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  1. If only it didn’t have the huge 3 on the front of it but hey loads of money is nice too.
  2. How does it feel? Where is the statue of Klopp and John Henry going to go?
  3. Shields are great and the processors in them are really powerful.
  4. Did you guys watch it dubbed or subtitled? If dubbed, how was the dubbing?
  5. They are both the problem and those who do not wear a mask show a complete disrespect for those people who have existing conditions.
  6. We went to dinner last night and no one but the servers had on masks. My entire family did. Absolutely amazing how something so easy to do people do not do it.
  7. Well Citeh deserved to get spanked for daring to wear those uniforms yesterday. 🤮
  8. The motion handling is superior and more natural looking. Upscaling is much cleaner looking as well. But really it’s the motion handling for me.
  9. I still cannot believe I lived long enough to see Liverpool win the league.
  10. Looks so good. I can already hear the PS4 Pro screaming in pain trying to run this.
  11. I have several HDMI cables that are 25 feet due to the way our house is set up. No problems.
  12. Same here Romier. I love Sony's image processing, LOVE IT. When I went to buy my game room TV I went with the LG C9. All of my other TVs are Sony X series sets and it took me a bit to get used to the LG but now that I am I enjoy it. One good thing about LG vs Sony is no fucking Android crashing randomly, LG's implementation of webOS is nice and solid.
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