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  1. Naughty Dog’s gif game is too strong....(all released for TLOU Day)
  2. 4K/30 (visual mode) or 1440p/60 (performance mode)? The fact that Morgan had to pixel count to even spot the resolution boasts well for how fantastic the IQ of the game is. Yeah, I’ll play at 60.:) ....and my goodness give Bluepoint Blooodborne!
  3. By the way, if you want a real world example, Warframe’s new update moves the game over to use the Oodle tech.... Yes, the pictures are identical. That’s the point. 15GB shaved off with no discernible hit to texture quality. Now combine that with a blazing fast I/O architecture that can decompress texture data at 8-9Gbps. When developers wrap their heads around optimizing that, they can start to swap in and out high quality assets in-game at will with minimal stress to the GPU. It’s pretty exciting stuff for all platforms, frankly.
  4. Summarized: It’s an ultra fast method of compressing textures. The ultra fast I/O speed of the PS5’s architecture alongside the dedicated “ Kraken” compression hardware in the PS5 AND the already insane speeds of the SSD, gives the CPU and GPU even less to manage . Thus freeing them up for more interesting things like better AI or even better visuals. It could also lead to smaller game sizes given how good the compression techniques are. Keep in mind that the tech is available for most platforms and the Series X has its own independent hardware compression as well. However, the speed
  5. After about 15 tries I won the race on Classic difficulty. I hereby swear that I will never play that damned thing again so long as I’m on this earth.
  6. Bland is the right word, yes. I don’t know why, either. I don’t hate the art direction. It doesn’t look downright broken or anything. It just doesn’t inspire much more than an “eh” from me when I watch gameplay though.
  7. About 4 missions in. Quick thoughts: 1. It's a beautiful game, really. The upgrade over the original isn't even worthy of comparison in terms of visual fidelity. It runs at a smooth 30fps clip on the X with almost no performance issues that I can discern. As with the other Hangar 13 game (Mafia III), it has some problems. Lots of clipping, weird AI shit going on in the world, etc. It lends the game a feeling of lacking a bit of polish. Hopefully patches will get the game where it needs to be in that regard. 2. Not a huge fan of the liberties taken with the character models for
  8. Best trailer they’ve done doesn’t mean it looks great. It’s a decidedly average looking melee loot game. Maybe that ends up being /ok/. It’s not worth $70 to find out.
  9. That’s definitely the best trailer they’ve had for the game. May be something I look at once I’ve exhausted the other launch titles unless it turns out amazing.
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