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  1. If you've never played Ghost of Tsushima, stop what you're doing and play it right now. Easily one of my favorite open-world games along with Horizon and Witcher 3.
  2. This. I recently changed the HDMI cable to my PS5 to a longer one and it was cranky.
  3. When my Switch started drifting during Breath of the Wild I was momentarily homicidal. It is, as Romier puts it, exceedingly annoying.
  4. I got launch ... and that’s when the enemies do even more annoying things I guess because the game is designed to do that. I’ll keep going and thanks for the tips on black crush!
  5. I may be alone here and I’m only an hour or so in but ... wtf? This game. The control is super floaty, aiming is annoying, enemies show up behind you, you die almost immediately at times, the color gamut is weird and makes things hard to see, and the story is absolutely nonsense, not to mention a cliche sense of humor. I don’t get it.
  6. For those of you who like a fun / weird / modern read, Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam is great. Apparently it's already being turned into a Netflix series.
  7. Hinoki all day every day. Softer wood that has a natural antibiotic sap in it; smells lovely, and even repairs itself. It's all I use now.
  8. Who knows - the process is so uneven as it is. For Angel, they sent the panel directly to him and someone was there in days. For me, they sent the panel to a service center who now has the thing hostage.
  9. There's a mile of space between a low performer and an "adequate" performer, though. The fear culture is what all of this breeds, in my experience, at least.
  10. Takes them forever to just come and do the work if you're in Brooklyn, though. Still waiting for the guy to come and do mine.
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