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  1. Here's mine: My top 3 games were Spider-man (46 hours), Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (29 hours) and Tetris Effect (26 hours). I played 12 games in all across 122 hours on 75 different days. I earned 148 trophies -- two of them Platinums. Compared to my stats on Switch, this was a pretty light year for the ol' PS4 Pro. They did last year. I'm surprised they haven't posted anything yet. I'll be curious to see where the Xbox One lands in my overall play time rankings. My guess is second place, but I think it might be neck-in-neck with Switch.
  2. If you like, you can check out your year in review at Nintendo.com. Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2019 Some stats from my report:
  3. Not working for me either. I'll be sure to check it out when the site comes back up. I love seeing how I wasted my time throughout the year.
  4. Yep. I just looked at mine and it is indeed gone. The funny thing though is that when I try to change my billing from a 3-months to 1-month, it's giving me an error. The good news is that I'm set for another full year (as in one year from tomorrow, in fact), so I don't have to worry about it right now.
  5. It’s official: With PS5 On The Way, Sony Will Skip E3 Again Jason Schreier, reporting for Kotaku: Schreier added the following on Twitter:
  6. Richard shares how Digital Foundry will be analyzing games with the arrival of the next gen consoles. Considering how many different versions of each game they may have to look at for the next few years — current-gen base and enhanced consoles plus the next-gen consoles as well — it makes sense for them to streamline the process so that they can get everything done faster. Still, I’m not sure I’d want to have to play through these games as many times as they have to in order to cover all the bases for analysis.
  7. I’m pretty sure Nintendo had a booth presence at E3 last year. They haven’t done a press conference since switching to Nintendo Directs, but they still show off their games on the show floor. Microsoft, on the other hand, has done the big press conference, but they keep all their presence at the Microsoft Theater (formerly the Nokia Theater) across the street. Perhaps you meant to say Microsoft? As for Sony, the only question about them returning to E3 this year was whether or not their absence in 2019 was solely due to them not having anything new to show off last year. Obviously, they have a lot to show this year. If they skip E3 on the year of a console launch, we can be pretty certain they’re never coming back.
  8. This game’s soundtrack is going to be lit.
  9. Here's a nice preview of one of the music tracks for Hollow Knight: Silksong by Christopher Larkin, who wrote the score for the first game.
  10. I went into the Apple Store this morning and picked up my replacement iPad Pro. It was a virtually no-fuss experience. I told them who I was, showed them a photo ID, and walked out with a new model. I did have to hand in the old one, of course. Fortunately, they let me transfer the data from the old one before I erasing it. So far, so good. I have all my apps and games downloaded. I haven’t noticed any bizarre input issues with the touch screen, but I have 90 days to bring it back to Apple if I do. Aside from having to log back into all my accounts, about the only real hassle is reconnecting all my BlueTooth devices. It’s remarkable how easy the process of moving from one Apple mobile device to another is these days. EDIT: I don't think I mentioned this elsewhere, but thank god the iPad was still under warranty. If it weren't, it would cost me $499 to "fix" it. In this case, fixing it is Apple replacing the entire device.
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