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  1. Agreed. Just pointing out the absurdity of it. You can thank Twitter for bringing it to my attention.
  2. The mental gymnastics this person is going through…
  3. Looks like they pulled the link for now. I saw some comments disappointed that we aren't getting 19" screens yet and I agree, especially for the 4 player cabs. I'd even looked into if it was possible to replace the stock 17" ones with 19" and theres only one monitor that I know of from Holland computers that has the appropriate connection (and you have to take the back panel off of the monitor to access it). (This limitation is only is if you want to keep the stock PCB, which I do, and not a factor for general modding). I'd imagine maybe they are waiting to add 19" as a feature down the line on the eventual re-release of all these cabs.
  4. I love these visual and UI changes to Safari. I hate unnecessary chrome in my browser.
  5. The exaggerated and smiley way everyone talks in Apple presentations stands out to me more and more. Craig especially. Also, is there a drinking game for phrases? "I'm super exited to" "than ever before" "So that's [insert feature]
  6. I did a few years ago at one point where everyone was frustrated with Plex. I forgot exactly what was going on at the time, but enough people were talking about Emby that I gave it a look. Ultimately it seemed like it was lacking too many little features I wanted and I stuck with Plex. I've not felt a reason to look at Emby since, but I'm sure they've improved a lot. I'd say to just start, like you said. If you are anything like me you might enjoy the cataloguing process. The price of storage will just keep going down. An 8TB Seagate External is about $180 now and you can shuck the drive.
  7. Act 1 complete. Had to stop playing but still have the run going in rest mode.
  8. You should take a look at the Brook Accessory Converters: https://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/59327520/ https://www.brookaccessory.com/PS Converters/list.html The last time I looked into these, they were low lag and sold by fight stick dealers. I have one of these.
  9. I used to own this one that's similar to the Hayabusa: https://www.amazon.com/HORI-Real-Arcade-Pro-PlayStation-4/dp/B00SULMRI4/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=hori+arcade+stick&qid=1622006155&sr=8-2 It was a good stick, I didn't necessarily like the buttons that had a really short throw. I know that's generally considered a positive, but I'm not a big arcade stick user and I just didn't warm up to using that particular one that much. I have this one and I like it.
  10. Have you tried a fighting game on the DualSense yet? I rather like PlayStation d-pads, both the DualShock 4 and the DualSense, even with the d-pads being very different on both. The only hesitation on the Dualsense is the grippy-ness of the surface feels like it might not lend itself to a finger sliding around the pad to input moves. While not a fighting game, I've played a lot of Cuphead on the DualSense and it's been great.
  11. Oh yeah, I remember seeing the Switch sales and wondering why PSN never got the same treatment.
  12. I had turned on the Reconstructor (but hadn't used it) in my run when the grappling hook didn't spawn. I wonder if that could have caused it.
  13. I've had this in my wishlist forever waiting to see if it would ever go on sale, and it never did... until today! https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP3455-CUSA07957_00-NIGHTTRAPANNI001 PS Deals shows it's literally the first time. https://psdeals.net/us-store/game/1302658/night-trap-25th-anniversary-edition
  14. Welp, killed the second boss, no grappling hook. I think I'll stop playing until this next patch is out.
  15. I picked back up on this over the weekend and really loving it. It's actually kept me away from RE Village that's sitting there installed. I've tried the second boss twice but haven't taken him down yet. I think I can get it the next time now that I'm more familiar with the attack patterns. Last night I had a great run going, I'd killed Phrike again so I could deposit a data cube I'd found, headed to the Crimson Desert and had a massive amount of max proficiency, but I had to fill it up with nowhere to go but forward past the boss shortcut portal. My plan was the backtrack after finding some resin, but I got stuck on the lower level in a room where the only way forward was that battle arena. I lasted a couple of rounds 😬. Right not the Severed are my least favorite enemy. Any tips with those besides just keeping distance and moving constantly? The Ground Surge has saved my ass a couple of times with them.
  16. I just pre-ordered digitally and seeing the same. Interesting the countdown timer seems to be ending at 11pm EST. The same thing happened with Returnal, but when 11pm EST came, it reset for another hour until the usual midnight availability. 11pm or anything sooner for pre-orders would be fantastic for east coasters.
  17. The big advantage these have are the integration with the system itself. The headphones have rockers for volume and the game/voice chat balance and a monitoring on/off switch. The mute switch is the better than previous PlayStation headset because the button ejects when you are muted so you can tell it's engaged just by touching the button. And when you are muted via the headset, the mute button still lights up on the controller. These will also automatically turn off if you leave them on and not connected to the system. The PlayStation headphone mics were always terrible (the Platinum was worst ironically since it was the premium headset at the time), but the Pulse is improved here. Not the best mic in the world but one Sony's best for a headset so far.
  18. Just some really quick comments. I played maybe 30-45 mins last night: The pacing and flow of this game at the beginning is really great. You want to keep pressing forward to see what's in the next room. The feedback on the controller is insane. The adaptive triggers give L2 a satisfying half press for quick aim. Fighting games should use this to turn triggers into normal buttons for quick response. The visuals and sound design really feel next-gen (well, until Ratchet is out)
  19. The only technical reason I excluded it in this example was just thinking of games designed and built from the ground up with an SSD in mind. Demons Souls is a next-gen game no doubt.
  20. Boom. I knew I was off on that statement but nothing came to mind.
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