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  1. There’s a new vinyl and CD expanded score available as of the 18th. Includes 24 minutes of unreleased music! https://johncarpentermusic.bandcamp.com/album/halloween-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-expanded-edition Carpenter confirmed he’s scoring the next two films, too.
  2. Given Microsoft BC efforts, I’ve always felt like Sony was going to do something big with the PS5 on that front but I guessed it would be on PS Now. I have a healthy library of titles happily waiting on whatever Sony wants to announce.:)
  3. The PS2 dev kit was the closest looks wise to a final PlayStation design. It was just massive by comparison... Screw the haters, too. I loved the PS2 design. Especially the slim models.
  4. Cool! That won’t be what ends up on shelves but cool. Sony is notorious for doing insane dev kits.... Though there’s a part of me that would love that monstrosity. It’s straight out of the 90’s industrial design playbook lol. PS4 Pro: PS4: PS3:
  5. Ordered my TMNT cabinet today. It’ll be here next Thursday!
  6. Yes. My biggest disappointment with the Nolan sequels was the lack of character Gotham had. You could argue that since he was going for a gritty crime drama, a more "standard" city made sense but Batman Begins was the best of both worlds. A more grounded Batman origin story with a unique Gotham that had some real character.
  7. Keep in mind @Angry the Clown, if you want to skimp on an Everdrive right now - there will no doubt be jailbreak firmware released for this things from Kevin Horton himself that will turn the unit into its very own EverDrive with cores for the supported devices. It's happened for every Analogue device and its the worst kept secret that Horton is the one doing the releases.:) EDIT: They said the Mega SG and Super NT would be available in "limited quantities" when they announced as well. It's just hype.
  8. Full Analogue thread on twitter with specs:
  9. The thing has a second FPGA core to allow third party developers to create additional cores!
  10. Official announcement is out. Here's the dock: Which is sold separately:
  11. They don't appear to be. The original NT and NT Mini were but that was mostly because of the ridiculous cost of the materials they built those units with (anodized aluminum). Since they switched to plastics and started creating more realistically priced items like the Super NT and Mega SG, they've had stock regularly. I don't see this being any different.
  12. I'm really damned impressed with the quality of these ports thus far. I haven't spent a ton of time with each game but I tried them all and the control implementation is extremely well thought out. It'll be a bit cumbersome off of the bat but once you get a hold on where everything is, it's actually pretty elegant.The use of radial menus. smart layout and hot keys and the ability to directly control movement of the characters (as well as switch to the more pointer driven tactical mode at any time) just gives you the best of both worlds. Each games runs really well and the scaling and zooming used to present them in high resolution and widescreen is super impressive. I was kind of slack jawed to be playing Baldur's Gate and Planescape on my big 4K TV and it looked stunning.:) There's no doubt using a mouse and keyboard is easier and the intended way to play these games but if you've never had the chance to play them and are married to the console experience, these are fantastic representations of these pure CRPG classics. These games will give you hundreds of hours of enjoyment and represent Bioware and Black Isle (most of the higher ups went on to create Obsidian) at their very very best. I'm way more impressed with this than I thought I was going to be. Very cool!
  13. Just waiting for the preorder to go up. Time to pick up a GBA Everdrive, too. I hate Analogue's shipping cost (it'll be $20 likely which sucks) but I love their products. The Super NT and Mega SG are just *chef's kiss*
  14. Also, it has a dock with an HDMI out that allows you to play on your TV and use bluetooth controllers! It's the Analogue Switch.:) The display resolution is a ridiculous 1600x1440 on the unit and with Kevin Horton handling the FPGA, it will no doubt have the same level of audio/video customization that we see on the Super NT and Mega SG. https://www.fastcompany.com/90417529/this-new-gaming-device-is-like-a-game-boy-for-design-snobs
  15. It's $199. Pricey but the fact that it has multi-function abilities with the right adapters is a big add. Pair it with a quality GBA/GB Everdrive and you have an amazing portable machine!
  16. So these officially release tomorrow other than Neverwinter which releases in November. I have my PS4 copies on the way!
  17. So stuff moves fast. The sequel to Halloween 2018 is coming in October 2020 and will be followed by the supposed end of the series in 2021. Next years movie is called Halloween Kills and the final film is Halloween Ends. David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are back for both. Along with the scriptwriters. The next movie will include all of the surviving cast including Jamie Lee Curtis, Judi Greer and Andi Matichak as the three Strode women. Anthony Michael Hall has been cast as Tommy Doyle (the original kid in the first movie) and Kyle Richards is back as Lindsey from the first movie as well. Nick Castle will again don the mask for some scenes with James Jude Courtney playing Michael again. It looks like the original Sheriff Brackett actor Charles Cypher is coming back as well! https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2481993/halloween-kills-set-photo-confirms-the-return-of-one-original-actor It also looks like Haddonfield Memorial is back @Angel P! https://screenrant.com/halloween-kills-movie-haddonfield-memorial-hospital-original-sequel-location/ I did not need a sequel to Halloween 2018 which I thought closed out the franchise nicely but there’s some strong casting and if there’s a worthwhile story to tell. I’m in. Worst case, I just ignore the sequels and live happily with the original and it’s true sequel from last year.
  18. So I sold off my loose cart with the repro label (and included the original ripped label)for $60 and bought this for another $130. Which I thought was a good price considering the condition of it. It’s only missing the maps which I’ll hunt down but cool to have one of holy grails CIB and added to the collection.....
  19. You’re forgetting the tariff x-factor. They haven’t been imposed yet but likely will be at this rate on December 15th. Who knows how that will look well into 2020 but I’m not dismissing $499 as the starting point for price.
  20. Well, there isn’t a single thing shown in this video that I don’t love! This and the Medievil remaster from Sony is going to make for a great Halloween!
  21. So this released yesterday and is being lauded heavily in the press. Heres a great review: I’ll be grabbing this and Yooka Laylee thus Friday for sure. Too many games!
  22. Its a healthy mix for me but a bulk of my gaming is done on the X as well. That’s a function of the machine being more powerful than any affinity or preference hence the third party titles I am interested in perform better or support higher resolutions. If preference came down to it, I prefer the Dual Shock 4 by a slim margin and the PS4 UI by a country mile but that’s not enough to override a gulf in resolution and performance in certain titles I care about. Whether that power gulf exists next generation is a big question mark and the dynamic will shift again anyways when they do their mid-gen refreshes. Hence why I just end up with all of them. Makes life easier. Game Pass is indeed wonderful, too! For me though, it’s a means to play games I may or may not purchase. I have no sense of ownership of them much like Plus and Gold titles but if I like them enough, I’m gonna go buy them. Blazing Chrome is a great example. I’ve been playing the game on the X via Game Pass as it saves my spending digital monies for a game I actually purchased physically on the PS4 via LRG. I wish Blair Witch had released physical. I have not played River City Girls cause I’m waiting on my physical copy for PS4. I’m waiting on the physical release for the Deadly Premonition rerelease on the Switch. I personally feel a greater sense of urgency to play something physical if that makes any sense. Same goes for retro titles. I own every library imaginable via flash carts but I love to pop in the original copies I own and play them. I’m 75% through a Yoshi’s Island run on the Super NT and that save game is on the cart! It will be promptly backed up as well. Someone less tied to having a physical library will obviously prioritize things differently as will folks with varying tastes but first party exclusives and Sony’s in particular are defining for me. As are Nintendo’s. Links Awakening is one of my favorite games this year. Especially in a day and age where I have lost most interest in big release third party games (Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon, Borderlands.....you name it. I stopped caring ). I’ll buy the PS5 on the promise of Sony’s first party output alone much like I’ve bought all of Nintendo consoles post Gamecube for Nintendo’s first party output. Even if it took me a bit for the Switch. Ironically, I loved the Wii U! Halo and Gears isn’t enough for me anymore for Microsoft. Halo Infinite has a lot to prove after Halo 5 and Forza isn’t my thing (nor are any racing games anymore, frankly) so I’m left with very little to drive me to their console day one for better or worse. That could obviously change but we’ll see.
  23. Indeed though the lack of aggressive messaging post-E3 from Microsoft (or even at E3, frankly) remains baffling to me. Sony drops an interview and reveal with Cerny prior to E3 basically eating up attention for their console. I expected Microsoft to come really strong out of the gate and their E3 show was solid but hardly game changing. Now, Sony does a Wired article with more specs, controller details, more nuance around the UI and expectations around installation options, etc. Meanwhile, there's the image above. Though to be fair, that may not be new and Microsoft is just keeping quiet. If Microsoft was in the drivers seat this generation, then fair enough but coming off of the PS3 and its struggles, Sony put together a massive conference around the PS4 reveal and they didn't even show a box! Microsoft just feels "reactive" right now and not proactive. I hope that changes soon. They have a good message around their backwards compatibility program, Game Pass and they are making moves on the first party studio shopping front. They’ve been out there talking xCloud and other services as well. I'll invariably own all of these consoles at some point but right now, PS5 is a day one purchase for me. The next Xbox is a 6 months post release type of buy for me much like the One. I think that's going to be the case for a lot of early adopters unless Microsoft shifts the paradigm (pricing is a big unknown that could do that as well).
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