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  1. Very cool. Man, I just gorged myself on this game and needed to take a break. I have a couple trophies I'd like to grab (I think the grind tricks and shield one) and will likely dig back in sooner than later. I miss the pop of this game.
  2. This game surprised me - for some reason it was never on my radar. As Romier notes, this has some serious production quality, the story is compelling, and while the puzzles are pretty easy, the level design is great. My wife is into it was well. Cracked me up today, though when she goes,
  3. Wow that looks really janky. Are those coin doors and slots fake?
  4. Agreed - I tried the "free" D2 bit a month or so ago just to see how it'd play on the ps5 and within an hour i was being pushed to pay up.
  5. Oh, totally. But Destiny launched as a paid product that "came with" all the online play at no charge (outside of PSN and XBL membership), no?
  6. Sounds a bit like a Destiny setup? Not sure either, but that's what I'm gathering. This way they just keep milking people with expansion $.
  7. Yeah - I've got my Focusrite Scarlett working as a DAC doing 96Khz into some powered studio monitors, and that works just fine for me, especially in a near-field situation. I'd be interested in going further if I had a good way to get higher resolution out of the AppleTV into, say, a tube amp or similar for stereo listening, but I can't be arsed with that right now especially given how noisy it is outside where I live anyway.
  8. For context, I don't know much about the indie developer universe these days. It's been years since I was covering this stuff. But, as a regular gamer who has every platform and looks at each platform's digital marketplaces pretty regularly, I struggle to see that Sony is being less friendly to indie titles. Just last night my wife stopped me so she could see a giant, well-placed promo for Journey, saying "wow that looks beautiful - you should try it." Anecdotes are anecdotes, I know, but I have a hard time seeing any evidence that Sony is less friendly to indie devs than others, at least as a consumer. In fact, I'm 100% sure that I've discovered more indie titles on PlayStation marketplace than any other place, save maybe Apple Arcade. Maybe I'm wrong here, and you all certainly know a lot more than I do here, but I don't see it? The complaints sound like a lot of industry thrash around indie gamers struggling to get the velvet touch from Sony, but that's kind of always been the case in every creative industry, no? You all vie for airtime?
  9. Hover boot + boost + double jump + dash would certainly change the nature of the game. Of course there'd be a LOT more falling off cliffs.
  10. If CEC worked this wouldn't be an issue. I mean, it probably works for "normal" people who have a TV, game system, and sound bar, but for the rest of us it's a total disaster.
  11. Was there a recent TV firmware update? Those can change settings, including HDCP and ARC, which sounds like has changed.
  12. Insane demand. Same thing is happening for GPUs. Add to that factory shutdowns in Asia last year and you have massive bottlenecks. Saying they’re impossible to get is a bit of a stretch though: Sony has already sold around 8mm PS5s. You just won’t see them in cases at Target.
  13. You can also play your own music via Bluetooth to your DualSense. It’s fun for a moment.
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