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  1. That is a very nice deal.
  2. I have been very, very happy with my Sony 1080p projector. But I have been watching the 4K models slowly creep down in price, once they hit the $5k range I will consider making the leap. 3D is not important to me at all. This one:
  3. a fucking mouthful of a product name.
  4. Cool, I will check out Robo Recall as well. But yes, I honestly laugh every time I instinctively toss my guns in the air after completing a scenario and another thing that was very telling: no matter how many times in a row I failed a scenario, I feel compelled to keep trying and don't feel frustrated in the slightest.
  5. Dude. Just my personal opinion, of course, but for me it is a yes. Up to this point, I've had some very "neat" experiences with my Oculus. Cool movies are neat, flying around in a 3D cockpit in space is neat, same with sitting in a race car, etc. etc. But I was still using a traditional controller and it still felt pretty passive or just like an alternative way to view a traditional game. The Touch controllers just feel fantastic, being able to see your "hands" modeled in the 3D space is incredible and adds SO much to the experience. It is so fun firing a gun or throwing an object at someone and having it respond exactly how you think it should. I didn't even go nuts with the space I'd cleared out to play, it's about 8' x 6' with my couch directly behind me. I was laughing like a little kid last night dodging bullets, ducking behind cover, firing around corners, dual-wielding uzis. There are a bit of reflexes involved, but it also stops when you stop which makes it so you can take it at your own pace if you want. Just fantastic. I am going to have to see what other straight-up action titles are out there that have good reviews. Looks like Serious Sam is on my list to check out via James' suggestion. Anyway, I'm kind of rambling, but I'm sure there are a ton of videos out there covering it and would suggest you check them out!
  6. So...this is embarrassing, I bought my Oculus Touch controllers at launch LAST YEAR. But between starting my beer bar, my day job, my family, and a host of other shit, I literally hadn't taken them out of the package...until tonight. With that, I have to say: OMG SUPERHOT VR!!!!!!!!!!!1!111!ONE!!!! I haven't had a more perfect gaming experience in I don't know how long. Just breathtaking stuff.
  7. So, commenting on a bunch of the specific brews you've mentioned here. I agree, the Anderson Valley line of goses is very solid, the cans fly out of my place and we've had plenty of them on draft as well. The barrel-aged Gin and Tonic Gose was super delicious! I am pretty impressed by their entire lineup. I've not had that gose from Off-Color, but the one they mention, Dino-Smores, is absolutely delicious. I would love to try the barrel-aged version of that one. I hope they expand to distributing here in Wisconsin as there are plenty of bars here (*cough*) that are chomping at the bit to carry their stuff. Even though Goose Island is owned by "The Man" now, they have really done an exceptional job of expanding production of Bourbon County Stout while still maintaining quality. It is pretty much the standard for a barrel-aged stout. There are some better ones out there now, but GI got there first and nobody has done it on the scale that they have. Speaking of which and being a homer, Wisconsin's own Central Waters is doing some amazing things in barrel-aging. I could go on and on, but their entire regular BA lineup is top notch and then they are putting out some stupid good special releases. I am always scared off from experimenting with the Cascade sour lineup because they are just so damn expensive for a standard, non-limited bottle. For comparison, we get a brewery here out of Chicago called Une Annee that puts out a bunch of sours which are fucking DELICIOUS and the entire lineup of bombers is around $12-13 a bottle. We are going to be doing an event with them in August around Great Taste of the Midwest which is a huge beer festival here in Madison, I am really excited about it. I want to get the word out because eventually, they are going to have a huge national reputation. For sure. We have a guy here who makes regular trips to Boston, and last time he bought two suitcases of fresh Trillium and Treehouse cans back which he basically sold at COST because he's a super awesome guy. I bought, I think, nine pint cans (7 Trillium, 2 Treehouse) for about $50 and proceeded to plow through them over like three days because you just get spoiled drinking that stuff it is so fresh and good, it was all I wanted to drink. All of the Trilliums were great, but that Treehouse Green was one of the best things I have ever tasted.
  8. Also, it is fun looking back through this thread now that my exposure to other regions' beers has gone way up through my newer circle of beer-nerd friends that do online trading, bring back lots of beers through their travels, etc. plus being a very small part of "the biz" now.
  9. That is a super weird, arbitrary list. I mean, I get that any ranking like this will be arbitrary, but it's just...odd. Anyway, there are plenty on that list that should be easily accessible, and also a ton on there you won't see without trading for them (or buying them outright) on the secondary market, especially in Kentucky.
  10. Hah, I very much remember those promo shots! That's all just great. I actually saw FWWM *first* with two of my best friends during my uni years at their on-campus theater, only knowing bits and pieces about the TP story. And even though following the plot was almost impossible, I was still completely enthralled by the imagery, the characters, the music, everything about it. I vaguely remember later renting those same VHS episodes of season 1, I think they came two episodes to a tape? And then filing the series away in my subconcious until it became feasible to watch it in a more proper way on DVD. And yes, it is surreal we are only days away from new episodes which apparently have been put together with love by the original cast and crew.
  11. I didn't see TP until I was in my late(?) 20's, but yes yes yes yes yes yes yes... EDIT: My god, the terrifying thing about us all being together on this forum now for like 15 years is that all it took was a simple search to find our discussion in 2007 about season 2 being released on DVD and seeing all of the comments from my ten-year-ago self. My timeline is correct.
  12. $4 for the franchise pack? Sold.
  13. One mimics the 32X version and one mimics the Sega CD version.
  14. Agreed all around.