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  1. I guess I’ve been lucky. I haven’t had any problems. Though I started after updates to both the ps5 and Miles came out. Benefits of a failed preorder attempt?
  2. I’m pretty sure that the energy overload thing will come into play in the finale. Can I just say that fast travel on the PS5 is a game-changer. At least for the ocd portion of the game.
  3. I haven’t had any crash issues thankfully. i’m playing Miles while my daughter is playing the original. I’m finding that I like some things better and some things less. The circuit stuff, was kinda fun, and kind of a pain. Glad that’s gone. I find Peter to be better written, better acted, and just more charming than Miles. When playing as Miles I find the obnoxious banter to be either lacking or landing clumsily. That being said, it is a mild difference. This game is great, Miles is charming and fun, and I too am glad to be Spider-Man again.
  4. Crap, I forgot about this. I have put the ps5 in REST with Miles running every time.
  5. Um, I actually I take joy in a spoiled brat's ruined Christmas. Santa Clause isn't real dip shit. They should have aborted you in the first place. Kids like that make me wish the Hunger Games was real.
  6. I forgot how to do everything. The combat is so deep and takes some practice to get in a groove. No way i can play this and avengers at the same time. Too confusing. But yeah, it is awesome to be Spider-Man again. I’m doing performance mode. I’ve been convinced that we all become numb to visual fidelity, but framerate affects actual gameplay. So I’m going with better gameplay.
  7. WTH, I can’t turn my PS5 off. I hold the PlayStation button, nothing happens. It makes a sound, but no menu. I keep holding, eventually the controller shuts off. I’ve tried a thousand times. Is there a way through settings to shut off the PS5?
  8. Why the hell are my ears perking up when I’m hearing about discounts on games I already own. What’s wrong with me.
  9. Just got my PS5. Game downloading. Good to hear you’re loving it. Haven’t heard a lot of excitement about this game. Getting a been there done that vibe from everyone. Are you playing in performance mode?
  10. There some funny ones in Odyssey that had me on the floor. Shark eating the Olympics guy. Quest where woman jumps off a cliff. Blind guy with bad luck.
  11. She looks good. Though I'm starting to get tired of grinding this game. I'm at 109 right now with BW, who is my favorite character. It has been really fun though.
  12. I didn’t see Dawn of the Dead or Watchmen, just his recent DC work. Which is all I’m talking about here. I find there is a fair bit of “grass would be greener” mentality with this type of thing. That something other than what we got would have been better. I remember getting whiplash from all the Zelda fanboys who were so excited to get a darker more realistic more modern version of Zelda, and later get just as excited by the “Return to the roots” cartoony style. Coughlin's Law “Anything else is always something better”
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