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  1. By the way, before you start playing this game, I would check out the tutorial to learn about how The Zone works. I played through most of all of Journey mode without using it because I didn’t know how to activate it. As a result, the game was much harder for me. I went back and played it again after learning how to activate and use The Zone, and it was a much more satisfying experience.
  2. Interesting video from John and Richard at Digital Foundry arguing that the PS4 Pro is the best console for gamers still using 1080p displays. I’m one of those chumps who still uses a 1080p plasma at home, so this video was right up my alley. Even though Sony and Microsoft both hyped 4K as the main selling point of both machines, the possibility of improved performance excited me more. I do enjoy my PS4 Pro, but I still use my Xbox One X more often. The combination of the improved visuals, better performance, and quieter fan make it more pleasant to use overall. That said, I did notice that GameStop has a trade-in deal for a PS4 Pro at the moment. I can get the quieter CUH-7200 “Red Dead” model for $125 if I trade in my current PS4 Pro. I’m tempted to make the exchange, but I’m not sure it’s worth it at this point. Maybe if I could find something else to trade in, it might be worth it, but $125 is a lot of money to spend for the benefit of a quieter system.
  3. There is a transfer utility that lets you transfer data and games from one 3DS to another. Once you make the transfer though, you won’t be able to play your games on your (now) wife’s 3DS.
  4. I honestly don't care at all about these two new games being added to the NES app, but having the ability to rewind in games is a nice add-on. Maybe now I can beat the original Blaster Master.
  5. Officially arriving on Halloween this year!
  6. Nintendo Releasing New Switch Model With Better Battery Life Brian Ashcroft, writing for Kotaku: The article goes on to say that the new model should hit the U.S. in mid-August. So, can we assume that this is the updated Switch model we've all been hearing about? If so, is this what people wanted? I mean, better battery life is awesome, but I think a lot of folks expected a real power bump with this update.
  7. There’s lots to love about FaceID in addition to it working in the dark. I’m continually impressed that it registers my face when I’m wearing glasses, including sunglasses. Also, how it only registers when I look at the device. Really cool. If I have a beef with FaceID at this point, it’s on the iPad. Apple continues to insist that the iPad’s natural orientation is in portrait mode, so the camera and sensors are on the “top” of the unit, opposite the USB-C port. Of course, much of the time I try to unlock it, my left hand is blocking them so it can’t read my face. If I could change anything about my iPad Pro, it would be to move the front camera to the side with the volume buttons. That seems like a more natural location for me, given the fact that most people probably use it in that orientation.
  8. Th-four? Th-4? Or maybe like a little kid would say: "For 4." I guess what I'm saying is don't hire me to name movies.
  9. I think I would have been okay with the motion controls if they had allowed you to hold the Wii remote with two hands NES controller-style. Using it one-handed was incredibly awkward. You already had to bend your wrist to hold the remote “level,” but to move forward, you had to bend it down even more. This felt very uncomfortable and was an ergonomic nightmare. With two hands, it would have been much easier to tilt the remote forward and back as well as have a better sense of which position was level. Plus, it would have felt more comfortable to play. But yes, this all pales in comparison to having proper analog stick controls. I think I remember liking the game overall but found the motion controls frustrating for the reasons stated above. It will be interesting to see if it holds up with a decent control scheme. P.S. I’m kind of pissed that the announcement trailer focused on the dumb story and didn’t show any actual gameplay.
  10. Another reason why I chose the XS over the XR. I've had 3D Touch since the iPhone 7, and find it quite useful. The best is using it on a keyboard to move the cursor around. I know there's a variation of this feature on the XR and other phones that don't have 3D Touch, but I don't think those are implemented quite as well. If you haven't already, try setting a timer in the Clock app. It's one of the most satisfying uses of haptics on the device. I also find it to be easier to swap between apps using the Home area at the bottom of the screen. Just swipe left or right and you'll switch between your most recently used apps. Have you tried turning True Tone on and off to see the difference? I keep it on. It looked weird at first, but now when I turn it off, everything just looks too blue. Yes, feck them, indeed.
  11. Did you buy a headphone adaptor?
  12. Part of the reason why I wanted the XS over the XR was that it was roughly the same size as my iPhone 7 in the hand. The screen was naturally bigger because of the edge-to-edge screen, but it would still fit in my hand roughly the same way.
  13. You sound a lot like my wife. She bought an iPhone XR last holiday season, upgrading from an iPhone SE. Since then, I think she’s used her MacBook Pro less and less because she can do just about everything she wants — email, web browsing, podcasts, music, games, ebooks, etc. — on the phone more easily because of the bigger screen. I don’t see her use the MBP very often these days, and I get notifications from BackBlaze telling me that her computer hasn’t been seen for two weeks (or more). That tells me that she’s not on it very often. Granted, it’s an old MacBook Pro — one of the pre-Retina models with the built-in SuperDrive — so she may not be very enthusiastic about using it anymore. Still, before she bought her new phone, she was on her laptop almost all the time when she was home. What’s interesting is that she has never been a big fan of the iPad. I gave her a couple hand-me-down iPads in the past, but she always preferred her laptop, so they never got used. However, that changed recently with a family vacation to Chicago. At first she was planning on bringing her MBP so she’d have a computer to use on the trip. A day or two before we left, I reminded her that I still had my 10.5-inch iPad Pro lying around and suggested she bring that instead since it was so much thinner and lighter. She agreed it was a good idea and has been using the iPad pretty regularly ever since. I don’t think she’s using it as much as the phone, but she is using it more than the laptop.
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