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  1. The non-VR version moved from intensely cool to irritating pretty quickly, but the VR one is really good, yes.
  2. I think my Superhot is via Twitch Prime and my Superhot VR in Steam is from a Humble Bundle, so I don't know I'll get a freebie. Kind of feel like the game ran the gamut of what's possible with the concept the first time, so will see what happens.
  3. Seems daft to use a blue case that doesn't match the art style when they're storing games on UHDs.
  4. The R6 is rather lovely on a specs level; I particularly like the idea of the AF being able to track wildlife as well as faces. But it's (give or take £100) twice the price of a 6D mk II and £120 more than Amazon want for a 5D mk iv. Waaay out of my league.
  5. Given they’re officially announcing it at lunchtime it’s not surprising things are leaking. Part of me fancies the R6. Part of me is very aware how little I’ve used the 7D during lockdown.
  6. That was my thought too; surely that game came out last year?
  7. Look pretty, look up from the horizon to show we’re on a Banks Orbital. That’s what I want from a Halo game; I don’t care about the actual plot and the movement is horrifically sluggish these days. if you can give me even half the beauty and moment to moment fun of Destiny (though maybe leave the loot grind at home) then I’ll be curious.
  8. Multiplayer, multiplatform games can benefit a lot from the good word; I think of how Rocket League wouldn't be half the phenomenon it was if so many PS+ subscribers hadn't given it a chance.
  9. Avengers could well be the right call; there's certainly a big audience for a good Avengers game, but few seem to think this will be it. If it's better than people expect, then it would rapidly build word of mouth. If it isn't, then Microsoft cash would temper the risk of a bomb. Otherwise, anything that needs multiplayer opponents.
  10. We’ve seen Potter; it’s bloody marvellous. It was also only about £135 per person for both parts when we went, and that’s for two nights’ live entertainment. We may have been high up, but it the view and sound were good. It was cheaper to go two nights than do the whole thing in one go on a Saturday, too. We already had tickets to see Hamilton a couple of weeks after lockdown started, But rather than keep the refund, we’re contemplating going for better seats when we rebook because we absolutely know it’s going to be worth it.
  11. Blimey, I didn’t even noticed we’d missed a year!
  12. I launch from Steam, but then my headset is Windows MR with the Steam VR plugin. As for controls, I'm far too left-handed to use a HOTAS, so I've got my T.16000m in my left hand, an Xbox One pad in my right that has forward/reverse thrusters mapped to trigger and bumper, lateral thrust on the right stick and pips on the dpad (plus assorted controls mapped across pad and stick buttons). There's no way I'd go to motion controllers and give up the spring of a stick. By the way, for anyone who hasn't noticed, the economy's just completely broken. People who understand what they're doing are making a fortune on Low Temperature Diamond mining, and while I can't get my head around it there are routes out there where my T9 can shift Tritium around for about 30 million credits a trip. After half a dozen of them I earned enough with my Python to buy the T9 and now have about 160MCr in the bank while I start to consider whether it may soon be time for the Anaconda.
  13. It's an even numbered year. I will be shocked and disappointed if we don't get Forza 8.
  14. One thing's for sure, once Coronageddon tails off we'll see an interesting statistic from how quickly tickets to see it live crash the website.
  15. Love the typewriter. Slightly bored of the whole “sets from 90s shows middle aged white guys like me remember” series of Ideas winners now, though. Feel a bit patronised for some reason. Is that weird?
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