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  1. Ill go further. I’ve seen it and couldn’t give less of a shit about it or it’s sequel. /shrug
  2. The best part is he keeps trying to dance after picking her up lmao.
  3. New DLC pack looks strange....
  4. Hells yeah! Just watched “The Golden Army” UHD last night, too.
  5. I have the first two Fatal Frames on the Xbox. Haunting Ground sells in the $150-$180 range these days.
  6. I have the second Obscure on the Xbox as well and I really want the first game on the Xbox over the PS2 but it’s also in that pricey column. I’ll add it to the list alongside Kuon. The PS2 really was an incredible console.
  7. The high priced horror row..... More horror on PS2... .....and the precious with the extensive making of documentary.
  8. The sealed game craze and especially those with ratings are absurd and nothing I will ever have interest in. It’s just silly if you ask me. I buy games to play them. On that note, I sold off a preorder soundtrack I had from years ago for a game called Rule of Rose on the PS2 for about $200. I used the money to buy the actual game (which is one of the hardest to find PS2 titles out there). I actually bought the game when it originally released and stupidly traded it in then. I wasn’t a big fan of it back then but it’s story always intrigued me and I regretted getting rid of if. That mistake has been corrected. Now I need to find a copy of Kuon on the PS2 for a good price and I’ll have the full slate of “hard to find” PS2 horror titles for my collection (I’ll post a pic of the set here shortly).
  9. I’m with Cam on the DS4 and the later revisions. Outside of some launch analog stick issues and the dire battery, it’s one of my favorite controller designs of all time. It’s about as comfortable as a controller gets and the d-pad design is classic and lends itself well to fighting games and retro titles. That’s not to say I dislike the One controller. It’s also pretty great but I don’t like the top shoulder button placement and feel the d-pad isn’t up to snuff on an otherwise high quality controller. My hope for next gen is for Sony to take a “if it ain’t broke” approach to the Dual Shock design. Put a better battery in there, add the same level of haptic feedback Nintendo’s joycons produce for rumble and upgrade the quality of the analog sticks even further and I’m in heaven. Microsoft needs to provide a better d-pad option and rethink the shoulder button design and they have their own heavenly controller. Minor nips and tucks at best as they already have an HD rumble equivalent. I don’t have a preference for offset analog sticks versus not. I like and use both with no issues.
  10. The game was delisted digitally, I believe which is driving up the physical copy prices and considering the physical was limited....perfect recipe for valuation.
  11. /Thread Resurrection So no one responded to this thread but I wanted to say that I never ended up buying this when it released. It had a limited physical release and I just forgot about it. Unfortunately, the price of the physical release just shot up and its now nearing $100 for a copy. I was lucky enough to come across one at a local game shop for $42 bucks thanks to some favors I did for the manager (brought 2 PSP's back to life for him). I haven't played it yet but I'm quite happy to have finally secured a copy! The game is budget as shit and not amazing but I love me some Godzilla so I'm eager to give it a try.
  12. What’s up, danger? I play this scene often.:)
  13. I enjoyed it as well. Much better movie than the original, IMO.
  14. Holy shit the Dark Dimension sucked balls. Horrid level design, slog level battles. Serious low point.:/ The ISO-8 stuff is pretty needless, too. Seems pretty tacked on.
  15. Great interview with Phil Spencer about the business, how he views competition, etc.
  16. Filled some Genesis library gaps today and a few other missing “duh” games on the 360.
  17. More than halfway through S7 of Orange is the New Black and man, what a return to form for the show thus far. After three middling seasons, I was nearly going to ignore this final season but if I made it through the dire S6, I figured I might as well finish the series off. I’m glad that I did! The shift in focus to immigration detention alongside private prisons gives the show some topical teeth again. It’s not perfect, but it’s been a huge improvement with some amazing character moments. ....Maritza.:(
  18. To add insult to injury, Beth pulled the backwards compatible versions of Doom and Doom II for the 360. If you don’t already have them installed - you’re fucked cause they’re gone.:( Nevermind if you owned them or not. I do and thankfully have them both installed. Edit: Apparently an error that Bethesda is fixing, thankfully. Good on them. https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/07/27/bethesda-is-fixing-that-unintentional-doom-doom-ii-xbox-glitch
  19. ....and unplayable without an internet connection unless you create a Bethesda online account and log in at least once. Just why,.....
  20. A little hokey, frankly and redundant given how well the funeral scene plays afterwards. They were right to cut it.
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