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  1. The price is certainly right. And the 00's-era interface looks about what you'd expect. Curious to hear your thoughts on in in real world use.
  2. That's pretty smart. I can see that going over well for a kid's birthday.
  3. Thanks for the dual ISO link. That video is very well done. I had to get off that site quickly before I followed links to more of his stuff.
  4. no Dual ISO What is that? Sony claims 15 stops dynamic range Holy crap! I've been away from the photo game for a bit but that's insane.
  5. It does sound quite good. Though I do hope mine doesn't explode in the glass like the one in the pic. The Michael Jackson Foundation for Brewing & Distilling mentioned in that ABW post had me scratching my head. What did MJ have to do with beer? I had to google that to learn...
  6. Good to hear you are seeing them in TX. I've seen various breweries promoting it on Instagram and look forward to finding it in Dallas.
  7. That's great. The Assassin's Creed one is so...awkward.
  8. Despite their success, MT seems particularly vulnerable to COVID. Their unique growth model relies on foot traffic in their multiple sites. We don't get MT distro here in TX but there have been rumors over the last couple weeks they are about to change that. If true, expanding their distribution seems a logical way to leverage their multiple sites (which are essentially mini breweries). Hopefully, they can expand distribution and keep as many employees as possible.
  9. Has Disney released any numbers on Hamilton? New subscribers? Total viewings, etc.?
  10. To be fair, all advertising logos suck. The only one I remember actually liking is the old Arsenal Dreamcast kit.
  11. Heads up that today (7/3) presents a great opportunity to support artists. Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share on all sales today. More money going directly to the artist in a time when their primary form of income (touring) is nonexistent. Bandcamp has done this 3 times already during COVID and it's good to see it happening again.
  12. Reviving this thread to see if anyone has personal experience with the nVidia Shield as a streaming box? I've historically used Amazon FireTV devices which have been pretty great. I see benefit from moving away from the Amazon ecosystem and the Shield seems to have apps for everything we use.
  13. It's probably not much of a stretch to imply that a good portion of the anti-mask people are not aligned with BLM.
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