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  1. I’m playing through this for the first time and loving it. So far I’ve A+ all the bosses in World 1 and just started the next area.
  2. Not sure if this has been discussed yet, but apparently bot groups are huge in the sneaker industry, and they essentially repurposed their tools for buying consoles. Also the sentiment seems to be there's nothing that can be done to stop them which is disheartening. Not sure if retailers just don't care or if it's really that impossible.
  3. Seeing some comments questioning him removing the thermal compound from the memory to test.
  4. Interesting design choice especially for that one memory chip. I wonder what they got in return for the designing it that way. Also figure they could run the fan at a higher rpm if needed with it being so super silet now anyway.
  5. Romier walked me through a bunch of stuff last night on Share Play. Now I'm turning in my homework: This one's a nail biter. Could it be any closer? I was way too conservative near the end and had to do another round with the spider that almost cost me. Other improvements I could make are Remember to lock on every trip back to the spider Dodge the distant attacks better Rolling backwards and not to the side for that one attack Maybe waiting to shield only when needed to boost stamina
  6. How do you like the mini split for that room? Not sure what your weather is like there so it might not be needed much.
  7. PSN as well. Still haven’t played this so getting this for the PS5 upgrade.
  8. We should have a thread just for video game memes. I laugh too hard at a lot of these.
  9. I've been eyeing this as my next buy for PS5 and your review echos the one's I've read elsewhere, mainly that Dirt 5 takes an arcadey approach compared to its predecessors and that wheels aren't supported. I was kind of glad to hear that as I'm really in the mood for something in that direction.
  10. This Cowboy fella has some good walkthroughs. Here's one on starter weapons. I'd already started leveling whatever the Knight class starts with (Long Sword?) and had missed this Crushing Battle Axe on my first go through 2-1 so went back for that.
  11. I'm getting it. Just spent some time in 2-1 and have already built up enough that when I went back to 1-1 to find the Thief Ring, I was going through enemies there with ease. I feel the hook of the game.
  12. Good to see Holly again. She's had quite the transformation since being on Access. I'd seen some of her social media posts and she's been killing it.
  13. Playing The Wonderful 101 in backwards compatibility mode, and the DualSense's version of PS4 controller vibration is no match for the deep rumble from an actual DualShock 4. It's a big difference. I'd think they'd be able to replicate it better. I wonder if this is something that will improve.
  14. Ahhhhhh, ok. That's what I'll do and it'll be a nice change of scenery.
  15. I’ve definitely used the front type A port on mine to charge my controller and headset while in rest mode. Mine is set to 3 hours.
  16. I bought this, and it’s basically my first Souls game with only some limited time in Bloodbourne. I’m trying to find my way and even had to look up a guide for how to get around the Nexus and what I was supposed to do at that point 😅 Right now I’m at the Tower Knight. Best I’ve done so far is I’ve gotten his health down about half. Not sure if I should be leveling right now by focusing on Souls collection instead of doing this or what.
  17. With the front port being 10Gbps (I think) would you need a 3.1 version of one of those little adapters?
  18. The biggest thing I've run into is I get an error when trying to view my PS4 saves in the cloud. I've seen other people say factory resetting their system worked. I'm going to wait for the first patch before I do anything and maybe reset then if it's not fixed automatically.
  19. Saves are immediately uploaded to your PS+ storage instead of waiting until you initiate rest mode as it is on PS4. There were certain instances on PS4 where downloading your save from the previous night to overwrite your current session was handy. You also can’t backup a PS5 save to a USB drive so save manipulation might be one for the history books.
  20. Nothing changed on our end as far as I know. I’ll see if it’s anything with Invision.
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