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  1. I’m going to be very interested in hearing how this goes for you and your workflow.
  2. The new Airs are really nice, especially now that they have upgraded screens with True Tone.
  3. I don't like the white buttons. As someone with a kid, those are going to be tinted brown in no time. I rarely play my Switch docked anymore.
  4. Dan you need a new phone. Just don’t even think about anything else.
  5. My employees put iOS 13 PB1 on their phones and were taking about how good it was so I did the same. It’s pretty solid, I’ve mostly ran into issues with alignment. There are so many little things that make it a great improvement over iOS 12.
  6. So they’ve announced they are going to be releasing multiple small patches for the Switch to get it up to par.
  7. The MXP, MacBook Xtreme Pro.
  8. Now that Bloodstained is out on the Switch, it's showing terrible performance on the console. People are reporting 15fps, ouch!
  9. I was hoping these new boxes would have 32GB RAM. Maybe with these new SSD sub systems they do not need it.
  10. The MacBook Pro version of the new Mac Pro would be interesting to see Apple design a kitchen sink laptop again.
  11. I understand Courtois wanting to be near his kid, but I do enjoy watching him site on the bench. Will be funny to see if Zidane sells him off.
  12. Frankly I think he's going to do fine in Madrid but he doesn't score goals like Ronaldo did or Messi/Suarez do. Also he never had the press pressure like he will at Madrid, will be interesting to see how his family likes being followed around all the time and the eventual negative press that will come with it. For some reason at Chelsea he was left alone for the most part. I hope he's a huge success and wins all that he wants to win but the grass isn't always greener, just look at Courtois.
  13. Absolutely just about as perfect a song can be. Beautiful, Haunting, Moving. And to make it modern it has an absolutely fantastic video to go with it.
  14. Put in about three hours so far. It’s great. Control is spot on, story is ridiculous and acted over the top (a good thing), and has wonderful audio. The 2D but 3D visuals feel off at times to me but it is not taking away from the game. Why Konami won’t right it’s wrongs and give this man back Castlevania.
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