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  1. I forgot about an then started using the new Trophy tracker in the new PS5 UI for Kena. It’s very handy and fits right into the activity cards when you hit the PS button! Very nifty little tool and you shouldn’t sleep on it if trophies are a thing for you as they are for me.
  2. Yay… Super hyped after that cliffhanger at the end of Season 3.:)
  3. Final boss battle on Expert. By this point I was an hour in and started fucking up the simple stuff (platforming):
  4. I’ll spoiler these. It’s a few of the last boss battles you’ll need to contend with:
  5. #44 is the beautiful but surprisingly hard as fuck, Kena Bridge of Spirits. Very happy to have this one finally released and it turned out very well!
  6. Done. The last two boss battles put a whole lot of Dark Souls bosses to shame on the hardest difficulty. The second to last boss? Well, if you haven’t gotten down the timing for parries by that point - you’re fucked. Proper parry/counters are required or you’re getting your ass handed to you. The last boss is a meat grinder that requires all kinds of dodging and an enemy gauntlet that left me trying the entire battle over and over again for nearly a hour. I see a lot of folks notching the difficulty down on this one, even on normal. I don’t think I have it in me to do this all over again on master difficulty to get the platinum. I unlocked every other trophy in the game but I’m not feeling terribly sadistic any time soon. Maybe when the mood hits me for a replay in a few months….
  7. It has but it doesn’t mean I’m really interested in seeing it play out much.
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