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  1. Solo, like Last Jedi, is awaiting the expiry of the rights with other streamers.
  2. I've seen reports that Phantom Menace is a big improvement, but I think we'll need to wait a few days to get more detailed, measured responses. For now, it's mostly either "WOW this is HDR" or outrage about them putting up the 16x9 cropped Simpsons despite saying they wouldn't.
  3. My God. To have the space for such a thing.
  4. Way, way down at the far edge from the cutting one, I've switched from my iPhone SE to my wife's 8, as my crummy eyes would like the extra screen size and my greedy ears want the bigger music capacity (she bought the 256GB, while my SE was maxed out at 128GB). But because it's such old news, I forgot about a headphone adapter this morning. Now I have no music at all. Wow, the world is rubbish.
  5. I admittedly only looked at the relative costs when I could just buy a player in Fry's and sling it in the bottom of my suitcase along with half a dozen Criterions; import duties, stepdown conversion inconvenience and everything might wipe all that out for you.
  6. Small thing to consider - do you actually need a region-free player? I know I don't have any Region C Blus, and the handful of Region 3/4 DVDs I had could be ripped to Plex easily enough, so rather than the expense of a region-hacked device I just have an entry-level US Sony for playing Region A/1 stuff.
  7. Yeah, there was talk of DV disc support at one point, but it never seems to have arrived. C8 definitely announces when it switches to DV, btw.
  8. Marvel, as with the mere tap of a finger I make this grain disappear! Wow, that’s night and day.
  9. Optimistic me is taking from this that the trailer scenes -aren’t- from the third act, then. Which is nice.
  10. My favourite by far of the last few years is one Finn has on his wall for Rogue One; it's one of the IMAX ones.
  11. Minit was properly lovely, but I’ve only just recently completed it on PC. Outer Worlds is apparently the Obsidian game I may have time to complete, though, so that’s great.
  12. I've seen the trailer, and my tickets are for Sunday lunchtime, but otherwise the Clown and I are in the same boat - no 70mm IMAX prints are being struck for IX the way they were for the last two, so the Science Museum aren't showing it.
  13. As I say, I’d been pretty down on the format after trying the PlayStation one; it just seemed like 3D glasses minus the flicker problem and fairly pointless. But the Quest hit a point of both comfort with glasses on and viewing angle to persuade me there’s a point.
  14. Had a quick go on the Quest today, while having a chat with a Scramjet researcher (as you do) and wow. So much better than any VR I’d tried before. Depending on how the update to make it also work with PCs next month goes, I may even get one.
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