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  1. I just watched the video and don't think I've ever seen a more iconic final line from a main boss as "Eat this guys!!!" 🤣
  2. I finished this up a few weeks ago, my experience largely mirrors yours on every point and I had the exact same experience with the boss fight. It was a good-very good game, not a great game. I would recommend anyone with any semblance of gaming skill try it on Hard difficulty at a minimum before dropping down if at all possible. I still blew through much of the game and I am by no means a l33t gamer these days. I do think a sequel could be fun if they learn from what they've done and perhaps can justify a bigger budget, too.
  3. Rise from your grave... Another one of those threads that is so old I forgot I had ever commented on it. 😆
  4. Hey, look at it this way: it's just more roles opening up for someone else who needs it...
  5. I was saying this over in the Outer Worlds thread, I remember checking out the Game Pass lineup a while back for PC and being underwhelmed. I got 3 free months with my new RTX 2080 video card doing my build over the summer, kind of forgot about it until I decided to cash it and try Outer Worlds. THEN I started looking at the rest of the currently available library and holy shit! It's going to be hard to resist paying for it after my trial is up, though I might just dip in and out every few months. Like the other day, saw Romier had mentioned Bloodstained and its release had just slipped past me at some point...and then I realized, it was already right there on Game Pass, too! No reason for me to ever own an Xbox itself... and I use the Xbox One controller that came with my Oculus anyway.
  6. Looks good! I was most glad they decided to release a gameplay trailer instead of only some vague cinematic trailer. Also, count me in on the aesthetic backtrack, I wasn't as bothered as some by the art direction in III, but this is still worlds better.
  7. Yeah, it is a weird one and a truly odd resolution for it to pick. Ok, gotcha. It's certainly not unplayable by any means as it is, but it is clearly below what it should be. Just have an uber rig right now and I want to take advantage of it. 😁 I am just about to leave the first planet, finishing up some side quests first. Should I up the difficulty above Normal? I haven't really died yet (I've come close once or twice) but feel like I am kinda mowing through people right now. Does is ramp up after the first planet? Side note, I'm pretty impressed with the selection on Xbox Game Pass. Granted I don't own an Xbox One. With all of the games available on GP, don't know why I ever would with a decent PC!
  8. So, got this via Game Pass and am really enjoying it. I have a really strange graphics problem though. The game defaults to 1707x960 resolution, I have no idea why it chooses that and gives me no other options. I have a 4k projector that has had no trouble with other games (been playing Control at 4k with DX12), have the latest Nvidia drivers. I tried manually setting it in the .ini files and it just reverts back when I open the game. Truly baffling, any ideas?
  9. Dang it, I have still been working through (and loving) Control with my limited gaming time, but this really has come up on my radar fast and I've got a code for 3 free months of GamePass. Think I will finally use that and check this out!
  10. Heh, I am not reading any of the previous posts so as not to spoil anything, but I got this for "free" with my new RTX 2080 for my new PC build and holy shit, I didn't know anything about this game going in and I am enjoying the hell of out it. Just completely nails that Twin Peaks / X-Files vibe in a way I haven't seen done much. I don't really like straight horror games at all, but love "unsettling" Lynchian films and such, and this REALLY scratches that itch. Who knows, maybe it will devolve and just scare the hell out of me later, but I am super intrigued so far! Looks fucking great on my new rig as well...
  11. Oops, forgot to update last night. Had a pretty painless time putting everything together this weekend, aided by a 7 hour power outage on Saturday which motivated me to just sit down and plow through the rest of it. It took me a little longer than I thought it would, but maybe I'm a lot more deliberate than I was in my younger years. And that's probably why everything just worked with no issues! Case looks great, it's a little louder than my old one though not by much, understandable with the much more appropriate/substantial fans in this one for the beefy hardware. I would have been fine with no window at all since I really abhor the blinged out builds people do, and yet I kind of like the dark tinted glass. I have it sitting on its side, so if I walk up near it I can see inside on the top and it's cool, just the LED that is inside the AMD cooler/fan on top of the CPU and one on the edge of the video card. It looks really nice and doesn't bleed out into the room! Knocks on the case are probably the same I would have had with any case this size, due to the amount of drives I crammed into it and they are the old 3.5" size. If I wanted to avoid this, I probably would have needed to go with the "full" ATX tower styles, but I made it work. The back panel (now on the bottom) that covers where most of the cable management takes place as well as covers the (only) two 3.5" drive bays, I had to really give it a good shove to get it back on and screwed in, the ends of the SATA cables on the drives made it hard, too. The other two drives + two SSDs...well, I'm not proud of it, but I basically just stacked them neatly in the main bay on top of unused PCI slots, it works fine and the cables are out of the way, this thing isn't going to get stood up or moved and I have no idea what I'd need to put in those slots. The upside is that the four 3.5" drives are 6TB enterprise-level Seagates that a friend that works for A Very Big Computer Company gave me a little while back, they have loads of them in their lab they use for testing that they can't then re-sell or re-use. So I have 24TB of traditional storage, the 1TB ultra-fast PCIe M.2 boot drive, and then I filled the last two slots with 250GB and 120GB SSDs pulled over from the old machine that I'll use for more game installs. I think I am set storage-wise for a very long time, hah, though there is one more M.2 slot I could use if I wanted to add another SSD at some point. Obviously....this thing is fast. I have been re-downloading everything and updating drivers and such, but I gave DOOM a try at 4k at Ultra Detail and it was as smooth as silk. Tried a few older games that are notoriously unoptimized and load times were better and CPU definitely must have been a bottleneck on the old system too, ran much smoother. I hope to give a few newer games a run-through shortly (Wolfenstein: Youngblood was included with the Nvidia, will try that when it releases on Friday) as well as get my Oculus hooked up and messing with super-sampling. I am a very satisfied customer thus far!
  12. Everything I've been reading says it's nowhere even close to as dramatic as platters -> SSD, but also if you are buying new, that it's a no-brainer to go that route. On another note, my Ryzen CPU came in way earlier than expected so all of my parts are now in my hands for the weekend!
  13. XS is definitely the perfect size in my book now that they have the edge-to-edge screen. Anything bigger would be awkward to stick in my pocket and use, even with my larger hands. Me neither, to be honest. They have always been pretty awkward for me to use on a day-to-day basis. With the screen size on the XS, I am comfortable reading on it for long periods (and fits better in my hand) and even when I travel, I prefer it for watching things in tight airplane seats. My iPad mini really only gets used for my daughter to occasionally watch things on air trips.
  14. It is legitimately frightening how much I use my XS for things now, my 2015 MBP is getting used less and less, even when sitting around the house, I only use my iMac at length when I am having breakfast in the mornings. I’ve become one of “those” people. The speed, screen size / res, FaceID, etc have made it ideal for so many use cases now where using a laptop or desktop feels clunky and has too many steps. If I didn’t use my other work MBP for development, I could just about go without a laptop these days most of the time.
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