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  1. A thread about Lego

    Gah... I have LEGO fever. There's so many sets I want. I came back from the LEGO store yesterday with the Diner. I almost got the Technic Rally Car 42077 after seeing it in person and realizing how huge it was. I'm also tempted by the Ferrari F40 10248 that Amazon just brought back for some reason. I also tracked a Batman Tumbler in craigslist for a reasonable price. I really want this one to happen, it would go well next to the Saturn V: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/50a447cc-0acb-4fff-b3c9-41739fed157c
  2. A thread about Lego

    Well I got the Saturn V. We just finished assembling it. It’s majestic.
  3. A thread about Lego

    15% toy coupon? Do share
  4. A thread about Lego

    The Saturn V is back in stock on amazon: http://amzn.to/2reUhNz
  5. I hope that microLED wall concept becomes affordable reality at some point. Then again I've waited far too long for a decent affordable laser based projector.
  6. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Yeah, the public has had enough of Marky Mark. But you forgot to include Mel gibson too
  7. New AV Receiver

    Yeah according to the manual that is correct. So yeah you would benefit from that switch. The answers on amazon say it supports Dolby vision and HDR passthrough as well as autosensing (which should switch to the active input automatically).
  8. I thought the DLC was good. It has more of the same great exploration design of the main game. I paid about $12 for each DLC so... the full package at $13.50 yeah totally worth it
  9. Apple Discussion Thread

    Yes this is what I got: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0763KPPVX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_T4zpAbXB8N0SR
  10. Apple Discussion Thread

    Mine was too until I replaced the battery.
  11. Apple Discussion Thread

    It’s really easy to do. i bought a battery kit from amazon, comes with all the tools for about $20-25
  12. Apple Discussion Thread

    Yeah I saw that rumor earlier on so I bought replacement batteries for both our iPhone 6+’es. I ran a benchmark before and after the replacement and it’s true! Performance was back for both of our phones. All the lagginess was gone and they felt like renewed phones.
  13. I saw it at a Dolby Cinema. The sounds design was spectacular. I iked this much more than Force Awakens. I enjoyed how snoke just got killed. Like Rian Johnson just telling JJ, “here’s what I think of your emperor clone” I avoided all trailers and materials before going in only for the Cinema to put a preview of the movie right before it started... assholes.
  14. Apple Discussion Thread

    I don't know about the film but could it be your TV is doing motion interpolation?
  15. Get both you know you want to