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  1. Some good videos/animated pics etc of the Disney+ interface because of that trial run in the Netherlands. There's a weird depth to the catalog on the trial - you want obscure Disney tv movies? You're covered.
  2. Conarium is free this week, with some sort of Batman tease for next week - bunch of different games in the logo, so who knows. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/conarium/home
  3. I have! They're a little too 'fiddly' looking for me to be honest, though I can see why he went that direction. I've got the official player mats which are nicely laid out, but big. In practice, your gear doesn't change that much each encounter, it's just tapping out effects that you've used; it shouldn't be hard to track your stats when you need to.
  4. Game Pass/Ultimate version? Not sure what the rules are for early access - I could download it this morning, but of course, XBL is slammed + I can't even log in.
  5. This week is "The End is Nigh" & "Abzu"! https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/collection/free-game-collection
  6. THIS one I've seen. One of the big Dreamcast fan groups on Facebook actually tracked down the barber & it was really fun to read his interview & memories.
  7. I don't think I've ever actually seen this advert.
  8. Five days until something turns twenty...
  9. Finally got around to getting the next chunk of Destiny. I guess I technically just got $50 from my mother-in-law as a gift that I used towards it, but I listed the full price anyway
  10. Snowdonia is here, finally So much awesomeness in the box & so much variety.
  11. Thanks, Joey, much appreciated. That's quite clear on the fate of a number of fan loved franchises/game systems, and it's quite clear on where FFG is making regular reoccurring revenue from. Man, FFG releases used to be near essential purchases/plays for me, but I haven't been their audience for a number of years now; this just cements that.
  12. YEah, seeing threads on BGG - no more Imperial Assault (though it's staying in print), no more expansions for Elder Sign or Eldritch Horror.
  13. Ready or Not - big thumbs up. Slashery, funny, reminded me of bits of Get Out with a heavy dose of Cabin in the Woods. Choose your in-laws wisely!
  14. Got to go to a good friend's annual Labour Day weekend gaming thing. He's got too much money, no kids, and crazy OCD, so his gaming collection is insanely good. Only played two games because of family commitments, but one was a monster Civ-like game from Argentina, and the other was a fun action-selection game that a lot of people here should like. First up was Imperios Milenarios - an obscure small run game Civilization game from an Argentine designer + publisher. Civ games are a genre my group/friends adore the chase of finding the perfect mix of investment, time, and 4x gameplay, even if we know most pretenders won't hit the mark. This one has some very different design directions, with a mechanic of "cup building" for actions that's novel for the genre, an emphasis on trading, and all negotiations being binding. With six players, it was heavily focused on trade rather than combat, and frankly, that focus didn't work for me as well as the other players. The background of the game caused a lot of conflicted rules + map translations too. And for a game that took three hours, the end was an anti-climactic "oh" for everyone. I'll happily play it again, but not with 6. (I'm Yellow - too far apart from everyone for trade 😕 ) Dead Man's Cabal is much immediate an experience. Everyone is necromancers who want to throw a party, but because we're necromancers, no-one wants to party with us. The answer? Raise the dead for the party! Definitely a learning game for the three of us, with a few rules we weren't sure of that' we likely got wrong, but it's easy to grasp, fun to play, with lots of tough decisions. You get an action on your turn that's just for you, then another action that everyone else can follow & do too - do you set yourself up for the public action but let everyone else get a benefit or pick a stinky one that doesn't help anyone? The scoring for three players was crazy over the top, with two of us ending in 200+, well over 150 over the othe player. We didn't like the last turn flow, but that could be easily house ruled. The KS version looked gorgeous, the card art was great, and it was easily grokked. Definitely took longer than the generic "60 minutes". Thumbs up.
  15. Looks that way. It's on Game Pass FWIW.
  16. Comes out today! Anyone seen recent previews/hands-on?
  17. Yeah, different pricing tests wouldn't surprise me at all. $15 is a bargain.
  18. Alamo Season Pass acquired $19.99 a month, and I went in for a second seat at $18.99. We were already planning on going to the movies twice this weekend, so it's paid off already for this month lol.
  19. September! Hitman Season 1 We Were Here Tekken Tag 2 EDF 2025
  20. I completely missed posting about Fez, sorry. This week is an extrememly well regarded 2d platformer that's too hard for me, Celeste, and a very well regarded puzzley thing that I keep meaning to play, Inside. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/collection/free-games-collection
  21. That heavy meatball is doomed to not arrive. Fedex "Exception" hit last night - truck broke down in Oregon!!
  22. Yes as you're pre-paying it. The fine print:
  23. And apparently US Netflix will be getting each new UK episode on the Friday after it's shown, which is really cool if true!
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