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  1. I didn't realize @Romier S was working as a guest writer for this channel. His contribution comes in at the 6:10 mark.
  2. @Graeme Oh, that. Yeah, I read about that earlier. I forgot that they had to remove it with that corrupted patch that came out.
  3. Something to aspire to: Sennheiser HE 1. Only $59,000 for a pair. But it does include a DAC and amplifier. My guess is I probably need to get a new car (for roughly half the price) instead of these. Oh, well…
  4. I wish I understood what “incorrect healing behavior” means. After defeating Ixion, and dying for the first time in the Citadel, I started a run where I spent a good amount of time using my new grapple hook ability to finally get to all the ledges and places I couldn’t reach before in the Overgrown Ruins. I was having a good time, and getting some nice upgrades, including a new weapon type, which I won’t spoil here. I had to stop playing though because we were having dinner at my parents’ house tonight. I left the PS5 in Rest Mode with the intent of picking it up again
  5. Feels damn good. I managed to take him out using only one large health pack. I did find an astronaut before I reached him but died before I got to him, so I didn’t have it anymore. I also had a level 7 Tachyomatic Carbine, which I think made all the difference. It was enough firepower to finally whittle down his health to zero on that third stage. I’m scared to go on! 😭
  6. I made it to the second boss again last night. I probably had my best shot at beating him, but still, no luck. I had an astronaut doll and two health packs (a regular and large one), but it wasn't enough to carry me over the finish line. It's that third stage of the fight that gets me. I've got the first two rounds down. I even made it to the third stage without using any of my recovery items and managed to get his health down to around 25%. But when I get to the third stage, he overwhelms me with attacks that I can't seem to dodge. Also, I can't tell what the deal is, but it seems
  7. And almost 85 million Switch units shipped since launch. This system will easily join the 100 million unit club in the next year. Also, I can see now why Nintendo bought Next Level Games. Selling 10 million copies of Luigi’s Mansion 3 is pretty damn impressive.
  8. Generally speaking, not really. I think you can turn it off and have a good time with the game still from a visual standpoint. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I plan on playing with it off to enjoy the benefits of a locked (and nearly perfect) 60fps experience.
  9. That PS5 load time was probably the most impressive thing I saw in that video.
  10. I made it again to the second boss. No luck in defeating him though. I will mention for those of you who may make it this far that once you reach him, the game does give you a shortcut to get to him relatively quickly. You still have to make your way to the Crimson Wastes from the Overgrown Ruins, then traverse a bit through the second level to reach the shortcut, but it definitely beats having to replay the entire level again.
  11. It looks like the review embargo lifted this morning. Here's the Easy Allies review (written by none other than Michael Huber): Metacritic is currently sitting at 84 for those of you interested.
  12. 12 hours 18 minutes total playtime now with 41 deaths. I made it to the boss of the Crimson Wastes on my third run tonight. I came pretty close to beating him too, thanks to an astronaut figure. I made it all the way to the third stage of the fight before finally dying. I had activated a regeneration chamber too, so I was hoping that would be my saving grace. I figured I would regen and just teleport back to the boss and pick up the fight where I left off. No dice. The fight had reset and the boss was back to full health when I returned. What a fucking asshole! I manage
  13. Correct. Unity already ran at 60fps on Series X if you ran the original disc version unpatched.
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