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  1. Well, I finished up Super Mario 3D World last night. I beat every stage, collected all 380 green stars, reached the top of all the flag poles and collected almost all the stamps. The only stamps I’m missing are the ones you get for beating every level with each of the five characters. As was the case with the original version on Wii U, I probably won’t be getting these either. The prospect of beating each level five times is way too much. Besides, I don’t know if there is any way I could possibly beat Champion’s Road with anyone other than Peach. I need her floaty jump to get past the section
  2. Looking forward to playing Maquette. That looked like an excellent puzzler when Sony showed it off last year as part of their indie showcase. Sony may not be matching Microsoft when it comes to Game Pass, but the slate of titles being offered on PS Plus this year has certainly been better than Games With Gold's offerings.
  3. I like what I’m seeing here. The gameplay and movement reminds me of The Pathless, which I played on Apple Arcade a few months ago (and is also available on PS5). I liked that game and would be very happy if this was just as good.
  4. It's interesting to see the Series S available at a couple places. I see it available to order from Best Buy and Target at the moment. It's even available for pickup at my local Target store, apparently.
  5. This is far better than it has any right to be.
  6. So, question — if you have a game that is cross-platform and can run at 60fps on PC but not console, could that possibly be an indicator that a game would work with FPS boost?
  7. It's been a while. I just wanted to provide a quick update on this project. After finishing Assassin's Creed: Liberation back in October, I decided to take a break from Assassin's Creed for a bit. The PS5 and the Xbox Series X were about to launch, and I wanted to clear out my schedule to make way for the numerous next gen launch titles arriving at that time. As much as I was enjoying playing through these games (with, perhaps, the exception of ACIII), I didn't want to feel like they were crowding out the other titles I wanted to play at that time. Besides, I figured a little break
  8. I'm most of the way through World Star now on Super Mario 3D World. After that, it's Worlds Mushroom, Flower, and Crown. I've unlocked Rosalina too, which is a nice bonus. I can tell the levels are starting to get harder now. I've been playing this game the same way I played Sackboy: A Big Adventure a few months ago. I won't move on to the next level until I've collected everything, which in this case, means all three green stars, the stamp, and the top of the flagpole. Like I said earlier, the fact that you get to keep the stars and the stamps even if you die is making this playthrough of the
  9. Same. 563 to be exact. The other day my oldest son wanted to play Forza Horizon 3. After perusing through my garage, he complained that I didn't have enough cars. Apparently 130 just isn't enough. I told him he could go and spend the over 5 million in credits I have saved up for whatever car(s) he wanted. It's the closest I'll probably ever get to being a billionaire asshole dad who spoils his kids.
  10. First details on the next-generation VR system coming to the PS5 console. Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President, Platform Planning & Management, writing for the PlayStation Blog: Not a lot of details as of yet, but I'm sure this will make PlayStation VR fans very happy.
  11. I picked Miles Morales because it was the on the list, but I agree that you should start with Astro. This game can be done in less that 5 hours and is a great showcase for the system, the controller, and the world of PlayStation in general. Play it first, then do Miles next.
  12. Wow, you guys gave up way too easily. I remember running over to Best Buy on the day of its release and buying the collector’s edition, which included a gold Zelda-themed Wii remote. I came home and found that my original launch-day Wii wasn’t working properly. Something was wrong with the video output, and the image was really dark and hard to see on the TV. I knew it wasn’t the component cable because I had switched it out with a newer one, so I knew it had to be a problem with the console itself. Undeterred, I drove back to Best Buy and bought a brand new Wii. I ended up playing
  13. I’ve been playing the crap out of Super Mario 3D World on Switch the last few days and noticed a small — but significant — change from the Wii U version that I’ve not seen mentioned anywhere. In the Wii U version, if you collect a green star or a stamp and die before you reach either a checkpoint or the end of the level, you have to collect them again when you restart. In the Switch version, keep them even if you die — no need to collect them again on your next life. You still have to complete the level in order keep them permanently — in other words, no exiting the level through t
  14. As someone who’s dealt with drift on both Xbox and Switch, I can tell you it’s a huge pain in the ass. Romier touched on a few of them, but I’ll add another: selecting items in the menu. It’s really hard to make the right selection when your cursor keeps moving up, down, or whatever direction it happens to be drifting in. I think you’re underestimating how often you might stand still while playing a video game. As evidence, look at this statistic taken from my own save file from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: Nearly an eighth of the time I spent play
  15. Jason Ronald appeared on Major Nelson’s podcast this week to talk about FPS boost (interview starts when you click the video). Of note, he does say that this will not work with all titles as it can screw up other apsects of a game such as physics and anitmations.
  16. From what I’ve gathered, 8GB seems to be fine for most tasks for most people.. The systems swaps out memory so quickly that it’s not noticeable.
  17. FINALLY: I'm happy to know my suffering is bringing you some enjoyment. I will keep this in mind when the next DLC launches.
  18. If you can, play Ninja Gaiden Black on the new Xbox consoles instead of getting the Sigma version in this collection. It’s the superior version of the game, in my opinion.
  19. After completing the main game, I decided to check out the first DLC pack, A New God. It picks up after the end of the main game and is its own separate thing. It’s a collection of trials similar to the Gates of Tartaros, but this DLC throws in a few twists such as the absence of potions. There are a few combat challenges to overcome, but the bulk of it involves puzzles and traversal challenges. Many of the puzzle mechanics are similar, but they do throw in some new ideas such as magnets. Fenyx also gains some new moves, like the ability to swap places with the Phosphor’s clone and break throu
  20. I think that’s more up to the legal department at Microsoft than the BC team. I wonder if they’ve made any headway in finding determining the copyright owners for some of those old games in the time the team has spent preparing for Series X and S. In the meantime, I’ll gladly take a framerate boost for some of these old Xbox One titles. Any kind of an enhancement here is a win in my book.
  21. I have all three of these games already on Xbox. Given the fact that they all run at 4K 60fps, I don't see much reason to purchase this collection. It's nice for the other platforms though. I'm glad to see a couple more games make the jump from PS3 to PS4/PS5.
  22. It looks like the frame rate got a boost to 60 as well. Very nice! This is the only 3D Zelda I've only finished once. It will be interesting to replay it again and see how well it holds up. I remember enjoying it well enough on the Wii. It seems like the concensus over this one has soured over time. Maybe there's something I missed about it, or perhaps folks wanted something different from the series (which they eventually got with Breath of the Wild. The addition of button controls is great as well. I know a lot of folks who will probably be willing to give this game a
  23. This is pretty cool. I’m trying to think of which old games I would like to see updated to take advantage of this. The first one that comes to mine is Forza Horizon 3, which ran at 30fps in 4K on the One X. A 60fps boost would be amazing to see. Also, give me that boost for the rest of the Assassin’s Creed games I have let to play, and I’ll be a very happy man.
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