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  1. I’d be very surprised if it was 4k/60 on the next gen systems. I’m expecting 30 even after the 2021 patch. Doesn’t mean we won’t get options to lower the rez and bump the framerate however. It’s going to be really interesting to see.
  2. I noticed Airplane is now 4k on iTunes from Paramount. MGM have also put up Fargo in 4k (but o HDR?). Should be the same for the US.
  3. I never knew there was a Gamepass app to help you keep tabs on wha’s new and what’s leaving. That’s really great.
  4. 300 and V for Vendetta appear to be coming from Warner in October and November respectively. Pretty random choices. Where's Edge of Tomorrow, damn it?
  5. I think one of the reasons Tower's re-do got a pass in the end was that the DCA version was seen to be the inferior version of the original, and that what replaced it was quickly accepted as a superior experience. Tempers always simmer quickly in these instances when something is replaced by something as good, or better. The only thing that puzzled me was how obscure it was, re-themed, right at the end of the little Hollywood section of DCA. They're sort of retconning that now via way of the Marvel campus of course. It's an eye sore of a building to be sure, in the age fo Disney where sight lines no longer matter, but the ride does look fun. It's actually an impressive example of what they can do with a short turn around, although Splash will be a lot more complicated. As you say, I think if they tried to do anything with the Florida version I'd be pretty angry. That's earned its place as a bonafide classic alongside Haunted Mansion and Pirates. I could envision a day when they strip out the Twilight Zone element since it's not a property Disney own. As a nerd for the old series that would make me sad, but so long as they kept the Hollywood Tower theming, and perhaps re-worked the Harrison Hightower backstory from the Tokyo version to fit, then that would be acceptable. IF Disney throw a decent amount of money towards Splash, and who knows whether that's possible given the current circumstances, or what announced projects for elsewhere have been scrapped to make this happen instead, then I think there's every chance it could be a better ride and that the (reasonable) majority who may be sad now will get over it quickly. The things they could do with lighting and foliage alone could be really charming. I suppose I shouldn't get too hung up on the Magic Kingdom version not fitting in quite as well either since Splash was still set in the South. The big flaw in my view is still that they're doing this kind of overlay on a ride with a height restriction. A lot of kids will miss out, and while yes one could argue Seven Dwarves Mine Train has a restriction too, you'd think there's a lot of kids out there who'd benefit from seeing characters with their skin colour having such a major presence on a ride. Certainly, although even then he knew to be careful what elements they lifted from the movie (and there was a desire to re-use the animal robotics from America Sings to help keep the budget down for a new attraction). It's not like it was ever really Song of the South: The Ride, with all of its toxic elements painting the picture of idilic life on a plantation. I do seem to remember some subtle Uncle Remus references in the queue though. Is my memory right? Are they still there? Also, don't forget Disney had re-released the movie theatrically to success in the 1980s.... TWICE, and on home video internationally. There's definitely an argument to be made as to the origins of the inspiration for Zip a Dee Doo Dah too of course. I can't see them retaining it outside of Splash Mountain once it is re-themed anyway. I'll miss Br'er Bear, that much I can say for certain. I always liked his design. One could reasonably argue that Port Orlean's Riverside, beautifully landscaped though it is for a moderate resort, is a genuinely more offensive standing creation than Splash ever was given its original 'Dixie Landings' Cotton Plantation backstory at WDW. That was built in the early 90s and opened in 92. At least they removed the back story and original name. I suppose if there was to be any further debate over the influence of some of its architecture then that debate would surely then have to turn to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion too.
  6. It sounds like it will have a lot of replay value given how many alternative outcomes missions have (and even in response to how you design your character), and I think the next-gen launch editions will hopefully run at 4k/30, and perhaps with some added enhancements too, but yes, visually it looks SO dense that I really want my first dive into that world to be as technologically advanced a presentation as possible (on a console anyway).
  7. It tries to target 4k/60 on the XB1 X already but has real trouble. I suspect the SeriesX will fix those troubles at 4k by delivering a locked 60fps, but they are also doing a 120hz mode for SeriesX which is why I'm curious where the cutbacks will be to achieve that as you'd think, given the style of the game, it wouldn't mean significant cutbacks that'll we'll surely see in racers and fps games, but given it runs in such an unstable state on the X I'm not sure that will be the case.
  8. The numbers coming out of the US are just horrific. I really hope you guys continue to stay safe and well. I suspect UK will be hurtling into a second wave soon enough given the government's mismanagement and abysmal messaging here.
  9. Have to say, the viscously angry response form a lot of angry 50 year old+ white men on social media, which is both hilarious and disturbing in equal measure, has left my personal response to the announcement going from "that looks nice, I really don't mind" to an absolute gleeful embrace of the plan considering how much it's pissing these people off
  10. I noticed the Parks blog entry states the ride takes places AFTER the movie. I like that for two reasons. 1) It means Tiana will be seen as Tiana for the whole thing and not a frog, and 2) a new story, possibly new songs, rather than just a ride through of what you know. That DOES pose a challenge regarding Dr Facilier though. I really hope he’s in there.
  11. Do you think something like Will of the Wisps would have to cap down to 1080 or could it get away with something higher? Given it has performance issues even in the XB1 X I’d assume the former.
  12. I definitely never owned ODST. I don’t know why. I probably just felt like a break from Halo, and then Reach won my interest back.
  13. I’d agree. If there’s any area Sony are still leading right now it’s with their image processing. It’s superb. The Panasonic OLEDs we have over here are also very good, but there’s still a special something about Sony’s chips. I don’t care for Sony’s implementation of Dolby Vision that has caused people a lot of headaches, and to not roll out HDMI 2.1 in all of their 2020 TVs, the year they knew they were launching the PS5, is just absurd and another age old example that the left leg of company is never in coordination with the right. They also lag (quite literally) behind LG when it comes to display response times where LG have things under 15ms and Sony are still in the 20s and 30s depending on the set I believe. Probably negligible, but still... this is a company with a massive gaming division. Again, left leg, right leg. It probably frustrates SCE just as much as it does many of us.
  14. In fact, hearing “bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum ARE YOU REAAADY?” as you travel up the lift hill is totally how they’re going to lead guests to the drop isn’t it? If they back that up with some amazing effects then that would actually be brilliant.
  15. Wasn’t there a survey a couple of years back that casually asked about re-theming the ride, people went nuts and Disney came out and said “nonono, we’re not going to do that”? Maybe I’m thinking of something else. While I do have issues with Disney’s inability to face up to its terrible mistakes by any other means than pretending they never existed in the first place, I really don’t mind this change. I have fond memories of Splash, and the worst aspects of Song of the South never infected it, but the ride layout and fun of the experience isn’t going to change. It’s not like they’re tearing it down. Maybe in Magic Kingdom they’ll go the extra mile and carefully re-theme the surrounding area. It’s so close to Big Thunder though. The drop I have to imagine will surely come at the hand of Dr Facilier. I love that character and his design (and Keith David of course) so the thought of seeing him in the ride is actually really exciting. They could do some really surreal effects if he’s in the ride.... and if they want to give this re-do a serious budget.
  16. Did some Googling and apparently the following will have 120hz support: DiRT 5 Gears 5 Ori and the Will of the Wisps Orphan of the Machine Second Extinction I'll be very interested to see what cutbacks Second Extinction (fast paced dinosaur fps) makes for its 120hz mode. Ori and Gears 5 are interesting. Think those are the first existing titles I've heard about getting SeriesX enhancements.
  17. Looks very promising. I'm still going to defer playing it until the full blown next-gen update rolls out though. Hopefully I can avoid spoilers.
  18. Is Dirt 5 still the only one we know will have a 120hz mode so far? Larry Hryb did a good interview with the game's technical director. He doesn't go into performance specifics for the 120hz mode and what limitations it will impose elsewhere on the graphics, but purely from the thoughts running through my muddled mind, if they can pull off 1080p/120hz with an XB1 X level of graphical fidelity that would be quite something. It's interesting to hear about the hardware from a developer. He gets very techy, and talks about simultaneous multi-threading, the SSD, hardware decompression and all sorts of wizardry I won't even pretend to understand. It's worth a watch even if you've no interest in Dirt 5.
  19. Splash Mountain will be re-themed to Princess and the Frog. This doesn’t seem to have just quickly come off the back of recent online debate as there’s concept art and claims Imagineering were toying with this over a year ago, but who knows whether that’s true or not. This wouldn’t feel out of place in Disneyland given its location next to New Orleans Square, but in WDW it’s another puzzling choice. I’d have sooner a Country Bears re-theme at the Magic Kingdom to make it fit a little better, but modern Disney doesn’t think that way. Shame as two alternate versions on either coast would have been fun. I don’t know how I feel about this really. I like Princes and the Frog and it would have been nice to see it get a unique attraction rather than an overlay, particularly when Splash brings with it a height requirement turning away the smallest fans of a movie. I suspect re-naming of the ride will be something convoluted. Apparently Tony Baxter has been brought on as Creative Advisor, so that’s good to know. If they’re respectful enough to bring him in then there’s hope for Imagination yet.
  20. Major changes in a Summer update coming next Friday. We’ll be able to dive and go swimming! A second Summer update will arrive in August.
  21. Worth adding, re 2.1, that we'll probably keep hearing more about devices "only" supporting 40Gbps bandwith vs the full 48Gbps that the spec allows in the months and year ahead. Last year's LG OLED's had the full 48Gbps, but this year their sets have 40Gbps, likewise the new run of Denon receivers with their (single 😒) 2.1 input are also capped at 40. I'd expect 2.1 in Sony's displays, and quite honestly the displays from any other manufacturer that support 2.1, to be similar the more that come to market as it would seem as if the off the shelf manufacturers of the HDMI chipsets are capping at 40 (last year's LG OLED's apparently had a custom HDMI chipset, hence the difference). What 48Gbps allows is 12bit 4k/120z 4:4:4 vs 40Gbps bandwidth limit of 10bit 4k/120hz 4:4:4. Since there are no 12bit consumer displays on the market, it's kind of irrelevant whether 48gbps is supported or not. Even with 8k, 40Gbps is good for 8k 24/30fps 10bit 4:4:4. I don't know whether there are differing HDMI 2.1 specs for cables, with some supporting 40Gbps and others 48Gbps (and even how you'd test if there were), but I guess if anyone is running cables through the wall or floor, then ideally future proof yourself with a cable that claims to can handle the full bandwidth and then many years from now if we have affordable 12bit displays that can throw 10,000 nits of brightness and colour at you then you'll be good (though I suspect we'll be onto HDMI 2.5/HDMI 3.0 by then anyway).
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