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  1. 4K for life......for now.

    Had a busy weekend so didn't get to use it much, but still have been putting the new projector + screen combo through its paces. One thing I didn't mention earlier is just how much better even standard 1080p content through my DirecTV signal looks. Colors and sharpness are much better but also...and remember, I'm an idiot...I was concerned originally about the max lumens rating being 1500. Then I read that it was quite efficient and actually performed close to the rating which is rare. Well...today I realized my old projector was only 1000 max lumens and probably not nearly as efficient. So the new one looks far more vivid even when I have a bit of light coming in during the day. I am not a smart man.
  2. 4K for life......for now.

    Figured out my weird PC -> projector issue. Finally realized it was adding the projector as a second display even though the first "display" through my receiver was no longer hooked up. Anyway, was able to just deactivate that first "display" and all is well. Played some (almost) 60fps PC games last night! I say almost as running things like Doom in 4k, I'm more like in the low-mid 50's with my current hardware.
  3. 4K for life......for now.

    Oh shit, I should price match! Thanks!
  4. 4K for life......for now.

    I got my fixed screen set up and installed Saturday night, another one of those "why did this take me so long to get done" type moments. I have been able to adjust the viewing area lower on my wall now along with making the screen larger, everything just looks so much cleaner. On the other hand, I have a few small technical details to clean up. My old Monoprice projector mount just isn't up to the task with the heavier weight of the new 4k projector, and the projector wants to tilt backwards too much. I literally have a ladder sitting under the projector holding it level right now (and frankly, I don't trust the stability of the current set up). Also, I'm getting some keystone effect from the projector being slightly off-center with the new screen setup. What all of this means is I am going to need to buy a better mount and move it over maybe like 6-12" to get it re-centered, it's going to be a pain in the ass because mounting it the first time was a pain in the ass, but there is no way around it. The other one involves trying to pass a full signal from my PC to the projector. Going through the receiver is fine and works as normal at 1080p, but the passthrough on my receiver for 2160p is limited to 30hz which obviously isn't going to cut it (but it does work and passes the signal fine). But when I've tried to hook up directly without the receiver, it shows a static image of part of the desktop. I will need to keep fiddling with it, I am missing something. Obviously, when hooking up the UHD player directly to the projector (with the same cable), I had no issues getting full 4k/60fps.
  5. 4K for life......for now.

    Hah, nice! I just might have to give TDK a whirl. Agreed, I would love to see the black and chrome version now, maybe I can give it a rental at some point. And yes, the sound mix/editing was just phenomenal for MM, I had it cranked and it was glorious. The film is just such a technical achievement all the way around, the fact that so much is happening at any given moment and yet never feeling lost as the viewer...remarkable stuff.
  6. 4K for life......for now.

    Yes, once I realized the only knock was lack of DV and the fact that I was pairing it to a Sony projector which of course would support the native 10-bit HDR standard, it was a perfect match. My reaction to both the projector and the film: Not really much broken in, not really calibrated (though to be fair, everything I've read has said the default Film modes are excellent). What an experience. I have not made a terrible mistake. I remember I inaugurated my last projector in 2010 with the Blu-Ray of The Dark Knight (which admittedly I had seen), but I again chose the perfect film this time around!
  7. 4K for life......for now.

    Read enough reviews that convinced me the x800 was a great buy and more than enough for my needs, went and picked one up tonight. Got the projector in and hooked up this afternoon, my screen comes tomorrow, but the old screen will work just fine for now. About to watch the Mad Max: Fury Road UHD disc for the first time (as in, I've never seen the movie...I know, I know, shhhhhhhhhhhh). Hold me!
  8. 4K for life......for now.

    I see the remote Romier mentioned below for the XB1S, but is there any other technical downside I'm missing to the x800? Seems perfectly reasonable at $200. That's a pleasant surprise actually, I kept seeing some of the other players around $400-600 and thinking I'd need something more like that, but if it's just extra bells and whistles (or exotic sound formats I'm not aware of) I'd be fine with the modestly priced players.
  9. 4K for life......for now.

    Yeah, I just don't watch enough film for that to be a concern, 16:9 is fine for me and as I understand it, I can just have the slight projected bars on 16:9 content overlap with the black border on my screen. I am sort of freaking out less about the receiver, but not totally. I realized the only thing I TRULY care about right now is my PC which I can hook up directly and pass 60 FPS. However, as far as I understand it, 1.4 is basically worthless these days, correct? I'll have to some sort of dedicated UHD player to handle 4k with HDR for Netflix/Amazon and then I'll still not be able to send this through the receiver, also kind of annoying since I don't see myself buying much in the way of physical discs these days. Just irritated at this being the bottleneck in my system on what is otherwise a perfectly fine receiver. I don't know, maybe I'll tough it out with some kind of external switcher for those two sources and send all of my other 1080p content (DirecTV, game systems) through the receiver. What are my best options for the standalone 4k/HDR capable device? Yes, I am suddenly your tech grandpa. I didn't care before, and now I'm mad at the PS4 Pro for not including 4k disc playback. I'm pretty sure I don't really need a Xbox One X, wouldn't use it much if at all for gaming, would have been a lot nicer to just replace my regular PS4.
  10. 4K for life......for now.

    Bleah, it's always something. I just realized my Denon receiver is only HDMI 1.4 and so won't pass through HDR stuff nor will it even pass through more than 30fps for 4k content which I certainly will be doing with my PC. I didn't even think of it as I can't believe my receiver is already a few years old. In the meantime, I can manually switch shit around but what a pain. I appreciate when this stuff used to be a lot simpler and didn't change every year or two. EDIT: Holy SHIT, I bought that receiver at the end of 2013. I have no concept of the passing of time.
  11. 4K for life......for now.

    Yeah, I saw that review, it's actually what convinced me not to worry about the advertised max lumens rating. Was just wondering if I had missed some other fatal flaw or defect that was making the rounds that I didn't know about! It will be here tomorrow and my new fixed screen will be here on Saturday, I am actually bumping up from 106" of the old retractable screen to 123" of the fixed screen due to my current setup. Impressions to come soon...
  12. 4K for life......for now.

    I did. Am I making a huge mistake?
  13. 4K for life......for now.

    Well, I've done it. Sony 4k projector incoming.
  14. Hey all. I'm likely about to upgrade to a Sony 4k projector, so it will be time to part with my current one that has served me very well. It's in great shape, I have the original remote, box, etc. and I believe the new bulb only has a few hundred hours on it but I will check to be sure. Anybody looking to take the projector plunge? With the LCoS display technology, there is almost zero display lag so I use this for pretty much all of my gaming. I'd rather it go to someone here rather than deal with Ebay unless I have to. I'm thinking $550 shipped based on other prices I've seen. Thanks!
  15. Beer: The kind somebody else (me?) sells

    Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Definitely send me a heads up before you are in town next time.