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  1. I spent a few minutes with this last night flying around Toronto, and it's definitely detailed. I honestly just wanted to see how the mapping/modelling turned out, and it's kind of neat. There's a lot missing though. Some of the downtown core is right, and I managed to bounce off the CN tower, but it was hard to make out some of the roads. I also tried to land on my house, but it didn't look like that area was rendered correctly. I thought they were just taking all the satellite/mapping data and putting it in there, but I suppose there are limits to the amount of detail to expect. I'm glad this exists for those that want that level of detail, and it's impressive to see all the control options in the menus. I'm just not sure it's something I'd end up pulling out for fun. I'm also glad it's on game pass as something I can load up, say, "Hey, that's neat", and then never play it again.
  2. I went in to check it last night, and there was a 98 GB update waiting to download.
  3. I started this as well, and I'm only maybe 90 mins in. I started out with the motion controls, but ended up switching for the pro controller and am liking that a lot better. The accuracy on the right stick seems to be enough (for now), and other than forgetting that you have to hold LB to move the camera, it's been pretty straightforward. The motion controls are mostly functional, but seemed to take much bigger motions than a small flick for things like the spin attack. It's also nice to have those be all relative motion instead of absolute (no sensor bar/pointer anymore). Game itself is slow to get going though, which I'd forgotten. I played this one once 10 years ago, so it's almost new except for for vague themes that I remembered (like that black monster, the bird stuff, and the motion controls). See how well the rest of it ages. You can definitely see some BOTW DNA in here though.
  4. So the Assassin's creed saga continues. They just sent an update on the shipping situation, and I think it's a sign of things to come with a bunch of other projects. Full update is here (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/135116486/assassins-creed-brotherhood-of-venice/posts/3229512, but here's what they had to say about the shipping costs: End result is around 13% on top of what I already paid for the "send me everything because I'm a crazy person" pledge, which worked out to just under 40 bucks. They also seem to be going about as far as possible, offering full refunds if people want them, warehousing games, and facilitating transfers between backers who want out. This situation really sucks, and I've heard similar rumblings on the Frosthaven and Dark Tower kickstarter updates, so hopefully this shipping situation gets sorted out sometime soon.
  5. I'm still on the fence, but I put down the deposit just in case. I can bail if reviews are really negative, but if it turns out to be awesome, then it'll probably also be impossible to get one. For me it's a combination of wanting to mess with a wacky new gadget, and having something my wife can use to play civ on the couch. I'd probably also get all the emulators on there, and could even see using it docked for PC indie stuff. I don't have a viable gaming PC anymore, since my laptop is starting to show its age, and this could fit the bill. I'll probably still keep AAA stuff to the Xbox, but if I can get PC gamepass running on this thing, along with steam and retroarch, then it's not a bad toy.
  6. Having the m2 slot in all models is interesting. Assuming it's straightforward to open up, the SSD should be upgradeable, so you could probably put in a 2tb one. Unless the SSD is soldered to the board of course, but I can't imagine they'd go that far...
  7. And complete. Even though I don't think I'm very good at the game, I managed to finish it on Hurt me Plenty without going for the armor upgrade that it offers if you die enough. Last couple bosses were tough, but I managed to scrape by the final one by making very judicious use of the crucible, BFG, and chaingun. Again, I actually thought the platforming and exploration were a fun addition to the game, but I did feel like there was almost two too many systems in place. I got the hang of the health/ammo/armor loop (armor being much more important than I thought originally), but kept forgetting about things like grenades and switching weapon mods (and especially mixing up which dpad direction switched those). I also ended up hitting things with blood punch when I wanted to go for a glory kill quite often. I appreciate the number of options the game gives you, and I suppose it's good that more than one are viable and that you don't have to engage with everything in there to make it through the game, but there was a lot to juggle in Eternal. I'd really like to see another stab at a game like this from that team though. The whole thing was like a playable Nine Inch Nails album. I don't think it'd have to be another Doom either, just something with a similar energy. No matter how terrible you are at the game, Doom Eternal makes you feel like a badass just about the entire time, and I can't think of many other games that keep up that pace.
  8. So Gadget lust won.... See if anyone actually gets one of these in 2021. Seems more likely that it'll be 2022 sometime.
  9. Given the peripheral support, I'm sure someone will come up with a mod that bolts an nvme USB SSD onto the back of it.
  10. The $5 deposit and requirement that you've made a purchase on steam before 2021 is also brilliant. I kind of want to get one, but then again, I don't need a new handheld (not traveling much), so it would probably stay docked most of the time, and I don't get the impression that it'll be a powerhouse docked PC either. Then again, it's a new gadget, and it'd be a neat thing to add to the collection of weird PCs that I have. Something I do have to wonder though-how are most PC games at UI scaling these days? Something that's readable on a 23" monitor might be tiny on a 7" handheld. I was thinking of trying to play something like Civ or Xcom on this, and the trackpads (plus touchscreen) would probably be fine from a control standpoint, but I'm not sure about text etc.
  11. True, it'll be interesting to see how fast someone has windows 10/steam up on it, and what the benchmarks look like for a windows vs linux loadout. Nice to see that standard docks will work as well-I wonder if it'd work on the one I use for my laptop? This also looks like it could be a killer emulation machine.
  12. That...looks interesting. With the dock in there, that becomes a pretty neat option for a small gaming PC, and if it's capable, then it could be a winner. I did see mention of other stores being available on there-I wonder whether MS will get into that mix and be able to offer PC Gamepass on it? That would definitely change the economics of a device like this.
  13. I forgot the one other thing I wish you could change about that game. If you have an extra life stashed, it gets used automatically. It'd be nice if you had a choice whether to use it or not-I ran into something last night where I got caught in a bad encounter, and blew through three of them, so now I've lost whatever I managed to build up. Not the end of the world, but if I'd had the choice I probably would have opted to reload and retry knowing what I know now about how things will play out.
  14. I'm only maybe half way through, but I actually kind of like the platforming. The mobility breaks things up, and it works surprisingly well. It'd be nice if it was a little easier/faster to swap weapons, but otherwise it's probably one of the most intense games I've played in a while. I'm also really getting a quake 3 feel from it-probably the jump pads, speed, and I'm pretty sure the armor pickup sound is the same as in Quake as well. Ray tracing also looks neat, so nice to see something taking advantage of the tech. I've also found that there are just certain weapons/mods that I'm not using very often, but I did just unlock the mastery level for the Super Shotgun that sets enemies on fire last night. I do really appreciate that there are reasons to use most of the weapons though, and the relatively small ammo pool does mean you have to keep switching.
  15. Wasn't part of the Bloomberg report that the SOC was being updated because the current version was EOL, and that it would actually be cheaper to go with the newer version, or am I just making that up?
  16. Black Widow was a really fun movie, and glad to have the Premier Access option to watch at home. Even without the pandemic, it's half the price of taking the family to the theater, so right away it's appreciated. I did chuckle at the Windows Phone in there though. Good attention to detail given the cross-promotion they were doing in the Marvel stuff at the time
  17. Very nice-the first one was a great VR game. Hopefully it makes it to Quest at some point.
  18. For those that have watched the whole thing, is it better to watch Rebels between Clone Wars seasons 6 and 7, or does it matter? I've been catching up on Clone Wars, and made it to S6, so wondering if it's better to stick to release order or not.
  19. I wonder if this changes up the gameplay at all from what we've seen in the past few games, or if we're still looking at something that's witcher-like? The Animus conceit lets you create all sorts of instanced content if that's what you're looking for, so it might not force everything into a co-op/pve model. Given that some of the best stuff they've done have been sidequest writing though, as long as that continues, then it could work.
  20. Another small project this weekend-I wanted some chip dividers for Too Many Bones (I'm sorting the 1, 5, and 20pt chips together, since they're easy to separate by value afterwards). I liked the look of the ones that came with the trove chest, so I made something similar. I tried a few different variants, including modelling the icons and recessing them (too hard to see), and just adding text (again, hard to see contrast, coloring with a sharpie helped a little). In the end, I thought I'd try making some stickers, which is what Chip Theory did: My thought was actually to cut those using the laser on the snapmaker, which turned into a different challenge. I found some old label sheets from a CD labeling kit in a desk drawer, so I used those as a basis to print the labels. I created a doc in inkscape with the images, set up a bleed, and then defined another layer with the cuts on it. The light bulb moment was defining an origin point on the print itself to align the laser, rather than just trying to do the top corner of the 8.5x11 sheet: I still managed to miss a little bit as you can tell, but it was close enough. Could be a useful trick for future projects. Best part is that I figured out the laser settings so that I can cut the top layer but not the backing.
  21. That seems to be the target use case here. They even had a bit in that reveal video where a guy gets home and then sits playing a switch game in the front hall instead of going and docking it on a big ass TV like a normal person (or even sitting somewhere more comfortable than a bench in the hall). I guess some people really must use it that way though? My switch is basically monopolized by my son these days, and he's up to 50/50 docked vs handheld ("because the wifi is better"), but that's mostly in odd places around the house. I think he may be part cat:
  22. With the signs pointing to more virtual queues with no standby option, this is only going to get worse. It was already nigh-impossible to get into a lot of onsite restaurants without a months in advance reservation, and now this is starting to spill over to attractions as well. Universal is slightly better in that anyone can buy the express passes, but outside of a private tour, I don't think there's a similar thing you can buy at the Disney parks. I'm actually wondering if staying at the SW hotel is going to guarantee a chance at Rise of the Resistance and a chance to build a lightsaber, since right now those are both locked behind the boarding group lottery, and a long lead time reservation.
  23. If you don't have a switch already, it seems nice, but if you're primarily playing docked, then there's really no benefit other than the ethernet port. Strange that they're saying the existing model is sticking around, but I have to imagine that this is just the new baseline going forward.
  24. I've only stayed onsite once, and I don't think we did any extra hours. Depending on what this means for day-of virtual queues though, this could mean that it's impossible to get on Rise of The Resistance unless you're staying onsite. That place already devolved into something that has to be planned out like a military operation months in advance, so this just makes things worse. For the evening stuff, we did the Christmas party, and they had special wristbands for that. They had a rope barrier if I remember, and wouldn't let people past without the event band after a certain point. They also went through and started herding people out from other park areas, and I think they were checking at queues as well. I don't think it'd be impossible to stick around and get in for free, but probably pretty difficult. That being said, there's a lot of staff required for something like this, so I can see why the early entry is significantly easier.
  25. Just started this on SeriesX, and went RT, since it still promised 60fps. It seems like it's stuttered a couple of times, but for the most part it's rock solid. You can toggle anytime (without relaunching), so it's easy to see some of the differences when you can stop and actually look at the game, which admittedly isn't often. It has reiterated that I suck at doom though.
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