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  1. I thought this might be an extra 10 bucks a month, but double the price? Nope...don't care. That's getting up to the price of what I paid for a year of Game Pass! Maybe if that came with an expanded library of retro games (like up to 90% of the catalogs instead of 5%) and included things like Gamecube, Dreamcast and Wii games then we'd be on to something, but not for the selection of stuff they've got in there. They've also done themselves zero favours with the NES/SNES updates being so minimal. Were there ever any published numbers for the VC sales? I'll bet the games that sold the most on VC are the ones you're seeing on the NSO list now. People bought Mario and Zelda, but not enough bought the more "oddball" stuff. Making it all part of a package means that they could have targeted more niche fanbases with retro releases, but that would also have depended on adding more games. If they rolled out all the NES games at, say, 10 a month even, it could have kept the conversation more positive. Also, I'm not sure how the business works for something like this. With VC, you need a deal in place, but then someone buys the game, and rightsholder gets $X per sale, but with a service like this, is there an expectation of a minimum? Does Sega get paid regardless of the number of people who want to play the Genesis version of Golden Axe, is it a slice of the number of people who download the app, is it X for every person who launches the game at least once, or is it based on time the game is played? Same question could be asked of Game Pass I suppose, but I'd also bet that Nintendo both doesn't have the infrastructure to track data to the level of what a Microsoft can, and might not even have the knowledge about how other subscription services are paying for this type of content (going from stories you read about trying to explain online to Nintendo). Who knows, maybe it'll make them a boatload of money regardless, and it seems like a better deal if you were going to buy that Animal Crossing DLC anyway.
  2. Wanted to bump this to call out a few series that are worth a look: -The Department of Truth: Looks like the idea is another "conspiracy theories are real" book at first, but then the premise actually turns out to be that collective belief can actually make things true (Flat earthers etc). Really interesting idea, and I'm curious to see where things go after the first trade. -Reckless: Friend of the Devil: Brubaker and Philips have been doing a few of these OGNs, and they're fun stuff. Worth a look if you liked things like Criminal or Kill or Be Killed. -Stillwater: Another interesting premise, but this time with the "nobody ages or dies" trope, but confined to a single town that is determined to keep it secret. Again, one trade in, but curious to see where it goes from here. I also finally tried out Marvel Unlimited, and it's pretty neat so far. What finally pushed me over the edge on it was the fact that they're bringing most new books to it after 3 months, and that it was a much easier way to get some of those books in front of my kids. My son was asking about Guardians of the Galaxy comics, and so rather than have to dig them out of whatever box they're in, he can just fire it up on his chromebook. I've also flagged a bunch of stuff for my daughter, like the DeKonnick Captain Marvel run, the Dan Slott She-Hulk, and the rest of Runaways. I've also started catching up on some X-Men stuff that came out after I tuned out-starting in around 2017, with the idea of trying to make some more sense of the Hickman stuff. Only major complaint so far is that the web interface is abysmal, which severely limits the number of places to read stuff. I ended up installing BlueStacks on my PC to run the android version there, and can also read things on my phone, but that's still a little small. If I keep up with it, I'll have to look for a decent 10-11" tablet. There also appears to be no way to define custom reading lists, which is a damn shame, because I could see that being a very useful sharing feature. It would be incredibly useful to be able to grab a playlist of things in reading order like "give me these 10 series starting in March 2017 in release order" for things like crossovers. It looks like there might be some for big events, but this is also something that could be easily crowdsourced. Is there anything like this in the service? Also, I just got an email from Image saying that Saga is finally back in January 2022.
  3. That's really neat-also kind of a snapshot into manufacturing 20 years ago, and what was/wasn't automated. I'll bet all those manual inspections would have all been replaced by vision systems today if they were still making things with glass tubes. Here's a newer build video that I just saw this week that's just about all automated. My wife designs these kinds of automation systems, so they share a bunch of these "Engineering nerd" videos around on their internal Teams chat:
  4. FYI, double VIP points offer on this week. No great GWPs, but it's pretty rare for double points and a good freebie to line up (although they sometimes do in the late Nov timeframe). Things actually seem to still be in stock too, so I grabbed the Mario 64 set just now. Pretty often when there's a double points promo all the bigger stuff sells out quickly.
  5. BTW, I managed to figure this out. You have to exit back out to the menu and select the operation-you can't do it from in-game. Given that quick resume works well on this game, I hadn't actually exited out to the menu the whole time I'd been playing.
  6. Finished off the main campaign the other night, and it's a fun ride. It's big, flashy, and sort of what I'd expect out of a AAA comic book game. You got a chance to play as a bunch of different characters, and each of them seemed to strike a decent balance between similar basics, and unique abilities. In some ways it was just a really polished, version of Lego Marvel Super Heroes. With that done, I have gone back in to try some of the other bits, and I'm working on each of the hero-specific questlines, which seems to get to a point where you have to just use that character to level them up in other missions. I also went to start some of the other operations, but the Kate Bishop one just says "go to substation zero". I did that, and I can see Kate there, and I can even switch to her as a character, but no mission. Maybe I need to finish something else first? It's also a lot to keep up with leveling each character independently, and the fact that bringing AI companions on a mission doesn't share any XP/gear is a little weird. If you had to choose one character to "main" and played with them the whole time I'd get it, but when the game clearly wants you to keep everyone at/near the same scale, then that's a lot of switching around just to keep everyone at around the same level. I suppose that the real answer is that you don't have to play every character (outside of the story content)? Still, it'd be nice to take that L1 Black Panther along on a mission and have them get something from my L16 Iron Man (kind of like you might with RPG companions in other games). Anyway, I'll probably stick with it a little more, because there's a long checklist of things to do and the process of pushing the buttons is still fun. Stakes are a little lower for some of those missions, so I can listen to a podcast while I'm playing parts of it.
  7. I noticed this from the linked page: I've seen the model where people work 4x10 hr (plus) days and are then off one day, but I don't know if this is as common. Will be very interesting to see how this shakes out. I have a feeling that it's not going to change the amount of time people are working (not sure about game dev, but in tech in general people are "online" pretty much all the time), but if the expectation is clearly communicated and timelines adjusted accordingly, then it's a good precedent.
  8. Looks like those Titanic rumors were true: 9090 pieces, 629 US, 799 CAD. Roughly 1.3m long too. I have to admit, it's impressive, and looks to be an awesome build, but at this point, I'm probably going to pass on it. It's a little easier to find a place for this one than the Colosseum, but not much, and at a certain point, you can't buy every big ass Lego set (can you?). It looks like those letter tiles on the name plate are the same as the ones from the typewriter though
  9. They posted this today as a "how to tear down a steam deck even though you really shouldn't" video: I do appreciate pointing out why you might not want to just put any SSD in this thing-those are some legitimate concerns, and I hadn't thought of the RF interference with the wifi module. Also, that's a very small form factor SSD-I don't think I've ever encountered one that size before.
  10. Yeah, longest single piece I've done yet. Might have been faster to do upside down, but that would also have made the outer surface ugly with support, so the inside ended up being all support material. At fractional mm/layer, the time adds up fast:
  11. Latest project completed. My 13 year old daughter wanted to make a Thor costume for Halloween, and we already had a hammer, but not a helmet. Found something on Thingiverse that looked good though, so this was mostly just a print of https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2349293: I did mod it to remove the rotator, mostly because I didn't like the look of the band, and we decided that having the wings in one spot all the time wasn't a bad thing. Other than that, because of the large printer, I was able to do the whole thing in 3 pieces. The main helmet took 175hrs to print. Neat toy for sure. In the end, it probably would have been cheaper to buy something at a costume store (I think I used a whole roll of filament on this), but this way you ended up with exactly what you wanted (more or less), and it was a fun project to take on.
  12. Started into this over the weekend, and it's a lot of fun so far. I'm still working on the campaign (I just got Black Widow), but so far I like what I've seen. There's a lot of different systems/currencies to digest, but a lot of that seems to be focused on cosmetic upgrades. There's not one obvious "money" upgrade to deal with though, and it's not obvious what you need to dump funds into, so I just haven't been spending anything except the character upgrade points. I can see how it can/will get repetitive already though, but the story is pulling things along so far. There are also a few pretty noticeable difficulty spikes that I've run into. Some missions are no problem at all, but then I went and tried some of the HARM training missions, and I can't beat the Hulk one. I suppose that's just an instance where you have to play more defensively? For a bunch of the game it doesn't seem like you have to engage much with the parry/counter system, but then there are times when you REALLY need to? Going to keep going though-looks like there are three or four different "campaign" operations (although I'm assuming the new ones are shorter than the main story).
  13. OK, I thought I was going crazy here for a second, but I just looked again. The mobile app says 164GB if I try to remote install, but I installed at home and it says 125. Still huge though...
  14. Started this the other day on Xbox and performance seems decent, so perhaps it did get patched? Seems OK so far-1 just hit level 12, and there's a bunch of quests I picked up that are still over my level, so sticking to the mainline for a bit. I like the twin stick shooter vibe, but it does seem like there's a lot of walking from point A to point B, and you move relatively slowly. The trains help, but it'd be nice if the wayfinding took that into account. I'll stick with it for a little more at least.
  15. And it takes 164 GB of space! Going to have to delete some stuff to make room.
  16. Absolutely, and it does make sense that someone who bought into the game up front is probably more likely to buy more content, and there's probably a ton of real world data to support that that we don't have access to. One of the posts about this even mentioned some of the costume DLC, which also begs the question of how much people spend on DLC for game pass games they don't own. Again, data that someone inside Microsoft almost certainly has. I just like when things like this happen for games that were already on a "to buy when it goes on sale" backlog. Feels like getting another free game with the service I'm already paid up on for at least 2 more years.
  17. Nice! I'll probably check out the story stuff at least. I'm kind of surprised that it hasn't just gone free to play, but this is a step in that direction.
  18. I ended up getting this one. Still needs a permanent home, but I wanted to build something this weekend, so I went through the set pretty quickly. The mechanism in this one is really impressive-I'd never thought much about how a mechanical typewriter advanced, but this seems like a reasonable approximation of how it could work with a stepper gear and compression spring. There's only the one moving hammer, but the fact that it works and advances the paper is really impressive. I'm kind of surprised that there's no bell at the end of the run, but other than that, a very neat build: The one line "feeling fine" on there was also an option, but that's not near as much fun without the room full of "no tv no beer make homer go crazy"
  19. Yeah, that snuck up on me too. I got to the last hub, and all of a sudden couldn't go back? I guess that's what the "prepare" warning was after the Ford levels. I did appreciate that there was new post-game dialogue with all the characters, so you had a reason to go back beyond finding the last shiny things. I'd forgotten all about the Napoleon level in the original. What the hell, it's back compatible, so let's see how the X enhancements work
  20. Finished this off today, and I think I want to go back and replay the original to see how it holds up. I was thinking about whether or not the gameplay was more varied back then, and I'm not so sure. The lungfishopolis level changed the scale, but even levels like the milkman conspiracy and black velvet (I think) just changed the look and feel, but you were still collecting figments, baggage etc and getting to the end. Could be misremembering though-it's been years since I played it. Psychonauts 2 is a really incredible achievement though, and I hope more people play it. The scale is incredibly ambitious, there is no way that I expected that many levels and hub areas to explore. Ended up getting 100% on it (although I probably spent as long on the last of the collectibles as I did getting to that point), but it was a world that I absolutely wanted to see more of. Only real complaint on the collectibles is that it might have been nice to have a "figment detector" or something to find the last few, or at least having the later, huge, levels broken down a little more (those fucking bananas in the bob level...). The level with the band is probably my favourite looking back on it, but I also thought that last level was a neat concept. Either way, the way they set up the depictions of the different minds and mental problems is just incredible. The game show level is probably the most unique (and gross...), but I did like the way the food was excited to be cooked.
  21. That trailer is getting my hopes up for that Sandman series. Looking forward to it!
  22. Ended up trying to split the difference between buying everything, and something slightly saner: Expensive, but so far everything except splice and dice fits in the standard box if I take out the top tray. Looks like they also have a crowdfunding campaign coming for a third expansion.
  23. That's exactly what I thought. Not only a drip feed of new retro games, but saying that they're going to charge more for them? Look, I'm paying for NSO because my son plays a lot of smash and splatoon online, but no way am I going up to a higher tier for things that I can already play on five different devices that are already in my house.
  24. Isn't that the same port as they did to mobile? Seemed like a bizarre announcement in the direct after the remake being in the news.
  25. Not sure where to grab this honestly. Probably Xbox, although the PC version would also work well on the Steam Deck this fall. DPad on the XB1X controller is probably the best of those though.
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