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  1. Dang. I'm still using my One Ultimate with hub and a couple IR blasters and it's great. I guess the only option is the really expensive stuff that installers use, but that stuff is way too setup-intensive for my purposes. May buy an Elite to old me over for the next 10 years.
  2. It was written as a literal comparison, unless I'm missing something. I appreciate what you're saying here, but no. In fact, I think it's the 2,000 word cap that is revealing how he just makes stuff up because it reveals the easy outs he's taking just to serve a headline. Saying that people have read some things on forums as some objective trend to land a point about the direction a massive corporation is taking is ... well, it's poor journalism.
  3. It's really confounding. The chorus of "we don't need this" as if 1) you HAVE to buy it 2) you've done more market research than Sony and 3) that it implicitly harms the development of other things. It's like if Taco Bell added a new item to the menu and people responded "I don't need chalupas. Leave my tacos alone."
  4. Sorry, one last one because this is hysterical: Gotta love quoting the analyst down the hall who basically says "Sony makes big games and funds the franchises to make more money" as his kicker, again somehow implying that Microsoft (and Nintendo but hey let's leave them out) isn't always trying to do just that.
  5. Getting quotes from disgruntled employees and then implying that their narrative is corroborated because some Sony execs wouldn't comment isn't research. It's narrative and agenda building and it's just what he does. I'm sorry but that just sounds like a team that didn't justify its existence and didn't self advocate in a competitive environment for funding. This is insanely misleading and disingenuous, and it implies that Microsoft isn't spending on AAA. Where's the causality and corroboration? If he's saying Sony cannot do bot
  6. My opinion on him differs. His whole schtick is "exclusives" on how difficult life is in the gaming industry. Now that the CDPR story is losing steam, he's off to uncover more of the same. It's sensationalistic and rarely well-researched, to your point above. This is fanboy fuel, as you can see from the tweets above: "Sony hates cool and artistic games, so I hate Sony." GTFO with that. As if Microsoft and Nintendo are in it purely for the creative community lol
  7. And if the simple pullups become too easy, just get a weight belt and strap a dumbell or two to it. Works well for dips too!
  8. Very very interested. Thanks for the heads up! My SB1000 is still kicking but if this offers more punch in a similar form factor...
  9. All of this. Why would Sony mind? Microsoft and MLB are paying for the licenses essentially, so it's great for Sony San Diego. If there's any perceived "loss" of a sale on PS5, that's not really the case here. More installed players = more $.
  10. I did it for a while, got addicted, and weaned myself off of it. The gamification is great for some people, for me it ruined my rides. I even wrote about it a long time ago: https://www.engadget.com/2013-10-24-the-connected-cyclist-dilemma.html
  11. Probably a small market is out there, but I imagine the costs to get manufacturing up and running for something like this would outpace demand unless the pricing is prohibitive, which then again limits the market. There are still some in production for things like medical equipment and lighting, but I'm not sure how that'd scale. Interesting question, though, especially given the continued interest in things like tube amps and turntables. I also would guess there are still enough CRTs on the collector market to satisfy demand...?
  12. Not a hot take, and I'm not about to say you're wrong, but the reality is that everyone's hands are shaped differently, sized differently, and everyone's wrists come with different injuries and histories. So far for me the Dual Sense is causing no issues during regular play. I say "regular play" because Maneater is unique in the way it uses R2, and I have a feeling I'd have the same repetitive issues with a DS4 or Xbox controller.
  13. That may be, but I'm pretty sure you only need to mash the first bite until you can thrash, which does more damage against larger fish / whales.
  14. Yes, Maneater caused me some slight pain as well (until i discovered I didn't need to mash it as much as I was). More games should include intensity adjustments for the haptics, as COD does.
  15. I... I read it all. I (very much) disliked the mechanics of this game but found the documentation, videos, hotline calls pretty interesting (despite the cheesy attempts at humor in some of the memos). They were really the only things keeping me going. I found the combat generally annoying and the boss fights lazy. That said I really liked some of the later-game's (I think maybe DLC) massive "other-world" levels where you're using your abilities more to solve platforming puzzles (except for the stupid spheres you need to reconstruct on a timer - f those). I do wish the hotel traversals were mor
  16. I discovered too late that you can sort of just hold it down after the first chomp. Saved me a lot of issues and probably saved my dual sense.
  17. Did you evolve the bone skin? And get the spin attack? That's when fights against hunters get real good.
  18. It really is a gem of a game. I'd love a sequel where you play a bear or something like that.
  19. okay that rings some bells. also - seems those orgy dudes were relocated to the gym for "burning thighs"
  20. I remembered the dress thing... and Honeybee... but not the dance scene. I think that was added?
  21. Thanks. While it was a fun chapter, I was kind of dreading having to do the whole, uh, performance again.
  22. Grrr. So, as I said, I never read walkthrus, but after beating I read up a few people's experiences to see how they handled it as I was proud of my no-dead, first-try whooping of the boss of doom.
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