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  1. Thanks Covak! I'll definitely look for you next time I'm online.
  2. Hi guys, After many many years, I'm finally on XBL. Gamertag, what else: ChoiceStriker. Anyway, I'm a soccer fiend and I love playing FIFA 08 on XBL, but I get tired of playing against nothing but people who play Barcelona and Man Utd (or any other 5-star team) all the time. Does anyone here have the game, and would you like to play? I think I'm a decent player but I still have a lot to learn, so I'd be happy to talk with anyone who can help me improve my game! Feel free to add me to your friend list if you're interested. P.S. Please no comments about how FIFA sucks and Pro Evo is so much better. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, Taking advantage of eBay's free listings today, I'm clearing out a bunch of games I've either already played, or never played and know I never will. I'm not looking to make a ton of profit; I just want to free up some space and share the wealth. All my auctions start at $0.99 with no reserve, so there could be deals to be had. I'm also willing to offer members a discount on shipping. If you win and e-mail or PM me to let me know, and we can work something out. A lot of these are games I just don't know what else to do with, but there are some gems here as well - sealed RPGs like Skies of Arcadia: Legends, and Vib Ribbon, which I know some of you might be interested in. Thanks for looking, and I hope I have something you'd like! ADMIN NOTE: LINKS REMOVED
  4. Okay guys, it's been a while, but I have some serious questions. I finally took the plunge and bought a 360 last month. I had a friend play courier and hand-deliver the system to me in Japan when he visited last week. I have had all kinds of problems with the system already and I'm really extremely disappointed. I don't believe it's attributable to the system being damaged in transit - it was out of its box but packaged extremely carefully in carry-on luggage, never out of my friend's sight. So here are the problems I've had so far, in potential order of severity: 1. The dreaded disc unreadable error. FIFA 07 is the only game I get this with. It seems totally random; sometimes it improves if I take the disc out and reinsert, but not always. Sometimes I can play for a couple of hours; sometimes I get halfway through a game or pause to make a substitution, and then it freezes. This evening I took the battery pack out of the controller and reinserted it, and that caused the error. The game is brand new and cosmetically flawless. 2. Controller connectivity. If I understand correctly, the active quadrant on the controller's ring of light should stay solid while the controller is on and in use. Mine functioned properly for a while, then switched to a "rotating" pattern while in use (alternating between blinking top left and lower right, then top right and lower left). The controller still functions properly, but I constantly get this rotating pattern. I'm using it with the Play and Charge kit's rechargeable battery, which leads me to the following: 3. Play and Charge may not be working correctly. When I first tried to charge the controller, the red charge light didn't come on. After re-inserting the battery and reconnecting the cord a couple of times, I finally got it to work correctly, but I don't know why the thing isn't more reliable to begin with. I'm so disappointed right now. I can't believe I've had all these problems straight out of the box like this. Do I have a lemon? Do I need to return the system ASAP when I get back to the States? I know these questions have probably been asked ad infinitum, but any help or advice anyone can offer is appreciated. Thanks, guys. P.S. The system's date of manufacture is 2006-09-10 and it appears to have the Samsung drive.
  5. Cool. Thanks, guys. I'll be sure to post to let you know how it was. I've got to get to bed soon since it's 9:00 p.m. here right now and I have to get up early to catch the 4:37 a.m. train. I'm anticipating a mob.
  6. Hi everyone, I have the good fortune of being near Tokyo when TGS is happening this year. I've already got my ticket for tomorrow, and I'm wondering if anyone can give me any advice about the must-see titles of the show that I should be sure not to miss. I'm sure I'll be back to post my impressions and some photos. Thanks for your input. Eric
  7. Hey guys, I just wanted to post some pics of a Hallmark card I thought you might enjoy. My girlfriend actually designed this card and did all of the pixel art on it. Yes, she is as much of a video game nut as I am. I think she was inspired by Kung Fu on the NES when she got the idea for this card. The card plays "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas when you open it. Cheesy, I know, but it works. Enjoy!
  8. Another "meh" episode last night. The idea of Manbearpig reminded me a lot of Scuzzlebutt. Considering the jokes about how Al Gore just wanted people to pay attention to him again, did anybody else think he might actually do his own voice like he did in Futurama? I was kind of waiting for it at first.
  9. Yeah, I suppose you can argue that something like this or a show like "The Young Ones" is "meta" comedy - where absurdity is the point and anything goes. But to me it just screams "sorry, we got nothing this week." In my opinion it's certainly not as enjoyable to watch as something that seems to have required genuine effort to make.
  10. Ugh. Maybe the worst episode I've seen... utterly devoid of laughs. Anyone else notice that the episodes without the kids almost invariably suck? This one just felt lazy as hell to me.
  11. Ah, Disgaea. I never did get around to playing it more. But when I showed it to a friend, he became so wrapped up in it that he is STILL playing. He's logged more than 250 hours on this beast - and that was the last time I asked him about it, months ago. He's gotten sucked into all of the Nippon Ichi / Atlus titles, but none more than Disgaea.
  12. Thank you for volunteering, Kelley and Romier. Your help is really appreciated.
  13. Hi all, I'm wondering if someone out there who is very knowledgable about video game hardware and history would be interested in fact-checking my thesis about Japanese game centers. Of course I wouldn't expect anyone to know all about the ins and outs of everything I've written, but I was hoping someone might be able to read it through and make sure I haven't made any embarrassing factual errors about game systems or arcade games. The thesis is about 75 pages (double-spaced) and takes about an hour to read through, depending on how fast you are. I'd really appreciate the help and I'm be happy to arrange some kind of reward if someone is willing to put in the time. PM me or respond to this thread if interested! Thanks in advance. Eric
  14. That's an interesting question. I hadn't thought of that happening, but I do remember the fiasco over the "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" finale where they didn't air the follow-up episode until weeks later after people demanded it. Makes it seem like they might plausibly do it again. I did like the episode though. I thought the jabs at Family Guy were right on the mark. I agree that a lot of the jokes are pretty interchangeable on that show... all the 80's and TV show references get predictable. And yeah, the episode overall was working on a lot of levels so it was enjoyable.
  15. Eh, I thought the episode was just kind of "meh." Not terrible, but I thought it was a little too one-joke. Also, The Perfect Storm came out six years ago - a bit dated to reference now. Anyway, the episode was just okay. Oh, and I didn't remember Clooney saying all that stuff about AIDS and Hattie McDaniel in his speech, but I checked, and sure enough, there it was: http://www.oscar.com/oscarnight/winners/bestsupportingactorcategory.html
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