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  1. I thought the main character looks like the gay son from the show Shameless. Thought he might be the basis for the look.
  2. I'm at work, so all I can do right now is browse. What I cannot do is create profiles. Which is the fun thing to do when you get a shiny new service. Damn it. EDIT: IT WORKS!
  3. I would really love to know the backstory on that joke. It has to be the name of Seth Macfarlane's x-wife's boyfriend or something. At least, I hope so.
  4. I'm always confused about noise cancelling headphones. Do they mean they seal off the ear and keep the noise out. Or do they mean they're doing some magic with the room noise polarity to mask the room noise.
  5. I don't know what that picture has to do with Freddy Kruegar, teens, or strategy.
  6. I just bought this and its all your fault. The game has co-op so I can't not get it for me and my daughter.
  7. Sounds like some Texan relatives I have.
  8. Isn't it awesome when a game hits you in the face that you weren't anticipating! I might bite on this out-of-nowhere game.
  9. God damn it. Gonna change my news feed profile to say I'm not interested in Star Wars.
  10. Fuck them. This is like the Money Pit. Only instead of "two weeks" its "next year." At this point they might as well start over from scratch or rename it 'Last of Us Forever' starring "Joel Nukem" you dream-crushing pieces of shit.
  11. Well I'll be looking at this a year from now, I'm assuming HDMI 2.1 will become standard on new TVs, receivers, STBs...? Nonetheless, I'll need to make sure I'm carefully buying all the future proof components when the time comes. I'm gonna have to blow up my whole utility closet and install new stuff. That will be fun.
  12. Fixed At some point I'll need to jump into the 4K/HDR revolution. Since next-gen starts next Christmas, it might be time to splurge. Though installing a new projector in my basement might be challenging. Maybe its time to get a 75 inch TV for my home theater and sell my 88 inch screen and projector. Wow, I just checked and there are sub $2000 82-inch UHD 4K TVs on Amazon. I think I'll move away from my projector next fall...
  13. I think it is funny that you're like scrooge McDuck swimming in your physical disc chamber in your basement and your criticism of digital is having to store games.
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