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  1. For some reason they never include the move controllers in Europe. It’s a great pack otherwise.
  2. I picked up the PS4 version of this for $10 on disc during Black Friday deals. It comes with a free PS5 upgrade which is apparently a good upgrade and adds PS5 haptics. Nice to get another PS5 game for only $10. https://kotaku.com/borderlands-3-on-ps5-is-what-the-original-should-have-b-1845706398/amp Kotaku review of the PS5 upgrade is quite positive.
  3. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/fall-vr?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_twos_tile_index_2_c_fallvr_bundle There is a VR Humble Bundle right now. Some good games including Walking Dead Saints and Sinners.
  4. I think the “upgrade” strategy, and why they did it the way they did became clear this week. The last gen versions are heavily discounted for Black Friday, but the next gen versions are not. The next gen systems have only be out for a week so they would have hated to discount them so quickly. I still don’t like it, but I understand it. I wonder if they might patch in a paid upgrade at some point. EA on the other hand are essentially selling next gen Madden and FIFA for half price right now, and the games aren’t even out yet since they offered a free upgrade.
  5. If you’re in Canada and wanting to know about gaming deals going on and updates on console stock, I recommend following @Lbabinz on Twitter. He’s like the Wario64 for Canada. I got some good alerts from him last night. Also https://www.reddit.com/r/VideoGameDealsCanada/ on Reddit.
  6. So here’s a nice little bonus. I’ve moved my PS4 Pro to the living room, so I am trying to maximize the games available for both (IE I’ll probably buy Sackboy on PS4 with the PS5 upgrade). The PS Plus Collection is only for PS5, but just like a PS Plus freebie, or a PS Now game, if you add a game to your library, it is available in your PS4 library as well.
  7. That’s cool. I had heard some speculation that maybe it wouldn’t be allowed as it could be considered cheating in a multiplayer game.
  8. So I subscribed to PSNow for a year last night with the sale that is going on. This has quietly become a pretty impressive service. Ya, it doesn’t have brand new releases on it like Gamepass, and Sony should probably add some more higher profile PS4 games, but there is a good selection, and being able to download PS4 games makes it more comparable to Gamepass. The selection of PS3 games is super impressive, and while streaming might not be the best way to play a game, it is great to have access to them. Combine this with the free PS+ games and PS+ Collection and there is qu
  9. London Studio has posted a Q&A about their Blood and Truth upgrades for PS5 which is quite informative. https://playstationlondonstudio.com/blood-truth-is-ps5-ready/ Basically the game is running as a PS4 game, but they can run it unlocked at 4K (which gets downsampled for the headset), at 90hz frame rate (upgraded from 60) and more. I would prefer if they could somehow do a full native version for PS5, but like I said in the PS5 thread, this is acceptable.
  10. All the comments to that tweet are people trying to prove that it’s fake.... so we’ll see. I’m sure people would love a remastered version of the original
  11. There is a reset button/hole on the back of the controller. Might be worth a shot resetting it if you continue to have troubles. Who knows.
  12. I’ve heard it not getting above 2 bars from other people who have been having charging problems. I have also seen a few complaints from people who cannot pair their PS4 accessories with the PS5 through a cable (It worked fine for me). Putting the controller into pairing mode and pairing it over Bluetooth worked for at least one person. It seems we really are beta testers this time around.
  13. The story of the rare DS game made by McDonalds Japan as a training tool.
  14. Dreams is amazing. You’d never have to ever try and create anything and it is well worth whatever you might pay for it. I haven’t done any sculpting or animating, so I really can’t say what’s best, but from what I have done, I can’t figure out how the Moves would help.
  15. Interesting. Will be curious to see how that turns out. I loved Chernobyl.
  16. Yes, since they are used for VR, they’re still making and selling them. I’ve heard lots of stories of them being hard to find (not just recently) especially in the UK, in the PSVR Subreddit. Honestly though, I think the DS4 is a better controller for Dreams.
  17. Chalk another one up for me! I think that may be 3 or maybe even 4 now! Astro’s Playroom is complete, including all trophies.
  18. So my PS5 was definitely downloading PS4 games that were on the external HDD already and went through 400+ GB of data. Why? I’m not sure. It may have had something to do with it having to repair the drive when I first started it up. I also discovered one other thing with playing PS4 games on PS5. I had a couple of games that I bought as PS3 games and did the digital upgrade. These games can’t be played as the PS5 won’t “play” PS3 discs. It’s no huge loss as they are games I could get on PS4 discs (or digital) for cheap if I really wanted. Just thought it would be interesting to try.
  19. Im glad you got it so quick.... but irrationally I’m annoyed that you were “complaining” about having to wait an extra week, and got it 3 days after me.
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