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  2. I have two M30’s for use with my Mega SG. They are superb. Mind you, I use the 2.4ghz versions which have almost no lag but the Bluetooth versions should serve you well on the Switch not only for Castlevania but for any Sega Ages title, too. The M30 has one of the best D-pads I’ve ever used on a third party controller. It’s as good if not slightly better than the original 6-button Genesis controller and on par with the Saturn. It’s godly for Street Fighter use if you invest in the 30th Anniversary collection.:)
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  4. I received the stunning Collector’s Edition of Bloodstained Curse of the Moon from LRG today. It’s a gorgeous reproduction of an NES release.
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  6. I want it but I’m holding out for physical.
  7. This is out & getting very positive reviews. It's by the same team as Stories Untold, which I loved. And is only $12.50 via the Epic store right now on PC...
  8. Oh man. Love that movie and Sony? Yeah...easy buy.
  9. The brawler is freaking fantastic. I'll never use a standard N64 pad again. The analogue stick is just as sensitive and responsive and having the Z buttons act as shoulder triggers on both sides offers a ton of flexibility and comfort. The buttons are all high quality and the overall build is really nice. It's just comfy as hell to use and feels about 1000 times more natural than the boomerang design of the official controller. If I were to level a complaint its that the controller does feel a little lite but adding in the rumble pak solves that issue. Still, I might crack it open and see if there's a good place to fit a small weight or two on both sides to level things out. It's not necessary but I like to tinker.:) Despite that, I can't recommend it enough. Between the Brawler 64, the modded N64 with proper RGB output and the Everdrive 64, I feel like I've got the ultimate N64 setup right now. Even moreso after figuring out that folks have patches out there that can be applied that will use the default Gameshark function to disable anti-aliasing in N64 games! It's not quite as big a difference as the de-blur functionality that resides in the Ultra HDMI mod but it it does make a noticeable difference in a few games I have tried it with including Doom 64 and Super Mario. It significantly removes some of the blur associated with N64 visuals. The best part is that the Everdrive auto loads APS and IPS patches so all you have to do is load all of the patches into the auto folder, enable the auto loading of the patch and it is applied whenever the game starts. No need to modify the ROM or input Gameshark codes! LOVE IT. Last bit of news - I ordered up my DCHDMI kit today.:) I've already been in touch with a source who's going to do the mod for me for a good price but in less than a month, I will have a fully modded, HDMI enabled Dreamcast. If you don't know what the DCHDMI is, watch this:
  10. Looking forward to Everybody's Golf VR. I may purchase it tonight even though I will be away for the holiday weekend starting Thursday. From the reviews it sounds like a great VR title hampered by lack of content and modes...but for me, I just really want to play this game in VR.
  11. Stand By Me is coming coming on 27th of August from Sony. It's a catalogue release from Sony not tied to any kind of anniversary. More please! Meanwhile some of the Craig Bond films have surfaced in listings again, this time in Europe and as individual releases rather than the Canadian 'Craig Collection' listing we'd seen previously. I'm concerned about the Bonds as if a few trickle out this year the future of the rest of them would be in question as they'd be Fox releases (on MGM's behalf) and who knows what will become of Fox Home Entertainment, or indeed their deal with MGM, in the long term. The newest Bond will come from Universal.
  12. I think the Bran-is-THE-bad-guy take is a retcon explanation, i.e., it wasn't a viable interpretation of the plot for episodes 1.1 - 8.5, until what happened in 8.6. Then, in a search for meaning, one could go back and find, and invent, clues to show that Bran was "letting" everything happen the way it did so he could assume power. Ben Shapiro (yes, him. But this is non-political) makes a reasonable attempt at explaining it here. It's like the "Jar-Jar is a Sith" theory (relevant portion at 9:00) Carlos.
  13. I cannot recall. How much DID he interfere with everything? I truly do not remember. If his motivation was power and chose to interfere or not interfere in service of personal quest for power, then he's the bad guy. If however like Dr. Strange he let's terrible things happen in service of the best possible outcome, then he's a good guy. You really think it is the former? OR maybe his role was a bit more 'Let free will reign and let the chips fall where they may.' Him being King is just an extension of that. When he sat down at the table, he more or less told everyone that they could make the decisions, and then he left them to it. He truly is acting like god, letting men choose their destiny while he just nudges them here and there. I have a hard time seeing that he is the BAD guy. But maybe I'm missing something.
  14. I’ve come to terms with the end. Because in the end, Bran was the “bad guy” of the entire thing. He knew everything that would happen from the time he became the three eyed raven, and did nothing to stop any of it. The line at the end “It’s why I came all this way” gets worse every time I think about.
  15. Another rushed season of #GOT. Liked the characters arcs but FELT few of them. The final episode played out in the best story way possible - surprising but inevitable. Forget the prequels gimmee that Ayra Goes West series!!
  16. They always said the show would happen no matter how many movies they made.
  17. Oh yeah, that's a thing I hadn't considered... Hopefully they'd be able to do both, and I suppose I would prefer the films, but I'm just so in love with this Universe that we seem to have only scratched the surface of. Want to see more!
  18. Unless the performance has persuaded them that concentrating efforts on a new film every two years is more productive than diverting to TV.
  19. I’d be more worried that Starz may be put up for sale.
  20. Well, if nothing else, the Box Office performance on Chapter 3 should maybe get it back on the Front Burner.
  21. No idea, it was announced 16 months ago, but nothing mentioned since.
  22. Yep. Will be nice see some of these character to get more fleshed out.
  23. Yep, thanks. The matts are huge, but that’s the trend these days.. You need a few of the broken token stackable card holders I do as well for a few games.
  24. Still £329 in the UK, sadly.
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