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  1. Well, I guess I feel less bad about upgrading my already excellent Die Hard Blu to a UHD. This is horribly depressing news.
  2. So, that leaked Trevorrow treatment: The thing is, it's not -all- that different to what we ended up with on screen. There are, essentially, just a few major changes and each of them strike me as the sort of thing that you'd do if you were Abrams trying to wrestle down a final script. Because structurally, there doesn't seem to be too much wrong with Rise as a Star Wars movie once you lower your expectations from "worthy follow-up to The Last Jedi"; it's mostly in cutting things down to fit the runtime and hence giving no room for characters to breathe or spaceships to fight that it's really messed up. We know that tonnes of explanation as to what everyone is up to in the first 20 minutes has been stripped out - so I'm just going to skirt over most of that stuff by believing it's largely meant to have been there in the shooting script until it started looking 3 hours long. Ren's still hunting for one of those Sith Memory Cubes, the Goodies are still looking for similar info, etc. It's a nice nod for Extended Universe fans to use the word Holocron, but it doesn't help the average viewer. I love the description "Lovecraftian" as much as the next guy, and I'm assuming this 4000 year old Sith teacher is who they wanted Matt Smith for; as a Who fan that's a bit disappointing. But your first draft is the wrong side of Return Of The King in length. Stripping out a load of explanation about this New Evil Throne Behind The Palpatine Throne Behind The Snoke Throne Behind The Kylo Ren Throne and replacing him with old Palps, who at least means something to the audience and now looks like a lich puppet mounted on GLaDOS, is a pretty efficient way to do it. Next big difference is that we've got something for Rose to do, but that thing is "take half the gang off on one task, while the rest do something half a Galaxy away." Abrams has made repeated comments about how glad he was to finally get the Finn, Rey, Poe, BB-8 and Chewie group together on a mission at last, and as much as it pains me to say it, he's probably right. Finally, I am a soppy girl. I wanted Ben to be given an opportunity to grow up and stop being a sulky brat. And, frankly, Driver well and truly delivered the biggest success of the film by doing so. Don't expect me to praise the concept of denying me that, just so Rey can kill him. So yeah, I'm unconvinced by this Trevorrow Script thing. Certainly seems legit, and has a number of interesting ideas in it, but I don't believe it would have been a better film, nor do I really think most of the changes into what we've got now wouldn't have happened with or without Abrams.
  3. Are we still keeping this Spoiler Free? Because I have Opinions about how that script turns into this one, and they necessarily require discussion of the final act reveals. Will hop over there, just in case.
  4. Thing is, they're also going heavily in on their XCloud thing - when they say a title will run on anything, including a One S, do they necessarily mean without using XCloud to really run it on something powerful enough to handle it?
  5. That’s brilliant. Kind of hard for me to justify given the number of DC controllers already in my house, but it’s great to know it’s there.
  6. Thanks everyone. Oops. "come a cropper" is a generic sort of "get stuck" type thing. Will not worry too much about processors, then. But I think she also wants a half-reasonable camera for scanning documents as well, so will see what reviews say between the three.
  7. Hi all. Are you all quite sure about that recommendation of the basic iPad? I looked into one the other week for my mother in law, and our conclusion was that it was safest to get the Mini or Air, as the CPU in the basic A10 is out of an iPhone 7, and so might well come a cropper on September's OS update. Just for keeping out of trouble I'd have thought the A12 was safer.
  8. HDMI 2.1 means a whole load of processing power, doesn't it? And when did Sony spec an adequate level of CPU in their televisions except at the very top end?
  9. Varies enormously from game to game, as I understand it. GT Sport is the one that everyone talks about being particularly worth it, but my goodness, I can't understand how my son puts up with Destiny 2 on our Xbox when I'm used to SSD load times on PC. Mind you, if you're playing Strikes / Crucible / etc. you end up twiddling your thumbs waiting for the magnetic slowpokes to catch up so the round can start anyway.
  10. I kind of like a little bit of a border, but then I don't wall mount; I'd probably feel differently if I did.
  11. To the right of Big Buck Hunter? Not sure what the other games on the art are, but the bottom one looks like Bad Dudes (vs. Dragon Ninja). (edit - to the left is MvC, so that must be what you mean, yes)
  12. First thing I'd remind everyone is that there's a Steam streaming app for the Apple TV that's every bit as good as a SteamLink, so if you've got one of those use it. Second thing is that 1TB SSDs are barely over £100 now, if you're that sick of PS4 load times.
  13. Sunday's was good fun. Not perfect, but a shedload better than most second parts the show has managed since 2005.
  14. I’m still watching. It’s much better than I feared from Chibnall. It’s just evened out a lot - every episode has been good, rather than rapidly swerving from dire to outstanding like it used to.
  15. I’m only a year in to owning mine, and my son’s obsession with Destiny 2 hasn’t burned in UI yet.
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