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  1. Funny that this thread came up, I’m visiting our friends who did the HOA fiber. Changed their life, they can work from home when needed, he bought an iPad (he still uses a flip phone). He was telling me about how he’s been documenting his antique tool collection with his iPad so when he dies it’ll be easy for his daughter to sell it all, he just turned 60. They stream their grand daughters volleyball games. It’s amazing what good internet does for people’s lives.
  2. Ted Lasso was fantastic. Bring on Season 3!
  3. Anyone watch Squid Game yet? People at work keep raving about it.
  4. First episodes of Foundation are out. I really liked it. I have no exposure to the source material.
  5. It's going to be a whole new world. Now is a great time to jump. Just as long as you don't feel the need to customize every little bit of your phone you'll be happy.
  6. Don't look at the iPhone 13 Pro. The 120hz screen will break your brain with all other iOS devices. I'm pretty sure my new iPad mini is going back because of the screen.
  7. Oh man the most recent episode of Ted Lasso had me with Rojas and the dress shoes. My wife said I act the same way anytime makes me try to wear nice clothes.
  8. Best camera system on a phone seems to be the common thought with the iPhone 13 Pro. Good improvements all around.
  9. Someone needs to make some more pressing machines. I'm sure Jack White is working on it, except his are from the 1930 and take 5 minutes to make an album.
  10. I have a Max today and while I love the screen size when using it, I hate putting it in my pocket. I've got the iPad mini coming and I think that will be my answer for when I want to use a little bigger screen.
  11. I preordered the iPhone 13 Pro today on Verizon. My iPhone 12 Pro Max is on ATT and when we moved the service here is AWFUL. I went with the gold color and the dark green leather case.
  12. I bought the iPad mini. It arrives next Friday. I'm pretty damn excited by it.
  13. Adam I’m in the same boat. I moved last Summer and got rid of a ton of disc and made the decision to go primarily digital. Also in terms of gaming, I just don’t have as much free time so I stick with GamePass as my primary source of that entertainment.
  14. Why they gotta show two Spiders at one time and then do that to me.
  15. Another year and the Dreamcast still continues to be my favorite console.
  16. I agree, on iOS I've never had a problem with Apple Music, never.
  17. The Mac app is so bad. It logs me out all the time and then decides it doesn’t want me to login anymore. A friend of mine gave me a Spotify login on his family account and I’ve been using that on my Mac.
  18. That’s good to read. Hopefully I don’t have to wait long to stream it at home, I won’t be going to the theaters anytime soon around here.
  19. Anthony Taylor is a twat. Didn’t even properly watch the VAR. The ball bounced off James’s thigh into the arm. Just another instance of Taylor screwing over Chelsea.
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