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  1. All games were being put into an HDR container with the original setting set to on, regardless of whether the game supported HDR or not. This led to an inaccurate image and elevated black levels for non-HDR supporting titles. So if you wanted an accurate image for non-HDR games, you had to go into the settings and turn HDR off manually. This new setting automatically enables HDR for games that support it and doesn't for games that don't so it allows SDR titles to display accurately without having to fuss with the settings all the damned time.
  2. Yeah, I read the same. It's much more of a rumble now as opposed to the "buzz" you got before. The HDR toggle is glorious and works a treat. I also love being able to set what trophies take pictures and videos. I only have Gold/Platinum set for both so less space being taken up by useless pictures that I have to clear out all of the time.
  3. Oh my, they added a “check sync status” for cloud saves per game....thank goodness! You can uncheck this which will change the option to upload/download save if you want to manually do it as opposed to having the PS5 do it. It’s the little hidden QoL updates that are more meaningful than some of the big ticket items to me lol. Also, yiu no longer have to hit options and select to unbundle a hidden trophy now. Just hit square. There’s also a game follow management list, too.
  4. Sony Group investing another 200 million into Epic Games. https://www.epicgames.com/site/en-US/news/announcing-a-1-billion-funding-round-to-support-epics-long-term-vision-for-the-metaverse Keep in mind this isn't just a gaming play. Unreal Engine was used to build sets on the Mandalorian, its used in film and commercials, Music videos, etc. They are investing in the technology as much as the company.
  5. Aloy coming to Fortnite....
  6. 1.04 apparently just hit as well. These guys are cranking the fixes out. Once I’m fine with my Klonoa 2 playthrough, I’m diving back in!
  7. First major PS5 update hits tomorrow. It includes cold storage for PS5 titles on extended USB drives, cross generation share play and more.... https://blog.playstation.com/2021/04/13/ps5-april-update-brings-new-storage-options-and-social-features/
  8. I’ve been on a big PS3 kick since the store closure was announced. Recent picks up.... The Killzone trilogy pack is the only place to get Killzone HD on a physical disc. In addition, I’ve been big on Move compatible light gun games. Which led me to get Time Crisis Razing Storm which includes the arcade version of Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates. I also picked up digitally: The House of the Dead III The House of the Dead IV (the only home release!) Dead Space Extraction All pretty cheap and unavailable physically on PS3. (House of the Dead III was
  9. PS1Digital getting new firmware that adds a border for compatibility with Sinden light guns! Also, Dan and crew are working on an XRGB Mini replacement called the Pixel FX Morph. A high quality, fully buffered video scaler :
  10. #10 is a playthrough of the excellent Klonoa Door to Phantomile to break in the new PS1Digital/XStation. It’s a lovely 2.5D platformer but the physical copy has gone up in price to insane levels. Even the Wii remake is over $100 now and it’s PS2 sequel is skyrocketing as well (I thankfully own that one). Anywho, I completed the game and rescued all of the world inhabitants to unlock the extra vision, too. It’s a blast to play and it’s available for $5.99 as a PS Classic on the PS3 so go grab it while you still can.
  11. Oh and PlayStation Studios London is hiring for a “brand new, next gen IP”..... https://playstationlondonstudio.com/join-us/job/?id=5089003002 Hopefully we hear some more on what they will be in the near future.
  12. Not usually a big MetalJesusRocks fan but this is a good video on some key titles to grab before the PS3 store closes down. I’ve been on a PS1/2 Classics buying kick and have also grabbed a few PS3 games digital including the mention House of the Dead 3 and 4. I’ve also been on a physical PS3 buying kick and I’ll post some pick ups soon and some other recommendations on what’s worth buying before the store closes down.
  13. If the quality of the games are high, it’s a distinction without a difference as far as I’m concerned. We are living in an age of gaming where we are drowning in choice for what to play. If smaller titles from Sony become a selection of exclusives they fund but are developed by high quality smaller or indie teams or partner scenarios like Sumo/Sackboy? I’m fine with it. Is there diversity to the library? Is the quality of those titles high? Last generation we saw a remake of Medievil hit the PS4 developed by Other Ocean for example. That game probably doesn’t exist without Sony farming it
  14. Also, just to UNDERLINE my point... https://www.cnet.com/news/sonys-shawn-layden-wants-fewer-bigger-playstation-games/ This is Shawn Layden.
  15. Is Returnal a dead certain multi-million seller? Legit question given what we know about Housemarque's previous titles and their success. Was Ghost of Tsushima a guaranteed success? Again, a new IP though I'll grant with some pedigree from Sucker Punch but no one would have predicted the level of success that they got from it. Did Concrete Genie release in the PS2 era or PS4 era? Who here bought it? Are smaller games that Sony are involved in like Sifu guaranteed sellers? Another question - is a completely risk averse company going to come out and announce PSVR2 literally months into i
  16. Big patch released today: Oddworld Soulstorm Patch Notes 1.06 | April 9 Improvements to cover in The Blimp (more to come here) Prevented the player being able to loop around in Phat Station and get stuck Abe now connects to monkey bars much more reliably (more improvements coming here too) Fixed Mudokons occasionally being reluctant to enter lockers Fixed unresponsive Sligs after they’ve been on high alert Slap mines will now turn on/off as expected, whichever is closest to Abe when activated Streamer mode timer now stops when the game is p
  17. The full track previewed in the blog post is available on Spotify to listen to by the way.
  18. New blog post on the music from the game. Which is composed by Bobby Krlic - who also composed the score for "Midsommar", Ari Aster's fantastic horror film from 2019. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/04/09/the-music-of-returnal-an-interview-with-composer-bobby-krlic/#sf244817277
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