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  1. Dude, I tried to take mine off last night just to see how hard it really was. And honestly, it was surprisingly easy.
  2. Yeah, I could pay Comcast for unlimited data as well. It's $25 monthly if I get their stupid router/wifi thing or $30 if I want to use my own equipment. Honestly, it's almost never an issue for our family. We typically use around 600-700 GB of data each month, which is well below the 1,229 GB cap we have at the moment. If we were going over that every month, I could see the benefit of adding unlimited data to our bill. As it is, if we only go over once or twice a year, the added cost isn't worth. Yep, must be nice.
  3. Hey, if any of you are looking for Series X/S controllers, Best Buy has them on sale right now. The black and white ones are $39.99 and the blue one is $44.99 ($20 off each model). https://www.bestbuy.com/site/microsoft-controller-for-xbox-series-x-xbox-series-s-and-xbox-one-latest-model-carbon-black/6430655.p?skuId=6430655
  4. Not that it’s PS5-related, but I thought I would follow up on my post from earlier about my internet data cap. Xfinity informed me this afternoon that I’ve gone over my data limit for the month, which is great because now I can look forward to them sending me daily emails telling me I’m over my limit, and how much I’m over my limit, and boy, shouldn’t I feel guilty about it. It’s all right though because I now get one curtesy month per year for going over my limit, and since this is the first time I’ve done so this year, I won’t be charged extra for the excess data I use. I had th
  5. I’m the exact opposite (see my humorous post earlier about having sexual relations with ray tracing). I can happily play a game that runs at a steady 30 fps just fine. However, if I see the same game running at 60 fps, as I did when I started playing Miles Morales, then switch to the 30 fps mode, it’s ruined for me. To me, seeing a game run at 30 fps after seeing it run at 60 is like playing it on an N64, where the best games ran at 20 fps if you were lucky. Yeah, I can see that the quality of individual frames is better, but it doesn’t feel right when it moves. I need that extra f
  6. I finally made it through the first world last night. I’ve decided to take my time with this game and try to fully complete each world as I play. Normally, I would just play through each stage, get to the end boss, then go back and collect all the stuff I missed. This time, I’d like to get everything I can as I go. That sometimes means replaying a level several times to find the Dreamer Orbs, find all the costume pieces, get the gold trophy, and beat the level without dying (the spade icon). I am enjoying this game so far, but I am looking forward to some of the later levels, where
  7. I am. Fuck ray tracing. Also, enjoying the shit out of this. The only reason I haven’t finished it yet is because I’m bouncing between so many other games at the moment.
  8. I don't know what angers me more — the fact that you passed up the opportunity to call them "Xbucks" or that Microsoft doesn't call them that.
  9. Also available on the Xbox store for the same price. Thanks, Black Friday Sales!
  10. And because I know @Angry the Clown will appreciate it... It's fun not only watching Kyle's reaction to all the references, but seeing the game as a whole win him over too.
  11. Every cameraman reference in Astro’s Playroom Definitely do not click on the link above before finishing the game. I think I identified most of the references listed here, but there were still quite a few that stumped me.
  12. I just noticed an update installed on my PS5 for Shadow Complex Remastered. If you recall, this is one of the games that was originally not compatible on PS5.
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