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  1. Yeah I've collected some great stuff. Hasn't helped me against the giant screaming fuckers.
  2. I'm really really good at exploring the Overgrown Ruins, I'll tell you that much.
  3. OMG I knew something you didn't. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't know you could open certain gates by shooting the red switch until this week.
  4. That's it. I'm never preordering a game again. Except for Ratchet. ...and Forbidden West. ...and Kena. but other than that NEVER AGAIN
  5. The RNG is everything in this game. I've had super easy runs and then runs that were totally absurd.
  6. lol "Set your #PS5 auto-update off to keep your run" just sounds so janky also - tip for other people who suck at this: aiming down the sights of your weapon reveals enemy weak spots in red.
  7. Wait so... i can't get the sword until i beat the boss, but there are lockdown rooms that i can't get out of unless I have the sword. Got it.
  8. Yeah, just looked that up. Weird thing is it was a lockdown room and I don't have the sword yet. Maybe there was a sideroom I was missing - but it did that "LOCKDOWN" thing with the doors getting locked animation - but I couldn't make it from one end of the area to the other without getting shredded and eventually died.
  9. One question: I got stuck in a lockdown room last night with some red sphere enemies I couldn't even scratch. Is there a way out of that? EDIT: Okay apparently I need a sword, but I was literally stuck in the room with these fuckers.
  10. This game has found its way into my current rotation: I play one run. If it lasts 10 minutes, fine. If it lasts 2 hours (like it did last night), great. One and done, and then off to whatever long-term game I'm playing (right now that's The Show ... when the servers are working). I find that this reduces the stress of starting over, and relieves the pressure because I know it'll all be over soon.
  11. If you can find a platinum headset, I think they sound better than the Pulse.
  12. Look. I suck at the game and I'm looking for shit to complain about to make me feel better.
  13. I can't disagree with this hard enough. Maybe if your choices in movies and books are redundant, you'll feel this way based purely on what you're ingesting, but wowee wow just no. With that said, I don't really expect games to break too much ground when it comes to storytelling. I wish that wasn't the case, but that's just how things are and how developers (don't) invest time or money into storytelling. Given that, it's not even a criticism as much as a challenge to the notion that this game is doing anything interesting when it comes to storytelling, at least within the universe o
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