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  1. I’m on Overcast. Doesn’t leak files the way Podcasts does; I got sick and tired of having to delete and reinstall Podcasts every couple of months because it’s incapable of cleaning its mess up.
  2. I had no idea Rare Replay wasn't already up there, as a 1st party title. I've got the disc, mind you. Torment is another one of those "it's supposedly very good, but I suspect I might bounce off it so I'm really glad I'm getting a try without paying" titles, so that's nice.
  3. Thanks for the heads-up. We had a Salamander board in our arcade, not a Life Force one, so that's a relief.
  4. I am a good boy and will not purchase all three versions of the console. Nor, however, will I figure out why this excites me in a way none of the other Mini consoles do; I never had one of them the first time around, just played a bunch of R-Type in the arcade.
  5. Nice. Seems odd to announce them like this though, when the idea is any version doing without R-Type is madness.
  6. Damn, I wrote Lawrence and now I'm wishing I'd picked a Fincher.
  7. I don’t think it means a multi-film set, but something like my Soundtrack, Script paperback and VHS of S&S
  8. I spent an hour or so trying Kingdom New Lands on Xbox Game Pass. Wow, that thing really doesn't want to explain a single little bit of what you've got to do, does it?
  9. Really looking forward to watching my copy - just got to persuade the family to watch it.
  10. £6k won't quite even get you the 25" version of Sony's reference display monitor for film production work, so the monitor itself seems perfectly good value, yes. It's just the wilful refusal to make that monitor VESA like everyone else, coupled with asking a grand for a monitor arm that costs almost twice the price of a tricked-out Humanscale M10 but in terms of functionality is closer to the one that came bundled with my Dell Ultrasharp. Re: putting it in the keynote, it would appear they're shipping the display with no stand at all, and so this thing is going to be attached to all of the demo booths on the floor. If they didn't talk about it, then journalists are going to assume it comes with the panel.
  11. That's my thinking - I can't think of many environments where people are going to want a £20k computer hooked up to a £6k display that aren't using desk arms from the likes of Humanscale. This is a trinket for Ive worshippers, not a real tool.
  12. STRIDER! Oh go on then, I'll have another copy of Strider to go with the (pretty much arcade perfect) PS1 version. This whole list is pretty great; the only things I think I'll miss are a handful of EA games like Desert Strike, and that's an understandable absence.
  13. That’s a relief for me; not upgrading my SE for at least another 15 months.
  14. I was going to buy it on Saturday, which was launch day. But after consideration over a couple of pints, going to this AMAZING Levantine restaurant in South Kensington and spending the £90 on dinner seemed like a sensible plan. So I don't have any plastic toys, but I do have a desire for more of those sticky roasted baby aubergines.
  15. If they make things more difficult to sync CD Rips with my iPod and iPhone then I will be all of the angry. But I’ve got to hope that stays, because storming off to Samsung in a huff is going to be a pain as well.
  16. I really hope it is the same pass. We already get a few titles for PC, the ones that you also get as a buy once, play anywhere thing - Forza, Sea Of Thieves and Gears, basically. Seems a bit rum to take those away just so they can sell us something new.
  17. At least I think Pixar still have the files to re-render Toy Story. All the Babylon 5 backups were lost straight after the show finished.
  18. Yeah, if there were an alternative reviewer of similar quality without them I’d go there.
  19. DAMN. That is one lineup. Might have another go at Superhot (I gave up when it got frustratingly difficult just as it was being irritatingly arch) but mainly I've been meaning to try Outer Wilds and Void Bastards.
  20. Nice little bonus to see them putting the 3D disc in the Alita box - normally those that still care for such things are expected to buy both the 3D and UHD releases separately.
  21. Unless the performance has persuaded them that concentrating efforts on a new film every two years is more productive than diverting to TV.
  22. Still £329 in the UK, sadly.
  23. Well, that's not a pair of massive spoilers, then.
  24. For the duration of the film I had no concerns about what was going on with the time travel and they obeyed the rules they explicitly set out. Anything beyond that boils down to the Looper "I don't want to talk about time travel because if we start talking about it then we're going to be here all day talking about it, making diagrams with straws" quote. If the writer thought one thing, the director another and the actor a third, then welcome to Blade Runner. Nobody says that's a bad film due to the ambiguity.
  25. Pattinson's excellent. One of the most interesting actors in Hollywood today. I still kind of want them to cast half the rest of the Twilight people as well, though, because I'm weird. It'll be fun! Stewart as Barbara Gordon, Billy Burke as the Commissioner, Michael Sheen as Joker, the whole lot!
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