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  1. You mother#$%$#... I cant get that "After these messages..." out of my head.
  2. OMG, I remember all of those.
  3. I like to think that Romier is a robot game-playing machine. But I endorse all of the movies he listed. Except the fish sex movie. There have been so many jokes about that movie I just can't watch it.
  4. I must have missed the details about this eventually coming out for Steam. If you're willing to wait a year.
  5. I really like Notting Hill. Despite the fact that it takes place in a trash country.
  6. Do you like The Notebook? Pretty Woman? Dirty Dancing. Shakespeare In Love? I'm checking for a pulse.
  7. Romier, it seems likely that there will be a special edition of this game for the PS5 and Xbox Next. I keep hearing that this is a next-gen game on old-gen consoles. Is this the type of game you'd be excited to replay on a PS5 if they release it there?
  8. God did I love this game. Super excited for the new tactics version coming out. I might get this switch version if it weren't for the new tactics game.
  9. God, I've purchased these old games so many times. Its like how I've purchased all these Marvel movies on Amazon, but subscribing to Disney+ gives me access to all of them making me feel like a doof for giving Amazon so much money.
  10. Does the story ever get annoying where you just want to get to the next battle and you're like "Shut the f up already." I know that's the case in most games for me actually. But I think this game has a heavy emphasis on narrative so I'm not sure how that would play with me.
  11. In a way it is a tradition and while it is long in the tooth, all traditions are long in the tooth.
  12. I think Joel just had a Stroke. That or Donald Trump is making posts for him now. Either way Joel might be dead.
  13. I didn't notice that Joel put Titanic and Transformers in the same bucket. I don't even know how to respond to that. Other than to say that Joel and everyone on this forum are a bunch of toxic-masculinity-filled-man-children who complain about the Transformers movies while actually PLAYING with transformers and wouldn't know a good love story if it swam up and bit them in the ass. Except Romier. He's actually been bit in the ass with a good love story I bet. And he knew what it was.
  14. I ate it up too. I loved those characters so much it was very exciting to see it continued. And as a child I wasn't as critical as I am now. I LOVED Elizabeth with the powers and her boyfriend Kyle and that whole love story I remember. I'm sure if I watched it today it would be awful. I think I didn't love that they undid the victory of the movie to have the post-movie series work.
  15. Having play Shadow of War using my SteamLink, I bet this would be perfect through that. SteamLink constantly amazes me. I played DMC, Doom, and now SOW. You'd never know you're streaming the game. Unfortunately Control isn't available through Steam. So I'd have to buy the PS4 to play on my TV.
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