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  1. What's your go-to toolkit for cleaning everything? I see Goo Gone. Any other staples?
  2. I think I missed this completely when it was talked about last year, but I saw this new video on Fall Guys with the developers, and this game looks great!
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-02-14/sony-is-struggling-with-playstation-5-price-due-to-costly-parts
  4. Actually, my iPad is what I used when trying it out last night. Overall it works fine, but I was thinking it'd be a little better than the competition but it was not. The only game available right now is Halo Master Chief Collection, and I jumped into Combat Evolved with my 12.9" iPad over Wi-Fi and the DS4. There's pixellation when there's a lot going on visually, which is to be expected, but it was more than I thought. The latency of streaming can be felt in input lag, but that's to be expected as well. This always stands out to me most when streaming a first person shooter since aiming seems to make lag stand out the most to me. My biggest takeaway was that it felt on par but no better than PS Now, Share Play, and the little I played of Stadia. Granted I'd tested PS Now over a wired ethernet, but I played a good bit of Death Stranding on my iPad via remote connection to my PS4 Pro over Christmas and the quality of that stream was better and that was using my own Wi-Fi. It's worth remembering this is a beta, but I don't have a lot of faith in game streaming being anything other than supplemental way to play video games, at least for the near future.
  5. The EF 50mm f/1.4 was my first lens ever and basically got me into photography, so I'd love to see that.
  6. Same. Although looking at their roadmap graphic, the 24-105mm and the 100-500mm already take up two of those spots.
  7. I got in! I loaded it up just to see it because I didn’t have my Xbox One controller here, but then decided to see if the DS4 would work and it does!
  8. I have no idea how optics work, but you'd think with wider mounts that the lenses could be shorter or "flatter" but the opposite seems to be the case. A lot of the nikon z primes are longer than I'd thought they'd need to be. Canon news tonight?
  9. And that 20mm actually got announced today: I'm not as interested in this but there was also a non-S 24-200 zoom that weighs 500g or so. Probably a good travel lens. The lineup feels like it's starting to flesh out. This image is everything our or announced They have the opposite problem as Canon as I'd like to see some f/1.2's. The only one on the roadmap is a 50mm/1.2.
  10. If I stay in the Nikon Z ecosystem, I was thinking about getting a Z50 as a "beater" camera to carry everywhere like that. The kit lens is a pancake zoom, there's a telephoto for it, and I can use any regular Z mount glass.
  11. I almost posted about this the other day. Those specs look fantastic and they'd be righting a lot of wrongs like you said. It's like they're doing the opposite of what Canon would usually do and actually filling the camera with features you want and expect. Their lens roadmap so far is focused on too many heavy f/1.2's that all cost around $2,500. While absolutely stellar lenses, I wish they'd round them out with a mix. Nikon has a 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm prime out right now with a 20mm this year. All f/1.8's but these are all reviewing like top-tier lenses. "These are not your father's 1.8's" so to speak. The R6 would probably be a better fit for me, and I'm curious to see how they differentiate the two. Looking forward to seeing all the details later.
  12. I’ll probably jump in on this too. Since it’s free-to-play, I’ll just need to worry about getting an Xbox Love Gold account.
  13. Romier mentioned the overall sale in the PSN thread, but worth noting that Doom and Doom II are $2.49 on PSN. Doom 3 is $5.
  14. My personal takeaways: the MT32 soundtrack with the DOS floppy version is hilarious and Richard has a bottle of Mortal Kombat champagne from 1993.
  15. Just checked it, and it was at $583,000, so I pledged my ¥3,900.00. 👍
  16. It's fun just watching pledged amount constantly go up on the page. Already over $100,000 as I type this. Looks like I will be pledging sooner than I thought.
  17. This is for Switch, but I will back this for sure if it gets close to the PS4 Switch goal ($500k). Steam release at $250k. Including this, Platinum also has 4 projects in the works: https://four.platinumgames.com/
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