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  1. Loving this. Great pick-up-and play. Only minor gripe is some mid-judged jumps of doom when things as aligned in weird 3D space. Not sure how to best describe the problem but there are times when I’ll fall to my death when I think I shouldn’t be.
  2. This is the part where I nope out of this game. Respect to y'all who are good at this game. I do enjoy watching it on Twitch.
  3. This would easily be my very first patreon subscription, even if it's just you talking nonsense for 5 minutes a day.
  4. I just did that last night, and, yes you'll notice. While they're both platformers, they're pretty different games. Think of it more like going from one FPS to another. You'll drop right in, but there will be differences in feel, control, etc.
  5. Yeah this game is great. Super psyched with all the platformers that'll be around this year, especially Ratchet & Clank that's coming relatively soonish.
  6. This is the same thing Apple tried to pull with the 4K Apple TV a couple years ago. They ultimately bowed to user pressure and included a "default to native dynamic range" option, which virtually everyone immediately turned on.
  7. ...or not. I wonder if she’s ready for the boiler room atmosphere of game dev. One of my best friends is a writer for Ubisoft and he has some stories. It’s not glamorous in any way. I like her but I’m curious as to how well she takes to the whole thing.
  8. For those of you with 7.1 Atmos setups with the upward-firing speakers sitting on your mains, how do you have your speakers configured on the PS5?
  9. Just ordered this from Amazon with the excuse that I need to make sure the drive works in the new PS5.
  10. If you liked this, Astro Bot Rescue Mission (PSVR) is more of the same, but a LOT LOT more. It's seriously one of my favorite games of all time. Super creative just like this.
  11. by the way romier I totally copied you and bought the exact ssd and usb 3.1 connector you mentioned - works a charm, thanks.
  12. same, no problems at all. Been playing persona 5 from a usb drive today with no problems. Super fast load times, too!
  13. Yeah this is part of the reason I avoided a data transfer and just redownloaded games and saves. Much cleaner that way anyway. I learned my lesson from OSX updates.
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