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  1. So here's 2010 - I reckon most of these have been moved on, though I've played those copies of Taluva, Hey That's My Fish & Ticket To Ride in the last month. Here's 2016... Quite a lot of churn from 2010. Here's 2017 - not quite so much change, and I reckon my current pile isn't that much different from this. The bottom couple of shelves + the top shelf are almost identical to now. I'll try to tidy up + get an up to date pic. I think it's definitely time to have an honest clear out again. I have a bunch of games I love but can't practically play. To hoard or to free?
  2. Same Mine is far more messy + far less impressive too.
  3. It's pretty routine for sold scripts to change in development... If you want your script to remain as-is, you don't sell it under those type of terms. I was relatively let down by Yesterday, for some of the reasons you mention. It was too safe + light.
  4. I might be in a minority but I loved the first two seasons as they were clearly plotted together through an arc. The third season's not engaging me at all.
  5. That's the premise of the original script! It got reworked tremendously by Richard Curtis + his team.
  6. The Vast of Night - 50s period piece, focused one night around a small radio station in a town in the middle of nowhere, heavily in the style of the War of the Worlds radio broadcast with a heavy dash of Twilight Zone. Mainly two teenagers, a smart alec radio dj and the slightly younger girl, clearly infatuated with him, who helps her mom run the telephone dashboard in town, hearing strange signals over the wires and dealing with strange reports all over town. It's got a odd pace at times, with some very long tracking shots of the high school basketball game that's keeping the town's attenion, and the space to the radio station. It nailed its feel from its inspiration, if at times tries to be a little too cool. I dug, daddy-o.
  7. We're havinga blast with it, 3 player. Both my kids grew up on Minecraft, so they're thoroughly enjoying seeing the world from a different perspective. It's a very straightforward dungeon crawler without some of the loot progression complexity of Diablo 3 or long term growth, frankly, but I'm enjoying it. If you're unwilling to change the difficulty or be willing to play a level more than once for more loot, it'll be really easy to bang through it in a few hours I think. We're happily taking our time.
  8. It's a combo of 'moar launchers', lack of feature parity in those launchers, the moving of games to the Epic store for a year vs being on Steam day one, plus some casual racism/nationalism thrown in too because Tencent's got a minority stake in Epic.
  9. Borderlands Handsome Collection is now free.
  10. Another overview of backwards compatibility. None of this is news but it's a good read.
  11. I... I'd play that. There's been some interesting tactical board-game like versions of real football, why not fake football too?
  12. Second + third act of Middara are "due" in 2021
  13. The Thing 82 - 20 odd years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed a double bill of the original B&W 50s film + the John Carpenter masterpiece at the GFT, my favourite cinema back home. A great way to learn the heritage + the changes made to make the more modern version relevant + important with a packed crowd. Loved it. It's been odd/funny to see people online recently to react to the new that the Carpenter version is effectively a remake. Found out while watching another film that my wife hadn't see The Thing, so had to rectify it. And my son is desperate to watch these old school horror films. He loved it and was thoroughly scared at the same time, which is what I wanted of course. Big hit. Judex - bonkers early 60s French film that mixes social commentary, a heist, magic, lots of silent film nods, and a just a general oddness because it's mixing all these themes in a retro 1920 style with then modern French film making. It wasn't the heist film I expected from the blurb, instead it's a weird remake of a 1910 silent film series (yeah, a series, I didn't know that was a thing!) that had way too many elements crammed into a relatively quiet film. A ton of memorable moments, especially a party early on. The main "bad guy" is a relatively unknown American illusionist, picked purely because of his ability to do sleight of hand + good looks, both of which where critical to the role. My kids rolled their eyes constantly from the little they saw. I loved it.
  14. Long weekend off work (my boss told me to take Friday off too), dining room table's finally clear of school stuff, and I had nothing much pressing to do, so cracked open Middara again. Made it to the end of chapter 2 with an epic JRPG boss fight that I had to restart after failing the first time. Some nice mixing up of mechanics, with a critical enemy you can't afford to kill (not a major spoiler!), with a nice dollop of story + party rejiggin' afterwards. Great rewards, a new party member, and enough XP to get second level spell upgrades. Loving this. All set up on the table still, for tomorrow. I have a $1 pledge for Frosthaven & considering backing it, but as good as Gloomhaven is, I don't know that I need it and Middara in my life, lol. #firstworldproblems.
  15. Civilization 6 is your Epic Freebie this week.
  16. I'm glad y'all are watching the trailer so I don't have to.
  17. Another surprise Day One release on XBox Game Pass - Golf With Your Friends
  18. Vitamin D deficiency is really common in Western countries. Taking some over the counter vitamins for it is such a low bar to reach for that we should do it regardless. I know some very smart people who are obsessed with life expectancy that have latched onto the VitD connection with Covid 19 like it's a lifeboat to grab for, because it fits their existing points of view. And we're all seeing that echo-chambered onwards. Take an extra VitD pill a day, go on. I know where you're coming from, and I utterly appreciate where you're wanting to go. But that's a really tough call. The seeds of doubt that get sown from the anti-vaxxers are really hard to cut down. I see it all around me in suburban Texas when it gets mixed in with a distrust of big government. We had a couple of incidents of whooping cough this year for example.
  19. Irrelevant to covid, but worth telling - my wife went to his birthday party a few years back thanks to her friendship with his then wife, on a boat going down Lady Bird Lake, with a bunch of celebreties, without actually knowing who Alex Jones was before or during. She was quite surprised when we connected the dots afterwards
  20. A new Nintendo Switch Lite for the kids demands a suitable place to put it in a common area, so they can't sneak it into their bedrooms at night. Behold, Metal Mario!
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