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  1. Even if they don’t launch together it seems mad they’d not grow the PSVR support in GT Sport to something more substantial, now Sony have indicated they don’t want to bin VR completely the way everyone did 3D.
  2. I do wonder with these car packs how many have actually got bored or driving all the several hundred others that are already in the game.
  3. III is the only one I've played, and I only really got into playing through the levels in single-player for the plot and environments, rather than the loot grind side that seems to suck in so many. But my impression from the trailer is that this is still II but with shinier graphics and an awful lot (an AWFUL LOT) of clever real-time lighting effects. So my gut says III has a lot of variation in the environments compared to these rectangular levels, but as I understand it, II has more on the loads and loads of enemies and clever weapons stuff. So what are you after from the game?
  4. I’m just adoring WV. I don’t know a lot of this Marvel comic stuff going on, I don’t need to, but the jokes are funny, the plot doesn’t hang around too much, the mystery has enough of its own twisted logic that it doesn’t feel there just to string us along, and everyone from Hahn to Bettany is great fun.
  5. I can confirm that 4K/DV Dirty Dancing is great on iTunes. That is a LOT of grain, but even the stream does a good job with it. Obviously, within about 20 minutes I was just watching the film, and refuse to feel shame about that.
  6. Don’t forget that only the PS4 version (free with the PS5 version) can do VR. At least import Hitman 1 into 2. The Series X graphics on 3 are amazing, but mostly on the 3 levels that are designed with it in mind; improvements from the 2 engine are mostly subtle on the older levels so far (I’ve not played them all yet, but I’ve seen about half of them.) But most of all, you can import your progress from 2 (including on the 1 levels) into 3. Anything done directly in 1 won’t carry forward.
  7. Might have to take Elite for a spin and see how it is on Xbox. Not that I’ve found time for the PC one in ages.
  8. Having had a pair of ex-display, white One S controllers for a while, they’re fine in terms of the hard plastic. I’ve heard that Design Studio controllers with white thumb sticks are a bugger for getting dirty, but the red and blue shouldn’t be trouble.
  9. Just catching up on the thread. Claims abound of Whedon being an abusive creep in terms of how he’s treated his ex-wife and a number of female cast over the years, but in this specific instance “he decided to almost entirely axe the new team member who’s also the least interesting and least famous on both cast and character levels while he was turning a four hour mess into a snappier, two-hour one” is a pretty weaksauce complaint, no matter how much it sucked for the guy thinking it was his big break.
  10. What’s actually wrong with it, having never loaded myself? Obvious contenders include the decision to switch to 3rd person for the shooting rather than vice versa, not enough variation in the dress-up, or just How Mass Effect shooting is a dull, fiddly mess compared to Halo’s, and Destiny is much better at it than even that.
  11. Apex Predator. Wow. Possibly the greatest “I’m not locked in here with you” turnaround of the whole series. The panic on the radio is brilliant.
  12. Yeah, One S and One X both have internal power supplies; I think my Series X is using the same figure-8 cord that belonged to the One S that moved out of the way for it.
  13. As the owner of more racing games than sense I’m certainly not criticising anyone’s need for more variants. And let’s face it, the differences were always going to be at least as big as between the ‘97 and ‘99 Subaru in a Gran Turismo or whatever. But if there are differences like that, it makes more sense to me why people would want a new College game in principle, rather than just “someone else makes a football game, instead of the Madden Team again.” Thanks!
  14. Oooh, been wanting The Falconeer since I first saw a gif, and was going to buy it after doing Hitman III and Control.
  15. I’m going to sound like an idiot here, and ask the ignorant question. Does College Football have a different rule set to the professional game? Or is it just a different roster of names and outfits you want from this over Madden?
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