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  1. And still available... I'm tempted, but I really don't want to open another line of credit just for a Xbox. Bah.
  2. Yeah oozes 60s Bond credits + soundtrack. Nice Shirley Basset style number.
  3. This has been coming for a while and was obvious to those paying attention with a stream of people leaving + projects not getting spun up. In effect, end of an era - ASOBI is not enough to fill that void of "quirky" Team Japan games.
  4. There's a cap of three years for game pass pre-paid time. AFAIK the system won't let you activate the included GPU until it's valid for you to have it.
  5. Off the top of my head, it's potentially a good indicator, but again, it's really easy to hardcode some physics calculation to be 30fps.
  6. One of them doesn't have any DLC, they're just driving around the Outback as opposed to "Stinky Scotland" as I was told last night...
  7. It's not the fanciest set, or the most expensive set, but my son was very happy to get to build this "vintage" SWTOR ship. He thoroughly enjoyed the build as the techniques were so different to the modern sets he's used to. Loved building the droid + weapons piece by piece, instead of being premades. That it's a set from one of "my" games is the icing on the cake. Two more big ones to go.
  8. I know - I keep being reminded about you having that many ahead of me by the dashboard + the game What is it about FH3 BTW? My son and his friends have been playing it quite a bit this past month as one of their "social hubs" to hang out in.
  9. I have over 500 cars at this point. I really don't need more cars, even if they look fun.
  10. MP3Tag's something I've used for, what, 15 years?? It's the best at what it does, by far.
  11. It's incredibly easy for game programmers to make things dependend on a fixed framerate (e.g. 30fps or 60fps). I know I've worked on games that did it.
  12. I'm enjoying it much more as it goes on. It's much more tightly ploted than Lost ever was.
  13. Yeah getting tons of good buzz from co-workers and mates, so picked it up. Unfortunately, weather this week has definitely made it hard to start. Any good starting guides?
  14. Yep, really cool to watch + follow along with as always. In theory the tech is there for a slideshow during descent, but they choose not to, to reduce variables/tech used during descent, I believe.
  15. Rage 2 + Absolute Drift are currently free. I thoroughly enjoyed Absolute Drift. Real "zone out" game.
  16. I broke down + spent money because all the cool kids are talking about how good it is (Valheim).
  17. Yeah, it's a cool idea... But I need more games using it. And I'd love to see another few rounds of additions from OG + 360.
  18. I watched this trailer... I watched a video comparing it to the old... And still can't figure out what' s the point of it all.
  19. I disagree strongly on the quality of Stardust - I think it's up with The Princess Bride, and in some ways a better story, just less quotable, in that fake romantic fantasy genre. Though De Niro's character hasn't aged well... Jamie Lee Curtis needs added to your list, that's the real point of this post.
  20. One more from this weekend - New Jack City. I remember this is a stylish, anti-drug policy, anti-gang, anti-crack "gangsta" flick with Ice T + Welsey Snipes... And it is... But man, has it aged. It's so very much of its time in looks + music, dialogue + direction. Compared to something like Do The Right Thing that's still razer sharp + relevant... Wow, it's aged. Still enjoyed it.
  21. Bacurau - this is the Brazilian grindhouse flick you didn't know you wanted, mixing environmentalism, anti-Colonialism, with a weird outback vibe of forgotten villages, jungle drugs, rebels, ghosts, and a possible UFO. There's more but it's better to absorb it as it comes. Very violent, very good.
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