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  1. I think my biggest overall disappointment with this game is how scripted Nemesis is. They touted how he was a beefier version of Mr. X from RE2 Remake but to be honest, Mr. X was actually a better implemented "spontaneous" stalker. Nemesis is very cool looking and the interactions are fun but there's almost nothing spontaneous about him. He appears at specific points in the story and those portions have a definitive end where you don't have to worry about him anymore. I do like the boss battles here and the tighter focus on action actually works really well. Jill is just fantastic the whole way through and Carlos is a much better character here overall. Jill and Carlos have a ton of chemistry and there are enough changes to keep you guessing story wise. That will invariably piss some people off because there are very real cuts to content featured in the original game. This is much more of a reimagining of RE3 and not a direct remake unlike RE2 which had its share of changes but still maintained a pretty faithful execution of the locations/story. Despite the changes, its still an effective and fun game It's ashame that Nemesis doesn't live up to the hype after Mr. X but if you enjoyed the previous remake, I don't know how you walk away disliking this one. They make for a nice Resident Evil double feature. I can't recommend getting the PS4 version enough until the X gets some much needed updates. The much closer lock to 60fps makes a substantial difference in playability and the refinements of the X versions native 4K aren't enough to make up for its performance deficiencies right now.
  2. It appears to be a bit wider yeah. Someone scaled it and did this:
  3. No new VR announcements as of yet but I do believe we have confirmation that current PSVR hardware is backwards compatible.
  4. The dpad looks like its lifted directly from a PSP:
  5. Hotline Miami Collection is also now available on the Xbox.
  6. I'm not joking. I literally didn't remember! Fuck I'm getting old.
  7. You're right! He's the AR bot from Playroom, I think?
  8. Journey to the Savage Planet coming to Game Pass April 9th for the console! Very cool! I've wanted to try this for awhile. For Xbox Yakuza fans, Yakuza Kawami is coming as well.
  9. Sony about to come at the Series X with an EDITED FOR CORRECTION: WAll-E console design!
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