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  1. I’d have thought the Mini is at the absolute limit on price already; once upon a time its role was as the iPad for people who couldn’t afford a full size one, and now its 50% more expensive than the basic iPad they announced about five minutes before.
  2. It kind of feels like the R3 is only a 3 because they know that sooner or later they're going to have to match the A1 for resolution. But then, the 1DX isn't any higher.
  3. The last time Sound Bars had their ow. Thread was a decade ago, so I’ll ask here - are there any good ones? I’m considering both going to a dedicated stereo music setup, and then a soundbar elsewhere for film / tv watching, because big speakers everywhere aren’t a great look. On the other hand, the trend seems to be back to having genuine rear speakers that might be “wireless” in not using speaker cables, but need plugging into mains instead, so aren’t much of a win. They’re also big black speaker shaped things anyway, and so definitely not an improvement from some small white B&W bookshelves, if I did build a one thing does all setup.
  4. The more I think, the more the whole thing is a complete mess. Because they don’t get any money from Adobe CC subs either.
  5. I don’t know if that quite works, as it’s not any more a threat that Netflix is to Apple TV+. The problem is that if you can offer your cloud-based software subscription service without them getting a cut of Xbox sub fees, it’s a danger to the entire App Store.
  6. Re: Jefferson Airplane, it's a good song. It is, honest. It's just that after both The Game and Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas used it in quick succession back there, every subsequent appearance on a soundtrack feels horribly cliché "ooh, drugs bad, right?" stuff. With Alice and her pills actually having thematic resonance here it's a lot more allowed.
  7. Wolverine's canonically quite happy to run "bad guys" through with pointy violence, has the superpower of being able to heal rapidly, if only you hide and calm down for a few moments, and the big hair, sideburns and bulky muscles look makes him instantly recognisable as a silhouette without having to licence Jackman's face. Sounds pretty handy for a videogame to me.
  8. That’s a very interesting and nuanced argument, AtC. I am, naturally, ignoring any obligation to give it a similarly serious and nuanced reply, because I’m still laughing at someone who has purchased multiple Leicas calling gaming “a uniquely expensive hobby.” Sorry.
  9. I get why they need to remind people Gran Turismo is coming, what with the Forza Horizon 5 release coming up, but unless it’s pretty imminent I feel mentioning a date is a hostage to fortune. They’re not exactly the best at deadlines.
  10. Yep, September 30th next year for Mission now.
  11. Damn and blast. Top Gun Maverick has been put back to May 27th next year. Which presumably pushes Mission 7 back as well.
  12. Oh. Oh. I somehow thought they’d got both cuts on the same discs now. Well, that’s a pass from me, then.
  13. There’s two discs of special features per film there, no? Isn’t that enough to fit them all on, if you’re using Blu-rays?
  14. It's a very impressive combination of what's obviously animatronics and what I can only assume is carefully used projection for the humans and jumping 'raptors. I do hope it spends more time before that starts on the "ooh, aaah" aspect of Jurassic Park, before it rushes to the "running and screaming" stuff. The JP water splash thing we rinsed back at Universal Hollywood was great at letting the visuals bed in before the charging around happens.
  15. It’s very nicely done. It’s just that buying a bundle with a second black controller was the only way I could source my Series X in the first place last year, and the three Xbox One controllers in the house work with it as well. I really don’t need any more.
  16. Since it's possible to have custom liveries, I give it 24 hours at most between plane launch and one being available.
  17. Took a look, nobody had posted, unless I have the wrong room. But I turned it off after about 40 minutes of being terminally bored. Bungie’s was far better, with hardly any dead space.
  18. Ah, good point. I mean, I had Quake running on my first ever Windows box before graphics cards were really "a thing" so I don't know why I even feel the need to point out it's undemanding as long as you actually have a Windows machine.
  19. So is it just the seat that moves, and not the pedals, wheel & screen? Though I supposed it’s not enough to complicate things too much.
  20. Wow, I suck on a joypad at this. Nothing like the aim assist of modern shooters. But give me a mouse and it all comes back. I played the absolute hell out of this back in the day.
  21. Well, this week’s What If…? rather knocked it out of the park.
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