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  1. Camp

    IFTTT Pro

    IFTTT is offering their pro tier for as little as $3.99/mo through the end of October. I've used several of their conditional triggers for routine things (receiving notifications of album releases by bands I like, pushing content to Evernote, backing up sales receipts, etc.). Over time, many of these stop working or need to be reset due to changes to various web services. I've always liked the idea of IFTTT (and others like Zapier) but I don't know that it's worth it as a paid service. Curious to start a discussion around how others have integrated these services to determine if go
  2. I'm guessing these are commercial devices being adapted for home use? What benefits do these bring over top of the line consumer level router options? Very curious.
  3. I re-read it last month to get in the spirit. The one thing that pains me about the film is the wait to part 2.
  4. 2020 just won't stop delivering the bad news.
  5. The price is certainly right. And the 00's-era interface looks about what you'd expect. Curious to hear your thoughts on in in real world use.
  6. That's pretty smart. I can see that going over well for a kid's birthday.
  7. Thanks for the dual ISO link. That video is very well done. I had to get off that site quickly before I followed links to more of his stuff.
  8. no Dual ISO What is that? Sony claims 15 stops dynamic range Holy crap! I've been away from the photo game for a bit but that's insane.
  9. It does sound quite good. Though I do hope mine doesn't explode in the glass like the one in the pic. The Michael Jackson Foundation for Brewing & Distilling mentioned in that ABW post had me scratching my head. What did MJ have to do with beer? I had to google that to learn...
  10. Good to hear you are seeing them in TX. I've seen various breweries promoting it on Instagram and look forward to finding it in Dallas.
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