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  1. Yep. Same reason why I haven’t bought the ISS, don’t know where I’d put it.
  2. Just finished the first series. Pretty damn good. Moving onto series 2 tomorrow.
  3. I'm sitting here at work and all I can think about is
  4. This is really common for neighborhoods that the bigger services do not want to install in. Do you have an HOA? A friend's HOA partnered with a company similar to this to install fiber in their neighborhood but the deal you are getting is better than there's, you had to sign up for 3 years at $99 per month for 1Gb during the pre-sign period if you signed up after that period you had to pay $999 for installation. He did the pre-sign deal as he went form 10Mbps DSL that hardly hit 3Mbps to 1Gb fiber.
  5. I’m on Episode 3 of the first season and the end of Episode 2 was totally a holy shit moment. Can’t wait to pick it back up.
  6. It's the newer stuff on Netflix. Ok all this Line of Duty talk has me in search of it to watch.
  7. I get why they are remaking it, TV show tie in, but it's pretty boring unless they tie it closer to the TV show.
  8. My kid has gotten into Bake Off. I’ve only been watching it casually with him but each episode I feel myself getting pulled in more and more.
  9. No doubt MS is working on an updated version of the Xbox controller with adaptive triggers. Question is do they release it as a one off separate from a console upgrade or do they release it with the performance boosting consoles mid-generation.
  10. We went to a theme park last week, Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. It’s a fantastic theme park, do go if you ever get the chance. Just don’t go during Covid. It was great that they were very strict with Covid protocols but it made the lines for the rides 2-3x what they usually would be. None of the indoor shows are going so everyone is out either shopping or riding rides. My in laws love 20 minutes from the front door of the park so we all have season tickets. Can’t say I’m itching to go back until Covid restrictions are lifted.
  11. Yeah that was interesting. Also interesting to hear a developer speak publicly about Sony’s tools being in better shape than Microsoft’s currently. Between the hardware shipping issues, software delivery issues, and the tools not being fully ready it does seem like MS could have used another year in the oven with XSX/XSS.
  12. I played more with it last night. It’s fine, completely usable and does its job.
  13. So the Snyder cut is in 4:3 aspect ratio, wtf.
  14. I have both the Sony headset and the Xbox headset and I'm shocked at the reviews who have said the Xbox one sounds better with game audio. I was playing Destiny 2 last night and couldn't help but find the audio lacking on the Xbox headset. I even did a P:X comparison and played some Destiny 2 on the PS5 with the Sony headset and thought it sounded better, almost like the PS5 headset had more headroom whereas the Xbox one seemed to max out way sooner.
  15. Early reviews of the Microsoft Headset are in and it’s good, really good for its price point. https://www.theverge.com/22325883/microsoft-xbox-wireless-headset-gaming-series-x-s-pc-windows-10-review I’ve got two on order so my kid and I can quit screaming at each other across the hallway.
  16. I went back and read some reviews of this that were posted on the first page, I gotta say I agree a lot with the PC Gamer review. I still love this game. Just got past the worm run, what a fucking pita that last part was.
  17. Can we get a repeat of the originals soundtrack with this new one? Between that, Tank Girl, Spawn, and Hackers soundtracks you have the CDs that never left my car in the 90s.
  18. Where’d You Go, Bernadette with Cate Blanchet playing the very quirky title character Bernadette. She was marvelous in it. This was a good warm the soul movie. Steaming now on Hulu.
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