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  1. You’ll be happy to hear that the little bit of Merch that they had put into the Cinema has been removed and they are now testing benches.
  2. I’ve used Downcast for years. It mostly does what I want it to do, but it’s oversights are a bit frustrating (mainly its inability to create custom playlists easily). It does give you a ton of control with its settings and individual show settings though, which I love. I’ve had Overcast sitting on my phone for forever and tried to switch recently for a particular reason, but it was missing so many customization features and had a way of dealing with episodes that I found too frustrating. I’ve never liked Apple’s podcast app. The only reason I’d even consider using it would be for better Siri/Shortcut support.
  3. http://blogmickey.com/2019/06/disney-announces-reservations-for-ogas-cantina-and-savis-workshop-releases-details-for-star-wars-galaxys-edge-operations-for-june-24th-and-beyond-at-disneyland-park/ Disney has released details on how Galaxy’s Edge will operate starting next week. They will be using a same day virtual queue (aka Boarding Pass) when needed through the app or at certain locations in the park. Savis and the Cantina will also continue to operate with reservations, but these look like they’ll be able to be done outside of the land. If you have a reservation to either, you’ll be allowed into the land without a “Boarding Pass”. Savis will also now allow 2 others to watch instead of just one. Savis will charge the full $200 upfront and will not offer refunds for a no-show. Olga’s will have a $10 no-show charge. I don’t see anything about time limits anymore.
  4. The only negatives I’ve heard about Hagrid is frustration with breakdowns and that it has to shut down due to weather. I watched one video where they suffered multiple delays while in line, watched them have to remove a train when they got to the loading area, got stuck during a delay while loading and then during a reride they got due to a shutdown, had the ride shut down again when they were in the middle of the forrest at night in the dark. They did not seem to enjoy their experience. All the launches really do seem to create a different type of coaster experience. One that never has to go up a lift hill, changes speed throughout and stays quite close to the ground. I hope they can get all the trains operating soon.
  5. As for Hagrid, I had read that the wear and tear was higher than they were expecting and that maintenance could be an issue. They also don’t seem to have it running anywhere near full capacity yet due to some issues with some of the trains. Seems like they could have used a bit more time to work out the kinks. I’m not super surprised they’re doing something to allow more work to be done.
  6. For Galaxy’s Edge, I think there is still an expectation that there will be same day Virtual Queues with return times. They may even have a 4 hour “limit” like the reservations have had at DL. We’ll have to see how DL handles things starting next week to get an idea of how WDW might handle it.
  7. Panzer Dragoon analysis starts at 6:52. Nothing major revealed (Spoilers: it looks better and runs smoother than the Saturn version). I think it it looks pretty good. It’s been so long since I’ve played the original, I don’t know if I’d notice a difference in gameplay speed.
  8. The Giantbomb impressions were very..... confused? Unsure? They couldn’t quite figure out what the game was going to be and seem surprised they didn’t have more to show considering it is supposed to be out in less than a year.
  9. Early reviews of Hagrid’s from cast previews and the media event seem overwhelmingly positive. It does look like a lot of fun. A great mix of a low to the ground multi launch coaster and dark ride elements. Universal was reporting a 10 hour wait at some point today.
  10. I haven’t watched/listened to the Phil interview yet either, but am looking forward to it. He’s always as candid as possible in them and always has interesting insights into the games industry as a whole, and how MS fits into it.
  11. Since both the Rift S and Quest both have inside out tracking, and the same controllers, is there any technical reason that Oculus couldn’t make a Quest that has an optional cable to also connect it to a PC? Seems like they could create a single headset that would suit the Quests pick up and play, and the power of the PC. They could call it Oculus Switch.
  12. I’m happy with more BOTW. My only real wish for it would be to have actual Zelda like dungeons. The substitutes in BOTW never quite scratched that itch.
  13. I’m ok with the art style. The disappointing thing for me is that it looks like a pretty standard side scrolling beat’em up, which is not what the original game was at all, save for the first level.
  14. Been awhile since any sort of update. Here's the current leaderboard: 34 27 27 25 25 25 24 Updated: 06/08/2019 jubjub75 CaptDS9E whootermav AngelP AverageJoe Shundi KKilz 1. Avengers: Endgame $820,817,940 ☆ 13 ☆ 13 ☆ 13 ☆ 13 ☆ 13 ☆ 13 ☆ 13 2. Aladdin (2019) $214,919,926 3 3 3 3 3 3 3. Detective Pikachu $135,256,719 3 3 ♞ 1 5 3 3 4. John Wick 3 $133,192,998 7 ♞ 1 7 3 ♞ 1 ♞ 1 5. Godzilla 2 $67,257,097 7 7 7 5 3 3 3 6. Rocketman $40,258,756 ♞ 1 3 ♞ 1 7. The Intruder (2019) $34,636,180 8. The Hustle $34,013,355 9. Long Shot $30,066,456 10. Ma $27,238,075 11. A Dog's Journey $20,070,820 12. Uglydolls $19,724,518 ♞ 13. The Secret Life of Pets 2 $17,425,000 5. 9. 6. 8. 6. 7. Jubjub is currently leading, but primarily due to how high he put John Wick and Godzilla, which start to fall down the list soon. Aladdin has done well and will probably end up in the 4-6 range, which is where most of us have it (although Whooter doesn't have it at all). Pre-sales for Toy Story have apparently "destroyed" Incredibles 2's pre-sales from last year, so expect a big opening for it in a few weeks (and expect it to have legs). Secret Life of Pets 2 and X-men: Dark Phoenix opened this weekend and do not look to be off to the best of starts. Pets could be one of those ones that's on most people's lists, and doesn't even make it into the top 10.
  15. Is Nintendo actually doing a conference? Or is their Direct just listed as a conference here?
  16. That list seems alright? It really highlights for me that my Genesis was almost exclusively used for sports games and Sonic. From that list, I think I only owned 3 that aren’t Sonic, and only played a few of the others. I guess the platforming/action games that were on SNES just appealed to me more.
  17. They do have the 25,000 credit R2 roaming around a little from time to time. It’s a shame they don’t have more droids running around, even if they did require an operator to be nearby.
  18. I had no idea this existed until I saw it in the video I capped this from, and let out an audible gasp when I saw it. Thats just the best thing ever.
  19. Planning for DL is not nearly the chore that planning for WDW is. There are lots of hotels surrounding the resort that are reasonably priced, there are restaurants, and if you’re staying around the resort, it’s all within walking distance for the most part. For the hotels, I would probably try and do a little research just to make sure it’s not one of the real dingy ones, and how far the walk to the gate actually is. There are some that look like they are right across the street, but then you need to walk around and out of your way a lot farther than you think to get to the gate. There are are lots of websites that offer discounts on hotels and tickets. Not really sure how they compare to other sites, but may be worth checking out. https://www.micechat.com/micechat-partners-sponsors/ for example has discounted tickets and 3 hotel discounts. You can also use free Disney travel planners for quotes and they usually have suggestions and ideas that could help. Unlike WDW, you don’t have to worry about rebooking Fastpass reservations, Dinning Pass, transportation (as much), which park to visit on which day (since they’re right beside each other), and probably don’t need to make restaurant reservations so far in advance. Staying on property doesn’t have as many of the same perks. I think if you buy a 3 day pass or more you get at least 1 extra magic hour day. For DL, I would probably say the most important thing now is choosing what time of year to go. Spring break is usually quite busy, and lasts for a long time due to different schools having different times for Spring Break. You can find crowd Calendars and predictions that can help. It’s also helpful to look at what Annual Passes are blacked out, as it is really locals that drive the attendance through most of the year. I could be wrong, but I don’t think the WDW passes get you anything at DL unless they are the super high end Premium Passes that work at both resorts. Getting to Universal is a bit of a drive, but it’s certainly easy enough to get there in the morning and drive back in the evening. Not worth getting a hotel out there or anything. Last time I went, we got transportation on a bus service. That was before Uber, which is probably the way to go now.
  20. The funny thing is that the cantina and Savi’s are both direct revenue generating experiences (unlike a ride). You’d think they’d have wanted to maximize that as much as possible. You have to wonder how much money is being left on the table.
  21. One thing I haven’t mentioned through all of this.... the part of the Smugglers Run queue that looks out on the top of the Falcon, takes my breath away every time I see it.
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