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  1. Well half my desk legs showed up randomly today. It says Box 1 of 2. Hopefully FedEx brings box 2 of 2 around tomorrow.
  2. Amazon has PSPlus and PSNow on sale for $42 for 12 months. Limited time offer. It is limited to 2 12 month subs only.
  3. Camp, Varidesk is a fine vendor as well. That’s who we used at my previous employer as well. You can get them with real wood desktops that are smooth. The Jabra 75t is a nice pair of headphones. My desk parts won’t ship until June 30th.
  4. I told myself after drop some more weight I will reward myself with the Embody. I slouch so much because my desk is too low so I hope the sit/stand will help me out there.
  5. While I am eager to see some of the new games, Sony is right now is not the time.
  6. The previews for Space Force looked awful, but with the talent behind it we gave it a go. Glad we did, it was fantastic, Malkovich is pure class in it.
  7. Well I just bought an Uplift Frame that I will put under my Ikea kitchen counter top desk. I love this desktop but it sits way too low for me. Thanks for the recommendations guys. I'll post pics when it's all set up. In terms of chairs, I have had a Herman Miller Aeron for several years, it's been great. I'd like to move to a Herman Miller Embody chair eventually as it has superior back support.
  8. I’m using an ikea kitchen counter top desk right now as well, I wish it was deeper so I had more room between me and my monitor.
  9. How stable is the desk? I need a new desk and was looking at the Fully but I wanted one wider like what you have.
  10. I don't know about the Gen 8 X1 units, but the Gen 7 X1 units still had disappointing sound.
  11. I bet big oil has a Lenovo thunderbolt dock in their catalog they could send you.
  12. Who’s her favs? I love Pete and Sophie, Ellie and Izzi, the Siddiquis, and the Malones.
  13. What media stand did you end up buying Carlos? I'm in the hunt for one myself.
  14. I wonder if they'll show the actual hardware or just the games.
  15. My local GP said she hadn't seen a potential case since late March. Now is that from people staying home or going to the ER instead of their GP, dunno but I thought that was an interesting observation.
  16. I started the first one finally. I’m at the town trying to get the car. I’m not sure what I think of it yet, so far it’s not grabbing me.
  17. I’m doing alright. I got a new job a few weeks ago, transitioning jobs during this time is really weird. During this lockdown I discovered Gogglebox and I hate how much I fucking love that show. Mentally my wife is taking this way harder than the kid and I. The kid wakes up does his school work and then games till we make him turn them off. My wife says the thing she misses the most is the alone time she got when we were at work and school. I’m doing alright but I think the job has really given me something to focus on.
  18. Sorry to hear Jeff. Hope your little one has a speedy recovery and the rest of your clan are lucky to be in the asymptomatic group.
  19. These new Mario figures are interesting.
  20. We reopened our office back up on the 11th, I didn't go but have access to the security camera and enjoyed watching people struggle to work with their mask on and follow the rules. Here we are a little over a week later and no one is going in anymore.
  21. Great job! I'm only down 20 lbs but yes it has made my life better. Now that the weather is nicer I do find myself riding outside more and more and less on the Peloton. The Peloton is in my office and I'll go sit on it and lightly pedal on it during long boring conference calls.
  22. My wife and I are big fans, my username is geauxkb
  23. Where do you work at these days? That sounds like a fantastic company and one that should get more business.
  24. Look at how small the physical software sales is compared to digital.
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