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  1. My thoughts on Halo, as I wrote in the Infinite thread, are that I really do think they're being deliberately cautious in hyping up the campaign, if for no other reason than to avoid the embarrassment of last year. I can't blame them if that's the case. While the negative counterargument would be to assume it's simply not going to be that good and that's why they didn't really re-reveal it in any grand and confident fashion, I think there's something to be said for keeping it on the down low and potentially releasing something that ends up surprising people in the end. That would be lovely for everyone, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  2. I always thought the colour timing was more questionable with the 4k restoration or RAN than anything else (for which I don't think Canal can be blamed as I don't think they were the ones who did it). Hopefully we get a UK date for the Sony set soon. Vol1 came over a month later than the US release.
  3. Feels like Stories 2 is another step up graphically even over Rise. Latest trailer from Capcom's E3 stream: And a 3.1 Rise update trailer:
  4. Full content breakdown for the Columbia set: So, 'unrated' audio for Social Network is interesting. The press release containing all of the above data doesn't mention there being a new cut of the film, so I have to assume Fincher's simply made some changes opting for alternate audio takes that now push it beyond its original PG-13 rating. Most of the extras from the Criterion Anatomy of a Murder are included with the UHD here, plus there's a commentary not on the Criterion disc. I'm so glad I hadn't yet picked that up (I even had it on my shortlist when making my selections in a recent Criterion sale).
  5. Sony have announces vol2 of their Classics Collection for September 14th: It will contain: The Social Network Taxi Driver Sense and Sensibility Anatomy of a Murder Oliver! Stripes The bonus disc with vol2 sounds great too (a 1080p compilation of old shorts from the studio's library): https://variety.com/2021/film/news/the-social-network-taxi-driver-4k-columbia-classics-1234995988/ Pleasing selection of titles there. Stripes is really the only odd one out for me. Finally some Fincher on UHD disc!
  6. Many months on, RAN finally has a formal UK release date of July 19th: Basic Instinct turned out to be another Studio Canal botch job (the double whammy of piss poor compression and DNR), so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about this. It's now been quite a while since they had Fidelity in Motion do any of their releases and I'm worried SC might have stopped using them entirely.
  7. I'm desperately hoping it leans heavy on the science of science fiction with regards to the little details like how you might manage your survival and your ship's operations, and I'd love to be able to hear all that launch sequence chatter nerdiness that we get in the teaser (it'd be no bad thing if they stole the kind of take off and docking procedure mechanics from Elite Dangerous as that does wonders for making you feel like you're fully in control of your ship when you have to radio in landing requests...etc). Elite also sells the reality that space travel is both beautiful, dangerous and that outer space itself is terrifyingly vast and I'd love to see that translate to Starfield too. Bethesda published their first developer diary video today: Obviously it's going to get into aliens, alien planets and combat, but I certainly need this to go off in directions not already explored by Mass Effect, Destiny...etc if it's going to really capture my attention. As with the teaser, the tone there in the dev diary is pushing many of the right buttons for me. Emphasis on exploration and an almost Star Trek like inspirational humanitarian angle to the whole thing gets me very excited.
  8. I hope they don't stay from the art direction they've already established as I really do think that's wonderful.
  9. The song's great. LOVE the visual credits that precede it. The soundtrack album is missing some of the more tender musical cues which is a real shame.
  10. I've decided in an attempt to get through my backlog a little quicker to start playing Disco Elysium concurrently with Dragon Quest XI (this being set aside for any available time on weeknights, and Dragon Quest being left for weekends). So far this is really everything I was hoping for and is absolutely living up to the hype. I'm getting some choppy frame rates and the audio quality as gone a bit weird at times, but I've not encountered missing dialogue and game crashes that plagued the Final Cut on its release.
  11. I actually still need to play Horizon 3! I'll get that installed next month as I bought it and the dlc last year before it went away.
  12. I posted about that one a while back in the Indies thread as I thought it looked really cute. Very happy to see it's being well received. It's definitely one I want to play.
  13. No shock but this will be 30fps on console (but above 30 on VRR displays which is interesting). I'm not to bothered by that given the pace of the game, so long as it's stable.
  14. In all seriousness, the diversity of 5's landscapes really stand out to me too. I'm really looking forward to it. The map is one and a half times the size of Horizon 4's map too.
  15. Gamesindustry.biz has a good interview up with the developer duo and Hermen Hulst. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-06-14-deviation-games-playstation-has-a-culture-where-its-fearless-to-create
  16. The PC version already supported the XB controller. It's perfectly fine for those wanting a more stripped back experience. I would imagine there will be further optimisation for the controller in the console release since it's what the majority of players are likely to be using.
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