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  1. But also, there’s now an AppleTV app for the Amazon Fire Stick, latest Samsungs and a few others.
  2. I never got an opportunity to play Galaxy 2 properly bar a five minute go on my Brother’s copy, so that can come again. I idly started playing 64 yet again on an emulator the other day, and it still brings joy so I’ll take that, too. I wonder if Sunshine’s camera and level progression feels any less broken now?
  3. Both the dpad and the controller as a whole look much better from that side view; you’re right that it looks like the (poor, but just about serviceable) PSP one. Top view made it look almost flush to me. All those seams are going to be great for collecting dust and gunk in, though. Even if they do have a gloriously All Is Full Of Love aesthetic to the white carapace over black underbody style, which makes me want to forgive everything.
  4. Wow. That is quite possibly the worst dpad I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen the original Xbox controller.
  5. Yay - I think we've hit almost every one of those in this house (I did, eventually, get past 5% by watching what my son had done; I'd totally failed to pick up on the "shoot globes with arrow thing to extend bridges" part).
  6. I'm really curious what the implications are for PC monitors are, as they're the one place I'd still consider LCD. OLED Burn In isn't a big concern for the varied sort of use my TV gets, but the number of hours my PC spends with a Windows taskbar at the bottom mean I won't be getting a monitor like that any time soon.
  7. We had a ship. Attempting to reconstruct it when Finn was young led me to realise it’s not that great a model.
  8. The Western influence on the show I love. The video game one, where you have to sit through a lumpen bit of backstory and leaden product shots of his new upgrade every time he completes a fetch quest, rather less so.
  9. They were certainly showing £30 when I last looked. I'm sure. I'm not just going mad, honest. Am I going mad?
  10. I've just driven to the veg market for the first time in over a fortnight, and it's weird out there. Rush hour should at least mean having to stop for a roundabout once. Still, market had everything I wanted, no queue and fresh air, so well worth trying that instead of a supermarket.
  11. Old titles that were released at £18 are still £18. The latest releases were £30, last time I saw them. But I guessed that might be just overpriced?
  12. I could just about understand it when the crazy-long Until The End Of The World and Tree Of Life cuts arrived at that price as they’re packed, multi-disc sets. But no, this is their new standard.
  13. Oh, I know they’re good if you’re clever. But I’m an idiot, and I need to be told what to do.
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