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  1. I’m very interested as well, seems like a really neat piece of kit. What I love is they are doing a reservation system, first in, first out. None of this waiting on stock to drop, monitoring Twitter, hoping to beat the bots.
  2. England screwed themselves, came out attacking and got that early goal. Then for whatever reason decided to sit back. And what a bunch of shit subs and timing done by Southgate. Placing that 5th shot onto the shoulders of a kid from Arsenal is nonsense, they are professional bottlers over there.
  3. Not that there was any doubt after the announcement but Nintendo confirmed to The Verge there is no CPU or RAM improvements in the Switch OLED, nor is there Bluetooth headphone support. https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/6/22565118/nintendo-oled-switch-cpu-ram-bluetooth-audio-headphones-dock-no-4k
  4. BTW - Costco has a nice Anova sous vide set right now.
  5. These guys turned me onto Sous vide, you should do it. You won’t want a steak any other way.
  6. Yeah I can do smash burgers. I need to work on a sauce.
  7. Ive missed Shake Shack burgers since we moved away last year, Goldbelly has a kit now so we ordered it and did them tonight. It was really really good. Though I did miss the cheese fries and black and white shake.
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