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  1. 100%. The D-pad and LB/RB buttons are my main gripes with the One controller. Otherwise it's fantastic. I like them about the same as well, but another improvement I really like with the DS4 was, due to the way the handles are angled, your grip on the symmetrical sticks is in a much more natural position than the DS3 where your thumbs had to rest more horizontal, pointing at each other. On the DS4 battery life, most people blame the light bar for it, but supposedly the real reason is due to the touchpad. Since the touchpad doesn't actually have to be pressed to be used (you can run your finger over it to move a cursor for example), when the DS4 is turned on, the touchpad is always "hot" waiting for input. I don't know how true that is, but it made a lot of sense. The LED shouldn't be that big of a drain.
  2. Totally agree, I'm probably just as excited to see what they come up with on controllers as I am with rest of the hardware. If there was some way to make a controller so 1) point & click type games are easier to play on a console and 2) ability was on par with mouse & keyboard for FPS shooters, that seems like the holy grail to me. Not sure what that would even be as you'd think some sort of touch control would be involved, and those have all pretty much been failures so far. There are so few games that even took advantage of the touch pad, I could see them simply not supporting it and recommending DS4 usage. Also wonder if the PS5 controller could map the touchpad input in a different way for those few titles. Man, I'm the exact opposite. The Dual Shock 4 is my favorite controller of all time. I do know what you mean about the "creakyness" of it, but I only noticed that on my launch controllers and they fixed that with future revisions. It became much more solid in the way it felt. The ones with the light in the touch pad also have completely redesigned trigger internals.
  3. 100 million sold https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/30/20746712/sony-playstation-4-sales-100-million-milestone Also beat the PS2 to the milestone by 2 months
  4. I have a code for this that I think works about 20 times. Anyone PM me if you want to try it. The biggest caveat is, you can't party up with anyone not in the beta.
  5. I'm so glad to be reading this on release, because I have no idea where this is going, and there's so much speculation and theorizing to be had after that one issue. Just some random thoughts:
  6. Interesting. I didn't know the Xbox One X was always at "Scorpio" resolution.
  7. Wow, yeah makes me wonder what deal they are trying to work for this.
  8. Spine #1000 gets announced tomorrow. Quite the milestone.
  9. Ah, I was thinking with her being cast in 25 that she'd be taking the lead after Craig/Bond retired.
  10. I dig it. Talk about keeping things fresh. This is way more interesting. It will equal $$$ initially, and hopefully they can deliver the goods with her to keep momentum for the following installments.
  11. So it's really a DS. I wish they'd go the opposite direction and give games a big graphics boost when docked.
  12. Sale on a bunch of Retro games on PSN: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/STORE-MSF77008-PSRETROSALE/1?platform=ps4
  13. I was just looking at the timeline of this because I was wondering when I might upgrade the one I have. Looks like the iPad Pros are mid-lifecycle right now. Likely update 250 days out or so: https://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#11-iPad-Pro
  14. Public beta 2 came out today, so I went ahead and installed it on my iPad. This Safari browser is sooo good. It’s like a real computer 😭
  15. The imdb homepage is full of Stranger Things sponsored retro goodness like: https://www.imdb.com/list/ls049684270/videoplayer/vi3777805337?ref_=hm_hp_i_3
  16. This is a brand new thing that everyone seems to hate. A few weeks ago Vince made the call that they weren't going to have wrestling during commercial breaks any longer. I've heard it's super awkward in person just like you said.
  17. This was supposedly the first one Paul Heyman at the wheel. Not sure how much influence he had this soon though. I saw that spot where Lashley went through the LED screen πŸ‘Œ
  18. I'm actually thinking about this now, but only for 4k content as I'm perfectly fine with x264 for 1080p and lower material. The reason I'm thinking about it is mainly because of PGS subtitles of all things. In my method for Blu-rays, I OCR the PGS subtitles and create a text based .srt file. That way, optional subtitles can be used on almost any player without Plex having to re-transcode the video. The player can also re-size and sometimes color them. I only have a few 4k rips, and was planning to just keep them as full sized remuxes (they are now), and do the same for their optional subtitles (OCR them to soft .srt). The issue is that many movies have a forced subtitle track with only a handful of subtitles to translate a small part of the film. These really should be burned in, but they aren't so the disc can accommodate multiple languages. The problem is unless you are using something like the Plex Media Player on a computer to view the movie, Plex will need to transcode the entire film just for those 3 alien language subtitles. For my 1080p movies, since I'm transcoding them at a high quality before putting them on Plex, I just burn this forced PGS track. You could OCR this track, and then tell Plex the soft .srt file is forced. I do this with foreign language movies. The problem when a movie places the subtitles over a certain part of the screen (The Shape of Water is a perfect example of this), or the subtitle has a nice font to go with the film (The Godfather). Soft subtitles can generally only be placed at the top or bottom of the screen and the font is chosen by the player. So all that being said, I think I'm going to end up transcoding even my 4k rips, just at a really high quality. I'll end up saving a little space and have a file that's more ready to view on its own with the forced subtitle issue out of the way. My build from earlier in this thread is still working great, but thinking about a bigger build in the near future. Thinking Intel's Ice Lake Comet Lake may be out by then and already have an idea of what case I want to use. Using my preferred encoding settings, I can only get about 1-2 fps on a 4k encode with my i7-6700 right now.
  19. Almost installed the public beta of iPad OS, but think Im going to wait until the next version at least. Got the profile installed though.
  20. I love that Richard used a 4k stream to get part numbers off the RAM πŸ˜„
  21. https://www.computerworld.com/article/3404206/googles-officially-done-making-tablets.html Goddamn, I came so close to buying one of these when they released. I'm so glad I waited for reviews. And iPad OS is helping a lot now to make the iPad better, which I prefer. Now hopefully Google will focus more on keeping their iPad apps updated. They lag adding new OS features.
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