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  1. My favorite beer podcast is The Beerists. I noticed that one of their recent episodes focuses on black-owned breweries. I haven't listened to it yet but will get to it soon.
  2. That's a really nice chair! I'm jealous. I have an older model of the fairly ubiquitous Steelcase Leap chair. These can be found online for significantly less than suggested pricing. I have a love/hate relationship with my (also older) Ikea desk. It's of similar metal-frame construction as the pic Ed posted above but without the vertical bits. I love the amount of surface area (roughly 5' wide by 3' deep) as it gives me room for speakers, 2 monitors, keyboard, laptop with stand & external keyboard, and I still have writing space for notes. The hate side comes from the imperfect height for typing. Our office is filled with Varidesk motorized units. I'm curious if Varidesk is comparable to Uplift? I love the desks at work for their smooth and reliable mechanism and memory settings. On the other hand, and his may be a bit odd, but I have a really gross reaction to the semi-textured surface of the desktop. It's a subtle texture but if I touch my palm to it or rest my hand while typing, I experience a very negative physical reaction...so that I could do without. One semi-related purchase I just made was for a pair of bluetooth in-ear headphones specifically for online meetings. I had been wrestling with PC speakers (overkill) + webcam mic or using an old (and dorky looking) pair of gaming headphones. I picked up the Jabra Elite Active 75t and they've exceeded my expectations. They are perfect for Google Meet connecting to my desktop PC, android phone, or my work Mac. They are completely waterproof too so they have become my Peloton workout headphones. The freedom these bring has been pretty cool outside of the home office too. Over the weekend, I BBQ'd while my wife worked and daughter played Switch. Moving from the kitchen to the patio grill while listening to podcasts and music without bothering anyone was pretty cool.
  3. I have this too. Big fan. I like that the media features are tastefully done.
  4. Wishing you and your family well, Jeff. LCVG is obviously very much here for you.
  5. That's super cool. I have no memory of that being a thing.
  6. Let me start by asking you to bear with me here. I'm not trying to troll the Disney + discussion. I'm seeking info for what may be coming post Hamilton to see if the service is something I should keep. We added Disney + to our ever growing collection of streaming services in preparation for Hamilton (my 11 year-old daughter is a HUGE fan). I was expecting there to be more compelling content my wife and I might enjoy. My hope was there would be a couple Netflix-style options available. I understand that Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney stuff is the draw of the service. I'm just not into any of those brands beyond a casual, "Sure, I'll try it once" attitude. Example: I started The Mandalorian based on reputation and because it was the only thing I found that remotely looked like something I might enjoy. I couldn't get past the first 5-10 minutes of the opening episode. It felt very generic and looked like something shot by fans with no budget. 5-10 minutes isn't a fair effort and I'll likely give it another go. What is the future of Disney + ? Is it just a dumping ground for their branded content or is there expectation of content on the level of Netflix or HBO?
  7. I feel like that trailer is on trend with the whole, "let's show waaaay too much of the movie." thing. I wish I hadn't watched it.
  8. @kelley and @Brandon H my rider ID is CampM. I followed you Kelley but, Brandon, I got no returns when searching for Actinide. Maybe follow me and I'll get you back? Oh, and I'm glad to hear your impressive results on the bike!
  9. Sorry, I didn't even realize I left that out. I'm at Peloton.
  10. Like many of you, I've been working from home since early March. My company's response has really been amazing and ahead of the curve. Acquiring new hardware (computers, wifi hot spots, monitors, etc.) for employees, extra pay each month to cover work from home expenses, unlimited sick time, extending benefits for child care assistance, and it seems like they mail us gifts every other week (everything from warm cookies to clothing to booze). Now, the company has committed to continuing our work from home plan through September 7. That really blew me away. I may be drinking the Kool-aid but all these actions really feel genuine and employee-centered.
  11. My headphones (Audioquest NightOwl Carbon) are efficient enough that a headphone amp isn't required but I did look into amps a bit. I think Schiit is the jumping off point for most amp (and DAC) purchases because they are priced right and deliver good performance. As the starting point for so many enthusiasts, Schiit also has a ton of detractors as cheap equipment with poor quality control and unrefined performance. JDS Labs is a company that has sort of followed Schiit with solid performing gear at lower prices. Their Objective 2 amp is one you'll see mentioned a lot. The Chord Mojo is expensive ($500) but it's both and amp + DAC with an outstanding reputation for sound quality. Another one with a strong following is the Drop THX AAA 789 (They also have Liquid Carbon DAC+amp combo that is highly regarded). Another DAC+amp combo I have come very close to purchasing is the Topping DX3. It has strong reviews and is just a good value. Like many, I have been doing a half dozen Google Meet or Zoom meetings per day. My company just committed to working from home through September 7. I've decided to invest in a pair of "true wireless" headphones to pair with my computer and phone. I'm an Android user so the ubiquitous Apple Airpods are not an option. I'm curious if anyone out there has had good luck with alternative options in this category for use with online meetings? I'd probably use them for some music (especially if they can replace my crappy workout headphones).
  12. That's wonderful!
  13. If I had a list of overrated movies, Scarface would be pretty near the top. That said, I'd be open to seeing a Cohen adaptation. Maybe a musical.
  14. That makes a lot more sense. Nice example too.
  15. The Anycubic website lists wood as a print material. How does that work?
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