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  1. I possibly wouldn’t say no to a White House Down disc. It’s so much better than Olympus Has Fallen.
  2. https://shop.ee.co.uk/watches/pay-monthly-watches/apple-watch-series-5-44mm-silver-with-white-sport-band/details £28/month - when I spoke in the shop recently about the exact same deal on the S4 they were willing to drop the £30 upfront the 44mm asks for, so you could probably persuade them into the same deal, particularly given you're not going into the preorder rush. Makes the base price £552 over the two years, which isn't an obscene markup over the £530 you'd pay up front.
  3. Unlimited data/minutes/texts as well. But really, check out the cost of a contract watch; when I did the maths it was cheaper to take the watch on contract for two years than buy outright and pay the £5/m
  4. Blackmagic bodies are aimed at indie/low budget cinema, not stills. Or for times when Michael Bay wants to mount one in a car before crashing that car into another car and blowing both cars up.
  5. Its £5/month on EE sim only, but their contract watches aren’t bad value if you want it.
  6. Oh dear Lord. Just had a play in the "configure your watch" thing. And ended up at £1249. Umm, no thanks.
  7. Think I probably made the right decision, overall. That £199 Series 3 I would probably have jumped at so fast I hadn't noticed the battery life, but for once I look at the Series 5 (and I have been SO pleased with the always-on Fenix this last week I certainly can't give that up now) it may only be £429 for the larger aluminium one, the titanium and ceramic ones look so much better, but are up in "new iPhone" prices.
  8. Now I really do feel like an idiot. I remember Guardians at Shepperton now you’ve nudged me.
  9. Thanks - I'd missed them, then. My fault - I mainly know Neal Scanlan people, and Black Widow doesn't need a lot of creature effects.
  10. Particularly if they follow through with the threats, yes - but it generally seems that Marvel outside the US is usually in "location" mode; I don't hear much out of my Pinewood/Shepperton/Leavesden lot about them the way I do with Lucasfilm. But really this is me just being grumpy, not a serious analysis.
  11. Disney will be shooting Star Wars sequels and live action animation at Pinewood for the next ten years, to be precise. Marvels are still shot in the US and they make nothing else.
  12. They’ve done themselves a disservice quoting 18 hours, then. I could probably have handled two days. Still, this Garmin Fenix is lovely.
  13. Never let it be said that we're getting old.
  14. I'll give Titanic this much; presenting marriage to an American man as a fate worse than death is pretty accurate.
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