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  1. I didn’t particularly enjoy the game, and really disliked aspects of it, but I just don’t get the hate this game gets. Even if you hated everything about it, just get over it already. I guess everything has to be an “us” vs “them” thing nowadays.
  2. I watched all 5 last night. Star Tours was my favourite. It had the right balance of info and the humour I like in these. I think being able to splice in clips from the movies helped. There was a pretty long segment about Galaxy’s Edge in it, so I assume there won’t be more. I do agree there is quite a bit of crossover in content with the Imagineering Story, but there is also enough new to be worthwhile. I look forward to the next 5.
  3. Good timing on this. My free trial for buying an iPhone just ended a few weeks ago (after all the extensions they added onto it). Just in time for Ted Lasso season 2. Now queue the people complaining they can’t get this offer because the can’t buy as PS5.
  4. I have no issue with them putting on obscure, unknown, and even bad games. But it’s just embarrassing that this is what gets released when you consider what is missing and how often new releases come.
  5. I watched Haunted Mansion. It’s good. A good mix of former and current imagineers, and they have actual cast members working on the attraction which I thought was a nice touch. It manages to cover the origins and history of the ride, details of the ride itself, the different versions of the ride, and some of the updates that have been made. It’s very much the same format as Toys That Made Us, but maybe a little less jokey…. although I watched a few minutes of Star Tours and there was a joke in there about Tomorrowland that made me laugh out loud. I was a little worried that Tony Baxter wasn’t involved as he has some good stories about the Haunted Mansion (especially the Hat Box Ghost which is featured) and doesn’t show up, but thankfully he is in the Star Tours episode.
  6. Small World, Hall of Presidents, and Monorail for sure. I’m pretty sure there’s an episode about the castle(s). Not sure about the last one but it could be Galaxy’s Edge/Rise of the Resistance (but that could be a part of Star Tours also). I guess Pirates if they’re doing Pirates.
  7. First 5 episodes are available. They 38-47 minutes long (assuming normal credit length unlike the Marvel shows). Episodes include Jungle Cruise (hello synergy), Haunted Mansion, Star Tours, Tower of Terror and Space Mountain.
  8. There is a good chance this could be my first movie back in a theatre. Although it’s equally a chance it may have to be the Paw Patrol movie.
  9. This was posted in the theme parks thread, but thought I’d post it here too A new series on Disney+ that goes behind Disney attractions. It’s produced by the same team that makes The Toys That Made Us and The Movies That Made Us on Netflix. From everything I’ve seen and read, it seems to very much have that tone. Episodes start on July 21. To say I’m excited about this is an understatement.
  10. https://screenrant.com/behind-attraction-interview-brian-volk-weiss-mark-lavine/ Screenrant has an interview with Brian Volk Weiss and Imagineer Mark Levine about Behind the Attraction. It does sound like this is going to be very much “The Attractions that Made Us” so I’m really excited for this. There is also a separate interview with imagineer Vanessa Hunt. https://screenrant.com/behind-attraction-interview-imagineer-vanessa-hunt/
  11. The problem with return time windows is that people show up for their window early and hang around waiting for their time which creates crowds. The same thing happens with the fast pass return windows. They almost need to have designated waiting areas for these people.
  12. Oh, I understand now. Since this is a portable PC for playing games and not a game console, the thought of a cartridge didn’t even occur to me since PCs don’t have cartridges.
  13. It has an SD card slot, and I’m sure you could plug in other storage also.
  14. This looks awesome. Just watched the IGN video posted above and it answered most questions I would have about it. It really seems like it is just a PC in a handheld form factor with lots of flexibility.
  15. One of the producers listed in the trailer is a producer on The Toys That Made Us and The Movies That Made Us, so that is a good sign. The trailer certainly has that kind of vibe. Looking forward to this. I hope each episode is at least an hour…. And would be very disappointed if this was one of Disney’s “shorts” series which are only 5-10 mins per episode.
  16. Two movies I love, one I have a moderate fondness for, and one that is overrated trash. Pretty excited for the season though! Even if it’s a movie I don’t care so much about, these are always interesting, and I’m sure there are some great stories from Forrest Gump anyway.
  17. Hes basically saying, “I don’t like the name Directors Cut….. so please look forward to Death Stranding: Ultimate Edition in a few years so I can correct this egregious error”
  18. Watching this now and thinking “why do I not remember anything about Gunners Heaven / Rapid Reload?……oh it wasn’t released in the US because of Sony’s stupid anti-2D policy” What a shame.
  19. This looks a lot like Shenmue to me. Didn’t know it was a sequel. Never heard of the original.
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