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  1. RP1 in Dolby Cinema at AMC was sublime.
  2. Oh what fun. I just finished watching this wacky Italian superhero flick, "They Call Me Jeeg": http://www.imdb.com/videoplayer/vi577680921
  3. Hmmm, the Regal in times square has a 8 film marathon for $100. Ummm, no. Star Wars Marathon Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 & RPX Wed. Dec 13 at 10:00 PM Runtime: 18hr 7m Experience all eight Star Wars saga films in one epic day including STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. Fans will be treated with exclusive content, collectible cards, a commemorative blanket, and a special concession offer.
  4. Good for you Romier! I did the same years ago. Tough at first but I eventually felt a sense of relief. As with many "never ending" collectible hobbies, I started feeling overwhelmed, not to mention too many competing financial priorities and space in my home.
  5. Finished it as well. Superb acting and love how the story was woven together with some great incremental character development.
  6. Glad to hear. My PS3 died soon after the 1st chapter so i never got a chance to finish it.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1-Ip4bzAdo#t=89
  8. If we are looking to maintain a list in a single spreadsheet, what about loading it to a shared google doc?
  9. It killed me to do so but I just refused a UPS Delivery of a 1/6 th Hot Toys DX T-800 battle Damaged Exclusive. I think I'm already regretting it even though my lust for figures has died down quite a bit.
  10. UPS has arrived with my day 1 preorder from Best Buy. No time to setup until later. Still have not picked up any games which says something. I may end up returning it if it does not perform the voice/media stuff to my expectations.
  11. Any fans of Cloud Atlas? It will be a blind buy for me tomorrow. It sounds like my kind of film.
  12. http://media.beta.photobucket.com/user/IchabodGAF/media/Gifs/Braveheart2.gif.html?filters[term]=braveheart%20disappointment%20gif&filters[primary]=images#/user/IchabodGAF/media/Gifs/Braveheart2.gif.html?filters%5Bterm%5D=braveheart%20disappointment%20gif&filters%5Bprimary%5D=images&_suid=135852954898403470535317051852
  13. Carlos, From what I can tell, the sound quality is pretty damn good for bluetooth. Easily better than many of the sub $150 wired buds I've owned. Grant it, I'm not an audiophile but the fact that I'm getting more than 8 hours play time on a single charge, I don't feel the need to carry a backup wired pair with me. Besides the voice prompts, another great feature is the bluebuds battery life indicator displayed next to the bluetooth symbol on the iPhone. Very happy with my purchase thus far. This was the headset I was waiting for since the original iPhone.
  14. Upgraded to the Jaybird Bluebuds X. I can't praise these wireless bluetooth ear buds enough. 8 hrs. battery life and voice prompts are just a couple of the many features that make this headset miles ahead of their competitors. Jaybird is the Apple of wireless bluetooth earbuds, http://youtu.be/3SZuDNmKhpQ
  15. Saw the trailer at the Hobbit last night. As a big fan of 60's Godzilla and giant monster movies, I'm definitely interested
  16. T2 T-800 in the house! I fell in love with the head sculpt and clothes/weapon details. Best likeness of Arnold thus far IMHO... Still not sure any 1/6th is worth > $200+ regardless of the hyper attention to detail. Obviously, there is still a demand. Speaking of demand, on the heels of the T2 T-800 shipment, Hot Toys/Sideshow just announced a battle damaged version of the T2 T-800 (devious marketing rollout plan of the Terminator franchise line).. Retail is $300+. Slave labor differential for all that manual detail. I can't imagine there being much automation as they get more det
  17. Screw mega millions, go for it. Just make believe your making car payments.
  18. I haven't bought a figure in a long time. That rendition of the T-800 is just too iconic to pass on. Ordered!
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