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  1. Why yes, I have been playing through I’s levels a fourth time in the Steam Hitman II engine for the unlocks I won’t even need if I stick to Xbox.
  2. Meanwhile, I’m buying a second copy of II Gold in the Steam Sale, so I can play on either platform. Though mainly it's because I can't decide whether I want a Series X or an RTX 3070, so don't know where I'll be buying III yet. At the rate things are going, quite possibly neither by the time the game comes out, due to there being none in shops.
  3. Oooh, just had the shipping notification for the new Bloodbowl. Not that I'm allowed to open it until Christmas Day.
  4. That is very shiny indeed. Really hope I can find either a Series X or RTX 3070 by the time it comes out.
  5. Is there any point in sacrificing bells and whistles to get 60fps if you then enable the Spiderverse “animate at 12fps” mode anyway?
  6. Teeny Tiny bit more detail. Which does indeed confirm it might be my ideal game:
  7. Makes sense, I guess. So many versions to prepare now, and presumably they’re making sure the settings are right for each wheel on each platform, too.
  8. I know I should bag my records. But back in the 90s I debugged everything because it was the only way to get everything on the shelf, and doing the whole lot at once now is prohibitively expensive.
  9. Thanks - I’d missed this was eventually coming to PC GamePass. Currently, the decision whether to pony up for PC Beyond Light, knowing full well we’ve got all the content if only I were prepared to learn to play on a joypad again, isn’t easy.
  10. So the campaign to persuade me my money would be better spent on a 3070 continues?
  11. The more of these horror stories I see, the more I’m settling into a position of randlomly grabbing one next year when I see stock in a John Lewis. Now, watch as I preorder the new Blood Bowl direct from Games Workshop this weekend because I’m a massive hypocrite (but also, they’re used to shipping super delicate packages to obsessive nerds.)
  12. Given an old iphone can beat the Intel GPU in my laptop easily I think it’ll do fine for this purpose. Just don’t expect to be able to compete with a Windows Desktop.
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