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  1. True, but for occasional digging out of things like Universal's Creature of the Black Lagoon Blu-ray, you do have the advantage of probably the best TV ever made that could do 3D.
  2. There were rumours flying around that the mighty Olivia Colman is joining, as well. Did they solidify? Because if someone's decided to recast the role to Clarke I am going to be DISAPPOINTED.
  3. Despite turning up on my Twitter feed, I hadn't actually watched the trailer until now. That looks amazing.
  4. It really is excessively shallow of me to complain that Apple can't stick to a unified range of colours, isn't it? I totally adore the bold tones of these new iMacs, but where I'd put one I'd never see the back of it, so it's kind of irrelevant. Meanwhile, neither the iPads nor iPhones have that gorgeous orange.
  5. Just been reading this back (weird password issues mean I can't actually log in on most of my devices, so I forget to reply a lot of the time now.) At least when I bought my LG C8 a couple of years ago, the Sony TVs still had excellent image quality. But just frankly appalling Smart TV performance, because they insisted on running Android with vastly underpowered CPU and memory compared to the competition. It was literally in the agonising wait between me pressing the Menu button and anything happening on the 80f that I decided to spend the extra for the LG, despite having gone in 90% certain
  6. I get that it's a very impressive bit of kit for playing DV, lossless audio etc. But why make a dodgy knockoff OPPO clone, one that still costs more than I paid for my perfectly fine Sony UHD player, and then not let it read optical discs?
  7. I really liked my ISS, but it's also living in its box right now. All the more demonstration that I've nowhere for a shuttle.
  8. That Shuttle looks amazing; if I knew where I'd put it I'd buy one.
  9. I spent the first hour or two of this being really quite resentful that this was a "videogame" game. The Oldest House is so atmospheric, and the story stuff works so well through discovering notes that link to each other etc, but the shooting was just horrible. I'm rubbish at aiming on joypads, and having to pick out headshots because everything was a bullet sponge was just frustrating. Then the paranatural powers started to unlock, and so did the weapon upgrades. Now, around Chapter 7, I'm absolutely loving the game, even when it gets a bit frustrating (that Anchor boss is one I'm
  10. So far, everything I fancy on the US is also coming to the UK, so that's a relief. The Matrix, the new Garbage (maybe? The regular superdeluxe looks nicer than the RSD version, and both are coming out around the same time), The Flaming Lips (mainly for those stereo mixes of Zaireeka! because somehow a vinyl pressing is more convenient, not less). Then only the UK get the live Suede lp, whatever the Chemical Brothers are doing (hah - I've been burned too many times with them, and know full well it'll be impossible to find except for all the money on ebay), Chapterhouse (God only knows what a 4
  11. Oh no. Why did I read this, when having carefully decided I didn't need to take advantage of the current £99 offer on the PI3? https://www.bowerswilkins.com/en-gb/headphones/pi3 I don't need new headphones; I'm happy with my C5 II, P3 and RHA TrueConnect, particularly given how little I get to use them these days.
  12. To be fair, I rarely re-watch special features, so if I just stream them on D+ I'll live.
  13. Even if they don’t launch together it seems mad they’d not grow the PSVR support in GT Sport to something more substantial, now Sony have indicated they don’t want to bin VR completely the way everyone did 3D.
  14. I do wonder with these car packs how many have actually got bored or driving all the several hundred others that are already in the game.
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