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  1. Been typing a lot on my iPad pro . So i decided to finally pick up the magic keyboard. I have been using it for a few days now and this thing is awesome. I bought an open box to save a little on the price and its like it was never used. In an earlier post i had picked up Powerbeats pro’s and never did the review lol. I used them for a little bit and was very happy with the sound. However wearing a mask most of the day and when I’m out shopping having an over the ear earbud (With the mask straps)is not that comfy. I sold them and used that money to get the Air Pod Pros. The pros sit very well in my ears and half the time i forget i even have them In, Plus the noise cancellation on these things are amazing. BTW did anyone pick up a skin for Magic keyboard? The all black is kinda boring lol I was thinking of getting this Retro Nintendo Skin
  2. DoorDash has been great the last 2 months lol
  3. Some nice needed iPad OS updates.
  4. Well with school just about over.. my old job called to see if I wanted to finish closing the store I was at. ( filed for bankruptcy right before all this) they offered a boat load of money for the next 2 month so I went back Monday. For the most part pleasantly surprised how everyone is going about there days wearing masks.. no one has had any problems this week at store. We have been wiping down all railing handles and registers every 30 minutes. however you can’t teach stupid:)
  5. I picked up a pair of Powerbeats pro’s for 150 $ . I have been using my Samsung Galaxy buds for about a year which fit great and are good for phone calls. But was not happy with the sound for listening to music. The pro’s have been great. I’ll give them a test for another week or so and give a small review on them.
  6. I’ve been getting my unemployment direct deposited. So nope just card🤩
  7. I got to say NYC did a great Job transitioning to google classroom. Losing my job of 20 years right before all this started sucked, but being home with my daughter helping her with the school stuff was a plus. Even though the common core learning is garbage. NYC has also just announced we are getting a 420$ debit card mid June for food since the kids did not eat lunch at school since end of march(even though I could have got my daughter free lunch at a near by school everyday). Jeff glad everyone is doing better now.
  8. PHiL


    Harry’s is the sharpest i have used. I was a little skeptical to use it on my head since they clearly say not to use it on your head. I use Harry’s shaving gel as well and have yet to cut my head or face while shaving with their blades.
  9. Stay positive. Hope for a speedy recovery from it.
  10. I just picked up the pencil 2 and UAG case. As I won’t be getting the keyboard for awhile. URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th Gen, 2020) Case Metropolis [Cobalt] Folio Slim Heavy-Duty Tough Multi-Viewing Angles Stand Military Drop Tested Rugged Protective Cover &nbsp; I have the UAG cases on my iPhone pro max and my Surface pro and they are built like a tank but still feels lightweight. Really liking it so far on the Pro. I also picked up a silicone cover to match for the pencil.
  11. PHiL


    Well after delay after delay I finally received it. Little Each day is all you need. I have used it 3 times already and it has softened my beard and it has stopped the itch.
  12. PHiL


    Great to hear. I’ll give the scented one a try. Might even pick up that brush
  13. Great review Jeff:) I kinda wanted it before ,now I really want it.
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