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  1. I honestly think it's just people trying to get free shit. I'll give it a day or two. No rush.
  2. I can't remember the last time that media embargoes have actually made coverage more exciting, but here we are.
  3. This is the first console launch in my life in which I am not buying any additional games or software. Between Astro's Playroom, the PS+ collection (FFXV, Persona 5, RE7 all unplayed by me), Bugsnax, and changes to No Man's Sky I'm gonna be busy for a while.
  4. Is that the one where you keep ending up back at a tower and have to travel to different zones?
  5. That and the order of things when it comes to that neatly folded manual and sticker.
  6. true story: i had a serious pitch for serious money in hand to to do this a few years ago. won't mention the sponsor or the amount, but it was big, and a lot. we ended up passing but the pilot episode was pretty funny (it was a group of usually very smart tech editors trying to get an iphone back the way it was packaged originally).
  7. Interesting, thanks. Would be cool if they figure it out as I was hoping to give Squadrons a try.
  8. Same. I used my XB1X for maybe a grand total of 5 hours. I used my 360 a bit more than that, but I've now come to realize that there's just really nothing in that catalog that is worth the TV console space for me.
  9. I don’t believe a PlayStation has ever had an ir receiver. My Harmony Ultimate has always figured it out though, I believe through Bluetooth.
  10. Did a few 2-player story chapters with randos. Pretty fun. Similar “level” system as Destiny in that your gear adds to your overall “ki” or level. survival looks fun with a good group.
  11. I love it. The fewer people dropping verbal threats, racism, and other awful things in voice chat the better. What you do on a private company’s network is not protected free speech. Any notions of “privacy” on PSN and XBL are foolish. This might make me actually be open to online gaming with voice chat again. Last time i tried it it was a barrage of racism, homophobia, and awfulness.
  12. That right there is genius, but it'll only be as good as the content they get in there. If they can get ahead of the YouTubers with this stuff (or sign them), it makes sense. I'm clearly not the only person who pulls up YouTube walkthroughs at certain points of games when I can't figure things out.
  13. how are other amazon preorderers feeling? Think we’ll get em launch window?
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