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  1. Yeah, I was being slaughtered. At one point I found this hidden wall and crawled into it, hoping that I could just throw grenades from inside and slowly pick off the hoard. But even that didn't work, because I think the Archvile guy can shoot magic threw walls and cause fire to come up from the ground. The only strategy that might work for me is using a freeze grenade, super shot gun him, grenade him, punch him, then run away, try to find some health, find him again, repeat. So far that hasn't worked, because I get killed by the hoards of people surrounding me while I try to do that. But I think I can make it work. Will try tonight.
  2. Can I just say fuck you "level with all the guys on fire" shortly after the boss with the big shield. I googled it and found out there is some dude that you have to kill who is spawning them. Before I found that out it was ridiculously impossible. Now that I've found it out I need to regroup and try on a day where my confidence isn't destroyed.
  3. OMG. Please don't let this retro graphics thing infect the movie industry. Yay! Avatar 2 on VHS!
  4. I don't know why, but that controller makes me want to fight crime.
  5. I watched the trailer, and first thought "this is one of those foreign films with subtitles that I tell people I enjoyed but didn't really watch." Then I started to get a "Not Without My Daughter" vibe, and I like "escape from oppression" stories. Then I realized the where/who of this escape story. The whole thing threw me off. So I'm interested.
  6. Wow, it's like all of your efforts were a complete waste of time. I have a few ideas. Perhaps at night, when you have nothing else on your mind, while you're in bed, you can backtrack through the entire experience over and over until you figure it out. Or maybe it is a bug, and the only way to fix it is to play the entire game over from the beginning. Fresh with the patch. Or maybe you should buy the game for a different platform and see if the bug is isolated to that platform. It could be day-related. Like you have to play through the game entirely on Wednesday. Or Sunday. All in one day. Try that. Maybe, wait, did you wash your hands before playing the game every time?
  7. Ha, sounds like the time that I had an SSD fail and rather than replacing it I built a new $2000 PC.
  8. Yeah, the movie, which I haven't finished watching, is just OK. The book though. I loved it so much.
  9. Funny, this statement is the least descriptive and most ambiguous, and yet, this statement has convinced me. If you plugged in different values to population density, social distancing, infection rates, etc... you'd get a different peak and general curve. Therefore, at the end of this curve, once we change another variable, like people going back to work, there will be a new curve with a new peak.
  10. All that makes sense. I get that part, that there is a lag between infection, diagnosis, and reporting. So are you attributing the exponential drop in reported cases to changes to social distancing? I thought distancing could only slow it down, not stop it. But this chart is like the virus hit a brick wall. Massachusetts, where that chart came from, locked-down on March 17th. So that is 4 weeks between lock-down and the projected deceleration shown on that chart.
  11. Sounds like everyone else gets it. But I don't. If there is a lag, then that explains why there would be a constant and consistent lag in data across the entire duration of the chart. People getting better after two weeks is a constant throughout the entire duration, not just between April 1-14. Social distancing is a constant throughout the entire duration, not just between April 1-14.
  12. They fixed freak'n everything! The one that matters to me is the zoom memory. That annoyed me.
  13. Can someone explain this to me. The rapid ascent from April 1st to April 15th is indicative of the typical tipping point. That makes sense. But the rapid descent, rather than a continued ascent, must be indicative of some sort of saturation, where so many people have contracted the virus, and are now immune. And the herd immunity slows the transmission rate. Is that right? Is that exactly what the descent between April 15th and May 15th means? If that's not right, I don't understand why its going down.
  14. I wonder if we are going to see a light Flu season this year, even if we all go back to work, because people will have adopted communicable disease measures permanently. Or at least, for the next year. Or at least, some percentage of the population will for the next year. There is a chance there will be positive long term effects. Whatever. Shut up. I'm trying to half-full this shit.
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