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  1. Josh

    The Retro Gaming bug

    For some reason I remember thinking that diagram on the Sega Master System was so cool. It's so basic but it seemed to high-tech, electric-engineering coolness to me.
  2. Argh you guys are making it hard to not grab this.... but I still have to play MGS5. And I head on vacation in a few weeks. I can wait*. *Statements made here are not always true.
  3. Josh

    Super Lucky's Tale (XB1, PC)

    You're a much more patient man than I am. I tried it, maybe a couple hours in, but I couldn't get past the wonky camera angle and unnecessarily precise jump distances. I found it frustrating and not worth the slog. That said, I had Rayman Legends pop up on PS Plus around the same time so that salved my platforming needs at the time.
  4. Josh

    Netflix members...

    Yeah I know - I'm just saying that whatever I call it is probably wrong.
  5. Josh

    Netflix members...

    Yeah I don't know - that's just how it was introduced to me. Soup is soup... cold or hot I guess. I just like this particular setup with COLD SEAFOOD IN IT.
  6. Josh

    Netflix members...

    Dude. It's amazing. Give it a try sometime. http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=recipe&dbid=36
  7. Josh

    Netflix members...

    Yer killin' me. Have you ever had really good sushi? Like, made in front of you and not even really cold sushi? What about a bagel with lox and cream cheese with a slice of red onion and tomato? No? A cold tuna salad sandwich with a bowl of tomato soup and a Dr. Brown's soda? No?
  8. Josh

    Netflix members...

    I imagine it would help if one believed in heaven or hell to begin with.
  9. Josh

    Netflix members...

    What, you've never had sushi, tuna salad, whitefish salad, lox, gazpacho?
  10. Josh

    Netflix members...

    My wife (who is Japanese) keeps packing me lunch with seafood. I don't have the heart to explain to her why this is bad (and besides, she's packing me lunch, which is fucking awesome and I am a lucky man). Instead, I eat it cold.
  11. Josh

    Netflix members...

    I gotta agree with Keith here. I tried to watch and like that show. Came off way too campy for me. Maybe my lack of Christian upbringing made a lot of the humor foreign to me, but, yeah, didn't work for me.
  12. Josh

    New York in August

    Glad you enjoyed our little town. And if you think the crowds were bad in August, stop by in December.
  13. Never liked Wwwhhiil Whheeeeaton on or off screen. Bugs me to no end with his smarm.
  14. Josh

    Cyberpunk 2077 - Trailer (CDPR)

    Sometimes people need to be called a fat fuck to jar that donut out of their mouths though. Again, context is key. I called my friend a "fat fuck" just the other week actually. He needed to hear it.