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  1. Are you looking for an Apple TV 4K? AT&T has them on sale right now for $90 (32GB model). That's half off the normal price. I ordered mine this morning. It should be here next week. https://www.att.com/global-search/search?q=APPLE+TV+HD
  2. Mark Brown of Game Maker’s Toolkit has released his video on Hollow Knight. It’s part of his Boss Keys series, which began as a look back at the dungeon design in the Legend of Zelda series and morphed into a study on how Metroid-vania games are put together. Appropriately enough, it’s the longest video of the series, clocking in at around 40 minutes. I can’t imagine trying to map out this game. There’s so much to do, so many paths to take that it can be overwhelming, even if you’re just casually playing it and not writing and editing a video essay about the whole thing. I’ve been a big fan of GMTK for a while now, and I think this video may be Brown’s best work.
  3. Man, I was hoping to start this game this evening, but I probably won’t. I’m worn out after a long day at work and trick-or-treating with my boys this evening. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some time in with it tomorrow. I’m glad to hear you guys are enjoying it though. That’s always a good sign.
  4. I saw this on Kotaku today. According to Nintendo, Switch sales have reached a total of 41.67 million units worldwide. Not bad for only being on the market for two-and-a-half years. Here's how that stacks up agains Nintendo's other platforms (units are in millions): 3DS -- 75.45 Wii U -- 13.56 Wii -- 101.63 DS -- 154.02 GameBoy Advance -- 81.51 GameBoy (incl. GB Color) -- 118.69 GameCube -- 21.74 Nintendo 64 -- 32.93 SNES -- 49.10 NES -- 61.91 Virtual Boy could not be reached for comment.
  5. How about Hard Hat Mack Remastered? The Apple ][ game you loved, now with stunning 4K graphics, loot boxes, and time-saving boosters that are completely optional.
  6. Remasters of the Mass Effect trilogy would be cool, but I fear how EA would monetize it. Would they offer the full games plus all DLC in one package, or would they make you buy the game plus the DLC separately? Either way, I have no time to replay them, so it doesn’t matter.
  7. Norman Reedus Describes Working With "Genius' Genius" Hideo Kojima on 'Death Stranding' Patrick Shanley, writing for The Hollywood Reporter: There's lots of good stuff in this interview. One thing is clear though: Reedus really loves Hideo. It sounds like the two of them had a great time working together.
  8. Sony Has Shipped 102 Million PS4s Brian Ashcroft, writing for Kotaku: It looks like dethroning the PS2 as the all-time console king ain't happening though: It's hard to believe that people were questioning whether or not consumers still wanted dedicated gaming consoles before the start of the current generation. I think this shows the answer was a resounding "YES."
  9. Just a heads up — today is the last day to get double points for pre-ordering Luigi’s Mansion 3. That’s $6 in credit at the eShop. I just placed mine this morning (I like to wait until the last minute for these kind of things). I’m really looking forward to playing it. It looks fantastic.
  10. I guess I might as well just post a screenshot. I made it through the final section on my first try. I even had five bees to spare! Oh, also there's this: It feels good to be done with this one. It's definitely one of the more satisfying games I've beaten this year.
  11. My guess was either them or Billy Joel.
  12. 14 attempts. 75% complete. That may not sound like I made much progress since last night, but it’s more than it looks at first glance. Tonight, I reached the fourth and — as far as I know — final boss fight against Capital B for the first time. Twice. Not only that, I reached the final phase of the fight both times. I just need to sharpen my skills in a few sections of the level, figure out how to avoid some of his trickier attacks in the third fight, and hopefully have enough bees to get me through the last battle and whatever lies beyond that. I would love to have this game done by Thursday, in time for Luigi’s Mansion 3. If I can’t get it by then though, no worries. I know I can eventually beat this level. I just need to put in the time.
  13. Yeah, I think you're going to like it. I know I like it a lot more than Yooka-Laylee. How much more? Well, when I beat that game, I did so after collecting 100 Pagies. This happens to be the exact number you need in order to take on Capital B. and roll credits. I collected exactly what I needed and no more. I could have kept playing, but I had had enough and was ready to put it down and never touch it again. With Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, I collected all 48 Beetalion bees as well as all five T.W.I.T. coins on each level and all the tonics on the overworld. In short, I may end up Platinuming this game when all is said and done. I don't have a lot of Platinums in my collection, but I will gladly go for it here. Thankfully, you don't need to complete the ultimate challenge -- beat the Impossible Lair from a new save file at the very beginning of the game -- in order to get the Platinum. I'm not sure that's something I could ever hope to do, especially after watching The Completionist's video below. The fact that it took him 60 hours to actually do it -- in addition to all the time he spent beating the game proper -- means it would probably take me 600 hours, given the fact that he is a much better video game player than I. Oh, and before I go, if you're going to try to unlock all of the tonics, you'll need a lot of quills. Here's a good way to farm them: Play through Chapter 1 (the regular version, not the variant) with the following tonics equiped: Less Checkmates (removes all but one checkpoint in a level, doubles your quills) Quillsplosion (defeating an enemy drops 5 quills) Googly Eyes (gives enemies an extra hit point, but increases your quills by fifty percent) If you have the (real) fourth tonic slot unlocked, equip Quill Magnet as well. If you do, you can easily collect 1,500-1,600 quills in about 5 minutes 30 seconds.
  14. One interesting note I saw on Twitter was that the AirPods Pro require iOS/iPadOS 13.2 to work, which means we'll probably see the release of that before Wednesday. I can't say I'm too eager to run out and buy a pair of these. They look nice, but I would want to hear them first. And even if they do sound great, I'm not thrilled at the prospect of having to replace them in a couple years because the batteries have died.
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