a large group of people taking a photo of an irrelevant thing like a bunch of sheep" vibe just tickles me. This should turn into a meme-generator thing. Where you just replace the PS5 logo on the screen with that latest unimpressive announcement. "Madden 2021 Announced" "The sky is blue" "Joey is wrong about something"
  13. The logo department job has been a cakewalk. The PS10 is going to be their magnum opus.
  14. I looked up SSD for PS4 and the performance gain is relatively modest. Like 40%. Which is still awesome. Basically, you put in something that is 20x faster and you only get .4x faster. Does that sound right? That's what the A/B comparison charts I found showed. I might still do it though. Any improvement is welcome. Gonna be using my PS4 for another 11 months until the PS5 comes out.
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