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  1. Can someone please explain to me the vocal, but I'm guessing small minority, of gamers that hate the Epic ecosystem? At this point, I have like ten launchers, and it's not really a big deal to have another one. Steam feels pretty clunky to me at times, too, even though some put it up as the gold standard. Yeah, the Epic storefront isn't great, I use it every once in a while so who cares? The Epic launcher, I click on a game and it loads...yea. And I know they give a much better split to the devs, so it seems like most are pissed just because they land some exclusive titles? But again, it's a free launcher, who gives a fuck?
  2. Well, my first experience with Civ VI was not a good one, hah. When I try to run it and get to the main menu, the items are unreadable and the mouse pointer doesn't match up to where the click happens. Impossible to start a game (or do much of anything). I tried changing my projector resolution down from 4k to 1080p, same result. Very weird. So trying to figure that out first I guess, not a good look for a modern game. 😐 At the same time, I DID fix another bizarre error I had been having on certain games where they would use strange, non-native resolutions, the first one I had noticed was The Outer Worlds. Some kind of dynamic resolution setting was enabled in Nvidia, such that there was a bizarro 20xx/15xx resolution that existed in the options and games would latch on to that as a "native" max resolution. Was able to delete that nonsense at least, had been driving me mad for many months.
  3. Another nice one, I have played every installment but hadn't gotten to this one yet. And of course, because I'm an idiot, I would have told you this came out in like late 2018 or something. It was FOUR YEARS AGO, lol.
  4. Sorry, but the moment he invited on, embraced and gave legitimacy to Alex Jones, any shred of credibility he had went flying out the window. That's probably the most egregious example, but he's amplified any number of other lesser crackpots over the years, too.
  5. This was your first mistake. Hang in there, @JFo, that sucks. And the same for all of the others that have had friends and family exposed. I have no family exposed yet, mostly friends or family of other friends, no serious complications fortunately. Things are only going to get worse now that "people are tired of dealing with this", five minutes into what is going to be a long, long marathon.
  6. I mean...probably the biggest free game they've ever had, servers on the store are crashing repeatedly, hah. 😁 Got mine, though!
  7. GTA V Premium Edition is free. I never got around to paying for this on PC, only played it a bit on the consoles long ago. Will be fun to mess around with it at least (and probably throw in some really stupid mods)!
  8. We have been getting periodic drops from Equilibrium in Wisconsin. In fact, we have a couple of kegs on right now. Most of their stuff is really, really good. I do have a few cans in my fridge right now of a triple IPA of theirs that is...a bit much. Younger me would have been fine with it, but these days, it's a little too boozy (10%) for an IPA, hah.
  9. They are definitely more expensive, I think our cost right now for the labels + twistees works out to almost $1.75 per can. Contrast that with the 32oz crowlers which work out to a little over $1 a can. Yes, the seamer is a $5k investment. Clearly, if you are doing any kind of real volume, you are going to make that back in a couple of years. And the 32oz crowlers are indeed a "cleaner" looking product. And, well, the twistee cans are a brand new product and didn't use to be an option at all. I don't have a definitive answer on lifespan, but they should be pretty much the same as the crowlers provided they are filled correctly. The seal is still going to be airtight.
  10. Devs was very good, just finished it up last night. Not perfect, but very good. Finally was able to sit down and watch the last season of Mr. Robot last month, too, and THAT was a fantastic last season. You can tell the story arc was carefully written before the series began, and the finale was one of the most satisfying I've ever seen for a series that has more than 1-2 seasons. I re-watched some of the first season and there was a moment in the fourth episode that literally made me gasp out loud after knowing how things were going to play out, it was pretty brilliant.
  11. Oh, sorry, I bounce in and out of here and hadn't seen this! You are right, the 8 and 16oz Twistee Cans don't require a seamer, they are pre-seamed and just twist on. We do purge the cans with CO2 before we fill the, the cap just purges out any trace amounts of O2 that might still be in the top. And yes, people are loving the smaller can sizes, we will definitely keep them going when we get back to "normal" someday. We are doing alright at the original location, being a bottle shop has really helped us, and the cans/growlers have made it easier to off-load some of our extensive keg inventory, though we still have a lot. We are working on getting some online ordering/payments in place for people to order and pay for crowlers/growlers and some of our pricier bottles/cans in advance for curbside pickup. Our downtown location is, in all likelihood, completely fucked. We've been closed for almost six weeks now. The model is so dependent there on us being a live music venue, and we are probably a good 14-18 months away from being able to run shows, soooo. 😐 My hope at this point is we can get the loan forgiven because of the circumstances, brush our hands and walk away from it, focus on the original location for a while until we get through this, and then maybe try again with a second location somewhere else that more matches our original business model.
  12. Highly disagree with just this portion. We haven't even begun to see the toll it's going to take in South America, Africa, India, etc. Similar to this, Wisconsin just pushed to May 26th today but also did some easing of restrictions on non-essential businesses, and there is now an emerging midwest block of MN, WI, MI, IN, KY, and IL. And there is already a growing rumble from our GOP legislature to legally fight this. The second wave here is going to be crazy if they get their way to throw the doors open quickly, all of the progress that has been made so far will utterly be wiped out and more.
  13. Yeah, saw that this morning, very interesting. How are you feeling lately @Angry the Clown?
  14. I mean... the US government literally ended funding for the program to detect coronaviruses early in SEPTEMBER OF LAST YEAR, one of the many labs they were working with was THE LAB IN WUHAN. https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2020-04-02/coronavirus-trump-pandemic-program-viruses-detection
  15. The vaccine is definitely the biggest solution. It could still be mitigated somewhat in the meantime with distancing, masks and good social practices but ONLY IF we also have universal testing available that is fast, ubiquitous and cheap. Imagine if you could get up every morning and test yourself easily and have a result in ten minutes. If you somehow test positive, if we weren't troglodytes and had more paid medical leave, maybe you verify it with your employer and another test and then self-quarantine for 14 days and still get paid. That's just one example, but it would multiply on itself where you'd have much fewer people unknowingly walking around with it until the vaccine is also universally available for cheap. Everything I've seen says there is no reason we can expect it to slow much in the warmer months, there are plenty of countries in warmer climates or that have been in summer where they are seeing big spreads. And of course...not just employers, but governments. If they unleash the floodgates too early...
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