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  1. I will get this, was just thinking I wanted to play SotN again. I sold my original Rondo of Blood a long time ago. 😕
  2. secretvampire

    Apple Discussion Thread

    I use LastPass, but my god, the iOS 12 updates + FaceID integration is just wonderful. One tap on the entry, LastPass opens, FaceID immediately unlocks the entry, and you are on your way. And it's very quick!
  3. secretvampire

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Got my XS today. It's a nice phone, a noticeable step up from my 7. Screen is nice, camera is nice though I didn't have a bunch of time to play with that today. FaceID is snappy, and I like that stuff just kinds of unlocks itself as you use it while going through different apps. I'm already past the physical home button, I thought it would take a while but I swipe up without thinking about it after only a few hours. It's right on the edge of being too big for me, but I think I'll get used to it. I'd never go any bigger than this, in fact, if it would have been somewhere between where it is and the 7, I would have been just fine with it. I can't fathom how people use anything bigger (Plus, Max), and I have large hands. My mother-in-law uses a 7 Plus and I think I still physically cringe every time I see it in action or pick hers up.
  4. secretvampire

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Well, my wife and I are both moving to 256GB silver XSs (and yes, it's a dumb name, even pronouncing it "ten"). Both of our iPhone 7s currently have cracked screens, which yes, could easily be fixed. But really, out of all of the changes from the it's about the much better cameras. The killer feature when you have a small child around since it's always going to be your go-to camera for 95% of scenarios. However, with subsidies going the way of the dodo, the chances of us upgrading again right at the 2-year mark are much, much smaller, barring some huge unforeseen new feature or catastrophe with the new ones coming in. I can see these lasting for several years.
  5. secretvampire

    New AV Receiver

    Hah. Nah, too much hassle and my receiver has a lot more power to it, it wouldn't be worth the tradeoff of solving the passthrough issue. It's not that bad, but I'll be happy when it's solved...
  6. secretvampire

    New AV Receiver

    With my PS4 Pro addition to the media room, that now makes three devices (PC, UHD player, PS4 Pro) that I have to manually switch outside of the receiver chain if I want 4k 60fps/HDR. Hurry up, 2.1...
  7. Man, it sure is purdy. I'll try to get a couple of glamour shots tomorrow. I've never played Horizon: Zero Dawn so bought the complete edition for $15 and it looks pretty stunning on my projector with the Pro!
  8. Well, I am a bad boy. I haven't really bought much of anything in a long time and haven't treated myself since landing a pretty cool job a couple of months ago, and I'm still rocking my launch PS4 with my 4k projector. So...I paid the Ebay tax and bought one of the PS4 Pro 500 Million edition bundles. Should be here early next week, looks like a pretty nifty piece of gear.
  9. I've never played any of those (including, gasp, God of War III) so nice month. Don't know that I'll play much of Destiny, but who knows. Was never impressed by the first one with my limited time.
  10. secretvampire

    Cyberpunk 2077 - Trailer (CDPR)

    This is 100% the only AAA major studio game I'm looking forward to with any enthusiasm, but my enthusiasm is at a 100% level. As usual, take it with a grain of salt as my gaming time is very limited...(but seriously, this is what I am after)...
  11. secretvampire

    Cyberpunk 2077 - Trailer (CDPR)

    Christ, this looks amazing.
  12. Damn. I wanted one of the 500M edition PS4s but I have completely struck out on the pre-orders, they all went within seconds when I wasn't near a computer. 😕
  13. secretvampire

    Cutting the Cable Cord

    Finally made the leap and ditched DirecTV for YouTube TV! I am really loving it, it's a great service and my internet connection is handling it beautifully. And of course, saving a ton of money over DTV...
  14. secretvampire

    New AV Receiver

    Yes, that is entirely worth waiting for if I want a reasonably future-proof box. Thanks!
  15. secretvampire

    New AV Receiver

    Meh, I'm not in a hurry, I'd rather have something that will likely last me another 5+ years. I am feeling lazy, so educate me on what HDMI 2.1 is going to bring to the table?