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  1. Josh

    The UHD players thread

    Nice. I'll need to boot mine up and download.
  2. Josh

    Netflix members...

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Room 104, Cobra Kai, Parts Unknown (RIP), Game of Thrones...
  3. Josh

    Netflix members...

    Don't get me wrong - I like some awful stuff. With that I fully admit that these are my opinions and my opinions alone. I'm weird. But seriously: Watch Midnight Diner if you haven't. So good. I liked The Get Down a lot too. Oh - and The OA. That was cool. Everything else sucks. /s
  4. Josh

    Netflix members...

    No, I really dislike all of those shows.
  5. Josh

    Netflix members...

    It's funny. I was just thinking that I'm about to cancel Netflix. There isn't a single thing on that bloated mess of sub-par programming that makes me want to watch. I liked the first couple episodes of GLOW but it got old real fast. I like Marc Maron but... how did a show supposedly about women somehow become another show about him being an alcoholic twat? Santa Clarita Diet struck me as clumsy and predictable. I pull up Netflix almost every weekend thinking "people seem to like it. What's wrong with me?"... Then I look at dozens of comedy specials and series that are all iterations of the same thing: superheroes, self-aware versions of HBO shows with the occasional "fuck" or "OMG DRUGS!" thrown in, supernatural me-toos.. bleh. Nothing appeals. Some of it is outright terrible despite overdone production values seemingly at the cost of good writing. Perfect example: Stranger Things. It's pretty, it's popular... but it's about almost nothing. It reminds me of Lost. And what the actual fuck was Iron Fist? Did someone not say, "Hey... this is really stupid." But that's just me, I guess. The only thing I really liked was Midnight Diner and it appears that they're not ordering any more seasons... I guess because it's good? 😕 For what it's worth, I did like Master of None, Making a Murderer, House of Cards, and Ozark. Everything else? Utterly forgettable.
  6. Those TCLs are getting a lot of love, especially from gamers. Good get.
  7. You'd have to pry my expedit from my cold, dead hands. I've got it running the entire entryway of my home for records and books.
  8. Josh

    New York in August

    With 4 of you, I'd just take a cab/Uber. Getting from JFK would require the AirTrain, which is $5 each, and then the A/C train, which is $2.75 each. Add to that the aggravation of dealing with your luggage and MTA I'd just hop in a cab which is a flat fee of $52. If saving $20 is worth it, your call, but I never bother with the train if I have more luggage than a single bag, and I only need to get to Brooklyn. Keep in mind for Uber / Lyft they pick up from the second island on the arrivals level - you'll see signs like "Passenger Pickup C" - so you'll need to know your terminal and all that when scheduling one. Prepare to wait a bit as the pickup area is absolute chaos 90% of the time. A regular taxi means just standing in line, but those are often not as comfortable especially in the summer. Finally, do NOT talk to or take rides from the dudes hawking "cheap" rides just outside of baggage claim / taxi line. They're 99% of the time unlicensed.
  9. Bought & watched Isle of Dogs on Fandango Now last night. Looked and sounded great. I loved the movie, too. Meant to catch it in the theater, so the 4K price didn't bother me.
  10. Josh

    E3 Major Release Calendar

    Found this on Reddit, found it very useful. https://imgur.com/a/YEQ9yEb
  11. You can play Until Dawn with the DS I believe.
  12. Yeah. That, and I can see a massive PS5 media campaign during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
  13. Josh

    Destiny 2

    I enjoyed what I got out of it, and just bumming around planets for public events is fun. It does get redundant, though.
  14. Yeah there are ways around it. I'll give it another shot next weekend, but my first impression wasn't terribly positive.