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  1. Interesting theory, but I'm not so sure. One or two encounters have taken me 20+ attempts with little sense of things getting easier, more the combination of my finally getting to grips with the patterns of their move set and a bit of dumb luck. Maybe you're right though (it seems more logical than my telling myself that I might actually be getting better at playing). The Z-57 Boss I'm currently trying to deal with is an almighty pain in the backside.
  2. It's tempting, or Q2 + I keep my 50-M Summicron and get that 85mm Sigma.
  3. FINALLY beat that bastard bug giving me grief. It was this creature for anyone curious: It's wasn't so much the game causing me so much grief as it was my coordination skills. Some players will breeze through such a minor confrontation. My brain just couldn't register when it was going to do a certain attack (notably the one where it throws itself at you which can come at immense cost to your health). Elsewhere I just wasn't having consistent success jumping off of walls when it unleashes those projectiles.
  4. I can't speak for the Watch. I have my Garmin which still seems better at providing all the stats I want in one place, while the Apple Watch needs two or three third party apps to provide me with the same breadth of information (and I like having buttons on the watch vs a touchscreen. In rain/snow it'd be a preference). That said, I'm interested in the Apple Watch, but I might sit on the fence for another year. I just like the idea of being able to head out and run without my phone strapped to my arm, and have music playlists on my wrist beaming their signal to my Airpods. So the Airpods themselves are something I can comment on. I have the Pros and find them to be excellent, one of the best Apple purchase I've ever made actually. The noise reduction is very good all things considered, and while it can be disabled I still find that I am able to hear cars and other vehicles provided I still obey the golden rules of staying streetwise when running (it's people on bicycles I don't always hear). I find them comfortable and stable in the ear using the smallest cone adapters but it's very clear that milage varies from person to person in this respect. There probably are in ear wireless buds of higher end audio quality, but I've found the Airpods Pro to be more than impressive enough for my daily use.
  5. Funny. For me I'd love the 50mm and the 90mm, which makes the 75mm the appealing compromise if I can only afford one lens. On the wider end a Q2 makes more sense as a companion to my SL2-s as its 35mm crop is the equivalent of 35mm at f2 (and would be around 30mp).
  6. FM2's are classics. Can't go wrong with those, and Nikon's film era glass is particularly lovely. Welcome to Club SL! Which did you get? The original? I can get the 75mm Summicron used like new for a very good price. I'm tempted but need to give it a little more thought as it may be a case of want vs need. I'm still not sure what my lens roadmap should be just yet.
  7. I feel somewhat similarly. I can appreciate this is a really good game. It is, but it's nevertheless testing the limits of my coordination skills and my patience. Hopefully I can get it finished tomorrow. I'm currently at a boss, and not even one of the main bosses, just one of the small ones, who seems to have no obvious means of being able to dodge their attacks (this isn't true of course. Every enemy in the game has a pattern, but it's just a little too overwhelming to make split decisions in time. I've got six bars of energy at lvl99, and 69 rockets and it just keeps beating me). I've also unlocked so many different weapons and moves at this stage that I now find myself making sloppy mistakes with the controls as there's one too many things to have to remember.
  8. I think I'm about half way. Things are starting to get rather obtuse so I've reached the "fuck it, consult an online walkthrough" stage of play.
  9. I encountered a moment like that but I don't believe it is actually possible to be stuck anywhere you cannot progress out from. Destructible floor/wall blocks are VERY well disguised though, so when in doubt just fire in every direction.
  10. That said, I did just rage quit after my seventh attempt at fighting the second big boss.
  11. True, but it controls beautifully once muscle memory kicks in. The only thing I will never get used to with the Switch (Pro) controller is I am forever hitting the home and photo capture buttons when I mean to press + or - respectively.
  12. *doo dee dee doot doot dee do, doo dee dee doot doot doot doot*
  13. Good grief. For someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks I picked the wrong game to start playing.
  14. Had shipping confirmation for delivery tomorrow. I must admit I wasn't 100% sure the price I got it for would be honoured, so I'm delighted. Really looking forward to spending the weekend with it.
  15. I'd agree with you on those really, and add Zeiss' M lenses into the mix too. Of modern af lenses a number of the Fuji's definitely have something, though I also wonder how much is also down to their unique X-Trans sensor. Canon RF and Nikon Z are superb, but rather clinical (particularly Canon). I think a lot of that really is down to lenses being designed at a computer now in pursuit of perfection, but I'm not really sure I want perfection. Those smaller Nikon primes that Starhawk wrote about recently seemed to have something nice about them, and that monstrous Canon RF 28-70 F2 seems to have something really special about it. Some Canon EF lenses render in quite a unique fashion like the 50 and 85 1.2 L primes which are flatteringly soft and rather dreamy, and then if we start delving into the history of older manual focus lenses from Canon, Nikon, Olympus...etc we're spoilt for choice. I got to try the 85 DG DN Sigma this afternoon. It's razor sharp to be sure, but also has some nice micro-contrast. It mounts well with the SL and seemed to focus OK but it did exhibit a pulsing effect in the EVF and LCD which I thought was odd. I need to read up on that. It's quite possible it was down to user error and not having set up my camera optimally for AF lenses. It's £999 which is very reasonable.
  16. As much as I love the M camera bodies, I think I am better suited to using an SL2/2-S which, when you account for the EVF and IBIS, is effectively an M on steroids when you match it with M lenses, and on top of all that a camera that also carries with it the benefits of af lenses and superb video functionality. It's a very versatile tool for red dot obsessives. Don't get me wrong, I'd love another M some day. They're still cameras I want in my life, but the SL2-S seems to be the one I need right now (and, new, is Leica's cheapest full frame camera). If I can get anywhere with some of the things I want to do over the coming year then I can foresee ending up with two as circumstances might require me to have a backup (whether I would opt for another 2-S or go with the debut SL2 to have the higher megapixels I'm not sure. There's different colour science between the SL2 and 2-S sensors and I'd need to know how easy they are to match at the computer). Again, I need to think carefully about my roadmap for expanding my kit. I want to be flexible but at the same time still retain some sense of minimalism in not wanting to lug too much around at any one time. If rumours are true that the M11 is going to receive an unpleasant price increase then I really would love to see Leica marry the SL2-S sensor with the M10 body and sell that as a "cheaper" M-E option. That would be amazing. If I get the chance today I will try to visit a store to demo the Sigma 85mm 1.4 and 35mm f2 DG DN lenses. Honestly I don't think I would have seriously considered an SL again had Sigma not seriously ramped up their L lens lineup over the past eighteen months, and I couldn't keep sitting around waiting to see if Sigma could ever get anything going for the Canon RF mount. They're not only filling some gaps that exist between the focal lengths of Leica's own lens offerings, but also offering stellar optics on models that do match or come close to some of the native SL glass focal lengths. So, tempted as I am to lust for the SL primes I do think that if the Sigmas prove satisfactory I'll be smarter in the short to medium term to go with those to free up budget to spend elsewhere on other items. It's really only in colour, rendering and af performances where I think the Leica lenses will have an edge, and maybe in corner to corner uniform sharpness. I would expect stricter standards of manufacturing between copies of the same lens from Leica compared to other manufacturers, so you'd be less likely to find yourself with a dud out of the box or on the used market, but in the age where all of these companies are reliant on computing for designing their glass I doubt there is much in it between Leica's lenses, and the best from Canon, Sony or Sigma, when it comes to central sharpness these days. As I've said before though, I'm more interested in character than I am sharpness, but right now I know I'd be smarter to play it safe financially with some of Sigma's primes.
  17. Just the body for now. I did give serious consideration to getting the 24-70 with it as you make a £500 saving if buying both together which makes the price of the zoom a little more palatable given that it is actually a slight variant of the Sigma optics from their 24-70 DG DN internally (but with Leica's all metal housing, af motors and firmware). I'm of two minds about whether I regret not getting it or not. It balances really well with the camera. I'd sooner have primes but could foresee a situation where the zoom is useful. I'd like to keep an eye out for the 90mm Summicron in good condition used as that might be the first one I go for to use with my 50mm M-Summicron, before then going for the SL 50 Summicron. I'd like the 35 too but if I can swing it next year I might get the Q2 to serve as my wider angle lens option. Thursday was the final day of a two month offer on the SL2/SL2-S where the M mount adapter was included for free, which is a £370 saving. It was particularly appealing not having to pay for it having previously owned one before with my original SL. Just this week, on this side of the Atlantic at least, Leica have also begun an offer of an extra year on top of the standard 2yr warranty cover on the SL, M and Q lineup when you register so I really feel like I lucked out on the timing. They were gracious enough in store last week to give me a heads up on that offer too and told me to hold off registering until the deal went live. I love the camera. I spent a long time with Leica last Wednesday talking to them about it, and trying things out (I also had a chance to enjoy the No Time to Die behind the scenes exhibition at the gallery in store too). It was actually the best experience I've ever had in their store. They were so accommodating, never pushing me for time or to make a sale. They've basically ironed out the quibbles I had with the original SL with the SL2/2-S. Strangely it feels a bit smaller but I can't imagine it is by more than a few mm. The grip is so much nicer and the LCD is beautiful. The EVF is just godly and was remarkable in assisting my ability to manually focus on marathon runners over the weekend. ISO wise, while I've only done basic tests with it, having something that's damn near clean up to 12,500 and useable up to 50,000 is just a whole new world to me, and the IBIS is just spectacular. I want to make of point of capturing some colour stuff in the coming weeks as even as you push the ISO the sensor seems to retain colour fidelity remarkably well. It really does seem to be the best sensor Leica have put into a camera to date. I really boiled my choice down to either the R5 or the SL2-S and the SL just made more sense for my style of shooting (and the Leica was the cheaper camera which is still a sentence that doesn't make any sense). Yes the resolution and autofocus of the Canon was very appealing, but on balance the ergonomics, controls, menus and set up features on the SL click more with me, not to mention the robust build quality and having two card slots of the same type so I only need to think about SD cards and not CF and SD. I also don't need to worry about overheating on video with the SL and that's something I really am keen to get into exploring next year once I can upgrade my computer. The way the menus are set out to shift between photo and video, and all the thoughtful video settings built into the camera, are just fantastic. Video af is a write off with the SL of course, that much I knew, but it was never a deal breaker for me anyway as I'm happy to manual focus for video. In store I was actually extremely happy with the stills autofocus in af-s mode, and af-c was better than I had been lead to believe (quirky, but I wasn't turned off by it). Both modes are far, far ahead of what they were on the original SL. I definitely suspect that to some degree with me that ignorance is bliss when it comes to my lack of real hands on experience with Sony, Canon and Nikon autofocus. I absolutely think that for the SL3 Leica need to move away from the Panasonic system, but again, for my needs I didn't feel like what the SL2-S could give me was going to harm the quality of stills work that I'd like to produce in future once I actually acquire some af lenses. When considering the R5, Canon's (wonderful) RF lenses actually turned out to be a big turnoff for me due to their size and cost. Their best primes are not too far off from the cost of good quality used SL primes, and with the L mount I also have the benefit of Sigma lenses, notably their latest DG DN models, to choose from and it's quite probable that I may end up with one or two of those before I get round to building up a system of SL primes. There are some lines of work I want to make a shift into that mean, depending on how fast I can make inroads creatively, I am not yet certain of my roadmap for lenses. I need to see how things go but having the reach of the 90mm Cron would be useful (Sigma's 85mm DG DN is also superb at less than half the price too. I hope they do a DG DN variant of their 135mm too as Leica have nothing in that space, and a DG DN 70-200 would be nice to see even though I'd like to resist zooms if I can. I know they've said the latter is in the works, but I'm not sure about a 135). I'd like to try that dinky little 90mm 2.8 Sigma released recently. I've seen it in stock online but need to check in stores for a demo. If i like it, at £550 it might tide me over for a while and allowing me to money to spare to spend on other things like my computer and accessories to kit the camera out with a rig and external monitor/recorder for video. The baby 'I' primes from Sigma all seem to exhibit focus breathing so would not double up well for video use sadly, so I'd either have to look again at the Leica 24-70 or buy one or two Meike cinema lenses for optimal focus and aperture control. A great appeal of the SL primes is that they're roughly the same size, and all have the same sized filter thread. I've heard the Sigma L mount lenses are good to great speed wise in AF-S, but often hunt badly in AF-C. I'm more of an AF-S user anyway when it comes to autofocus but I'd still be wanting to try any Sigma lens of interest before buying. I really should try the Sigma 35mm f2 and 85mm 1.4. I could stretch to the 50mm SL Summicron (used) now but it would seem a bit irresponsible to do so and would also require my having to to part with my M-Summicron variant to help fund it which I honestly don't feel the need to do that at the moment. One huge difference with the EVF on the SL2/2-S vs the old SL is how clean and stable the image is when you use the zoom focus assist when focusing manually. It doesn't seem to be a knock on benefit of the IBIS as I turned that off just to see if it reduced it to the quality of what I used to deal with on the SL. Here it just seems to be a natural benefit of the improved EVF regardless of whether you set it to 60hz or 120hz refresh rate.
  18. Thankfully that seems to be inaccurate as there are reports that he is in fact OK? 🤷‍♂️
  19. The Spanish version of Dracula in the Universal Monsters set is apparently 4k/HDR which is wonderful news.
  20. The string of delays seems to be paying off handsomely at the UK box office:
  21. If indeed Kojima and Sony are doing something, I wonder if they'd be starting from scratch or actually making use of all the prior work he del Toro and Reedus had put into Silent Hills already.
  22. Oooooh that's a beauty though. Most welcome. I wonder if Studio Canal will do a disc for the UK.
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