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  1. I'm not saying that "blade" needs to bulk up to kill vampires. I'm saying that Ali needs to bulk up to play the lead in a superhero movie. I'm pretty Peter Quill didn't need a six pack to fly his ship in the first Guardians movie either.
  2. Wow. This all looks awesome. Top to bottom. In Kevin Feige we trust. I have to admit though, Ali seems a little skinny for Blade. I assume he'll bulk up.
  3. That's actually my favorite part of this. It's like hulk in the comics where Banner is so frail and weak. The juxtaposition of a dying human who can turn into the most powerful superhero is awesome. Love that story.
  4. Obviously not as familiar as you are. My concern is that they boxed themselves in a corner with Asgard being gone, Odin being dead, and Loki being dead. What percentage of those "many" stories work given the above?
  5. Makes me wonder what the Guardians Franchise is gonna do with Thor. I thought they were getting away from Thor movies. With Asgard gone, Odin gone, Loki gone, Thor fat and hanging out with Guardians, the Thor franchise doesn't seem in prime position for a sequel. Unless it is a transitional movie, toward a female Thor. And fat Odinson sticks with Guardians or something.
  6. I'm not a big fan of this franchise. I've just never thought the Bond character was that personable. Just a robot hero, although I have certainly enjoyed many of the movies. If they just replace a male robot with a female robot this is completely uninteresting. But if they take this change as an opportunity to upend the whole franchise in an interesting way, which I don't think they'll do, color me interested.
  7. Saw Spiderman. Thought it was really good. Enjoyed the personal stories way more than the first movie. Liked the iron Man 3 -esque plot. Can't wait to see what the future holds.
  8. The good news is the longer you wait, the greater the impact of your upgrades. I can't edit 4k video with my rig, I need to use proxies. Which is fine. I have no problem with that. Not having to use proxies isn't really that beneficial. If anything, buying a new rig will just make transcoding proxies faster. I think I'd still render proxies anyway if I thought it would get me better performance, which it would. I use SteamLink to play PC games on my TV. Not sure if I lose anything between my PC and my TV in doing that, making upgrading for games less beneficial. I played DOOM through SteamLInk and it was awesome.
  9. I have one question about fire damage and frost damage. If CLAYMORE IS (Physical +300) and ICE SWORD is (Physical +150, Frost +150), aren't they equal? Or if an enemy has a frost weakness, there is some sort of weakness multiplier that puts the frost sword above. I am mowing down Irithyll of the Boreal Valley right now. But I'm cheating a little by now using the the BOW a lot more to clear the way. Feels like cheating, but it also changes up the game a bit making it even more fun.
  10. I guess the good news is I haven't brought in help yet and I haven't used embers, I've stockpiled them. Also, I just destroyed the ""High Lord Wolnir" so fuck him. The war rages on. Love this game. Thanks Romier.
  11. Geez, the developers really loved contra huh? Wow. Talk about a spiritual successor.
  12. My computer is still so damn fast, I can't justify another build. Though I don't play a lot of games on it anymore. I've never had a computer so long. This is my best computer ever.
  13. I know that people love the bosses. But they represent the potential end of the game for me every time. Every time I'm like "This is it, this is the end of Dark Souls 3 for me, if I don't get by this, I don't get to play this awesome game anymore." So far of course that hasn't happened. But I know how good you are at this game. So you saying you had a hard time pretty much ensures I'm done for. We'll see. Last night I accidentally walked into a boss fight "High Lord Wolnir" ... meaning the level seemed short to me, I was not prepared for another boss battle so soon. I got one-hit killed. I don't even remember him touching me. I just died somehow and was like WTF. If this guy can one-hit kill me I'm screwed.
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