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  1. Also, how do you justify investing the eng time to events that happen like once every 5-6 years? I suppose it'd be good design in the end, but once this is all over they'll look at average usage and chalk it up as a punt.
  2. No way - there is nothing worse from a PR and CS standpoint than expert users.
  3. I liked it better when Nintendo was the Mario / Zelda machine, Sony was the Crash / Final Fantasy machine, and Sega was the Sonic / Phantasy Star machine,
  4. Is... is that true, though? I'm honestly asking, because based on how Rare and Bungie worked out... are we looking at another potential exodus?
  5. So weird - I have no interest in any of those games. Have I been demographed?
  6. Also - funny that Amazon is running a sale on SSDs. Not gonna take a chance on compatibility though.
  7. I believe so. Those fins keep people from putting anything too close to it, forcing ample airflow. My Pro overheats within minutes if I close the cabinet it’s in.
  8. For real. So glad I don’t have a cable box anymore. Thinking I might just put this thing on the floor hidden behind my console, assuming it doesn’t need line of sight.
  9. Honestly, that sounds about on par with previous console releases. Guessing there's a bit more margin in the disc drive versions, so it's understandable that retailers would request more of those, especially in what appear to be near final days of traditional videogame retailers.
  10. Off the shelf drives will work, which is nice. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2020/3/18/21185298/ps5-ssd-storage-expansion-xbox-series-x
  11. Agreed - Sony is prepping itself / hoping it will sell lots of $70 exclusives. Microsoft is looking a lot like the software and services company that it is. One wonders if it'll be in Google Stadia territory before long, that is if MS thinks it can figure out that model -- Google is having a hard time attracting subscribers, but Microsoft's content library is a lot more compelling.
  12. Unless (another Friday morning guess) they're getting kickbacks for the downloaded licenses, then it might be in their interest. A framerate bump for TLG would be glorious.
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