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  1. PS5 supply shortage to extend into 2022. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-10/sony-warns-tight-playstation-5-supply-to-extend-into-next-year
  2. I rarely play RE games on something like Hardcore off of the bat. I find they usually tune the "Standard" difficulty to offer enough challenge to keep it interesting and the knowledge from the regular playthrough helps tremendously in the inevitable "Hardcore" run I will do. I just arrived at House Beneviento. I'm rather enjoying the hell out of this so far. Great atmosphere! Serious Resident Evil 4 vibes. The I'll pick it up again tomorrow as I just found the
  3. Also, really useful little move. Hit L1 again right after a guard to push the enemy away from you. Opens them up for a head shot.
  4. Interesting tidbit, too. The motion capture for the game was done at Sony Santa Monica.
  5. I finally stated this and am working through the castle. First thing I did was turn off the awful camera acceleration both on movement and aiming. I set sensitivity to 6 on both and man...WAY better. Far more accurate at getting headshots. I’m playing on standard off the bat but plan to do a hardcore run, too.
  6. Just note that if you watch that video there are HEAVY The Last of Us Part 2 spoilers for those that have not played it.
  7. I’m in the same boat with the latest game. I liked what little I played of it ...ok, but the more open world hub didn’t click with me and the stealth got a bit tedious so I never came back to it. I may revisit with this upgrade and give it a better shot as I’m a big fan of the first two.
  8. #15 is the somewhat mediocre Arabian Fight from Sega. Gorgeous pixel art but man it plays clunky as shit. Still, it was worth a quick playthrough to take in the pretty visuals.
  9. Nothing precludes Sony extending exclusivity again for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Complete Edition, etc. I’m betting mid-2022 before this ever hits another console or PC for that matter. For Square, it’s win/win. Keep taking the Sony money hat for as long as they want to pay it and eventually cash in on the Xbox Game Pass money.
  10. So much for that immediate Xbox announcement in June to coincide with the launch. I didn’t expect it as my understanding is that Sony has definite money wrapped up in the games development from the get-go.
  11. Good interview here: https://wccftech.com/the-ascent-qa-neon-giant-shares-info-on-game-length-crossplay-and-the-games-living-world/ - Game Pass confirmed for both PC and Console. - 4K/60 target for Series X, 1440p/60 for Series S, 4K/30 for One X and 900p/30 for Xbox One. - 15-20 hrs to complete the main quest. Plenty of side stuff to do. Much more at the link. Very much looking forward to this one!
  12. They day one patch, 1.03.1 which is the version that got reverted back to from 1.03.4 which broke the saves for folks and the current version which is 1.03.3.
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