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  1. Finished a replay of the Batmobile game also featuring Batman. Still like it, but goddamn does it drag that story out.
  2. I enjoyed the first game and think the second game is a bag of ass. The fans seem to go nuts for that Organization 13 shit but I thought it was melodramatic dumbassery. I will also point out that I am a major weeb and that story was too emo anime for me
  3. It’s okay. We’re watching it as well, just finished the third episode. The comic is so unbelievably good and this is a lesser version thereof. But it’s still fun to see and the casting choices are solid. Not a huge fan of how they’re altering the script at times, but they would never do all the episodes it would take for a fully faithful adaptation anyway.
  4. I grabbed the season pass since it’s on sale. I’m not a grinder for end game content at the best of times, but $15 for little nuggets of SP content is fine by me. I mean, Division 2’s a great game to muck around in while I listen to podcasts anyway
  5. Dude, keeps a thread alive, nobody minds
  6. Less than two days on the most expensive game purchase I will ever make ;). I thought Middara had it on lock, but nope. I can’t imagine Frosthaven being that much, mercifully.
  7. Oof, one of my spendiest Januaries in a while. No complaints though - wanted to support TMS and my non-gamer girlfriend is playing Diablo with me :).
  8. Yep, we have two in the house here and I wouldn’t say no to a third if we get a significant hardware revision. Nintendo may skimp on the horsepower but it actually pays off in a way because it’s typically less of a bitter pill to swallow with regards to the cost of the upgrade.
  9. Yep, pretty sure that’s the case. I just wanted to give the campaign a bump AND account for all the stuff I wanted ahead of time :). Relatedly, I do not care about mechanical engineering AT ALL, but today’s update about the tower prototypes was fascinating reading.
  10. Officially said fuck it and just added the damn mat today. Promising to only back this and Frosthaven this year on KS paid off with the gf
  11. Breath of the Wild And that, as they say, is that. Breath of the Wild took the Zelda mould, stripped it bare, kept the lore, and then smashed it to pieces. No traditional dungeons. Your weapons and shields break. You get every skill you’re going to need in the tutorial area. What’s left? Well, I don’t mind saying that this series dive ended with one of the best games I’ve ever played in my life. It’s a top five, no question, and if I was told I had to restart it from scratch tomorrow I’d charge up the controls and get to work, happily. Player agency is front and centre in this game at all times. There’s some gating, but you can circumvent it if you want to work the systems and the game’s happy to let you. When the breadth of this world makes itself known to you from the top of the Great Plateau and you can just walk wherever you want it’s an amazing feeling. And there’s ALWAYS something to do or see. You have piles of side quests that you can do if you want. Every location probably has a hidden korok seed to expand your inventory, or a shrine housing a puzzle or combat challenge that then lets you upgrade Link so you can do even more, and the weapon durability means you’re always on the hunt for new gear and it keeps exploration fresh and meaningful the whole time. The story is great, told in vignettes, and you don’t even have to touch it if you don’t want to. But it’s a very excellent tragedy and the best damn version of Princess Zelda I’ve ever seen. And the Divine Beasts. And the physics engine. And the cooking. And the art style. And the music. There’s nothing here I didn’t like. I cannot wait for the sequel - if it’s the same damn thing I won’t even care and it was one of the only open world games I’ve ever played that never once bored me. Final Ranking: 1) Breath of the Wild 2) Wind Waker 3) Link to the Past 4) Ocarina of Time 5) Link’s Awakening 6) Skyward Sword 7) Link Between Worlds 8.)Twilight Princess 9) Oracle of Seasons/Ages 10) The Minish Cap 11) Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link 12) Majora’s Mask 13) The Legend of Zelda 14) Spirit Tracks 15) Phantom Hourglass
  12. All-in pledged for Dark Tower. That and Frosthaven are my two buys this year. I’ve already avoided a ton of other KS games that have appeal but aren’t worth my time and money so I must be getting better at it ;). Also I’m gonna slim the collection down again in the spring and no point adding crap when I plan to take stuff out of there.
  13. I am counting on Middara to ship on time and distract my group from Gloomhaven for a while
  14. If I back I know damn well I want that neoprene mat. I’m waiting for a couple more updates - specifically info on some of the ways the quests are done up. The rules look tight enough though...
  15. I mean, a gimmick with three rotating levels that lights up and barfs skulls all over the board and has a built-in speaker Stop Thief from Restoration also used an app and it was a lot of fun. It’s more app-enhanced than gimmick. Mansions of Madness is a great example too. The first edition of that game is overly overly complex and it’s full stop an hour shorter at least with the app handling are the crap. I mean, I haven’t backed Dark Tower yet, but I likely will (I want to watch the Dice Tower where they played a full game of it). It’s got some serious design chops behind it. Sounds like Omega Virus might be the next one out of the gate for them after this...
  16. Yeah, Oath is a non-starter here (I can’t even get my group to play Vast yet...). Foundations of Rome looks like plastic and solo multiplayer, not suited to me crew. Card builders are already in the collection. Thus...! Only one of interest to me :).
  17. Be nice if they could edit out Steve . If RE3 is as solid an experience as 2, I am all for the changes. I did enjoy 3, I think it was my first RE game back in the day, but it had room for improvement.
  18. Return to Dark Tower launched this morning. I’m only in for the BackerKit at present (we just bought a couch AND are heading off on vacation, so...) but it and Frosthaven are the two KS games I was looking to back this year. I have to say my fondness for KS has hit a natural lull because the quality of what companies send you varies so wildly. At least Restoration Games does great work, same with Cephalophair, so I can feel a bit better about it.
  19. Current shrine count - 48. One Divine Beast cleared. 40-odd korok seeds collected. Still missing at least four towers for map segments and some areas barely explored. This game’s quite the project. Fun as hell, but long. Currently hunting guardians and that is some sweet revenge after the first parts of the game.
  20. Hopefully I can get back under $2000 this year (fewer CEs and full price games would do it...)... January: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore - $79.24 Ys VIII - $40 Diablo III - $35 Thronebreaker - $22 February: Division 2 Season Pass - $15 Fire Emblem Three Houses Season Pass - $31.49 ChaosChild - $16 Total Spent: $238.73
  21. We need a fresh one of these, Brian, hint
  22. Mark’s Completed Games of 2020: Breath of the Wild (Switch, 77 shrines, 71 korok seeds, all memories recovered, all Divine Beasts freed) Batman: Arkham City (PS4, 54% total completion) Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4, 87.9% total completion) Total: 3
  23. So I’m not sure this is my favorite Zelda, but it IS the best Zelda. I’ll go into it more when I wrap it up much later but here is why, in a single example: I was attempting one of the motion control dungeons - it was done up like one of those stupid tilting labyrinth wooden mazes and you have to work the stone out and over into the target. My attempts are in the double digits and I cannot get it through the maze - the tilt is super sensitive and the maze has tons of spots with no safety from falling. Annoyed, I notice that I can tilt this maze an AWFUL lot. Then, I flip the controller over completely and the maze turns completely upside down - it’s totally flat and open on the back side. I balance the sphere, tilt it down, flip it over after 2-3 tries, shrine done. That kind of player agency is why this game kills it. You get to do things the way you want far more than many games and I am down for it.
  24. Oh I don’t even remember - it was super pedantic. It was the player, not the game. One of those cases where they couldn’t let it go. Also it was at least five years ago
  25. I played my copy of KoT once, had a rules argument, never played it again. So the game won Think the gf and I are going to play Marvel Champions and Aeon’s End Legacy on New Year’s. I grabbed a copy of Dune from GF9 and am going to get a six player game of that going for mid-January, hopefully. Very much a good fit for some of the stabbier members of my group (like me!).
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