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  1. The new Apple Airpod Max headphones announced. For a low low price of $549.00.. no thanks:)
  2. The Steel Series 3 has been great. I got them at bestbuy for 56$ After using rewards points. The sound is great and the headband part actually gives it a comfortable feel. thanks for the suggestion:)
  3. The online part of the game the last few days has been awful. You play 4 or 5 matches and it boots back to main screen. Or when you turn on to play multiplayer theres no sound. Theres a patch coming this week. But its still a pain in the ass.
  4. Thanks, This might be exactly what I want.
  5. $100 and under. But would take suggestions up to $125
  6. Taking it from the Xbox thread.. Anyone have any suggestions for Gaming Headsets for Consoles that wont break the bank? I see astro headsets out there, but out of my range right now.
  7. Looking into buying a new gaming headset.. is there any decent ones that wont kill my wallet?
  8. Well after 2 customer service reps wanted to do shit for me, a third came threw and gave me 25% off (savings of $108). Hell yea ill take that.
  9. My ps5 was delivered... to my neighbors house.. Amazon box wide open... and wet. Took out the ps5 box and wet. System works perfect. But They better figure out how to ship shit. There was nothing stopping the system from bouncing around.
  10. As of 9pm my console left Jersey. But knowing our UPS. Ill get it at 7 pm tomorrow
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