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  1. I love the tone. The grumpy veteran and his annoying, inexperienced apprentice -- Sucker for they dynamic.
  2. Spider-man is the perfect character to make a videogame from, from a gameplay perspective. Wolverine is a bit more challenging. Batman obviously is the other superhero that begs to have a videogame. I wonder what this is gonna be.
  3. Saw it. Best singleton MCU film in while. Except Thor 3 of course. The only bad thing in the whole movie was Drago. Not a good character. Every one else was fantastic. Including the lead. And the whole package rolls into the MCU friggin perfectly, particularly with the end credits scene.
  4. This is a more interesting philosophical point than you intended or should receive credit for. You're basically saying that Gamepass lowers the expectations floor and ceiling. And is that a bad thing? No doubt our happiness "seems" to stem from external factors in our lives. But in reality our experience and perception is heavily influenced by INTERNAL factors. In the end, if I watch a transformers movie and enjoy it more than any movie ever made, and therefore re-watch it over and over, and die of malnutrition and dehydration with a big smile on my face, who are you to deny I lived a fruitful and happy life or that Transformers "isn't" infact the greatest movie of all time? When it comes to enjoyment of anything, there is no reality, only perception. And if I enjoy something more than you, the reasons don't matter. I'm the winner for being happy. And you're the loser for writing a miserable review on rotten tomatoes. Fuck you.
  5. What I’ve heard so far, as far as negatives, is that the lead is a little weak, outshined by most of the surrounding cast, similar to black Panther, and that the last third is a typical over the top Marvel spectacle. I’m fine with spectacle, but sometimes, even with the original Iron man, they turn the last section into a videogames boss fight and it can get a bit silly.I assume this is like that.
  6. I watched the won't video. This certainly could be a phone game. But they're clearly adding some production value. I hope this is good.
  7. Overcooked was just too hard. My daughter and I hit a wall so quickly. Soured me on the franchise.
  8. This game was getting tired. Then I realized that it was because it was too easy. I switched to hard and it is a much better game. I did the same with Odyssey. I thought predator arrows were the best to use but I've changed my mind. Stunning guys is super satisfying during battles. So predator when you have distance, for head shots. But up closer shoot guys with shields in the leg with light or Hunter arrows and then one shot them when they're on the grounds. So far I like this less than Odyssey but I don't like many games as much as Odyssey.
  9. Not sure I buy Dr Strange blowing up the multiverse to improve Peter Parker’s quality of life. Seems a stretch. There are infinite numbers of people in the world that could benefit from nips and tucks to their reality. Marvel is dancing a dangerous line where every consequence can be reversed with a spell, snap, or stone. Seems like they’re trying to ruin everything they’ve built here. We’ll see.
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