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  1. Unfortunately David's season came to an end. πŸ˜” His protege Lucas Reale made it to Stage 3. 😎
  2. Any American Ninja Warrior fans here? I haven't shared this before, but my nephew has been on the show for a while now, and with the final two episodes left this season he has his best shot yet at coming out on top. He's great at keeping secrets, so we have no clue how this will play out. Keep an eye out for him.
  3. I never said Titanic was a bad movie, I only implied that I might possibly hate it. I was thinking how I never see Titanic anywhere, like no one else watches it either. If I turned on the TV I could find any Marvel movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Casablanca, etc. Titanic, probably not. I just checked YouTubeTV,... I am wrong, it's on Telemundo. We can call that the Romier Effect! 😁
  4. Ok, but why? Were you molested under a Christmas tree by an old drunk uncle dressed as Saint Nick? "Hate" is a pretty strong adjective, usually reserved for such trash as Titanic and Micheal Bay Transformers movies.
  5. A Christmas Story? I have no issue with any other movie mentioned, but A Christmas Story is a cut above I protest! The humor may be more for some people than others, but the story is full and no one could reasonably deny it's charm. Sure, anyone that's ever been prosecuted by Christians could rightly claim that A Christmas Movie gave them night terrors, but outside of that group I'm not accepting that someone didn't like the movie. I don't believe you are a heartless bastard, so stand up straight, raise your chin, & watch this video,... Now, go gather your loved ones and rewatch A Christmas Story together! Together you will discover the Tin Man named Angel does have a heart!
  6. I'm far from the biggest Star Wars fan, and with that I just finally got around to watching The Mandalorian. Ummm, That looks awesome! I was already planning on watching with my son who loves Star Wars, but now I'm looking forward to this myself. πŸ‘
  7. Get your pitchforks ready,... We as a family watched Clue for the first time ever, it was,...ok. It wasn't nearly as fun or funny as I was hoping. It was cool to see all of the actors and actresses together, but I was just underwhelmed with the movie otherwise. Chock this up to the cult status raising expectations beyond reason I surmise. Unfortunately, all of the middling reviews the movie recieved initially seem spot on. Ultimately, I'm glad we watched it, we did enjoy it enough, but I couldn't rewatch it. One and done for me. I did see mention of an updated version floating around the studios, and I'd be interested in that for sure. I wanted to like Clue, so the idea of a more modern take (well done off course) is appealing. We all enjoyed the Jumanji remake, so that is certainly in my mind as I hope for a well done modern Clue.
  8. Zero! The sky isn't falling!
  9. That and the cost is really dirt cheap! In three years, on the first anniversary of Netflix's demise, Disney will surely jack the cost five fold. But like the environment, why worry about tomorrow's fate when we can all indulge in the spoils today! Feast on our spoils fellow gluttons, feast on!
  10. I never got the email, just read the terms & conditions and followed the directions to redeem via 'Your Account'.
  11. Price is just too tempting, certainly for a good three year trial run. Price + having four young kids in the house makes this an easy decision. Done!
  12. Again,... "That is way too easy of a setup line. Not falling for it."
  13. Woke up late today eh! No worries, that what Sunday's are for
  14. Of course the old folks here approve of releasing episodes on a weekly basis, it's such a comfortable old timey way of doing things. I'll tell you why Netflix hasn't done this yet, they aren't Disney. Disney can do whatever they want at this point, even forcing customers back into a television release format straight outta 1985! I'm interested in a lot of Disney's content, but I don't have that type of attention span these days. The only thing I wait a week for is football games, and that's only because football teams actually need a week to recover & prepare. Doesn't mean I enjoy waiting, it's something I deal with because I'm old and I like an old man's sport. It'd be near impossible to put the streaming binge genie back in the bottle at this point, but of course Disney is going to do it because they can. (Btw, they should. Even I do understand from their business perspective they should, because they can and it's good for them.) I'll be missing the zeitgeist, I won't be watching anything weekly, I'll binge when seasons are complete. If Disney prevents that from happening, I won't even bother subbing D+. Sure that sounds idiotic, Disney preventing users from doing a season binge after it's complete, but artificial scarcity is in this company's DNA (Disney Vault), I wouldn't put anything past them. I'd keep ranting, but it's Sunday morning and I'm sure you geezers are trying to catch Meet the Press between the commercial breaks.
  15. I know nothing of the Eternals, but this image (background renders) aren't particularly exciting. Pretty generic, kinda looks like artwork for a weak video game! The actors on stage in their street garb is more interesting than that background.
  16. I bust your balls a lot Keith, but I have to agree with your points here regarding End Game, and I now really wish they consulted you regarding Hulk! That's sounds awesome and on point!
  17. OMG, how can anyone cram that much nonsense into such a short post?!?! You're brilliant in all of the wrong ways!
  18. The Russo Brothers Answer Avengers: Endgame Quest…: https://youtu.be/-7wgC0-xOZE
  19. Holy shit! Omg! 😲
  20. Someone must have one laying around picking up dust, someone send this guy a kinect. πŸ™‚
  21. One older game suggestion that kids love, it's super easy to play and very flexible is a Xbox 360 game, Kinect Party. If you happen to have an 360 and a dusty kinect camera laying around, buy this game! It requires no controllers to play (other than the initial game launch), it requires no gaming skills, many people can play, and anyone can jump in and out without disrupting the game at all. It's great because kids get exercise bouncing around playing and being silly rather than sitting on their butts with most other games. This is a great game to throw on whenever people (kids) come over, they can all easily play and be entertained for a long time. Edit: Kinect Party is the only game my kids go back to the on the 360, and they do fairly regularly. Or friends who've played with us ask to play again when the come to visit again.
  22. PSΓ· Finally offering something I care for, WipeEout Omega for August. (Also Sniper Elite 4) https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/07/31/playstation-plus-free-games-for-august-wipeout-omega-collection-sniper-elite-4/
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