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  1. Finally hit chapter 3 after some time away. I don’t know why I like this but I do. Kojima should do a survival horror game.
  2. So... it's pretty much what I expected. Great visuals, fun but predictable gameplay, and an equally predictable cringey "storyline" that has something to do with being extreme along with some self-referential humor that I think tries to get above the cliche but just doesn't land. I'll give it more time, though, as I really do like the cycling element. I'm hoping there's more cross-country, chill riding available and not just downhill ride-through-the-ring stuff that we've seen time and again. Have only done solo / offline so far, so I'm guessing that the madness of 50 people online racing might change things up a bit. Quick tip: the first-person view is decades better than 3rd person for this one. They really nailed that.
  3. I've got RE4 ready to go on the Quest 2. Haven't fired it up yet but this'll be a good Halloween treat.
  4. They'll be doing a free trial starting tomorrow!
  5. As someone who uses a 2019 16-inch 8-core i9 MBP, the new machine looks great, but I'm in no rush to replace, mainly because it's still powerful enough for what I do. That said, I'm looking forward to magsafe. I actually do use the touchbar quite a bit for its contextual menus in video calls (mute, leave meeting, etc.), so that'll be missed but ultimately forgotten. As for the notch? I'm all about it. The menu bar is basically wasted real estate.
  6. Supernatural is wonderful. I actually dig it more than beat saber. Actually got my heart rate up too. Highly recommend.
  7. i think that's a reptile and bird thing
  8. Just moved to SF where my building was set up for Google Webpass gigabit fiber for just $70 / mo. Setup was hilariously easy. Dude showed up, pinged an ethernet port already in my unit, and he was done. They only activate one port, but he said if I wanted to I could install a switch in the comm panel and activate other ports. I probably won't bother, but so far I'm super impressed with the speed even on WiFi.
  9. That's the one I'm looking at. Let me know how it goes. I'm still using a C7 so I don't care much about VRR and 120 but I'd like to be future proof for what seems to be a 5-year cycle of receivers for me.
  10. My Yamaha Aventage freaked out last night after a brief power outage. I had to re-download firmware and go back into the advanced menu system to allow 4k HDR passthru. This thing is from 2015 and I'm ready for a new Yammy. I wish they had their shit together with HDMI already.
  11. Pretty sure I'm at the beginning of Chapter 3 after running through 1 and 2 last night.
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