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  1. The game as a whole was diabolical, not just the tilt controls. Although there's a fair argument to be made for the level design being so yawn-inducing -because- they had to simplify things so much to cope with the vague controls, I guess. But really, it's AWFUL. One of the most disappointing games I've ever played, and I had Rise of the Robots.
  2. No, Bond's old-fashioned nature bouncing off the modern world's been a theme going back to at least GoldenEye and is even in some of the books. Making him come face to face with his own replacement in the job is a natural extension of that. If you want to get all technical about it, he's given 7777 in the novel of You Only Live Twice as part of his new identity, and someone else is the new 007 after he "dies."
  3. Bought this last week to congratulate my son on winning an achievement prize at school. So far he's crafted two pretty impressive levels, and has to show they're even possible to me, as they're way beyond my skill level. I've not really done the time on 2D Mario since World and he keeps creating bits that are only possible with deft use of the cat outfit, bone shells etc.
  4. If that mystery 5.4" screen ends up being roughly SE sized but with the screen coverage of the current range, I think I've found what would get me to upgrade.
  5. That's pretty sensible, yes. Brings the XS down to about the list price of an XR if you want to justify it to yourself.
  6. Indeed; there's a big nerdy wiki page somewhere (of COURSE there is) of all the other people who've had Double O status across novels, films, comics and radio plays. Most of the numbers other than 7 have been used multiple times for different people; 009's died three times now, if memory serves (opening of Living Daylights, opening of Skyfall and one other I forget.)
  7. Oooh, I was just thinking today how much I wanted to watch Akira again but only have the old Pioneer DVD Tin.
  8. Not for an iPad, which I'd mainly do consumery things on, but the new Dell XPS offers an OLED option they claim covers DCI-P3, and I can see how that would be well worth the risk of burn-in for people wanting a small, light wide-gamut device.
  9. I’ve got my money’s worth out of it before I moved on, easily. I just have the problem that what sounds like the coolest stuff is always at the end of a grind I get about a third of the way through before the next expansion comes out and it charges off into the distance again. It’s really not aimed at people who play it as little as I do.
  10. Congratulations! I occasionally think I should go back to this, having played a bunch of both Destinies without ever completing either a Nightfall or a Raid, but I don't know when I'd find the time. Maybe I should wait until the cross-platform thing happens so I can play with Xbox owners from my PC. Mind you, there's also the fact that I'm liable to throw a mini tanty at the way the new Free version of Destiny 2 basically consists of "All the stuff I paid money for".
  11. Apparently there are end credits that roll after you do something, yes. Not that I've got there yet myself.
  12. The man’s rocking a five-year-old telephone; I wouldn’t recommend he use OLED for the display of static UI elements on a computer either.
  13. I know Psycho's a popular classic, but I really can't see them doing it if they pass up both the VistaVision films you mention; that would surely be where you'd start for great looking Hitchcock 4k.
  14. We watched Apollo 11 in IMAX on Saturday, and it is AMAZING. So obviously I've been rather miffed that it wasn't getting a UHD release, particularly given how much of the footage is 70mm, some of the rest uses stills from the astronauts' Hasselblads and just it's incredible to look at. But Dogwoof in the UK are now showing there will be one! https://www.apollo11movie.co.uk/watch-at-home/ I thought I'd seen enough Apollo documentaries over the years; I was VERY wrong.
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