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  1. I’ve been wanting to give this another try and I have the One X version so I’m quite excited to see this update play out so well on the Series X. Though, I’d love to see a 30fps “fidelity” mode with added resolution and tessellation restored.
  2. This looks like a Beserk-esque brawler: ....and this is from some folks that really liked Streets of Rage 4 but then I’m down for more 2D style brawlers so...
  3. Here you go: https://www.theverge.com/2021/6/15/22535123/microsoft-windows-11-leak-screenshots-start-menu https://www.windowscentral.com/wasnt-windows-10-supposed-be-last-version-windows
  4. I'll buy it on both if the PS5 version supports proper haptics/feedback. Monkey Ball is travel/handheld perfection as my company starts to open up travel next year.
  5. They're going through this on the Treehouse right now and I think it looks fantastic. I love the stark/contrasty environments and I love the new suit design. Confirmed to be a sequel to Metroid Fusion.
  6. Yeah. It wasn't huge on surprises so I can see others being perhaps underwhelmed but it was high on my "stuff I'm definitely buying" meter so it landed for me.
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