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  1. Klipsch Heresy II

    Toed in for this morning's listening and it's quite nice. Thanks for the reminder to give it another spin. Apparently Klipsch meant for his speakers to be toed in as I've been reading.
  2. Klipsch Heresy II

    I have, and I've gone back and forth. When I have my cellular shades down (I have 180 degrees of floor to ceiling windows in here) I can pretty much eliminate all reflections and the sound is focused and spot-on when the Heresies are toed in. When the shades are up and I'm dealing with 2 walls of glass I let the speaker bounce around and it somehow sounds decent. I've also been experimenting with their spread, and fighting with the couch's chaise location which can interfere with the left channel. I'm tempted to raise them, but I really like the risers as you mentioned.
  3. Klipsch Heresy II

    Yeah, they stopped making those and have been sold out since something like 2008. Your best bet would probably be to keep your eyes open for local craigslist fire sales.
  4. Klipsch Heresy II

    Considering rebuilding the crossovers on these, but the information I'm getting is mixed. Some say it's totally unnecessary, while others say the money is well spent. Any engineers on here care to give me the 411 on capacitors? Do they go bad in 40 year-old crossovers, and is it worth rebuilding them, or is this all a load of $200 placebo? This guy, for instance, has made a quite a nice business selling rebuilt crossovers to collectors: http://www.critesspeakers.com/
  5. Netflix members...

    It does if all you buy are what you actually watch as opposed to what you want, though, doesn't it? I mean, if you subscribe to netflix, prime, hbo, AND some others, how do you possibly see all the content? It's interesting that they don't already do that. I get prompts to add things like shudder all the time in Prime. I'm guessing that they don't want to poison the waters with other brands.
  6. Klipsch Heresy II

    Got the Academy center channel in, and it matches quite nicely after some Yamaha YPAO. Looks nice, too:
  7. This is the Sony Legacy 2010 180 gram pressing. Sounds great.
  8. Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    Pool exercise is excellent stuff, Jordan. I've gone through three phases of running, and every time it ends in a curious injury.
  9. My Malcolm Brass Universe

    Are you working with editors and beta readers?
  10. Klipsch Heresy II

    Those look fantastic. Coaxial is certainly interesting. When I studied pro audio back in college it was always heavily discussed for accurate imaging, even as a 2-channel replacement for multi-speaker systems in the right settings. Would love to hear them.
  11. My Malcolm Brass Universe

    Congrats! I'm about 200 pages into a novel. Heading to Japan in a couple months to finish it. Can't wait to write those final words. Looking forward to reading yours!
  12. So in a fit of not liking how my vinyl sounded on my efficient but trusty HTD flat-panel speaker front stage, I randomly found a pair of Klipsch Heresy IIs for sale in town. I've been eyeing these things for years, knowing they were the speakers I wanted both for my music listening habits and for the size of my condo, but I never pulled the trigger. Well, I pulled it. I then went and found an Academy center channel from a friendly co-habitant of the Klipsch.com forums and that's now on its way. I sit here listening to a 1st-gen pressing of Paul Weller's Stanley Road and I'm out of my head. A whole new world, as that chick in Aladdin sang. Any other vintage Klipsch losers?
  13. Paul Heaton (of The Housemartins and The Beautiful South) has a new record that's pure pop bliss. He's back singing with Jacqui Abbot (who sang with The Beautiful South). It's good stuff:
  14. Tour De Pharmacy - HBO Streaming

    Who the fuck puts chicken on pizza?