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  1. WTF. I was thinking this would be like $10 more, not more than double. Aren’t expansions usually cheaper than the base product? Sure, this is still less than a year of PS+ or XBL (of any level) but with those, I know that there are new “free” games every month, and the games are something somewhat recent, not one I could just load up on an emulator or dig out my old system to play. If Nintendo didn’t drip feed some old obscure Natsume game every 3 months, I’d maybe see the value a bit more. I’d like to play some of those N64 games on the Switch. Not because I’ve never played them before, or I don’t already own them, but it would be convenient to play it on the Switch. Not for $30.
  2. This is what I’m hoping for too. My left AirPod barely lasts 20mins.
  3. For the most part, yes. I have multiple Google accounts connected to my iPhone. You can sync your contacts onto your phone. Any new ones you create in the account will appear (if adding a new contact to the phone just be careful where you’re saving to, or only have the Google contacts visible). You can also have you Google calendars, email and notes in Apple’s native Calendar, Mail, and Notes apps. Google also makes apps for most of its services on iOS. Mail, Maps, Calendar, Drive, Photos, Docs etc are all available. They may not be as integrated as with a Google Android phone, but they are available and work for the most part. I think occasionally they’ll actually make new features on iOS first.
  4. BrightSun does great videos about abandoned theme parks, malls and other buildings. I watch them from time to time, but they’re kinda samey. This one, for Hard Rock Park is worth watching though, because of what they find. There is a room full of blueprints of all the rides and buildings, concept art, contracts with bands, Gibson and Disney (for the license to use Bohemian Rhapsody) and more. It is fascinating how much is there, just left behind. It should really be preserved somewhere. This is the type of theme park history that we don’t normally get to see. Bright Sun also has a good video about the history of the park if you want to know more about it.
  5. Lots of good info in this thread including a list of attractions included in LL and “Individual Lightning Lane Selections” (rolls right off the tongue). Prices for the ILLS range from $7 to $15. Everest is the lowest priced attraction and Rise of the Resistance is the highest.
  6. I’m very curious to see how the standard/free service works and what the response to it will be. Will people actually follow the recommendations that Genie makes? I’m sure there will be many with Genie vs without Genie vs Touring Plans videos made. I suspect that the response to Genie+ may actually be quite positive, with the main negatives being having to pay for it, and that a few top tier rides aren’t included. The actual service though, and the way it works, is quite good. I really like MaxPass when I used it. Hopefully their WiFi holds up. Apparently on Oct 1, Magic Kingdom was limited to almost half of what they would normally have on an average “normal” pre-COVID day and Mobile Ordering was a mess.
  7. I didn’t even know this was a thing and got quite excited…. Only to see that this is an old thread and that it was cancelled. Hopefully it isn’t.
  8. I see now that it actually says this right in the text but I was reading how this trial is not 5 hours of game time, but 5 hours real time from the moment you hit the download button. So your download time is included, and if you have to stop playing and come back, the clock is still ticking. That seems kinda dumb.
  9. There is some shame, but I know it’s there if I need it. Thanks for the tips. Most of that I already figured out and was doing. I just have troubles getting the timing down to avoid damage, and kept getting picked up when he charges which takes off a ton of health. I think my biggest issue is not getting in higher damage attacks (like the Rot Hammer) enough when he’s stunned. I’ll keep at it.
  10. That’s the best thing in Sackboy for sure. The other music based levels are good too but that one is perfect. It just works so seamlessly. I also fell in love with the song (which I hadn’t heard before… I never would have guessed it was Foster The People).
  11. I’m really liking this game a lot. But I got to Corrupted Taro last night and started swearing up a storm. I made a lot of attempts but couldn’t get through it. I had to turn off the game in frustration.
  12. For me the issue is that this looks like a fancy/enchanted 3DS game brought out on the Switch. I have no issue with Nintendo making games like this, and encourage it. I really do like the look of it, and I do want to play it, but I don’t believe that it is priced accordingly. I’m not saying that this should be $20, but somewhere in the middle. If it was $40, I’d be all over it. A game like Kena proves that there is a AA price point between $20 and $60 that I think should be used more often. This games budget was probably minuscule compared to Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey and what Metroid Prime 4 will be and while I’m not saying that a games budget should dictate the price that is charged, it is a consideration. IMO the only reason that this game is $60 is that it’s got the Metroid name and is made by Nintendo, and they know they can get “away” with it, because they have before.
  13. I decided to switch to this from Deathloop. I’m enjoying it quite a bit so far. Only just got past the first boss last night, so not too far, but I love the look, it plays well, and while at first I was afraid it was going to be a bit simplistic, it does seem like there is some depth.
  14. I’m glad I never pulled the trigger on PGA. I kept considering it whenever it was on sale (which was often), but just figured I’d play 19 if I wanted a Golf fix. Free is better
  15. With PS+ it’s 47% off ($31.79). Without PS+ it’s still a very good discount at $35.
  16. The Donkey Kong Expansion has been officially announced and will open in 2024. Construction is already underway. Thats an awfully early announcement for Universal.
  17. I look forward to playing this in 1-4 years when it’s on sale for a price I deem reasonable. I had very similar feelings to the Links Awakening remake.
  18. Only one per console (home circuit doesn’t count). We got our Switch one early (and it was a special edition/rerelease to boot).
  19. Every level did have collecting figments, baggage etc, but the levels were certainly not just changing the look. The variety of the levels and how you complete them is a hallmark of the first game. Lungfishopolis is not just a platformer with a different scale. It is a Godzilla themed level where your primary action is smashing buildings and causing destruction, with a first person section thrown in. Milkman is the closest thing to an adventure game Psychonauts has where you pick up items, figure out how to use them, listen to dialog and solve the puzzles to move on. You jump to get around and collect items, but it isn’t in service of simply reaching an end goal. Napoleon put you on a game board to move around gigantic pieces and play a board game, while cleverly incorporating platforming to move around and do this. Black velvetopia has you warping through paintings and while I don’t remember exactly how this one worked, it is certainly not just a “jump your way to the end” platformer, and has a puzzle element to it with “what do I need to do next?” aspects. And there the the theatre level where Ii think your trying to figure out what props or whatever on the stage for each play/act. That one wasn’t so good so my memory of it isn’t the best. Psychonauts 2 absolutely has variety in its levels, but they are, more or less, straight forward platforming with a different style and some different mechanics. Some of the ideas and themes in the levels were very creative and inventive, but I don’t think the variety in design, gameplay and puzzle elements come anywhere near close to the first one. I do agree that I wasn’t expecting the number of levels and hub areas in it. That was a very nice surprise. I wish they hadn’t restricted your ability to explore these areas before finishing the game though. There are secrets in the first hub that you can’t get to until your almost done the game, and at that time you’re not able to go back to do those. This means you have to go back after finishing the story to collect these, which seems odd.
  20. I meant to post that earlier. I told my wife about the Mario casting and she thought they were all good, especially Christ Pratt because he’s funny and will make the movie fun. She couldn’t understand why anyone would have an issue with it.
  21. I feel like my daughter might like this too. I’ll have to see what reviews are like for it.
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