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  1. Cool, interesting stuff, just curious. Again, wasn't trying to imply you were trying to pull a fast one by any means at all, was just wondering if attitudes have changed around the retro community. I always wondered if the repros/"restored" ones would eventually get good enough where people would start to throw up their hands, I guess it would be more likely to be a problem if the values kept rising. And trust me, I can't fathom trying to seriously collect now with the prices where they are. I amassed most of my collection right at the tail end before things really went nuts, was able to buy out people's complete collections, hit up places like Half Price Books, went all-in when places like Gamecrazy and Toys 'R Us and all of those cleared out all of their retro stock. I sometimes wish I had held onto things a little longer before I finally made the decision to sell most of it off, but at the same time, it also paid for a good portion of my house, so... 🤷‍♂️ I also do miss having a bunch of it, even though I don't really care about collecting these days...it was very cool stuff.
  2. Honest question from someone who has been out of the game for a good long while now, how does the retro/collectors community look at this? Because to me, this basically qualifies as a bootleg at this point. If the repros are good enough, people can now basically misrepresent a vintage product. But I have no idea, do people look at this the same way "restoring" a vintage car is viewed? And, please, understand I know you aren't trying to sell these on Ebay as authentic, I get what you are doing for your own collection.
  3. Thanks, guys! Things are finally settling down a little bit which is nice. And yes, it was/is an insane amount of work from start to completion, past the worst of it now and just to ironing out processes and taking care of things that couldn't get addressed before the opening.
  4. Well, after a very trying week last week being sick, massively stressed, and dealing with all kinds of last minute issues to get open, we made it. The grand opening last Saturday was packed, now we are just trying to knock out the (sizable) to-do list and get the word out in the neighborhood that we are open. Rather than post any of my own crappy pictures, I'll just point you to this local article instead! https://www.thebozho.com/now-open-barleypop-live/ Oh, and the sound system is wonderful.
  5. Well, we finally open our doors a week from today. I'll try to post some pics later because right now the place is still a mess, you'd never know we are going to have our first private friends/family/press event 5 days from now, hah. The geek in me is definitely excited to fire up our $25k sound system, certainly the most expensive A/V gear I've ever purchased! Already thinking about location number three, though will need to see how things go at the new spot and also give myself a break from the non-fun-shit (the planning and buildout phases) for a little while and just enjoy the music and the beer!
  6. VR support for PS4 and PC is incoming and reviews are good. Yes, I still have never bought/touched this game and I foresee finally taking the plunge with all of the content it possesses now plus Oculus support!
  7. Holy shit, we are getting a couple of months away from when we starting planning this second location. Yuck! 😐 We are getting close to opening, should be in the next 4-6 weeks. 170 year-old buildings suck, I will tell you that much! I'll update with pics when we have the opening and when we run our first show. Otherwise, we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the first spot at the beginning of February, super-duper busy weekend and things continue to go well there. I still drink too much beer. Onward and upward! 😀
  8. Haven't really played any of the entries in this series since Gamecube (Melee) which I enjoyed immensely, since I don't really have friends around that play these kinds of games much. But I was always a sucker for the adventure mode and now online does open up playing with friends a bit. Had a bunch of Best Buy certs burning a whole in my pocket, so gonna give it a shot for $8!
  9. Oh hey, you're me like 2 weeks ago. The only thing that was suggested to me was a Pro Controller, but honestly, for SMO (which is all I have right now as well) the joy cons work great so I'm putting off purchase until I get other stuff like Breath of the Wild. SMO is fantastic, by the way!
  10. Hooked everything up last night, pretty painless. Calibration was easy, too. Does as advertised, passes the native 4k signals to my projector at 60fps when applicable. Yea! I will try a UHD with one of the newer codecs here shortly to test it out, also my Switch arrived today so time to try some Super Mario Odyssey!
  11. Another interesting note I remember from my collecting days, the manuals were often in black and white vs. the originals being in color, besides the mentioned "MADE IN MEXICO" stamps.
  12. Hahah! My stupid knowledge comes in handy, I remember these. They were not repros/bootlegs, they were official re-prints! https://lykos.net/majesco.html
  13. Picked up my receiver from Best Buy this afternoon, haven't had time to hook it up yet. But also realized this might be the first time I've ever(?) been able to buy my receiver at local retail, hah. The last two times, an Onkyo and a Denon, I had to buy them online because places like BB wouldn't carry the flagship-level lines and I wasn't going to pay straight up MSRP at now defunct "home theater" specialty stores, I was always having to get in through online AVS Forum dealers and such offering discounts so I could try to minimize the damage. Anyway, just a stupid observation. 😁
  14. The Sony STR-DN1080 reviews out very well for that segment so I pulled the trigger, will be very nice to stop swapping cables and enter the world of 2015 sound by having support for the advanced sound codecs. 😆 Seriously, after so many years of a "respectable" receiver costing $1200 at a minimum it feels like I'm about to be sent a chintzy knock-off only paying $450, should last me for a couple of years though until the next big thing comes along.
  15. I won't lie, I've been tempted by the Sonys since I'm pairing it with my Sony 4k projector. I might go with the next model up since I need more inputs, but still only $450. I guess my exceptions are antiquated, the good units started at $1k minimum for the last 20 years and now that is no longer the case and $450 still seems like a good deal. 😁
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