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  1. Thankfully our local shop owner knows his audience well, and while he was only able to get one Matrix despite pleading for more, we was well stocked for Chapterhouse.
  2. You say that, but the little rhythm game killed me every single time with at least one fault.
  3. I failed to preorder, partly due to general indecision, but also because there’s talk that the cheapest model will still have the m.2 socket in there. If there’s a good chance we can buy the cheap one then throw in a TB or so of space then that’s great.
  4. I’m sure I read somewhere that the cheap Thrustmaster Hotas would be the one they were supporting, so I’m not surprised. I am disappointed, though - the T.16000m is both vastly better and more suited to lefties like myself.
  5. I had the Matrix in my hand, and let the guy next to me have it, as it was the one thing he was queuing for for three hours and I think I’d be OK with the SACD. Did manage to buy the Art Of Noise (obviously I have an original pressing, but wanted the extra disc of stuff), Hospital Records ep, Chapterhouse (WHY did they stick the limited edition numbering, where I have number 36, on the shrink wrap???), The Keep and Possum. None of which has managed to shift the glow-in-the-dark rerelease of Spiritualized’s Pure Phase off the deck yet, mind you. It’s SO GOOD.
  6. Really? Because after half the Jungle Cruise one the constant Dad-jokes are doing my head in. I dread to think how I’d be with the Netflix shows, then. Still, there’s also a lot of good stuff, even if a lot of it feels like retreading the contents of the last Imagineering series.
  7. I’m not preordering; I know how picky I am about the feel of hardware and screen quality. But my hopes are up - I currently play a fair bit of Xbox stuff streamed to my iPhone on the sofa while someone else is watching TV, so a device that’s up to Destiny 2 at 720p (and those specs can easily do that) is pretty tempting - it’s going to be a hell of an emulation box, too.
  8. Oh, that's a big point. Buying the base one, then discovering I can't fit Destiny 2 on it, would be a nightmare.
  9. Cartridges are essentially custom SD cards anyway, and since the whole selling point of this is “the Switch where instead of re-buying Zelda and Mario once again, your entire Steam library is already on there for no extra charge” I can’t see Valve ever wanting to somehow integrate locked-down cards
  10. It’s also worth noting that a *lot* of the content that was free for a while on Destiny 2 has been retired now; the freebie bits are now mostly focused on ensuring the multiplayer dependent sections (Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Raids) are well populated so those spending money can easily find a game, and/or persuade friends to join them for a kick about.
  11. Is it any better than the last few EA racers at letting you race, rather than constantly interrupting you with tutorials, requirements to log in to their online services, kicking you out to a title screen if it can’t find its server, video cutscenes rendered in lower quality than the in-game graphics, and so on? Rivals was a complete nightmare when I tried it again recently.
  12. Last I looked, nearly all the people who made Criterion the people who made Burnout Paradise had left years ago. “Criterion” were doing the vehicle stuff for Battlefield. EA hadn’t put out a good arcade racer since what, the second game called Most Wanted?
  13. Nice. Mind you, even the current HD stream I was watching the other week has a fair few hilariously low-detail shots with optical transitions , so I’m not sure UHD is going to help it a lot without some work.
  14. Switch at launch, then maybe Xbox if it hits a sale or I'm really convinced it looks any better.
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