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  1. Beer: The kind somebody else (me?) sells

    👀 https://isthmus.com/music/tap-takeover-barleypop-taking-over-frequency-space/ (this is far from a done deal at this point, but it's heading in the right direction)
  2. Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    If they are pre-rendered cutscenes, no way is any developer going back to re-render them at a higher resolution. Those assets might be long gone anyway.
  3. Planet Coaster announced for PC

    Hahah, you don't have to defend yourself, it was just too easy to pass up. It reminded me of that Conan O'Brien clip where they were playing the Tomb Raider reboot: Lara Croft: "Ohhhhh...I just hate tombs..." Conan: "BUT YOU'RE A TOMB RAIDER!!!!"
  4. Planet Coaster announced for PC

  5. Gotcha, thanks. Hmmmm...that seems awfully slim if they don't add other benefits to the membership.
  6. Wait, where did you see that (only two PS4 games), Brian? I took the announcement to mean it would just all be PS4 games going forward, so still six games a month. And I would fully expect four of those to be random indie titles, but didn't get the idea they would cut it down to two games a month. ALSO: That's a great lineup for March.
  7. Beer: The kind somebody else (me?) sells

    Heh, so, our anniversary event last Saturday was absolutely insane. Just bonkers. I worked straight through from 10am to 1am with about two ten-minute breaks and we were packed to the gills almost the entire time from open at 11am to close around midnight. I didn't even get to drink much beer despite all of the crazy taps we had on throughout the day! We completely demolished our numbers from the grand opening last year which I didn't think was remotely possible. It was great to see people respond to the barrel list we put together, you just never know. I was totally worthless on Sunday morning despite having to get back up to the bar in the morning to host a friend's baby shower. Now we have to figure out how to top it next year!
  8. I just realized my Panasonic plasma is more than 6 years old(!) and still looks fantastic while functioning as my living room set. Even with all of the options out there right now, I feel no need to upgrade it. Movies/games/etc. all happen on my projector, so the Panasonic is perfect for everyday TV viewing and the occasional sports stuff when I can't be down in the projector cave. I guess when it comes to standard sets, my upgrade cycle is very long considering the Panasonic replaced my old rear-projection HDTV I bought in 2001. And of course, the picture on THAT set seems laughable compared to modern displays, and yet, it was amazing at the time.
  9. I am now a Knack "owner" and it feels kind of dirty.
  10. Beer: The kind somebody else (me?) sells

  11. Beer: The kind somebody else (me?) sells

    Our one-year anniversary is in 10 days which is just nuts! It's going to be a blowout kind of weekend with tons of rare barrels on tap, a special run of glassware we are going to sell, giveaways, etc. We just got our additional taps for (mostly) non-beer installed, so a couple of wines on tap, a cane-sugar soda and root beer on tap, cold brew coffee on nitro, and a dedicated gluten-free beer line. We are also about to start our on-premise-only bottle list with things we've set aside and we've forged some great relationships with our favorite Wisconsin breweries which is going to lead to fun things in the near future. I continue to dream about location #2, it is at least starting to become a glimmer on the horizon if things continue well. Beer rules!
  12. Heh, I forgot this thread existed because I've stayed out of it even thought it is spoiler free. I saw TLJ a couple of weeks ago after the holidays, I went in completely blind...no trailers, no commercials, I knew absolutely zero (by design). This is the best Star Wars film since the original trilogy, bar none. I enjoyed TFA fine, but the level of Ep4 rehash was real, as has been discussed ad nauseam. But this one I enjoyed since I genuinely didn't know which way it was going to go, and some of the story beats surprised me for sure. Rian Johnson did a great job shooting it. I would cut out about 20-30 minutes out of the middle, that is my only knock on it. I am looking forward to spinning the UHD disc on my home 4k projector since the theater I saw it at (which, oddly, was a quite new theater) seemed a little too dark. I don't go to the cinema often these days, so don't know if I just had bad luck or what. You know what gave me a hunch it was going to be any good? The fact that the initial feedback was that the hardcore "fans" hated it. That gave me hope, and my hunch was true.
  13. UHD Deals Thread 2018

    Nice, I passed on the initial deal since these very titles were not included. Don't need all of the trilogy, but picked up Inception, Dark Knight, and Blade Runner! Will give them the business on my projector this weekend...
  14. *dumps two-month-old VW285ES directly into the bin*
  15. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Good god, fuck off. Fuck the normalization of that anti-semitic, misogynist bastard while we are at it. #sugartits This makes me want to burn my UHD player.