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  1. I'd heard they added in a rewind feature to this collection a while back, but when I loaded this up the other day, I noticed they also added an option to select either "Normal" or "Turbo" CPU speed. Digital Eclipse remade these games with the NES slowdown intact, and now you can turn that off if you want. I love having this as an option because removing the slowdown really changes how the game plays and feels from what I remember on the NES!
  2. I was about to say, it seems like it pays to wait on these. I don't own any currently, but IIRC the v1's were upgraded in several ways and now this Costco exclusive is a better version. Looks like Costco also has an upgraded Pac-man.
  3. Patch update: https://controlgame.com/control-september-update/
  4. This guy does great work. 1 hour, 15 minutes on the Dreamcast launch!
  5. The way the 2 photos link together in the post also has a nice effect.
  6. Since Sony and others are in an acquiring mood, they should buy the Silent Hill IP and give it to Kojima Productions to work on after Death Stranding.
  7. I got tickets to the November 6th TNT show. This will be the one right before Full Gear.
  8. Time for a little bit of the bubbly!
  9. To this! My guess it it's just a formality and the police got excited and posted the picture too soon.
  10. From looking badass to to to 😂
  11. Yep, I felt exactly the same. The show was at least 1 match too long. I know they are trying to deliver on the product though, but I heard comments from people there that they were drained towards the end. I loved it overall. I think Pac v. Omega was my favorite match of the night, and placement of it early may have helped. Was disappointed when Arn Anderson wasn't Cody's 1 person at ringside, but then that changed 😁. We went to a WWE "Starcade" house show a couple of years ago, and Arn came in and Spinebustered someone just like this.
  12. So Cody’s going to have Arn Anderson in his corner, amirite?
  13. I think so. From what I've gathered they want to only do a paid PPV once a quarter. That's like perfect scheduling for me.
  14. All Out this weekend! Just seeing this makes it feel like it’s on another level:
  15. Currently on sale for $14.99 on PSN: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP3643-CUSA09857_00-OBSERVATION00000
  16. Not PS+ specific, but Ikaruga is $5 for another day if anyone is interested https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP3984-CUSA11630_00-APP0000000000000
  17. 100%. The D-pad and LB/RB buttons are my main gripes with the One controller. Otherwise it's fantastic. I like them about the same as well, but another improvement I really like with the DS4 was, due to the way the handles are angled, your grip on the symmetrical sticks is in a much more natural position than the DS3 where your thumbs had to rest more horizontal, pointing at each other. On the DS4 battery life, most people blame the light bar for it, but supposedly the real reason is due to the touchpad. Since the touchpad doesn't actually have to be pressed to be used (you can run your finger over it to move a cursor for example), when the DS4 is turned on, the touchpad is always "hot" waiting for input. I don't know how true that is, but it made a lot of sense. The LED shouldn't be that big of a drain.
  18. Totally agree, I'm probably just as excited to see what they come up with on controllers as I am with rest of the hardware. If there was some way to make a controller so 1) point & click type games are easier to play on a console and 2) ability was on par with mouse & keyboard for FPS shooters, that seems like the holy grail to me. Not sure what that would even be as you'd think some sort of touch control would be involved, and those have all pretty much been failures so far. There are so few games that even took advantage of the touch pad, I could see them simply not supporting it and recommending DS4 usage. Also wonder if the PS5 controller could map the touchpad input in a different way for those few titles. Man, I'm the exact opposite. The Dual Shock 4 is my favorite controller of all time. I do know what you mean about the "creakyness" of it, but I only noticed that on my launch controllers and they fixed that with future revisions. It became much more solid in the way it felt. The ones with the light in the touch pad also have completely redesigned trigger internals.
  19. 100 million sold https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/30/20746712/sony-playstation-4-sales-100-million-milestone Also beat the PS2 to the milestone by 2 months
  20. I have a code for this that I think works about 20 times. Anyone PM me if you want to try it. The biggest caveat is, you can't party up with anyone not in the beta.
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