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  1. Apple really does have it down. Take all the orders and deliver them as they can. I thought for sure MS was going to do that with their own store and then with their All Access program. Sony I wouldn't expect to abandon their traditional retail ways anytime soon.
  2. And they are using the same websites to sell the consoles as they use for sneakers, in particular StockX.
  3. Walmart was gone in seconds. It’s safe to say Walmart has been taken over by the bots.
  4. When we moved, having access to a no data cap fiber network was top of my list. I now pay $45 a month for 1Gb fiber with no data cap. That's compared to the $120 I was paying Comcast for their 940Mb "gigabit" plan with a data cap on it.
  5. I was thinking the other day, wouldn't at this time the Jedi be out in the open again?
  6. Those Jabra Elite Actives are pretty nice.
  7. Dawn of the Dead is great, I was very skeptical going into it too. Watchmen wasn’t my thing.
  8. Great setup! I'm a fellow 85X900F owner. We moved in August and I'm just now getting my system put back together, waiting on my new stand to come in...five weeks after I ordered it and it still hasn't shipped from BDI.
  9. The fact that daily they are putting more out via direct really does show how all in on next gen Sony is.
  10. I've noticed not many drops for more Xbox Series units compared to what Sony is doing for PlayStation. MS did say that they expect units to be restricted until middle of 2021.
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