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  1. Either you don't care enough about Xboxes to preorder this morning, you care enough to buy the X on general "it's the most powerful" principle, or you're so close to the ground that DF has persuaded you it might not be able to handle 1440p with every bell and whistle the X has, and are waiting to see what their pixel peeping obsessiveness says. But you're probably not getting a Series S today.
  2. Ah, fair enough then. It just involves going around in 1st person and drawing shapes in the air with your hands to cast spells - so it really looked like a VR game to me. Happy to be corrected.
  3. Exactly - if Beth thought it was good value to take Sony’s inducement to exclusivity before, that doesn’t change now.
  4. No, I’m just going off what we’ve seen so far, really. If it’s not, then I guess it’s a bit more of a challenge, but it seems all exclusives are timed if you wait long enough. Still, the footage shows, and the blurb all claims, that it’s a first person game based around using hand gestures to cast magic. Which sounds like the primary target is motion control VR, even if there’s also a flat option with buttons and Black and White style stuff.
  5. I’m assuming nothing about the quality. Just everything about how many VR headsets are available for Microsoft consoles. It would be stupid to bin development just to spite Sony.
  6. Tango’s PlayStation exclusive “Ghostwire” looks an awful lot like a VR game. Being “console exclusive” is no skin off Microsoft’s nose if that’s the case.
  7. I’m not rushing to a Series X (most likely when I’ve got Hitman III) but I both share my drive space with a son who plays far too much Destiny 2, but Hitman ends up around the 100GB mark by the time you’ve got the first game and all the Gold Edition DLC imported, I’m still dabbling in Forza Horizon 4 and I tend to have a load of smaller arcade stuff around. Best part of a terabyte before we even get to these bigger Series titles.
  8. OK, right now I'm not rushing to any sort of new consolebox. There's nothing very wrong with my Xbox One S or Nintendo Switch, there's still a backlog in the PS4 I've not touched in ages, either. But mostly, I've solved the problem of the 7D by buying a second-hand Mark II. Should be here by the end of the week. Wex say it's in great condition except the previous owner lost the eye cup, and those are the same as on my Mark I, so that's no worry at all.
  9. I'm sure it makes the most sense for Microsoft (who make no secret of just wanting your subscription, whether you buy their hardware or not) being only too happy for people to know that (e.g.) Deathloop is a lovely game they're welcome to hand over SEVENTY FRICKING POUNDS STERLING for the honour of having a PS5 copy, or just run a platform that allows Game Pass and pay £11 per month.
  10. I have to imagine that's why it's got a curved top in horizontal mode, too, much like the PS3 George Foreman design. Microsoft have just gone for making it really obvious where the intake and exhaust are, then relying on people not being an idiot placing a book over the fan.
  11. We assume so, yes. In that Wanda’s clearly bending reality pretty hard to achieve her dream of a “normal life” with Vision, and that trailer suggests reality is bending back just as fiercely. All we know about Doctor Strange 2: Doctor Stranger is that the real title implies a multiverse setting. Wanda’s shenanigans are the most likely cause, but we’ve all seen enough time travel movies to know that the stuff he gets up to with that Time Stone is quite capable of trouble already. And that’s before anyone thinks too hard about paradoxes caused by killing Past Thanos in Endgame.
  12. This is the size it would be if, like Microsoft’s devices, it were a cuboid. It -is- the size you need to give space to, but making all twiddly futuristic curves means they’re giving up more space than they might. So I’m really curious to know what’s going on in there - is it an airflow thing?
  13. Still not sure if I’ll preorder, or wait to see what DF say about things. Or just leave it until Hitman arrives.
  14. I really want to know what the game is. From the trailer, which rightly knows that the real draw is just being in Hogwarts, it could be anything from Destiny to Bloodborne to Baldur’s Gate. I mean, it’s coming to PS5 so it’s almost certainly some sort of open-world, 3rd person over the shoulder action RPG, but beyond that I don’t have a clue.
  15. The pack gets a lot more drawn out on higher difficulties, yes. On easy the slipstream is just SO powerful.
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