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  1. Costume Quest 2 + Layers of Fear 2 are currently free!
  2. PLA doesn't like high temperatures, but other than that, it's held up okay for me.
  3. This is my new favourite Reddit - "functional prints", i.e. not some silly model to put on a shelf + waste plastic with. https://www.reddit.com/r/functionalprint/new/
  4. Gorgeous, @Rainmaykr There's a wee digital boardgame storefront/sale going on Steam.
  5. That's the world I'm in I suspect the fiddly nature will become easier with more plays.
  6. I'm finding it really hard to dedicate the time/effort for JRPGs these days. I've enjoyed what I've played of Persona 4 so far, but that classic RPG structure is hard to find the time for. I did download Tales of Vesperia on Game Pass just for some flashbacks, and again I can't save anywhere AFAIK or play on my time schedule.
  7. Six rainbows + a siege going on... I wonder what that could mean. Better ask Tom Clancy.
  8. Ted Lasso is the warmest hearted show on any television streaming service. The first episode is a "duck out of water" US vs English quirks, but after it, man it touches all the heart strings in the right place - team building, relationships, fitba, machismo, "doing the right thing"... and ultimately being the best you... It's fucking top notch feel good television. It will hit you in the feels. I've got a stack of other things to watch, but I'm watching it all again. Track this down, watch it past the first episode.
  9. Amnesia + Kingdom New Lands are currently free.
  10. Toying with the all-in gameplay bundle for 7th Citadel. 2022 is a long ways away though.
  11. Abzu + Rising Storm 2 Vietnam are currently free.
  12. That looks damned impressive. Can't wait to see FIFA24 showing off similar graphics...
  13. I like the idea of the Lego "pictures" but I don't think I could make them work for our house. They look good "in action"!
  14. These were official sets available at retail.
  15. InkedGaming.com - got one for me, two smaller ones for kids, and buddies at work have ordered custom mats too. https://www.inkedgaming.com/products/extended-xl-mousepad-35-x-16
  16. It's not because of the nicest of circumstances unfortunately, but an old friend/coworker at Bioware gifted me these three long out of print Star Wars The Old Republic sets. I've been slowly getting rid of plastic crap + "stuff", but I'll be honoured to build & display these. Might be time to finally build my still sealed Force Unleashed set too and stick 'em in a display case in the office.
  17. I really like this image as a summary of where they're going with the service:
  18. Reported. Expect the police to come by any time soon.
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