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  1. Dark S2 is out. Currently on Ep4 of my S1 rewatch of the other damned amazing Netflix sci-fi show.:’
  2. I played about two hours last night and yeah it’s f’ng good! It’s a huge return to form for Igarashi and reminds me a ton of Dawn if Sorrow with its shard/Demon soul like mechanics. The music/atmosphere/story are pure Castlevania in all but name. I really need to finish Days Gone before fully diving in but ugh...I want to keep playing.
  3. Arcade Collection was indeed updated! https://mobile.twitter.com/korly/status/1140824888736976897?s=21
  4. The patch is out for both Contra and Castlevania Collections adding the Japanese versions of the games. I can confirm that the beeping audio issue in the original Castlevania has been corrected on the PS4 version. No changes to the display options from what I can tell but adjustable controls are finally in! The VRC6 emulation on Akumajou Densetsu/Castlevania III is pretty spot on, too.:) If they can add to the display options, both of these packages are just amazing collections. Even without additional adds, with the current patch they are worth every penny and are the best way to play these games on a modern platform. I didn’t check the Arcade Collection but I hope it’s been updated as well. Konami doing good things!
  5. Terraonion announces the Mega SD. The ultimate Sega flash cart! It’s up for preorder at $260. I put my order in!:)
  6. A smattering of screenshots taken off of the TV. This is an incredible mod! Not just for the video but the pure digital audio sounds amazing.
  7. My modded DCHDMI Dreamcast arrived today! Heres some pictures of the work done to it by Ben Fong over @iFixRetro.. DCHDMI board and ribbon install: The mini-HDMI case mod in progress: Finally, I had him install a new battery holder to easily swap out batteries when they run out (i.e. no more redoing the time every power cycle) and also a new self healing fuse that will prevent the controller board from frying if a controller is plugged in or out while the system is powered on: Cost of the DCHDMI kIt: $150 Cost of the mod work with shipping: $130 Total cost: $280 Dreamcast games upscaled to 1080p with pure digital video/audio: Priceless.
  8. Ashley Johnson almost lets slip the release date: Starts at 1:07:00 ZhugEX over at resetera who is a pretty trusted insider on the Sony side says that is indeed the targeted internal date (February 2020). It also lines up with Jason Schreier’s report that Death Stranding was hitting in November and TLOUII was pushed to early 2020.
  9. I sold of my figures on Ebay for the most part and yes there’s some good advice here already. If you’ve not sold on EBay and used PayPal the the money will be on hold for a bit before you can access it. The number of transactions and dollars will change that but as Joey mentioned, you should be aware of it. 1. When you post an auction, make sure to select that immediate payment is required. It gives the user three days to pay or they lose it. You can send an invoice before or after depending but more often than not, I’ve gotten payment immediately with no invoice and sent and I move ahead with shipping. I’ve sent invoices after on request. 2. Check the option to not accept offers or allow folks with zero feedback to buy your item. Don’t waste your time and save yourself the headache. There’s a boat load of scammers on Ebay. 3. Ebay and PayPal offer easy shipping services once an auction is complete via FedEx and UPS. I prefer Fedex as they have better rates but you can easily print labels and ship ASAP. Check rates to make sure you are posting accurate shipping costs on your auction based on the item you are shipping. You can do that right on the FedEx or USPS website. 4. Check other listings that have SOLD when pricing your item. I always set the price of the item a bit higher than that, listed the item as “Buy it Now” but allowed folks to make offers. I set the low end of the acceptable offer as the price I actually expected to get on the item. I rarely had to go lower.:) 5. If the items are smaller and you can absorb the cost, free shipping is enticing as hell to folks. I was lucky in that I shipped everything from work for free but I know most folks don’t have that option. If you can do it though, it may move faster. 6. Be super accurate with your descriptions. Folks will latch onto the tiniest missed detail you didn’t put in an auction and if it’s get to the point where Ebay gets involved - as the seller you’re going to lose. 7. Post pictures. Lots of them and be clear they are getting the item in the picture. Stock photos = I ain’t buying it. All of that having been said, don’t underestimate Facebook marketplaces and local options. Easy money to product swap, no shipping and no fees means more money in your pocket. Hope that helps.
  10. Its also not a game that lends itself to short bursts of play. It’s an involved narrative driven game with multi-leg quests, etc. The last place I’d care to play it is the Switch or on the go, frankly. It’ll be a nice technical curiosity at best for me but hey if this is your thing, I’m glad it exists.
  11. Your starting class doesn’t matter much and you can pick up ranged efficiencies as you progress including various magic types and bow/arrows.
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