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  1. Good article on the new OS: https://www.polygon.com/22728859/analogue-pocket-save-states-playlists-library-fpga
  2. Ha! I have that Trinitron he’s playing on. I’m pretty sure it’s either the 20FV300 or 24in version. The 20in is the only 20in model from Sony that has both S-Video and component.
  3. Can’t wait. Matt Reeves has my total confidence that this will be fire.
  4. Analogue has announced Analogue OS which will ship with the Pocket. All future Analogue products will ship with this as well. Some nice features and screens shown: https://www.analogue.co/os Thread here:
  5. I agree with the overall thesis here but my position has not changed. A raft of accessibility options are great. 100% onboard with that. Blanket equating game difficulty with accessibility? I’m not quite as onboard. To level set (again), I have no issue with challenging games having easier modes. I won’t use them but if the developers deem it as something they want to offer, then great! I just happen to have no issue if they choose not to include them as well. If that’s their vision for the game then why should it be compromised? You can’t be arsed to dedicate the time? I mean, that’s fair enough but that’s on you. These games are still readily accessible. You can play them whenever you like. You can, at any point choose to hop in, fail, and continue to improve until you overcome the games challenges. Nothing is preventing you from doing that except for your own disinterest in dedicating the time necessary to doing so. That’s unfortunate, but as an example Hidetaka Miyazaki has no interest in designing games that cater to your disinterests so why should he? The function of using accessibility to mean “I can cake walk through this game unopposed.” is not one I agree with. I haven’t played up to that section of the game so I won’t comment on it other than to say (and you know this) that the game very early on tells you to shoot the environment if you’re stuck. It even gives a tutorial explaining the mechanic and signposts some early destructible areas to help acclimate you. We’re not talking about having Simon Belmont ride a boat across a river, then jump up to the side of a mountain, equip a specific crystal, and kneel for 30 seconds to have a tornado sweep him away to the next dungeon with zero clues of what to do levels of obtuse here, are we? I don’t know, I’m asking but maybe, just maybe it’s not bad game design and it’s ok to be left a little frustrated as you recall the mechanics the game has taught you until you have that satisfying “Eureka!” moment.
  6. This is unfortunate but not surprising. https://www.theverge.com/2021/10/16/22728936/dbrand-pulls-ps5-darkplates-from-sale-sony-threatens-legal-action
  7. My new 12.9in IPad Pro shipped! Should have it on Monday. I’m looking forward to seeing the 120hz screen in action.
  8. N64 with the N64 Digital arrived! Here’s a minute long video of a buddy of mine playing Shadows of the Empire at 1080p with adaptive scanlines, deblur on and anti-aliasing turned off for the cleanest possible picture the console can output: IMG_1580.MOV
  9. This is such a unmitigated, garbage ass tweet. How many thousands of games are released every year that offer the same hand holding, guide you by the nose design with almost zero challenge? How many of those thousands offer multiple difficulties including story modes that mitigate any challenge level if you so choose? Now compare that number to the three games in his list (One of which INCLUDES A FUCKING STORY MODE!!) and the subset of titles that may fall in the same category? Now tell me with a straight face that the latter is outpacing the former. But yes, we're marching towards "super challenging" games and developers are actively trying to push people away. Sure, Dave. Give me a fucking break. People then have the audacity to sit there and wonder why developers in the AAA space take almost no chances with their game design and this is coming from a former developer! (so much for keeping my mouth shut!)
  10. If you say so. I'm going to keep my mouth shut because my underlying beliefs on challenge in games both generally and at a design level will never line up with the rest of this forum (or David Jaffe and his manchild bullshit for that matter) and I'm exhausted just thinking about making the argument again.
  11. Not as good as 2018 but I liked it. Its very much a straightforward and very tropey slasher movie and that’s both good and bad. I like some of the mythology they are building around Michael and the crowd/vigilantism stuff is well done and pays off really nicely but I could have done with far less cartoonish gore and you’ll shake your head at how fucking stupid some of these people are. A lot of my feelings about this movie are going to hinge on what they do with the third one, frankly. It feels very much incomplete… Also, strapping Curtis to a bed for a vast majority of this was a mistake. The script I read also handled the ending much better with a great callback to Linda’s death in the original.
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