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  1. Lots of YouTube recap vids for previous games. There's lots of side games that take story in weird directions apparently. Lots of fan service.
  2. A quick game of Cartagena tonight, a long running favourite in our house from before the kids were even a thing! I traded it away years ago, but got it back last year. Really simple to explain, easy to play in a short period, but full of tough decisions, just what I like. Y'all see the Asmodee North America "Parts Replacement" changes? If you're missing a piece or need a replacement part, you now need to contact the seller for a full replacement copy of the game. Second hand or a "non parter" store? Tough. Why are you removing the parts replacement program? With the number of quality titles in Asmodee USA's growing library, maintaining an independent stock of elements of each game becomes more difficult. We believe offering the customer service through the store they have purchased the game from will be a better experience. Good luck with that 😕
  3. Tonight's episode was the best I've seen in a long, long time. It felt like the heyday of the reboot - tight, narrow focus of a setting, a bit of a historical setting thrown in, a clear defined villain, and all round good plotting + acting.
  4. Also set up + ran through some turns of this beast, Catacombs, so I can finally teach it to my daughter. Love this game, but it's definitely not seen enough playtime.. Flick 'em up meets a dungeon crawler? With great art + a huge range of characters, monsters, rooms, and bosses? Yes, please.
  5. The Girl + I ran through our first escape room-like game, Exit The Mysterious Museum, and had a thoroughly good time. She's a big fan of escape rooms, even though we usually fail 'em, and the idea of one at home that we can take our time with to puzzle out, was a good idea. This particular one worked well, with the caveat that we worked around a few puzzles that rely on physically cutting up pieces, so that we can swap it out. Picked up Chronicles of Crime, a detective game that heavily involves an app, to see if that works as well. If not, easy to move on
  6. Two very different games tonight. One, a D&D inspired dungeon crawler with lots of dice chucking, the second, a co-operative trick tacking card game. First up was D&D Tomb of Annihilation. Straightforward dungeon crawler, with a nice mix of mechanics for tiles vs squares, easy to get to grips with. We played the intro and somehow almost got wiped out from lousy dice rolls. Biggest toughest enemy of the night? Humidity. Took 6 health off two players over the length of the game The trick taking game was "Die Crew" (aka The Crew), a German card game where you're working together to ensure the leader wins a hand with a particular card in it, but you can't communicate about what's in your hand. After you win, you play again with slightly more rules, working your way through ~70 different variations. *Loved* it.
  7. This week's freebies are up! Kingdom Come Deliverance + Aztez.
  8. Birds of Prey .... Harley Quinn - utter bubblegum. It showed off the character well, the fights were over the top + well choreographed, there were laughs, but in the end, it's just utterly forgettable + just another super hero film... Which is fine. But I never need to see this again.
  9. Heh. Alamo's clearly happy with this system, they've opened it up to anyone in Austin now, no longer "Beta", and I see lots of people using it. They clearly make their money on food/drinks anyway so bums in seats gets them more sales.
  10. I believe you're right, @Magness. I got the season pass bundle with Shadowkeep, so I'm out of the loop of buying it by individual pass, but I think you've got the details right. Enjoying bits of this season, especially the Saint content, but disliking the linear fusion rifle grind for the title. 😕
  11. Catch up... Doctor Sleep - as mentioned, totally riveting, a film that blew away my expectations out of a sequel to the Shining. Great performances by the three leads. Great plotting for the story. And the return to the Overlook was handled extremely well. Gretel & Hansel - this was a real surprise. It's extremely dark, and manages to be quite grotesque at times by choosing its imagery really well to stay as a PG13, but still be disturbing... It's Medievel Europe. It's filled with Pagan imagery, + witchcraft. It's very arty in its look + framing. And it's not afraid to go to the dark edges of Grimm's fairytales. Not surprised it's bombing with audiences, but we were blown away by it. "The Witch For Teenagers"? Parasite - just as good second time around.
  12. The people I've seen complaining do not have that issue. Just lazy
  13. I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm still annoyed, at the amount of "but subtitles" style comments I'm reading on Facebook. 😕
  14. James' photos are better than mine, but still don't do a good enough job of how good those minis look
  15. Good timing to finally watch this Probably my favourite film from last year, and I went to see it again last week, and loved it even more. Deserved the Oscars it received.
  16. Had a fun game of Nemesis (co-op rules) with @Rainmaykr at one of our local gaming shops this afternoon. His copy is seriously pimped out, giving an over the top game even greater table presence. We sneaked a "win", in that we completed our objectives for the company, but clearly were never going to make it off the spaceship alive In the end, we destroyed the queen alien, thanks to the flames spreading throughout the spaceship + my marine's assault gun overcharge attack. Thoroughly enjoyed Nemesis. It captures the mood + theme of Alien/Aliens really well. My phone cam doesn't do it justice:
  17. We watched this too this week with the intent of splitting it over two nights, but it grabbed us so much it to do that. Thoroughly enjoyed it. A far far better sequel than I expected.
  18. Next time! Saturdays are sadly booked.
  19. The Destiny app's been really useful for me for finding nightfall run groups as there's usually someone grinding for drops with them. At this point, I'm focused on Gambit & some Crucible for the damn seasonal triumphs/weapons. Love Gambit, can't stand Crucible 😕 I'd love to run some Reckoning to get 2.0 gear for Gambit Prime but it seems to be numpties that play it these days 😕
  20. I played some of Fable Anniversary recently & enjoyed it for a walk through memory lane, but didn't play it for too long. It's very much showing its age control/UI wise. Fable 3 was poor at the time, and you did right by not finishing it. Man, I was much more vocal + brutal back in the day. I have mellowed.
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