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  1. I strongly agree with this point. It all looks laughably bad. As if it's a super low budget affair (despite that not being the case at all). I think this is more of a miss in terms of bad cinematography. The use of direct lighting ends up showcasing the sets instead of providing the illusion of being in another world. It's very amateurish in look.
  2. It's excellent all the way through. Everything I've ever seen by Lindelof works on a simple premise. Ask a big question and keep the audience coming back with veiled hints that an answer is just around the corner. Do this over and over until the audience finally realizes no plot elements were developed far enough for an answer to even exist. Watchmen reverses his style and answers every question that is asked. It delivers on the Lindelof promise by closing loops with a quality that matches their opening.
  3. Yeah, what's the story with that? S2 appears to take place relatively soon after S1 ended. Also, she seemed to be the TV version of Ryan's wife from the movies.
  4. I felt it didn't know what it wanted to be. There are 4 major action scenes that are pretty fun but wholly unrelated to the underlying theme of the film. Two of those scenes are so fantastically ridiculous they removed any suspension of disbelief for me: More than that, the action scenes are nothing more than filler to compensate for getting to the point of the film. That point being the underlying theme and the realization achieved by the main character at the end. I can see how some would appreciate the subtlety used to reach that realization but I found it rather hollow and missing something. I also had issues with the underlying commentary about man's continued development in space, science, and technology.
  5. Wow. A very well done trailer to be sure. Leaps and bounds over the first one.
  6. Rey in the hood at the end: Is she CGI? She looks remarkably not human.
  7. It's time to move on from my current gig and find something new. The business hasn't made money in years and, despite my efforts, the changes needed to reverse that aren't happening. At least not at the pace and with the leadership needed. I love the core job (Ops Director for a high-end sports training company) but I'm just burnt out on seeing the same mistakes ruin good people over and over. I've been doing the standard "apply to everything possible in the hope that something results in a face-to-face". So far, that approach has been nothing but a waste of my time. I'm considering approaching a recruitment agency. My hope is a professional will help me refine and focus my efforts to target opportunities where I will get the most likely bang for my buck. I haven't used a headhunter in the past and wanted to reach out to the group here to get any tips, advice, or experience. I would need an agency who gets paid by the employer instead of me laying out funds. There seems to be a ton of scammy-type people operating in this sector so avoiding that stuff would be a priority . It's funny, as I typed this post I was thinking that asking this sort of "life question" used to be something we take to elders in our family. But most of us at LCVG kind of grew up into real functioning adults together in a unique way. Both my parents have passed and I hit 48 years old this year so I should kind of have my shit together at this point. I consistently feel far from that but suspect a lot of us are in the same boaty McBoat-face. So, where do we go? Reddit (oh, hell no)...we have the benefit of going to LCVG where a small group has sustained over all these years. Pretty cool.
  8. Fleabag is pretty much a perfect series. The only flaw is making the viewer want more.
  9. Possibly cliche but Fade Into You by Mazzy Star. I'll second Ed's suggestion of Radiohead's Pyramid Song and add both Fake Plastic Trees (more for the performance than the subject matter) and the haunting version of True Love Waits from A Moon Shaped Pool.
  10. Holy hell, what a fun read. That bottle collection from the place with 3 Fonteinen on tap is jaw dropping. It all sounds, and looks, like an amazing experience!
  11. That trip sound amazing. Cheers and travel safe!
  12. Aquaman is a waste of your precious time. Avoid at all cost (recognizing my warning is too late to save you all).
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