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  1. The other good thing about the 75mm is that even if it's a tiny bit more intimidating than the 50mm for street photos, you're that much further away from sticking it right in their face.
  2. Minor thing - unless I’ve misremembered, it’s 100 for HDR10 backlight, but 50 for DV for some reason I didn’t understand.
  3. I’m trying not to buy any vinyl at the moment. But that is so tempting.
  4. Well, that’s definitely convinced me. I’d vaguely been wondering why the hell you’d buy the expensive model, rather than the cheap one and then shove a 2TB SSD in there? And the answer is “because none of those cheap 2TB drives will fit.”
  5. It wasn’t particularly revelatory, no. No definite news on Part Two green light or anything. Lots of discussion about how much of a Dune fan he is, how many of the phenomenal cast they managed to get because everyone else loves Dune as well, and how big his insistence was on shooting exterior desert scenes in the desert rather than relying on sound stages and vfx isn’t a diss on people who can shoot virtually, but because capturing natural light in locations that inspire cast and crew is what he’s good at personally.
  6. Just got out of a preview screening at the BFI Southbank, including a prerecorded Q&A with Villeneuve. Don’t panic, it is properly great. Quibbles almost entirely revolve around the fact that it’s Part One, and I need Part Two tomorrow night, please. Cast are amazing, Villeneuve manages to keep the focus on character despite massive spectacle, and despite once again failing to bring a memorable tune Zimmer’s score really emphasises the pressure both Paul and Jessica feel under the weight of their responsibilities.
  7. Tbh there’s not a whole lot needed to get a fairly sensible setup - shove it in ISF Dark will do most of it.
  8. Re: brightness, i use both ISF dark room set to about 35, and bright room set to 100 - the latter gets activated occasionally, for the likes of Harry Potter on a sunny day.
  9. Digital first for me on the purchase front; it’s been lovely having 4K iTunes at my fingers for the others, as they’re exactly the tosh I want when I can’t be bothered to get up for a disc.
  10. I was really disappointed with how understated most of the Zimmer score was. The rare moments of melody soar so beautifully, the rest of it being generic action rhythms like the last half of Spectre was frustrating. Particularly when so much of the film uses nostalgia and callbacks to such glorious effect. Some really lovely moments I won’t spoil for others. Personally, I loved the film overall, though I can totally see why some don’t.
  11. Talk of Zeiss lenses for it fits with why I’m getting A Field In England vibes. That was shot on the RED Epic with Zeiss lenses, and again doesn’t feel the need to apply artificial film grain. That also looked great, I thought, and the “digital” look for a period piece didn’t bother me the way Lubezki’s robotic pans did in The Revenant.
  12. Since you’ve made me watch this evil thing again, I’ve now seen it other than through the shock of how dire it is. And so ive noticed that they’re just going around Moa Therma again. As seen in Pulse, HD and Omega Collection. Someone’s obviously not bothered going very far to collect assets for this cash-in.
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