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  1. I’ve played a couple games. Unsure if it has staying power, but it’s good fun in the moment :).
  2. The ledge kill was one of the ones I got. I had that kick and a handy ledge and a good time was had by all. Agree about the fox dens - they’re the only thing I find wearing out their welcome at this point. Every time I get to a shrine I perk up, just like the same challenges in Assassin’s Creed.
  3. I’ll definitely platinum this - I already have two of the allegedly more difficult trophies to get (or at least ones not many people have bothered with) and I plan to shred all the content, so might as well! Definitely a TON of content here though, yeah. I totally went back to the first area after they revealed the rest of it too! Ha! Nothing like working on side quests you haven’t even discovered yet...
  4. I mean it’s only my third LEGO set as an adult, but this thing is huuuuge. And gorgeous. Can’t wait to put it together :).
  5. Ugh, I thought they’d shored up the supply issues - that sucks. And no, there’s no way to hook the Lite up to the TV. We had the same problem - my niece was having major surgery, so we wanted to get her a regular Switch but ended up with the Lite because it was all we could lay our hands on. Edit: I dunno if you can wait and if they’ll ship over the border, but Amazon.ca is taking preorders with an estimated August 12th stock date: https://www.amazon.ca/Nintendo-Switch-Neon-Blue-Joy‑/dp/B07VGRJDFY/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=switch+console&qid=1596709665&sprefix=switch+consile&sr=8-3
  6. I have to say, one of my favourite goofy moments in gaming this year is me having a proper, intense standoff with a couple of Mongol punks while a bear is rampaging the other guys in the background.
  7. I have to say, of all the stories so far, I like the Ishikawa/Tomoe one the best. Although the former being portrayed by the guy who does Jules-Pierre Mao in The Expanse is a little disconcerting.
  8. I was actually surprised by the twist at the end of Act I, so that bodes well!
  9. Just strolling into Act II myself. Still quite enjoying it too. Been a good game to just pick at between Apex matches.
  10. Jealous - that piano is a work of art.
  11. I couldn’t say no to that design - I’m going to try and clear off a shelf on the bookcase to display it if we have one of appropriate size.
  12. Got my NES ordered. Very pleased I managed to get one (yes there are probably tons but you never know with these LEGO sets).
  13. I’ve got fewer physical games for the PS4 than any other system save the Switch, but I still have a couple. Unless the savings are insane, I’ll likely get a PS5 with disc drive just so I have all my bases covered, plus physical media player in the game room.
  14. Lacrimosa is pretty fun. I never ended up finishing it because I got a little distracted and it was good but not amazing. It’s solid though, and no mistake.
  15. I’m at work and 7th Continent is on my doorstep ><. Not that I can currently play it, as we’re up to our necks in a 3000 piece jigsaw puzzle that’s taking all our table real estate...
  16. Yes, though I don’t have Live any more so we can’t play Command and Conquer co-op on the 360 in the morning still ;).
  17. Well deserved. I love exploring the hell out of this world. Wish I had more time with it, but what I do get is very satisfying.
  18. Yeah, too rich for my blood (and not an NES for that matter), but if I had the space and money I’d be all over it.
  19. It’s like a hundred sleeves for the “most used cards”. I honestly don’t care about the sleeves, but the base game was $89 Canadian and the base game plus sleeves plus starter curse was $99 and the starter curse alone normally goes for $20 so it was worth tossing an extra ten for all of it.
  20. Update - it definitely worked. I got the starter pack - Classic Edition, Card sleeves, and the introductory curse. I have a staycation (originally supposed to be a trip home to Newfoundland, thanks pandemic!) coming in August that this will be perfect for...
  21. Hmm, maybe that ad did work...
  22. Did you give up, Brian? This thread is bereft of snarky Scottish commentary!
  23. PS5 without question. Love what Sony gave me this gen and I want to play their exclusives far more than the Xbox stuff.
  24. I’m on medium too and it does get easier, Jeff. Once you get some upgrades and techniques you’ll have a better chance (extra charms and resolve also help). There’s a quest for armour that I recommend doing early on, if you haven’t. I tend to wear my traveller’s attire typically because it detects stuff, but if you end up in heavy combat you can swap outfits to your damage protection gear without penalty. And Nabu the white horse is also my ride. Very forgiving of sword strikes he is too...
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