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  1. In the Apple vs Epic trial several other tech companies have provided testimony and support for Epic in their battle against Apple. Microsoft is one of the big ones. If Apple loses and has to open up the App Store, there’s no stopping someone from suing MS, Sony, etc from having to open up.
  2. I'm surprised at how many of these companies are going after Apple in the Epic vs Apple lawsuit, do they not realize what is going to happen to them if Epic wins.
  3. Thanks for the offer! The flying guys get me when they do that spin attack and charge at you.
  4. I've died 4 times in the span of 30 minutes this morning. I keep on getting swarmed by those flying things or one of the big red tentacle guys just smoke me.
  5. I’ve got a feeling not many billion dollar earners in that list.
  6. My guess is the Discord investors thought going it alone will equal out to a bigger payday than MS’s $10b. Sony partnership helps that reality, especially if they are going to do a first class integration with the PS5.
  7. I don't know of anything, and they are just so easy to use. It's not that they sound bad either.
  8. Me too, except I am intrigued by the story...which who knows if I'll be disappointed or not in it. But I'm so bad at the game who knows if I'll ever know the story.
  9. They aren't bad. I think they are comfortable and sound is better than the Xbox ones.
  10. The scenes at Old Trafford this weekend were pretty interesting. I don't think they will force the Glazers to step away from the cash cow but kudos to them for trying. It's nice to have an owner who actually loves the sport and the club.
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