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  1. Boooo! The controls just become goo for me after playing a bunch at 60fps and switching to 4k. Team framerate here
  2. AlbertA

    Netflix members...

    He probably thought all of them were wacky movies, shaking his judging compass.
  3. What???? Sacrilege.... I'm a huge fan of Netherrealm. There's something about their fighting mechanics that sits very well with me. Have you played Ori?
  4. AlbertA

    A thread about Lego

    Nice, I've been tempted by the roller coaster, but I need to keep my LEGO buys in check... already spent too much this year. And then I grabbed a 42056 Lego Technic Porsche from Amazon around black friday for $220 since it's usually $290-$300.
  5. AlbertA

    2018 TV Discussion

    Anyone watching Homecoming in Prime Video? It's from the guy that made Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail.
  6. It’s not all 8k though. I’m interested in 4K HDR 120 FPS RGB which requires 2.1 Bandwith. Actually just transmitting 4k60 HDR 12 bit RGB requires more than the 2.0 BW - this why they have to do color conversions and chroma subsampling today. ALLM is just a flag so no bandwidth requirements there. QMS is also just a set of flags to quickly negotiate frame rate/resolution so it doesn’t need 2.1 BW either VRR itself does not require bandwidth but the target frame rates do. With 2.0 you could do up to 4k60 or 1080p120. Perhaps useful for current gen for games hitting 40fps and the like. With the increased BW of 2.1 you could do up to 4k120HDR which would be potentially useful for next gen or PC. QFT requires 2.1 BW at 4K because it’s all about transmitting the source frame as fast as possible to reduce lag. I hope the industry focuses on FPS rather than 8k.
  7. Ummm how would we know if it's 8K or 120FPS with that potato quality video? Nice reflections though.
  8. AlbertA

    New AV Receiver

    My s730H has supported everything I’ve thrown at it so far - so my vote goes to s740h/s940H in that list .
  9. AlbertA

    New AV Receiver

    It could yeah. You could even have a mix of hdmi video through receiver and hdmi video through TV. it would be up to the TV if it did audio pass through and not decode stuff though. Today most use of ARC is simply to use the built in features/apps of the TV without having to connect an extra hdmi cable. I suspect this will continue to be the case with eARC.
  10. You guys are crazy with your app management OCD. I don’t do a thing wether it’s the PS4, Xbox, iPhone or iPad. I like turning my Xbox or PS4 and immediately resuming my game where I left off. Do do I quit a misbehaving app once in a rare while? Yes. Yes I do
  11. Also you can pin things too! That's helps a bunch.
  12. AlbertA

    New AV Receiver

    Haven't seen anything myself. But I bet you will start to see "2.1" monikers thrown around by manufacturers even if they only support something that doesn't need the extended bandwidth - or maybe just one port will have it... you know... the usual. CES 2019 will be interesting.