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  1. It is currently on sale on PSN. I’m already a couple chapters in and it’s a great game. The setting and atmosphere are top notch and the writing is very, very good.
  2. Mine is not as messy, but the layout is nowhere near as complicated and fancy ;). The perils of having gutted a bedroom closet and stuffed it full of kalaxes
  3. I left in season 2 and came back for season 5. I wanted something to cut the relentless JRPG grind I’ve been on and this stepped up as ‘oh this was fun’. Still is! Been playing every night this week and having a hoot. Really loving Loba, the new Legend. The hunt is kind of silly, but fun, and I like the new changes like the gun charms. Map changes are fun, daily quests are fun. This is still a good game and I’d play it in a hot minute over Fortnite. I would play Warzone more but for some reason it runs like a wounded deer on my PS4, while Apex is still tight as a drum.
  4. Take care, Jeff - that’s rough news.
  5. Oh hey, I just finished Persona 5 Royal. Guess I’ll play something in a different genre... not! Started up Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dama this morning and after a sedate prologue I am very down with what they’re selling so far. It’s a very good action RPG with a fun story and some good mechanics. Unlike many action RPGs you manage a team here and can swap them out at a button press - in fact you have to if you want to handle monsters properly. Really strong start and difficult but not stupid - took me two tries to clear the first boss battle. So far a great little game and shorter than my last couple JRPGs to boot. I think the last Ys game I completed was the third one on the SNES...
  6. Did you notice that somebody VERY closely resembling Akechi moves past the train window in the epilogue scene? It’s super brief :). I definitely appreciated him being very ‘yeah I’m dead but to hell with this’ about the reality - I kind of suspected that was the case. And agreed - I don’t love the musou style of Scramble, but it’ll be worth it for a new P5 story.
  7. My group likes Gloomhaven too much but that hasn’t stopped me from getting Middara ;).
  8. Really liked the ending. The last boss was fun, though not terribly difficult. Well, the first phases were fun, the last one you actually have to fight in I just pounded the crap out of him. Ended at level 96, just over 95 hours put into it. Loved the new content. I’ll probably play Scramble when it gets brought over just to have some more time with these goofs.
  9. Reaper down! Wasn’t terrible, although Makoto died right at the end so she missed out on the big xp dump. Sigh. She’s the best! Three achievements to unlock the platinum. We’re doing this. I just cleared Mementos’ new section and am back in the palace. I’m at 92 right now. If I need to level up I can just drive around Mementos a bunch
  10. That pipe organ gets me every time. Pricy-ass meatball though.
  11. I always have that huge let-down after I finish a big game too, especially JRPGs where I tend to get attached to the characters. So far this year I’ve just kept switching between them and it’s making me feel better. After this it’s either Ys VIII, Xenoblade Chronicles Remastered, Death End re:Quest, or Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition, I think :P.
  12. Grinding in Mementos is stupid satisfying. Being able to ram Mona through a mob for 3400-5000xp and no combat is glorious.
  13. Lol nice. Romance and reaper are my last two non-story achievements. I’m not super worried about the Reaper - I nearly had him beaten pre-epilogue except my team flakes out. The right personas make, as always, a huge difference. This game has me wanting ports/remasters/goddamn anything of 3 & 4 for the Switch...
  14. No, that’s a change. At the end of the original, the main character does turn himself in and the other guy (should I bother spoiling this? Who the hell else is reading it? ) is dead back where he got killed. I don’t think it’s what they were going for, but I actually like the messy version of “Kasumi” better than the one from the first part of the story. I just spent the week talking to everybody and am heading back in to the palace. It’s a cool little epilogue. Now get me Persona 6, Atlus.
  15. Oh I really like the new story. I knew the gist of it from having looked up some stuff I had suspicions about, but it’s still fun. Your initial team in that section is amazing - that’s the part I’m currently on. One person being incredibly bloodthirsty makes for quite the dynamic with the other members. The game capably shows just how unhinged they can be.
  16. I’m waiting for it to go on sale on PSN again and then it’s mine. Really wanting to take a crack at this one.
  17. I got the narration since my group hates my oratory :P. Also the broken token trays because they were a godsend with the first game. We might even be getting together again by the time it releases ><
  18. I’m okay with the battles being easy enough - at 80 hours I don’t want it to be super difficult to reach the ending ;). I’m just at the end of the original game and looking forward to the new stuff finally. I forgot how freaking long the end of that story was.
  19. Soon as my kickback from corporate arrives you’ll be the first to benefit, Brian ;).
  20. No no, do not bury the lede there. Panel de Pon, also known as Tetris Attack and Puzzle League, is absolutely amazing. It’s my favorite puzzle game EVER.
  21. And that’s fair enough - my brother wants a Switch for my niece but not the Lite and regular Switches are like Tickle Me Elmos during that one Christmas right now. Just conveniently ‘appropriate’ the Lite when the regular Switch becomes available ;). Where’s my royalty check Nintendo?
  22. Yeah, the awakening is a new content thing. I have had the fishing pond for ages and I forced myself to get the maid cafe out of the way ;). If you don’t know, do the maid cafe on Saturdays - bonus stamps. I’m just past 73 hours and finished clearing to the bottom of Mementos as far as I can go (waiting for the Shido fallout). Reaper is the one I’m MOST worried about, since they fixed the flu season cheat, although I learned today that you can ram shadows in Mementos and if they’re low enough level you just kill them and get the xp, money, and persona/items. I was able to grind three levels just hunting for stamps, it was great!
  23. Tell them you bought it so you could play Xenoblade Chronicles, Brian
  24. Having a battle system at all is a step up, honestly. This looks neat and I do like the general aesthetic of the series. That goofy cameo at the end of the trailer is great too.
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