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  1. I just finally dove into this. So similar to Dead Cells which I played last year and loved to death. So far I find that Dead Cells was fun more quickly. But like Dead Cells, there was a point where everything clicks. Both where the difficulty becomes more tolerable, and where I start to get a handle on, well, everything. That moment was when I unlocked the gun. That was the run where I made it all the way to the third boss. And really saw how the grind could push me forward through the game. Via all the persistent upgrades you make over time.
  2. I know nobody is playing this anymore. So I'm talking to myself. But I thought I'd complain about these two things that I can't believe they haven't fixed after all this time. If you join someone else's online session, it doesn't save your progress. So if you manage your inventory, change your radial menu, or do ANYTHING, all of it will be lost if you don't manually save before accepting an invite to play with someone. Ridiculous oversight. If you miss a game invite, and then manually go to the friends menu and click JOIN. If the game is private, it will try to join, fail because t
  3. My PS5 has been rock solid since I got it. No issues. I'll these two recent things though. When I have a disc in the drive, and I REST the PS5 and then wake it up again. The disc spinning up flips me to the media tab as if I want to watch a disc instead of what I actually want to do which is play the game I was playing. This was so annoying that I had to eject the disk. Not a huge deal, just annoying Monster Hunter World was in a state of instability recently until I killed the application, rebooted, re-logged in. Again, no big deal. I just haven't had an issue like that at all wit
  4. This show falls into a weird category. I "appreciate" the boldness of the show. I appreciate the multiple generations of TV tributes. I appreciate the Lost-like mystery unraveling. I appreciate the marvel fan service. And I appreciate this show teeing up future marvel projects. But I don't really enjoy this show all that much. Like I said, it has a lot going on. But none of those things are all that great individually. I can't imagine wanting to rewatch this. I'm pretty sure this show is at least partially the result of writer drug use. In the end each episode leaves m
  5. Superior in that it is harder, easier, or different? I played the original game, loved it. And then when they updated it to make it harder, I couldn't beat it anymore. So if you're just saying that Black was way harder and therefore better than the fisher-price hand-holding Sigma version, then we will part ways on this.
  6. https://www.gamesradar.com/a-way-out-creator-josef-fares-says-hell-give-you-dollar1000-if-you-get-bored-of-it-takes-two/ Well god damn, a videogame that I cannot get bored of? I have four decades of evidence that says that is impossible, but bring it on! Fun coop games that don't suck can just have my money --- right --effing --now. Even if they only last a few weeks. But sounds like I'll be playing this in the afterlife.
  7. It’s crap like this that put our relationship on the rocks during the goat incident of 2000.
  8. Fine, I made up all that stuff about Joel. I obviously just wanted to say that implying bad things about someone can be very harmful. If we assume everything the victim says is gold, then who cares. But sometimes stories can be complex. There can be nuance. Lies. Exaggerations. Or just different perspectives. Doesn't mean that's the case here at all. Just on principal we should hold off burning the witch until we can confirm they're a witch. Because there is no going back once you throw the match. Even when it is pretty obvious Joel, Joss, and other J-name-people are obviously witc
  9. There has been a lot of noise in the reporting on this. No, I have not read anything about Joss pressuring someone to get an abortion as a requirement for employment. That is specific and that does matter indeed. For comparison's sake, this reminds me a lot of what happened with JTello on this forum a few years ago. At this point I don't even know who I told about it. And I don't feel comfortable talking about it now. But that whole fiasco has taught me what you said, that we shouldn't bully the abused (i.e. 'me') to the benefit of the abuser (i.e. 'Joel') just because people are curio
  10. There is too much smoke for there not to be fire. But damn, so much of it is innuendo instead of specific accusations. Actually, most of the chatter is people coming out to support people who are pushing innuendo. If he molested someone can people just say that? Put the cards on the table.
  11. The producers of this show have balls. Did Feige just instruct his teams to just do fucked up stuff? I made a joke about them bringing back the human torch with the same actor as a mind fuck. This is really close. Took me two minutes to explain to my daughter what the hell just happened.
  12. How the hell can you possibly know or care about the players and teams of college teams?! If anyone is any good in college I'll see them in Madden eventually and could care less about the fight song of Notre Dame versus LSU or whatever. And yet, I'm wrong. The college football game was super popular back in the day. People love this shit. Somehow. And yes I see the irony of a "videogame enthusiast" questioning the validity of a pastime that makes a group of people happy.
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