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  1. I’m not sure why there’s so much “but why?” going on. It’s a company valued at 17 billion dollars who’s getting enormous investment right now (not just from Sony) to continue to expand their business across their entire portfolio. 1.5% doesn’t mean shit in terms of ownership stake but Sony isn’t after ownership. They are investing to *gasp* make money and hopefully strengthen their relationship. That 250 million can turn into increasing amounts of money with fairly mild gains on the company’s valuation. Corporations play the speculation game, too folks. I’m gonna guess that it’s a more sound investment than Keith’s stake in the steak-flavored condoms market.;)
  2. Done! I’ll post some thoughts tomorrow morning but there’s a reason this game is much beloved. Some more shots off of the JVC D Series which I grow to love more and more with each passing day.
  3. After 28 hours, number 29 is a bonafide classic that I never completed in my earlier gaming years - the great Chrono Trigger!
  4. I really hope the Series S/Lockhart is some insane low price like $299. I doubt it but I hope it is. I’m guessing $399 but if it was that low it would push speculation of the Series X coming in at $399 and if reports are true that Sony is holding off on a price reveal to see what Microsoft does first, that could push them to drive the price down on the PS5 if they were planning on a higher cost. Competition is a wonderful thing!
  5. Rumors running around that all current Xbox hardware is being officially discontinued: Amazon listing for the X: https://www.amazon.com/Xbox-One-X-1TB-Console/dp/B074WPGYRF/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=xbox+one+x&qid=1593892024&sr=8-2 S Digital: https://www.amazon.com/Xbox-All-Digital-Console-Disc-Free-Gaming/dp/B07XQXZXJC/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=xbox+one+s&qid=1594340369&sr=8-1
  6. Finally hitting the PS4... I hope that means we’ll get some PS4 physical copies.
  7. Sony has invested 250 million in a minority stake of Epic games and will broaden their collaboration with the studio. This does not affect their ability to publish on other platforms....
  8. I’m curious if Sony is using the same blue cases that are seemingly incapable of holding discs properly. I swear it’s not a PS4 game delivery if the disc isn’t rifling around the inside of the sealed case.
  9. Looks fine. I like the white/black contrast and as you said, it suits the look of the console. Side profile: I’d be interested to see a white case with the banner being blue instead....
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