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  1. 2018 Completed Games 2019 Completed Games Donut County (PS4) - 01/05/2019 Total = 1
  2. I just can't get into it. I have never been more disappointed in a game. The controls are so bad and everything just feels like it is in mud. I want to like this game so much. Love the setting, the characters, etc, but playing it is zero fun. The cores, the controls, the movement. Rockstar still feels like they are making PS2/PS3 games with better graphics. -Dean-
  3. Became an OLED owner today. Picked up the B8. Went through and matched Rtings settings from the C8. So far everything looks fantastic. -Dean-
  4. If you haven't played it yet, Yoku's Island Express is fantastic. Its a Pinball Platformer. You play as a dung beetle postman. Awesome art, music, and just overall fun. -Dean-
  5. Not sure it was mentioned, but did Apple anything about Atmos other than the TV OS update? I am curious if current movies will get their Atmos soundtracks. I would like to be able to limit my physical purchases to Disney only since they are cocks about their 4K streaming content.
  6. Started playing on Thursday night and just finished up. I still have some post games stuff to finish up, but I completed most of it. This is easily the best game in the series, and I will say, one of the best games Sony has ever released. The gameplay and story are all top notch. Every voice actor is fantastic and perfect in their role. The mix of Greek and Norse mythologies works so well. There are so many great moments in this game, but I will not put any here until more of you finish it. Nothing should be spoiled for anyone who is playing this game. The ending is fantastic and I will leave
  7. I have to see it one more time (along with Ragnarok) to properly place them in my MCU list. Right now Ragnarok and Winter Soldier are tied for #1 (again, have to see Ragnarok again) The 1st Avengers is #3 The 1st Guardians and Black Panther are #4 I really enjoyed the film a lot, which is great since the 1st trailer did nothing for me. Killmonger is easily one of the best villains yet. He had a great motive for what he did. I loved the entire cast and the score. Marvel keeps hitting it out of the park. Disney sure has a hard-on for high octane cas
  8. I had the deal yesterday, and today it is back to $10. Wonder if it was a one day thing.
  9. I highly recommend Blossom Tales on the e-Shop. Its $15 and is an homage to A Link to the Past. -Dean-
  10. 2017 Completed Games 2018 Completed Games Monster Hunter World (Xbox One) - 04/02/2018 God of War (PS4) - 04/22/2018 Late Shift (Xbox One) - 06/17/2018 Yoku's Island Express (Switch) - 06/21/2018 Destiny 2: Forsaken (PS4) - 11/17/18 Total = 5
  11. Desert map is coming early next year. It is such a great map. We got two squad chicken dinners on it the other night.
  12. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Easily my favorite MP game of all time. Every match feels different. The amount of tension in a solo match is 2nd to none. Squads are super fun and can be quite hilarious. Duos are my favorite way to play though. You get a large amount of the tension from Solo play and get to experience with a friend. Super Mario Odyssey - It has been a long time since I played a game that had me smiling the entire time. All of the outfits are great and the Bowser stuff is so so good. The soundtrack is the best Mario Soundtrack ever, IMO. The switching to 8-bit music is qu
  13. I have about 200 hours in on the PC version and have played about 30 matches on Xbox. Hands down, PUBG is my all time favorite multiplayer game. The Xbox version is better than I thought it would be, but still needs work. However, it is still fun as hell to play. I have several Top 5 finishes and one Chicken Dinner so far on Xbox. I have several Chicken Dinners on PC. If you see me on, just shoot me an invite. I am always down for Duos or Squads. -Dean-
  14. Supposed to be a BANDAI NAMCO event on the 15th. Maybe we see more there. Possible Dark Souls remaster as well and on the Switch. Dark Souls on the Switch will be the greatest thing ever.
  15. Possibly the greatest thing ever and I want this to happen for real.
  16. We went to the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses concert on Saturday night. The Chicago Philharmonic performed it. Two hours of Zelda music. It was pretty damn great. Their encore was a Suite from Link's Awakening and then The Goron music from Breath of the Wild. View from our seats.
  17. Excellent. I tried it last night on my X and had no issues with it.
  18. I played through the 1st two levels of the campaign on EA Access. So fucking boring. Disney needs to take the Star Wars licenses away from EA immediately. -Dean-
  19. What type of issue? I can check for you. I have't played any 4K Blu's on my X yet since i have the Samsung player, and The Fifth Element was fine on that. -Dean-
  20. I was rolling my eyes. The aria shit is the lamest thing on that show. They went the extra mile here to make it even more dumb.
  21. Discogs is great. I've only gotten back into vinyl this year and I am already close to 40 albums. Discogs has been a huge help. -Dean-
  22. My son collects a ton of Zelda stuff, so I have been getting all of the Zelda Amiibos for him. I only got an Extra Majora's Amiibo because I really like that one. I am only grabbing the ones that I like and any Zelda they release. I have Bayonetta coming and I will get the Metroid pack when it releases. I also love the Mario Odyssey wedding Amiibos. I hope they don't release any Arms Amiibos, because I will have to buy all of those. Some of the best character designs in recent years. -Dean-
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