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  1. I've said as much before but the Playstation platform really needs an arcade racer. It's a real shame they were so happy to let Driveclub die. I wish I had the funds to stretch to picking Dirt 5 up as it doesn't appear to be selling well. I'm a bit worried about the arcade racer genre in general. It doesn't seem especially popular these days, which is upsetting as it's one of my favourites. I'm still sad we couldn't get a reboot of Ridge Racer with the PS5.
  2. That's great news! I think the game will get another sales boost in the Black Friday sales too, so perhaps as a consequence of its success we'll get more next year, or confirmation of a sequel at some stage.
  3. Elite Dangerous free from tomorrow for a week: Reminder that it now includes the Horizons expansion as standard.
  4. It's very exciting. I'm almost seeing enough to make me think that a beefier Mini need not have an identical SoC as the eventual Apple Silicon iMacs, but I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't outside of Apple being stubborn. Assuming there is a higher end Mini to come though, I just know that I'd definitely want the superior I/O and 10gb ethernet from the current i7 Mini to see me through the next 5-8 years. Lack of such support seems to me an M1 limitation.
  5. I genuinely think a beefier Mini will be all I need next year.
  6. Best Da Vinci Resolve video on M1 hardware (Mini) that I've seen yet. He's running the beta of Resolve 17 that's native to M1: He says he bought the cheapest one, which I assume means the 8GB RAM model? This very brief video tests Sony A7Siii files, but also Canon 8K h.265 and Black Magic 12k RAW: I'm still hoping to see some Black Magic RAW 4k and 6k tests with LUTs and nodes applied but this is all incredibly promising for the entry level chip.
  7. Caught that news this morning. Very pleasing.
  8. I'm hoping it's not quite that long. They've been saying shortages up until April so hopefully that holds and I can still jump on one around Feb/March time. Fair chance demand will lessen across Europe sooner than it might in North America due to the stranglehold Playstation has on the market here. We'll see. Would be nice if Amazon would at least give me the opportunity to register for an alert when it comes back in stock. Perhaps they will in the weeks ahead.
  9. Right, thanks. Looking back over some videos it was obviously the Xbox I was thinking of that lets you re-arrange the order of some of the guide features for faster accessibility.
  10. Can you at least customise the PS5 UI to get to the settings quicker to switch to SDR? I'm at a point where I've consumed so many videos about both consoles that I'm now a little muddled wen it comes to remembering which has what features in the interface.
  11. It just occurred to me, does it force DVD and Blu-ray playback into an HDR container as well? I'd have to assume so? Ugh. Again, once HDTV Test do a video on this and people can see SDR games looking washed out then awareness of the problem should gain more traction on social media, gaming and tech websites and then hopefully get Sony to do something sooner rather than later. They can leave the current approach as the system default for all I care, but they should add an automatic switch between native SDR and HDR output like the PS4 Pro has.
  12. I forget which preview video I watched that made a point about that but I instantly hated that decision and was really puzzled by it. I think it was a DF video, but they didn't make a point to suggest it was good/bad either way, but they've never been completely on top of topics like HDR. HDTV Test will likely help highlight why it's an awful idea to a wider audience once the console is available here. Assuming Vincent secured a PS5 for launch he'll probably do a video with EvilBoris about it asap. I'm actually concerned, given my E6 pre-dates TVs introducing dynamic
  13. It'd be nice to see the desktops at WWDC but I think we could be waiting longer. I actually think WWDC is when we could see a 14" MBP. I have to imagine they'll have something for the spring/summer rather than go a whole year without new apple silicon models for any more of their computers. The reviews of the M1 have left me very excited about the desktop chips (again, I just hope we see one in a higher end Mac mini that finally serves as a headless iMac). I'd feel a little more tempted by the M1 Mini were it not for the reduced inputs and inability to run two 4k monitors.
  14. I really don't think the 13" MBP is going to be around for long. What remains to be seen is whether an eventual 14" model still has an M1 or something better.
  15. I wonder how long it will be before we look back on three second load times and think "ugh"...
  16. Dawn of the Dead arrived. Physically it is an absolutely stunning set. I can't wait to dig into it.
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