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  1. I seemed to hit a weird bug on Day 2. I sold things at the pawn shop only my wallet never increased by the (substantial) amount the postcards I handed over were worth. I actually didn't even notice until sometime later. It felt like too much of a chore to go back to an older save to try and make up for it (I'm not even sure I have a sufficient save to do so anyway). I pressed on into Day 3 and the game crashed on me for the first time, robbing me of about 45mins of additional progress. This sort of shit can honestly sour me on a game completely. Sony's refund policy is pretty shitty isn't it?
  2. I really don't think I walked away happier from any other announcement this past week either, and with RGG Studio/Nagoshi heading this up I'm very confident about how it will turn out too. I'm tempted to buy it twice, to have both on the Switch and PS5. The fact there is a PS5 version definitely leaves me hoping that there will indeed be some haptics put to good use there but I've still yet to uncover any confirmation.
  3. I have a leftover eShop voucher to use on a game before it expires in September (the old offer to Online members to buy two game vouchers are a slightly discounted price compared to buying two games outright). Tried using it for Metroid Dread but it turns out you can't use vouchers on pre-orders that post-date when your voucher expires. Certainly seems like a very VERY Nintendo way of thinking to impose such limits on something you've already handed your money over for. So I can basically use it on any released game or game coming out before the voucher's September expiry date. I'm thinking of narrowing my choices down to one of the following four: Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Mario Golf Super Rush Paper Mario: The Origami King Super Mario 3D Worlds I'll wait for Mario Golf reviews but if they're good that'll make a nice summer game to dip in and out of I think, and may provide more replay value than the others which I can grab physically at some point and trade in when complete.
  4. It's fun seeing a lot of demons that I'm now familiar with from Persona 5 in the Shin Megami Tensi titles. I do fear that I'm just never going to have the time for this and the Nocturne remaster though.
  5. I think that's precisely what's stopping me from being 100% enthused about the announcement. Having re-watched the trailer a few times now it's just not clicking for me visually to the point where it's something of a turn off (the HD Phoenix Wright remasters have come close in this regard too in abandoning their magnificent original pixel art, but they still fall within tolerance and at least stayed 2D). My GBA with a copy of the first game is in a drawer under my desk here, so it's not like I desperately need this in order to replay the game anyway, but still... Metal Gear Tactics shows how good something like this could look with a 3D twist while remaining utterly faithful visually.
  6. https://www.nintendo.com/products/detail/game-and-watch-the-legend-of-zelda/ This features The Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Zelda II and Link's Awakening. As a bonus there are also two Zelda themed clocks, and a Zelda version of the Game and Watch Vermin game. A cute novelty, and a much better offering than last year's Mario edition (and the price is the same as $50/£45).
  7. With Breath of the Wild 2 in 2022, and the continuation of chip shortages, is it even reasonable to expect a new Switch this year (if indeed a forthcoming revision is truly anything more than an aesthetic re-design with an OLED display). If it is to be a more powerful model it would surely be rather pointless to launch without a big game alongside it, and it'd certainly be a nice callback to the current Switch launch were it to launch next year with a Breath of the Wild game again.
  8. The new character reveal trailers are always so great. I love the ending of this one.
  9. If they're slapping 2022 on it six months into 2021 then I'd actually be quite confident about it arriving next year. Honestly I think that were it not for the pandemic we'd be seeing it close out the series' anniversary year, but it's not to be. All three consoles are going to have an incredible 2022.
  10. In the Direct itself the trailer actually started with putting 'Metroid 5' up on screen. I'm liking what I'm seeing in the Treehouse play through.
  11. I'm waiting on details for other platforms, but this Banana Mania apparently leaked before the Nintendo Direct (I wasn't aware) and the leak showed PS5 artwork, so there's potential for the DualSense to be put to good use with this one if accurate.
  12. Agreed. We already knew Nintendo hasn't been pushing their development teams during the pandemic, or been too keen on adopt a work from home strategy, so I think it was wise to keep expectations in check as far as the big stuff was concerned. I'm on board with all those unexpected announcements too (if Monkey Ball has good PS5 DualSense support then I will likely go for that version, although I do kind of swear allegiance to the series and Nintendo as it was such a Gamecube classic for me).
  13. Monkey Ball remasters, 2D Metroid, Maiden of Blackwater port and Advance Wars remakes were very nice surprises (apparently Monkey Ball had leaked already but I'd missed it).
  14. Certainly not the Metroid I think anyone would have been expecting, but a pleasant surprise nevertheless. Visually I'm not sure I love it though. I'd definitely like some confirmation on the development team.
  15. Unexpected to see another Mario Party game on Switch so soon. This is largely made up of remasters of over 100 mini-games from the series history.
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