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  2. I’m seeing many tweets of crying during the movie. By the moviegoers. LOL Can’t wait! Me since Infinity War credits rolled. Just 2 more days.
  3. I couldn't help it. I needed to google what you're taking about. Tons of THIS! OMG I cannot wait.
  4. It may not have been perfect, but I loved the final episode and really put a cherry on top of the season. Looking forward to next season either way.
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  6. Coincidentally, I was researching Logitech’s Harmony Elite remote as I plan to get one whenever they are next on sale (literally just missed out on Amazon knocking them down to £120 for Easter), but the user in this demo just so happens to be using a dual electric screen solution that i floated as an idea with two different ratios and having his 2.35 screen wider than his 16:9.
  7. I skimmed this thread, and I probably missed it. You guys think we're going to see the end of $59.99 game pricing?
  8. Yeah there was some serious foreshadowing with a number of key characters basically completing the 'arc' they started a long time ago.
  9. Of course bad shit is going to go down., half the cast will probably die next week 😢
  10. This was after the first episode. My wife and I were freaking out during the second. Something positively horrific is going to happen.
  11. Yeah it is one of my favorite episodes, every moment just clicked. Love the nonstop dialogue scenes between all these character. Most who have never really spoke, or have not spoke in years,
  12. A reminder that lists need to be done by tomorrow to count towards the Global Leaderboards. The Slashfilm podcast for the Summer Movie Wager is not available, as are their lists at https://thesummermoviewager.com I feel like this is the least sure I've felt about my list.
  13. Woke up, checked reactions to the premiere from of a few folks I listen to , and I am even more excited now. Social media blackout is on.
  14. Yeah it was a legit top three episode of the show just based on pure character interaction and writing. This was early season 1 and 2 level character stuff and I loved it. I legit got emotional when
  15. The point of that Arya scene is someone doing what they need on their terms, already long past adulthood, to complete their journey to that point with the right person. Damn, it's way more right than the normal whoring tales we get in the show. This might be my favourite episode of the show, but it's utterly the result of all the seasons before. Without them, no journey.
  16. I finally saw Nicole Kidman in Destroyer. Good movie, just depressing as hell.
  17. Just popping in to mention that I did buy this game on the eShop (it’s still on sale until April 25) and I started playing it today. I played for about 1 hour 45 minutes this afternoon. I’m enjoying it so far and look forward to digging into it more this week while I’m on vacation from work.
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  19. The Lumines deluxe edition with the game plus double vinyl package is niiice. https://limitedrungames.com/products/switch-limited-run-27-lumines-remastered-deluxe-edition
  20. Some people use ambient light rejecting paints now too. Vincent at HDTV Test has the BenQ HT3550 on hand. He’s only published a menu walkthrough so far. Review is probably a week or so away.
  21. I had no idea ambient light rejection screens were a thing! I have a plain vanilla Silver Ticket screen that I'm happy with. The fancy new tech might be neat in our conference room at work.
  22. Yesssss my wish has come true. Mondo doing Marvel movie soundtracks. First 3 are antman and wasp, black panther and thor ragnarok https://ew.com/music/2019/04/22/marvel-movie-soundtracks-mondo-vinyl-ant-man-and-the-wasp/
  23. Lumines Remastered getting a physical edition on Switch/PS4:
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