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  1. Depends. The retro community is great for the most part on there. The problem is some of the follows blast stuff out from people and you end up seeing a ton of shit you have no interest in by default so you end up having to manage a whole lot of what you see. Even following someone as innocuous as John from DF ends up getting you a ton of trash and "hot takes" about stuff. I agree though, its more trouble than its worth more often than not but then I think social media is the bane of our society so I don't use it often enough for much to bother me on it. I'm usually posting stupid funny stuff I come across. The thing to remember is that 90+% of twitter traffic is driven by less than 5% of their userbase. It's a minority of a minority yet we tend to give it such outsized influence. That's a whole other conversation though.:)
  2. I couldn't agree more. Dreams on PC is a damned no-brainer especially if they enhance the tools for a keyboard/mouse interface. I would even argue that it may find a bigger audience in the PC space that is already used to building mods, etc.
  3. Again, stupid console wars shit. Sony branching out to PC is good thing and makes sense for them. Especially on exclusive titles that have been on the shelves for extended periods of time but then you see exactly why they are so protective about their IP when that's the reaction from the community.
  4. I don't know if its really that interesting and I think John isn't too far off the mark in what he's saying. I think whatever mandates that *are* there will dissipate within that 1-2 year time period that Microsoft mentioned. The "no one left behind" strategy is all well and good but at some point, if we want to see game design evolve to take advantage of a 12 trillion teraflop machine, then invariably folks are going to get left behind. If 3 years into the next generation developers are still looking to create games that cater to the lowest common denominator spec still being an Xbox One S, then that is not a good thing in my view. Folks online seem to misinterpret that as shitting on godly Microsoft for saving people money while evil Sony cuts them off from their fancy new new generation titles. Meh, fuck console wars stuff. I want to see the power in these new machines exploited. Invariably there is a learning curve in every new generation of hardware and games released on day one rarely ever take advantage of the power available to these new devices. So Microsoft's view of having their first party games available across all of their line the first two years makes total sense but that isn't going to last a whole generation. it simply can't without making something like the Series X nothing more than a beefed up PC and we already have incredible PC hardware out there that's regularly limited by what's possible on console titles at the design level.
  5. Early concept art images out from what appears to be the linked script including an oracle character or the Tor Velum character.
  6. Possibly coming to PC! https://kotaku.com/sources-horizon-zero-dawn-is-coming-to-pc-1841043569
  7. Fantasy Zone and Shinobi are releasing January 23rd in the West. Wooohoo! Both easy purchases.
  8. At least at a high level, this sounds wonderful. https://news.avclub.com/turns-out-colin-trevorrows-version-of-star-wars-episod-1841002112
  9. Nope. Not when 120hz VRR is attainable. ALLM is also sneaky wonderful. Having the X auto turn on game mode is quality of life shit I never knew I needed.
  10. Troy and Nolan are on part 9 of their play through and it’s the . Go to about 53:11 for the scene. Someone hug Nolan! Played through the game damn near 10 times and that scene still gets me.:/ Game of the Decade man.
  11. I'm guessing I put another 300-400 hours on the X. Between 5-6 playthroughs of RE2, Devil May Cry 5, A Plague's Tale, Control, Fallen Order and more. It's generally a lite year for me on current gen consoles mainly because I spent so much of my gaming time with retro games last year. Hell, if you look at my list of currently beaten games in 2020 you'll quickly see a pattern developing.:D
  12. Wrap-up appears to be working now: Curious to see if Microsoft does something similar. The X got a good chunk of my gaming time this year so I figured this would be even less hours wise than it was. Early 2020 will see a whole lot miles put on the PS4 with some of the releases coming.:)
  13. The back button attachment is reviewing well. Generally very good impressions with some calling it a no-brainer if you're a core PS4 gamer. https://www.polygon.com/reviews/2020/1/14/21064095/dualshock-4-back-button-attachment-review-playstation https://www.ign.com/articles/ps4s-back-button-attachment-is-impressive-comfortable-and-may-tease-the-ps5 https://venturebeat.com/2020/01/14/dualshock-4s-back-button-attachment-is-comfortable-and-capable/ https://mashable.com/article/playstation-dualshock-4-back-button-attachment-review/
  14. This is 2020's Anthem for me. A game I feel almost nothing for. I don't know why. I like Crystal Dynamics. I totally dig their games. I love the Avengers. /shrug
  15. The Mick Gordon soundtrack alone is enough to secure a purchase. The fact that Doom 2016 was one of the best games of that year is just icing. I mean....
  16. YES! Now do a special edition in an actual Genesis case I can line-up next to the first three games and I'll be happier than a pig in shit.:)
  17. Nemesis trailer! Capcom has also since confirmed that the decision points in the original game will not appear in the remake. There's a single ending for the game as opposed to the multiple ending setup of the original. A bit disappointing but I can live with it.
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