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  1. This game wasn't really on my radar, but then this past weekend I watched the Hobbit again (wife never saw it) and was longing for more. I saw MS was offering the digital copy for $29.99 so I jumped on it. Really glad I did! I never played any of the Assassins Creed games, so this game is somewhat fresh to me. Somewhat, because of the similar combat system to the Arkham games. I'm really enjoying it so far! I hope I can find time to get deep into the game.
  2. Thanks! Marriage, kid, work, life in general... just doesn't leave me with enough gaming time. I needed a motivator - Master Chief is his name. Plus lcvg is blocked at work
  3. Finally picked up the One. I got the Sunset bundle, now I just need Halo. Nope. And it makes no sense. But you can run the 360 through the One and use Media Center that way. [EDIT] I guess I need to fix my signature, haven't been on here in quite a while.
  4. If MS wants people to accept the Xbone is an onlilne machine, then they should have axed the disc drive altogether, along with making it a bit cheaper. I think this would have made the situation much more acceptable, in addition to telling us premium games would cost much less than a retail disc based version. Sadly, I think they are making the same mistake they made with Windows 8 - trying to capture two different areas in one move.
  5. I'm curious to hear about these features and how it would fit in to my current system. I currently have a HDHomerun Prime which feeds my cable to our office PC and use a few Xbox 360s as media extenders for our TVs. Dores the Wii U use infared and does it have learning capabilities?
  6. I figured someone on this forum would receive the free Xbox, but it looks like everyone is just getting the free helmet that I got as well. Bummer.
  7. I haven't been here for a while and I'm sorry to see this sticky. I didn't know him well but my thoughts go out to his friends and family on this board.
  8. So the search on here isn't working... that said, picked up a new 360 Elite bundle since my repaired 360 got the 3 red rings. Are my only 2 options for transferring game saves and content to either use a memory card or the MS transfer kit? Right now I'm just using my original 20GB HDD, but would like to take advantage of the extra 100 GB.
  9. I'm listing this here first before I put it on eBay. Make me a reasonable offer. Marathon Trilogy Box Set for Macintosh Includes: The Complete Marathon Saga The Definitive Map Collection Marathon Scrapbook Marathon Collectibles Pathways into the Darkness The box condition is decent shape. The edges are a bit worn and there are some small indentations on the box. The contents are in excellent condition. The CD's were never used and the Scrapbook opened only a few times. Click images below for larger view.
  10. Yup, I had no problem! I picked up Forza 3, Batman Arkham Asylum, & Wii Sports Resort which included 2 motion plus add-ons. I'm happy! (especially since I haven't made many game related purchases in the last year)
  11. I have acquired it! Unfortunately, I might not be able to play it for a few days. Pear Jam concert tonight, Phillies/Yanks tomorrow night. I'm hoping to get a number of online games in with everyone here at some point!
  12. Best Buy website and Rewards Zone mentions nothing of this 2 for 3 deal... I'm printing out the above and taking it with me. Hopefully it shouldn't be an issue.
  13. Wow. RIP I recall chasing his score in GW, and most recently GW2. I've played online with him a number of times and was always amazed how good of a gamer he was, whether it was FPS, racing/driving sim, GH, or shoot-em ups, he was always at the top of the leaderboards.
  14. I played a bit of the single player campaign on Legendary last night, as well as some Firefight with a couple friends. I think the single player on it's own was enough to warrant the purchase. I died a lot, but it was damn fun. The pistol is back and still rocks. Picking off Grunts with a single head shot is so satisfying. I love the movie quality clips and story line, and how it makes you part of the action (completed the first part of the flashback). I'm not really interested in co-op because I like to move at my own pace, but Firefight is really fun and a great addition. The maps I played so far are very cool and I'm looking forward to unlocking more. I haven't touched disc 2 yet, but I'm sure I'll be checking out the new multiplayer maps soon enough. Good stuff from Bungie. Now I need to find out what this Halo Reach stuff is all about (yeah... apparently I've been under a rock).
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