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  1. The tree house set is awesome looking.. I wish i had some space to build that and display it.
  2. Im in the early stages.. but im enjoying the hell out of this.
  3. I played the hell out of this when i picked it up. After finishing ala few others i will go back to playing this... For 95% off i picked up NBA just because it was that cheap and a few friends own it and want to play. Other than that i would have never paid full price for that. Also picked up fifa 19.
  4. Im with you on this. But i am glad i watched it. Its one of those moments in history, where u want to know about, but hope it never ever happens again.
  5. We are huge fans of the MIB attraction, But you are right, hopefully with the movie they will think about a ghostbusters attraction. Lucky people in dubai:)
  6. Killer Clowns Roaming is great. They sneak up everywhere and to a point it just makes you die of laughter. People understand they are at horror nights, and still run away like they are running for their lives If the ghostbusters rumor is true, That would be awesome. I remember when I was there, I saw a family of 5 that all dressed up as The Ghostbusters. With their daughter in a stroller dressed up as slimmer. I just wish I didn't loose all the pictures from that trip.
  7. I have gone to horror nights in both california and florida. It does not suprise me that construction for it has started. Its a massive setup. Im hoping to go for a weekend in October.Missed out on the stranger things haunted house, as they built it the year after i went.
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