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  1. Considering the iPad version of the YouTube app doesn't support it, I wouldn't hold my breath. Unless you pay for YouTube Premium, Google doesn't even let users multi-task while a video is playing. You have to keep it on screen in some way to continue watching. And even if you do pay as I do, the app still doesn't support picture-in-picture like you expect from every other video playback app available. Hell, Google just now finally added split screen support to the Gmail app on iPad this past week.. John Gruber has some thoughts on it:
  2. All I can say is fuck Corey Barlog and his Norse mythology agenda.
  3. Well that could be. It’s not as much fun as my idea though.
  4. It looks like Walmart and Target are also low on stock or out altogether. Unless Microsoft says differently, I still expect Series X to arrive this Holiday — so probably in November. Instead, I think it would be more likely we would see the fabled Series S model — i.e. Project Lockhart. Here’s totally crazy and probably not accurate prediction of what’s going on: Microsoft discontinues the Xbox One S/X line of products and runs out inventory. Microsoft announces the Series S model at the July 23 showcase in a couple weeks. Microsoft releases the Series S model shortly thereafter — probably in late summer. Price is US$299.99. Microsoft positions it as a “bridge” console — it plays all current Xbox One games and is compatible with all next gen titles that also play on Series X, albeit with lower resolutions (1080p) and perhaps lower frame rates. People who want to buy an Xbox now can get a machine that works with current games, but is ready for when the first batch of true next gen titles arrive in November. Even as I type that, it sounds completely crazy. There’s no way Microsoft would ever do that, right? I mean there’s no way. And yet, Microsoft has done a lot of crazy and unexpected things the past few years. Still, there’s no way.
  5. Also, if you want in on this deal, you can buy the original, for $10 on several platforms including Xbox and Steam. Visit the link below for the deal: Get SUPERHOT
  6. Who’s up for a sequel to this awesome indie game? Out a week from today. Even better, if you already own the original, you get this game for free! If you received the game as freebie through something like Games with Gold, you don’t get the sequel, however. More in the FAQ linked above. This is an unexpected surprise — and a delightful one! I really enjoyed the first. It will be interesting to see where they take the concept in the sequel.
  7. I like that white case mock-up. It reminds me of the PS3 era. Plus, I think it's a better fit for the black and white aesthetic Sony is going for with the system.
  8. Sony has posted a preview of what the box art will look like for PS5 games. I can't say it's that shocking or interesting, to be honest. It's mostly what I expected, although the white and black banner for the PS5 logo does tie it in nicely to the look of the console itself.
  9. Digital Foundry with a look at what Spider-Man might look like running at 60 fps. The results are...
  10. Just a wheelbarrow, Brian? C’mon, even Krusty demanded more than that!
  11. Speaking of Microsoft first party studios... Microsoft Interested In Buying Batman, Mortal Kombat Dev WB Games - Report Jeremy Winslow, report for GameSpot:
  12. Thanks! I forgot about Grounded. I’ve added it to the list along with The Outer Worlds. 😊
  13. All right, so here’s a quick rundown of each of the 15 Xbox Game Studios and what they are either definitely working on or what we think they are working on: 343 Industries — Halo Infinite The Coalition — Something Gears related, we assume — probably the Series X port of Gears 5 and a console version of Gears Tactics. Turn 10 — Forza Motorsport 8 Playground Games — Fable (and Forza Horizon 5 likely in the works as well for next year) Rare — Everwild and probably expansions/sequel to Sea of Thieves. The Initiative — Perfect Dark reboot (rumored, not confirmed) Ninja Theory — Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II Obsidian — The Outer Worlds and Grounded inXile Entertainment — ??? Mojang — Minecraft (duh!), and Minecraft Dungeons ports, both of which would be multi-platform Double Fine — Psychonauts II (multi-platform), maybe something else? Undead Labs — Nothing confirmed, but a third State of Decay seems likely. Compulsion Games — ??? World’s Edge — Age of Empires, I guess? (I don’t know much about this studio, to be honest.) Xbox Game Studios Publishing — ??? So lots of known quantities here with a few mysteries yet to be revealed. My hope is that Xbox Game Studios Publishing is working with some excellent indie studios (like Moon Studios) to fill out the library with some interesting new IP.
  14. I saw this tweet from Laura Bailey (Abby) the other day and thought the people sending her this stuff is just so sad and pathetic. Today's Jimquisition deals with the people would would threaten actors for things they did in their fictional works. His letter to Frank Welker at the start had me LOL-ing.
  15. Looking forward to it! A lot is riding on this presentation for Microsoft after Sony's debut of the PS5.
  16. New video up. This time they’re watching the 2010 Konami E3 press briefing. Hoo boy.
  17. I actually didn’t know much about this game until I watched this video. It certainly sounds like Platinum bit off a lot more than it could chew. It sounds like a cool concept that needed to pair a few things down in order to make it work. Thanks for posting!
  18. Seeing this game running at 60 fps... Please give this to us on PS5, Sony.
  19. I saw that a few weeks ago. Speedrunners are crazy, man. I think I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but one thing that I think helped me was only doing a few attempts per day. I would do two, many three, max and put down the game for the rest of the day. That way I let it sink in a bit and it would help me to not get flustered. Obviously, that’s not going to work for everyone, but I do think it helped me. Good luck, Daniel. Don’t let the game fluster you if you’re not having any fun though.
  20. It’s nice to get the Erica game this month since I already own Rise of the Tomb Raider and I don’t have much interest in basketball. Otherwise, this month would have been a bust for me on the free game front.
  21. The sixth game is Recompile. This looks pretty good too. Cool aesthetic.
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