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  1. We’ve had the Playbar for several years, it really could use an upgrade to modern standards. It still sounds great but I hope they come out with a high end option soon.
  2. Latency issues would be my guess why they do that. I just finished my basement and I’m thinking about putting in a 65” C9 as a dedicated gaming station.
  3. I want to see an HBO level TV series of Palpatine hitting up the bars on Naboo and the night clubs of Coruscant picking up chicks.
  4. I’m running around Zeffo and enjoying the game except for the slow down that seems to be hitting the game way more than I would expect as I’m playing it on the One X. Some of the puzzles have reminded me of Breath of the Wild shrines.
  5. I think they are much better than the ones Sony came out with a few months ago. I’ve been really pleased at how well they did blocking out busy airport and airplane sounds.
  6. AirPods Pro’s noise canceling is great on a 737. I sit in the exit row above the wings and they were fantastic.
  7. AirPods Pro are great! We just moved into a new open office and my desk is right next to the cafe area, the AirPods Pro completely cut out the noise coming from the cafe. I'm flying this weekend to DC for work and I look forward to seeing how they do on the plane.
  8. So how many goals are the Chelsea back line going to let in this weekend? My guess is 3.
  9. iPhone reviews are out. The Verge call it the best cameras on a phone period. They say the cameras alone make the device worth of an upgrade even from an XS. The new XDR screen on the Pro is also a noticeable upgrade from the XS, especially with Dolby Vision content. Sounds like these are not just small upgrades.
  10. For you I’d go PowerBeats today. I have both the Jabra and the Plantronics sport buds and they are not good.
  11. I really want the white ceramic watch. A coworker has the previous white ceramic one and I always like the look of it. Alas the price is too much, I can get a titanium watch and upgrade from an XS to a Pro for just about the same price as the ceramic watch.
  12. Not sure if it’s physical or mental fitness but I’m hoping Kante is back soon.
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