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  1. Thanks, why can't my wife give me definitive answers like that on sex night.
  2. I have to decide whether I'm gonna play this game on my PC, using an Xbox One controller or a PS4 controller... Thoughts? Because I've been using an Xbox 360 controller and think it is time to use a controller with a better D pad.
  3. Once the Marvel TV shows start up, I'll feel better about my Disney+ subscription.
  4. I'm going to make a firewall that keeps Joel out of LCVG and then I'm going to make him pay for it.
  5. I love Metroidvania games, but never took to the art style and theme of this game. Seems too silly, I like my metroidvania dark and serious. Well, more dark and serious than this.
  6. Saying all the right things. Had to wipe off my monitor. https://www.trueachievements.com/n40668/ori-and-the-will-of-the-wisps-release-date
  7. My 11-year-old played Robo Recall last night. She has a low tolerance for stressful games. When robot spiders starting jumping closer and closer to her, and she didn't have the timing to kill them, she ripped off the headset and handed it to me. Also, the opener for that game is just great. Where you're watching TV screens with the robots, surrounded by them, and then they malfunction, their eyes turn red, and they all turn around. She ripped the headset off their too. I love "rips off the headset" videos on youtube. I can't imagine what RE5 must be like.
  8. Omg. I feel like it is 2:00 am and MastaRedSnappa is on my TV, with his shirt off, all oiled up, with amazing abs -- and he's telling me that I can have his body for just $19.95 and 20 minutes a day.
  9. I assume Magness is laughing "with" me. Not that he plays on insane difficulty and finds my ineptitude amusing.
  10. Can anyone here do Beat Saber on hard? Or the other two difficulties above that? I trip up on Normal difficulty on some of the harder levels. It is very revealing. My brain is incapable of processing that quickly. Makes me think that someone who can play on that super hard difficulty could hit a 90 mph fastball or perform some other physical/dexterous feat. If someone here can operate on the higher difficulty level, please tell me what else you're really good at. I'm just curious. I assume that how someone does with Beat Saber might say something about how good they'd be at FPS games. I am utterly mediocre at FPS games, which tracks with my Beat Saber performance well.
  11. That's what I was thinking of, yes. Though obviously there are no mutants at present so it couldn't follow that closely. But yes, I think the point that Wanda becomes a huge threat to humanity. One fun thought I had was that Wanda will go crazy and rather than wiping out all mutants(like she did in the comics), she essentially will cause the beginnings of mass mutation during the next Dr. Strange. In a fit of anger and dementia.
  12. The Disney+ Marvel stuff got me excited. Some believe that it is a delusion by Wanda of what their perfect domesticated life would be had he not died. Which represents her going insane, and thus setting up a Marvel movie where batshit insane Wanda kills everyone. As she did in the comics. One rumor is that the next Doctor Strange will be the payoff for this shows arc.
  13. Just hooked up my Oculus yesterday after a hiatus. My wife, daughter, and I played BeatSaber. Really fun. Disappearing arrows are evil. There are no profiles, right? Would love to segregate all our progress and scores. Funny, I was setting this up yesterday and didn't realize one of my sensors was pointing backwards. I was ready to throw the whole system out the window when I realized that I should be throwing myself out the window.
  14. Damn, this game. Doom Eternal. Last of Us 2. Three sequels to 3 of my favorite games from the last 5 years, in a short time frame.
  15. I forgot to say that the advice that someone gave to change the difficulty level to HARD was priceless. This game is bit too easy otherwise. Do I ever get to use landmines? I keep encountering them and wish I could use them.
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