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  1. For you I’d go PowerBeats today. I have both the Jabra and the Plantronics sport buds and they are not good.
  2. I really want the white ceramic watch. A coworker has the previous white ceramic one and I always like the look of it. Alas the price is too much, I can get a titanium watch and upgrade from an XS to a Pro for just about the same price as the ceramic watch.
  3. Not sure if it’s physical or mental fitness but I’m hoping Kante is back soon.
  4. I’m sure it’s a force vision like Luke sees in Empire. Showing her as some badass dark Jedi.
  5. The trailer for this is more exciting than anything yet for Episode IX.
  6. We finally saw Far From Home, liked it. This cast is a lot of fun to watch.
  7. I was actually surprised we did so well against Liverpool in the SuperCup. Defense is still a concern but the kids up front are starting to look alright.
  8. Do you have to stay on property to do Fast Passes? We are looking at going in March and my kid only wants to do Star Wars at Disney, he’s never been into the rest of Disney or Marvel so the rest of the park he isn’t interested in and he still doesn’t like riding rides. He also wants to do Harry Potter at Universal.
  9. Selling Luiz to Arsenal for £8 million has to be the best sign that Lamps isn’t going to take anyone’s shit and we truly are going to rely on youth this year. Roman will finally get to see if his investment was worth it.
  10. I love what I’m seeing on that new dashboard. I still find the current one too hard to figure out.
  11. I hadn’t seen Spiderverse either until recently. Very very good. Beautiful animation too. We need more unique animation films.
  12. Apple Card early invites are going out to the public today, did anyone get one?
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