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  1. Thanks for the info guys! I had the low power mode enabled, turned that off and used Romier’s SDR settings, looks great. I was still not happy with the motion on screen but I set the AppleTV to use native frame rate and disabled Real Cinema and now it looked better. Unfortunately I have to catch a plane to Austin for the next several days so I won’t be able to really test these setting fully but my initial look was positive. The picture on this thing is unreal. It has me wanting to replace my X900F in my living room really bad!
  2. I’ve got the C9 up and running but I cannot seem to get rid of something that looks like the Soap Opera effect. I’ve turned off TrueMotion but the motion still seems not right.
  3. We saw it opening day, lots of sobbing in the theater. I thought the timeline jumping was annoying personally. The Winona Ryder version is a much better adaptation IMHO, and it’s in 4K on AppleTV.
  4. That does seem shortsighted. Also I wonder what the card slot is for.
  5. I too have the 85X900F and I frankly do not like it but my wife loves it. The lack of backlight zones really bothers me as does the awful off angle viewing. I don’t think it helped that we have the much superior 75X940D in our bedroom for over a year before we got the 900F.
  6. I bought a Sony 65Z9F a couple weeks ago. Lovely picture and all that. Got it for $1800, I really wanted the 65C9 but it was $2600 and I struggled to justify the difference. Well Best Buy just put the C9 on sale for $500 off and I bought one. The Z9F is going back, now I finally get to really see what all the OLED hype is about.
  7. I’m thinking about putting a Beam down in the Basement connecting it to my new C9. The instore demos are very impressive with it.
  8. We’ve had the Playbar for several years, it really could use an upgrade to modern standards. It still sounds great but I hope they come out with a high end option soon.
  9. Latency issues would be my guess why they do that. I just finished my basement and I’m thinking about putting in a 65” C9 as a dedicated gaming station.
  10. I want to see an HBO level TV series of Palpatine hitting up the bars on Naboo and the night clubs of Coruscant picking up chicks.
  11. I’m running around Zeffo and enjoying the game except for the slow down that seems to be hitting the game way more than I would expect as I’m playing it on the One X. Some of the puzzles have reminded me of Breath of the Wild shrines.
  12. I think they are much better than the ones Sony came out with a few months ago. I’ve been really pleased at how well they did blocking out busy airport and airplane sounds.
  13. AirPods Pro’s noise canceling is great on a 737. I sit in the exit row above the wings and they were fantastic.
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