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  1. Game Maker's Toolkit breaks down a single enemy encounter in Doom Eternal. I'm not anywhere near this point in the game yet (just finished Super Gore Nest) and I'm scared.
  2. Interesting decision. I can't imagine Playtonic came to it lightly. The whole point of the game was to collect as many bees for your bee shield as possible to have the best chance of bee-ting the game (sorry, I couldn't resist). I suppose if they were going to offer a compromise, having checkpoints throughout the level, which remember how many hits you have left, is a decent one. You're still incentivized to retain as many hit points as possible before each checkpoint, and you can skip them altogether if you like.
  3. Here’s the thing: Even if I did get 100% on my save file, it would still not count as “completing” the game from a completionist standpoint. To do that, I’d have to also earn all the Achievements. That would include the following: Beating the game on Hard difficulty Beating it in under 4 hours Successfully completing a deathless run I could see myself doing the first one at some point. The other two can fuck right off.
  4. Minnesota is officially in stay-at-home mode until May 4th. Not really surprised to hear this. I think it's the right call.
  5. If you link your iTunes and various other accounts to Movies Anywhere, you can watch said movies with your other accounts such as Amazon, Google, etc.
  6. Interesting. I had it in my Wish List and it's gone from there as well. Perhaps this is being pushed to PS5? At this point, I wouldn't blame them for doing that. Ghost of Tsushima is still on there though.
  7. Or maybe it's so bad that — like a real boomerang — your first inclination is to throw it once you get it in your hands.
  8. Okay, I don’t usually get too invested in 100% completing a game, but this is kind of frustrating. The only thing I have left to do is 100% complete Baur’s Reach. To do that, I need to fill in the map completely and find all the collectables. As far as I can tell, I’ve done both. No more collectables appear on my map (I unlocked the ability to see all the secrets) and every part of the map is colored in, suggesting I’ve been everywhere there is to go. Unless there is something obvious I’m missing, I’m completely at a loss for what I need to do.
  9. Here in Minnesota, our governor has been very clear: a surge in COVID-19 cases is coming no matter what. The current stay-at-home order (which is set to expire at the end of the day Friday if he doesn’t extend it) is only meant to buy us the time needed to build up hospital and ICU capacities for when that surge does hit later this summer. We’ve been doing pretty well here so far. We haven’t seen exponential growth in new cases over the past 3-4 weeks. Originally forecasts predicted around 2,000 Minnesotans would die of COVID-19 over the next few months. That number has been revised to around 650. That’s still a terrible number, but at least we have a chance of saving over 1,000 lives by taking action now. The worst part is that the weather is starting to get nice. It was 70 and sunny here in the Twin Cities. Everyone’s been cooped up all winter and we’re ready to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.
  10. I went back into this game today to see how much of a difference this patch makes on my Xbox One X. I already beat the game around the end of March, but I decided to go back and try to find all the collectables I missed and complete the rest of the side quests. Here’s what I found. First off, performance does seem to be improved. We’ll need someone with the right equipment to do that frame rate analysis test, but I do think it’s better. By no means is it perfect, though. There are still drops and stutters here and there, but overall, it’s much smoother to my eyes than it was before. Also, the map and subscreen menus now load much faster than before. You no longer need to wait a second or two for it to appear. You hit the button and it shows up, just as you would expect. It’s so nice to have this fixed. The game just feels so much snappier and pleasurable to play as a result. Also, I had run into the issue where certain Achievements didn’t unlock, even though I completed the requirements to unlock them. As soon as I loaded up my save file, the Achievements unlocked like they should have. The patch notes say that there is now a scaling resolution option, but I didn’t see any such option in the menus. Maybe this is a PC-only feature? I did notice the new scaling motion blur and Dynamic HUD menus though. I tried the Dynamic HUD and didn’t like it. I promptly set it back to “Always On.” I also turned the motion blur to 0, just to piss off John from DF. Overall, this is a good update that goes a long way to fixing a lot of the technical shortcomings of the game at launch. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the game now to new players coming in — at least on Xbox One.
  11. A friend of mine on Facebook recently lamented the overabundance of “Easter Eggs” in this game, and I couldn’t tell if he was talking about in-jokes and references to other things or actual Easter Eggs. I think I know now.
  12. My 8 year-old has been watching Disney Plus on his iPad quite a bit recently. What’s his favorite show, you ask? Is it some sort of Disney movie? No. Is it something from Pixar? Nope. How about some of that awesome Marvel content? Not really. Surely, he takes after his old man and loves watching Star Wars, right? I wish! No, his favorite thing is a National Geographic show called Drain the Oceans. In it, they use computer imagery to “drain” bodies of water so that you can see the floor bed and all that lies at the bottom. As you can imagine, there’s an emphasis on shipwrecks and the stories behind them. Currently, his favorite episode is “Drain Alcatraz.” Kids can really surprise you sometimes.
  13. Oh, my god... That description ought to just say, “We gon fuck ya up real good, son.”
  14. When I’m in the office, I will often listen to music with a pair of headphones, but I never use my work PC to do it. I always use my iPhone. Part of it is that I don’t want to use the company’s bandwidth for that sort of thing. Part of it is that I have a 32GB data plan with rollover data through AT&T. It’s not uncommon for me to have around 50GB of data to use in a month, so I don’t really have to worry about going over my data cap.
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