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  1. Just started this today, what a beautiful game. The controls are great. The music is beautiful. Game feels huge. Someone should let Moon do a Castlevania.
  2. Don’t clear your cart. When they go live again you’ll get it. That’s how I scored mine today and I’ve heard from lots that’s how they did it.
  3. Yeah. I just scored an Xbox from Best Buy with pick up today. I'm going to cancel the All Access Xbox.
  4. I just got one on All Access at Walmart. What will happen to my current two years of prepaid GamePass Ultimate?
  5. The Series S is not selling right now. It's still available for pick up at my local Target, the one that canceled my Series X order. It's been available on Best Buy for over 2 days now as well.
  6. Anddddd...they just canceled it. My only option was to cancel the order. Why is this so hard. This is the 3rd time I’ve had an order go in and get canceled.
  7. It’s good enough. The UI is better than my old Marantz that was just one year older than this unit. I haven’t tuned it yet as I’m waiting on my couch to arrive in March 2nd.
  8. They dropped, I took another L. I’ve bought 2 PS5s in the time it’s taken me to not get a Series X.
  9. Thanks, I've got all sorts of Twitter alerts set up for it. This week I've just seen ANTOnline and Costco put them up. I can't buy from Costco because I already bought my kid's Xbox Series X from them.
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