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  1. So from a B2B relationship standpoint, this investment is irrelevant. My initial impression and I bet many people's impression, is that when something like this happens, it is an indicator of some sort of new business relationship or deal. Sounds like this is no different than my investment in steak-flavored condoms. Time will tell.
  2. Microsoft says all the right things. I want to support them. But Sony has just got me with their games. But I'll be watching Microsoft closely and maybe this will be a two console generation for me. Last generation was not.
  3. I guess this goes with the recent alignment between EPIC and Sony from a PR and marketing standpoint. Though I don't understand the point of these types of investments. If their investment isn't a controlling stake, then how are either of these companies affected by this investment? Unless there are pieces to this puzzle we don't have. Like this investment is the first of 3 investments over 3 years that will eventually result in a controlling stake -- along with a collaborative business deal on making a distributing games. Or something like that. Otherwise I need someone to explain to me why Sony did this and what they get out of it.
  4. I loved Halo and was a sheep buyer of Halo 2 and Halo 3 as a devoted fan of the series. But after that I was sick of FPS games' rhythms and stopped playing online multiplayer games for whatever reason. I had't enjoyed a FPS until 2016 Doom. In order for Halo to bring me back, it would have to have some interesting and fresh mechanic for both multiplayer and single player. You all would have to get me excited about playing Multiplayer with you. Web cams. Shirtless. Something.
  5. Separate from the games that they publish that I like, I curse Ubisoft everytime I can't launch Assassin's Creed Odyssey because of f'ing UPlay. UPlay just craps out like 15% of the time for me, preventing me from launching my game. I have to either reboot my PC or close and restart Uplay like ten times. ACO is so damn good, that my experience with UPlay getting in the way of playing it, is easily the worst part of playing it. How would the developers feel if they knew my strongest negative feelings toward their game is the f'ing UPlay bloatware. Anyway, point is, I might like their games, but I do not feel positively toward the company. Rant over.
  6. Because I was able to through the launch of this game, without buying it, I might have the will to wait until the PS5 comes out to play this.
  7. Yeah, I don't even have expectations for what the game would even be. Something where you have a gun and shoot things? Doom's reboot was so great. I don't expect other developers to so effectively reboot a franchise like that. In fact, I'd expect the opposite.
  8. Games no longer require manufacturing and physical distribution. Huge marketing in-store campaigns. At least, those expensive things have been trending downward for quite a while. And the audience has grown so huge compared to when I was a kid. Games may have gotten more expensive to make. But that's in pursuit of the gobs of money these industries are raking in. If they think they can charge more, go for it. I'll just wait two years to play most of those games. When they're 39.99.
  9. I thought Vizio actually launched their product line, but I still don't see their TVs available anywhere. Is there a delay of some sort or am I misreading what "Launching June 30, 2020" means?
  10. Really ... no idea what to expect from this.
  11. Never understood what ARC was until you prompted me to read. I don’t think ARC is an option because it is a long run and I’ll have to use an active one way cable which doesn’t work with ARC, which requires two way. I share the anxiety that outputting audio from TV could cause problems. I have no appreciation for next-gen audio standards. I have 7.1 Speakers figured surround sound is surround sound
  12. Looks like Vizio tends to have optical out, and 30 foot optical cables aren't that expensive. So I'll aim to use my existing receiver, run an optical cable 30 feet from my TV to the receiver, and then plug my PC and PS5 directly into the TV from an entertainment center. And use the smartTV apps for non-gaming. That all sounds good.
  13. Crap. For me to take advantage of these smart TVs (Running Netflix, Amazon, Hulu through the TV apps rather than using an external box like Roku), I need to output audio from the TV, 30 feet through the ceiling to my receiver (to distribute multichannel audio to my 7.1 speakers). And of course creating an entertainment center below my TV will be necessary to plug both my PS5 and PC into the TV. Here's the question. Can I send a pass-through from my TV, a signal that originated from my PS5, and use my 5+ year old receiver, since I only care about the sound, and not the picture? It seems silly to upgrade to an expensive and new HDMI 2.1 receiver if I'm only using it to distribute the audio channels to the speakers. I guess if that Vizio TV can output to optical I'd be all set? But if it is HDMI, I'm screwed (i.e. will need to buy a 2.1 compliant receiver)? I don't know what the hell is going on.
  14. God damn it, in my list of tasks and decisions related to my home theater upgrade, the TV was the only item I crossed off and now you're opening it back up you mother fucker.
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