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  1. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things A cute and surprisingly well-made high school take on the repeating day theme from Groundhog Day.
  2. I suspected the HOA at one point too. Based on what others have found, it doesn't sound like they are part of the deal. I would probably jump in just because the 1-year commitment isn't the worst thing in the world. But, the list of ISPs is so weak that I'm inclined to wait to hear reports from neighbors. One neighbor said the door-to-door sales person told him there is no need for a modem. You just connect the fiber line directly to your router. That strikes me as odd as there has to be something converting the signal from fiber to Ethernet.
  3. My neighborhood is finally having fiber optic lines installed (they started on my street yesterday). The install and sales pitch is not exactly what I would have expected. I thought once fiber finally hit the area it would be AT&T, Verizon, or some name I've heard before. Instead, it's a company called Open Infra doing the installation. Supposedly they are a Swiss company that also operates under the name Stadsnätsbolaget. Their sales strategy has not exactly inspired confidence. They are using door-to-door sales people armed with the most basic of information: Open Infra is not the ISP - Instead, they will connect us to one of three ISP. Open Infra is installing the lines to the neighborhood and to homes. 1 gig service at $79.99 with no data caps Commit to 1-year and Open Infra will install the fiber from the street to your home free The 3 ISPs are all no-name regional ISPs that, as far as I can tell, have no operations in Texas. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is SumoFiber I skimmed their contract and nothing really stood out as a red flag -other than the 3 no-name ISPs. The sales guy I spoke with couldn't answer questions about modems or how/when I would be put in contact with the actual ISP. He had zero knowledge about any of the ISPs beyond the marketing speak they fed him. The whole experience just feels off. It's especially odd since the neighborhood is quite large so the cost of putting in fiber must be significant. Is this at all typical for new fiber installs? What are the changes that a more well-known ISP (AT&T, etc.) will eventually lease the lines?
  4. This sucks. I have no love for the Harmony app used to set up their remotes, but after setting them up they are fantastic universal remotes. Excellent build quality, feel great in the hand, and impressive battery life. Are there alternatives on the market that utilize a hub as a properly configured Harmony system does?
  5. For cyclists, it's probably worth it just for the Segments alone. It can be a powerful tool for finding and competing on good routes near you. Segments is great but probably less valuable for runners who typically run in the same neighborhood. Runners who travel a lot would get great benefit from it. When I was on the paid version I didn't use the training plans feature at all. As Daniel mentioned, I think this is an area of overlap where the built-in features from a Garmin watch would be equal to whatever Strava offers. Strava's data analysis is better in the paid version. I also think it's considerably better than what I get from Garmin Connect. Same data, but Strava adds better visuals. Another competitor I liked for data was Smash Run.
  6. They've always been ugly. The design reminds me of cheap '80's film point-and-shoots.
  7. Why are there 3 screw mounts on the top? Is that common for video work? I'm assuming whatever you mount there would leave the controls on the right side exposed.
  8. My first impression: The A1 feels like a revelation in an industry where it is commonly suggested that manufacturers intentionally hold back features/performance to maintain consumption cycles. More than the tech, and despite the professional-sized price, it's the first no holds barred development in the camera industry in a very long time.
  9. So, I'm assuming Canon and Nikon shit themselves today.
  10. I was going to post that I tell my wife I'm about to drop the D and that the + might be a fun twist. But the second part killed any enthusiasm in my 13 year old male brain.
  11. Better than the humor is the arc the series takes from a mildly bumbling and generic sitcom (season 1) to a stealth vehicle for love, openness, and acceptance. It ends up being a lot more than just a few laughs.
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