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  1. We finally watched Big Little Lies. How in the hell did I sleep on that one. So so Sooooo goood. We just started season 2.
  2. @Carlucci that was the best meme I’ve seen! Ed, I think even saying July 15th is aggressive. The virus doesn’t die in the summer like Trump wants us to believe. We won’t be returning to normal until the vaccine is out. I think face mask are going to be our new norm in public like they’ve been wearing in Asia for years.
  3. I would love to change my Aeron out to an Embody. It has much better back support.
  4. I'm old too, that looks way worse than I remember. Also the DualSense just looks much wider, like an Xbox controller.
  5. Reminds me of the boomerang from the PS3 launch. I'll need to hold it to see how I really feel about it.
  6. Our Governor did a state wide televised speech last night saying that if we all stay home the data shows we could reopen somethings on April 26 but then got very stern and said if people keep going out and not staying home we are going to be in this for much longer. The data here in Colorado shows that we potentially hit peak this past weekend and never got as bad as the prediction models said. Lets hope that is the case. I am still struggling though to see how opening up will not start another outbreak, especially as several of our neighboring states have chosen not to quarantine.
  7. I was able to score two of them in an office closure. I have one and my wife has one.
  8. Our fantastic Governor tonight announced that we could potentially reopen the state on April 26 if assholes would just fucking stay inside. Well he didn’t call them assholes but he did say that the federal money isn’t free money but you being paid to stay inside to not spread the virus. We’ve gone from doubling our numbers every 1.5 days to doubling every 6 days. We’ve also had drops the past two days in total cases.
  9. We need Joe Exotic out of jail to save those cats.
  10. Yes. Way too good. I know some didn’t enjoy season 2 as much but I loved it.
  11. Had a meeting tonight at work about how we continue to handle this. I’ve placed on the 1 year+ idea team, basically we have to figure out how to run all aspects of the business like we will never go back to the old ways.
  12. She’s talked about getting some physical synths but really I don’t think I can handle it from a support side.
  13. I've been really enjoying Pinball Wizard, it's great to pick up while waiting around on something.
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