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  1. Yeah, please don't. This is one of the biggest events of our lifetime (*up to this point, LOL, let's not think about the future right now) and it's nice to hear others' experiences with it. Unfortunately, politics has melded with the pandemic when some decided that wearing a mask was somehow a political act, which is so hilariously bad, I don't know what else to say. So at least some political angles are going to be impossible to separate out from what is going on. We don't have to go full idiot into the political realm, though. Anyway, everything is bearing out that our country's individualistic nature has made the USA uniquely unqualified to deal with this kind of a crisis. I see no real hope of us containing this like all of Europe has managed to figure out how to do.
  2. It definitely never hit PS+. I have been a constant PS+ subscriber for like 7 years or something at this point and have religiously grabbed the freebies every month, it's not in my library.
  3. I dunno, man, maybe I'm not as particular as I was in my younger days, but... the difference between a lot of UHD content on my 4k projector isn't really that drastic between UHD discs vs. the newer 4k series/movies on Amazon/Netflix. I don't have THAT many UHD discs, so maybe I just don't switch back and forth enough...like I've never watched a streaming service of Mad Max vs. the UHD disc I have, so if I did that would make it more dramatic. Also, HDR isn't really a factor on projectors, either. But...still, my two cents.
  4. I mean, anything is better than the blandness-personified that is the new Xbox. I do like Sony's design, for the record. Internet is going to internet. Not sure if I will be getting a new console anytime soon. My Switch and PS4 Pro don't get as much usage as they should, the Switch has definitely gotten more in the past six months but still lags my fairly newish, beefy PC by a large margin. Just trying to be realistic with where I am in my life these days and I don't know if a few exclusives are going to be worth it. That being said, I think the Xbox One was the first generation of any of the Big Three I haven't owned at some point, so who knows down the line? 😁
  5. At this point, why wouldn't Microsoft? Surely they wouldn't be that afraid of cutting into Surface sales (I see them as completely different ecosystems) to keep their OS on as many viable devices as possible.
  6. Can someone please explain to me the vocal, but I'm guessing small minority, of gamers that hate the Epic ecosystem? At this point, I have like ten launchers, and it's not really a big deal to have another one. Steam feels pretty clunky to me at times, too, even though some put it up as the gold standard. Yeah, the Epic storefront isn't great, I use it every once in a while so who cares? The Epic launcher, I click on a game and it loads...yea. And I know they give a much better split to the devs, so it seems like most are pissed just because they land some exclusive titles? But again, it's a free launcher, who gives a fuck?
  7. Well, my first experience with Civ VI was not a good one, hah. When I try to run it and get to the main menu, the items are unreadable and the mouse pointer doesn't match up to where the click happens. Impossible to start a game (or do much of anything). I tried changing my projector resolution down from 4k to 1080p, same result. Very weird. So trying to figure that out first I guess, not a good look for a modern game. 😐 At the same time, I DID fix another bizarre error I had been having on certain games where they would use strange, non-native resolutions, the first one I had noticed was The Outer Worlds. Some kind of dynamic resolution setting was enabled in Nvidia, such that there was a bizarro 20xx/15xx resolution that existed in the options and games would latch on to that as a "native" max resolution. Was able to delete that nonsense at least, had been driving me mad for many months.
  8. Another nice one, I have played every installment but hadn't gotten to this one yet. And of course, because I'm an idiot, I would have told you this came out in like late 2018 or something. It was FOUR YEARS AGO, lol.
  9. Sorry, but the moment he invited on, embraced and gave legitimacy to Alex Jones, any shred of credibility he had went flying out the window. That's probably the most egregious example, but he's amplified any number of other lesser crackpots over the years, too.
  10. This was your first mistake. Hang in there, @JFo, that sucks. And the same for all of the others that have had friends and family exposed. I have no family exposed yet, mostly friends or family of other friends, no serious complications fortunately. Things are only going to get worse now that "people are tired of dealing with this", five minutes into what is going to be a long, long marathon.
  11. I mean...probably the biggest free game they've ever had, servers on the store are crashing repeatedly, hah. 😁 Got mine, though!
  12. GTA V Premium Edition is free. I never got around to paying for this on PC, only played it a bit on the consoles long ago. Will be fun to mess around with it at least (and probably throw in some really stupid mods)!
  13. We have been getting periodic drops from Equilibrium in Wisconsin. In fact, we have a couple of kegs on right now. Most of their stuff is really, really good. I do have a few cans in my fridge right now of a triple IPA of theirs that is...a bit much. Younger me would have been fine with it, but these days, it's a little too boozy (10%) for an IPA, hah.
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