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  1. Netflix members...

    Yeah depends totally on the movie, having just rewatched Spiderman/Spiderman2 I thought they were gratuitous. But yeah I would put something like Seven if the exception pile
  2. Netflix members...

    Yes it is, those examples don't add anything to the story. It's more like someone was really proud they could use Adobe AfterEffects. Stargate also has long opening credits but I feel it adds a bit of context. Or Terminator 2, where the credits are not even at the very beginning but after a great exposition sequence... and even during the credits the imagery adds context.
  3. Netflix members...

    Oh but there's some movies that are just freaking credits at the beginning, like Spiderman/Spiderman 2 - I don't need to see fancy font animations thank you very much.... That's why I like the Dark Night's opening... Just around 30 seconds and boom first scene
  4. Looks interesting... still working on Horizon though....
  5. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Get a sneak peak of Superman in Justice League:
  6. Netflix members...

    Roku does that as well. In any case this is an artist rendering of how the future of streaming will look like:
  7. Gas Prices

    I just survived one myself back in April.... No more Ubuntu for phones
  8. Walking Dead S8 Trailer

    Is anyone still watching The Walking Dead... I stopped at the end of 6.
  9. Netflix members...

    It has for me though. I only invest money on shows I really really enjoy, like Better Call Saul or Mr. Robot and want to stream them as soon as they are available. Hulu + Netflix covers the rest, which is less than $30 (well up to now ) which is way cheaper that footing a cable bill.
  10. Netflix members...

    Bah! Every company wants 10/month from me now... Let's see, I'm currently at Spotify, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix... No way I'm doing one more.... Yeah Netflix is king of streaming right now... I wonder if in the future they would just license their delivery tech... It's clearly the best (at least in the US) comparing amongst all the different vendors... Hulu still only streams 2.0 audio... in 2017...
  11. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Shiaaaat.. I'm older than Robert Patrick on Terminator 2.
  12. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    The Circle: What a mess and waste of idea. Don't waste your time on this one. Utterly predictable, odd editing; Boyega's character could have been completely cut without any repercusion to the story. It was parody movie that went too long. Also it seems like they ran out of time for a proper ending... I give it 0 Apple "Spaceship" parks out of 8.
  13. Netflix members...

    Ha.. they got all the parody beats down to a T.
  14. Yeah they sure price the lightsabers like they are quality stuff though... And yeah I spent at least $100 on the interactive sticks for the kids... They rake in the money I tell ya, but they seem to enjoy doing the spell thingies on both potter lands. The $35-40 Harry potter T-Shirts is where I draw the line however....