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  1. I was watching an interview him him the other day and was very impressed by that display of beardage.
  2. There’s a re-stock notification at A24 now, so it’ doesn’t appear to be limited. I think they just severely underestimated demand.
  3. It's a crummy move to be sure. Third parties will still be allowed to sell codes for eShop wallet top ups, online subscriptions, third party games and DLC Expansions for first and third party games. It's rare you see many third party game codes for Switch these days though as so many of the platform's biggest titles are published by Nintendo.
  4. Well, bear in mind a lot of their stuff is 4k/DV on iTunes in the US already, so the masters already exist. The expense for the discs really would have just been authoring and replication...etc.
  5. Great selections (I am bopping away to Grass Beach over breakfast here). The Ori games are certainly deserving of a nod each. I think they're unquestionably two of the best game scores of this generation. I look forward to whatever big projects Coker does next. I'd love to see him hired for Elder Scrolls or something.
  6. I've every expectation that's how it will play out. Just as MS are not dictating that indies or third parties have to produce for cross-gen, there's surely never going to be a rule to suddenly force them not to either. For indies in particular I'd wager MS will encourage it, and the likes of Fifa didn't even abandon the PS3/360 until Fifa 20 (LAST YEAR!) making it the first PS4/XB1/PC only version (they do their half hearted dedicated Switch version too of course, running off an old game engine I believe? I think all they do is update the teams every year). Call of Duty didn't abandon the previous gen until November of 2016 when Infinite Warfare came out, and Black Ops did not make its PS4/XB1 only debut until October of 2018. This is kind of why I'm not hugely concerned about the two year window Microsoft Studios are placing on first party titles being cross gen, much as I would love to see them fully immerse themselves in the capabilities of the new hardware sooner. That window just isn't all that different to what we regularly see from other publishers, and even if you think about things like Unreal Engine 5, while we could see UE4 developed games quickly ported over to make early use of the new features before release, ground up next-gen UE5 titles would themselves be a ways off. So I really don't think MS stand alone in that two year window. Microsoft do run risk of Sony showing them up as Sony's studios get exclusive PS5 big hitters out the door sooner though (from launch no less), and I suppose that's really why I hope they don't drag their feet too long. Having said that though, I know next to nothing about game development. We have only limited information about Microsoft's new SDK, and maybe the evolution of existing architecture we're getting in the next-gen systems will, radical SSD advances aside, allow huge graphical and computational advances in games running on the new hardware, while simultaneously allowing them to scale well to PS4 and XB1. One of the most interesting things MS could do is Show Halo Infinite running on Series X, Lockhart, XB 1 X and the XB1 VCR side by side, but we'll probably have to wait for Digital Foundry to do that themselves.
  7. Haha. Imagine him shouting in Atmos! I'll certainly pick that up at some point. It's great to see Sony and Warner making more random choices for catalogue titles this year. Really feels like the tide is turning somewhat. It's unquestionably going to end up the best year yet for catalogue releases.
  8. Boo. Hopefully they do future pressings, or do a standard package release.
  9. Definitely. I agree on all points, but even to see 360 levels of adoption in similar markets again, but bolstered now by increased service revenue, would put them in a pretty happy place. I'm really not at all confident Microsoft can usher in an era of exclusive games in the way that Playstation's studios have. Sony's greatest asset going into the next gen is surely the good will built off of the love for so many incredible games and the desire to play the sequels. I know Spencer has said he's committed to getting that level of quality out there on Xbox from first party studios too, but I don't see them having success after success after success in the same way. Maybe that's OK though. Both seem to know the things they're bringing to the table, and that actually appeals to me. This will be the first time in many years that I've immediately felt like I could commit to multiple systems because I can quickly see the different things I will get out of the investment. A year ago I wasn't nearly so sure.
  10. Are there rumours pointing to whether Lockhart will have an optical drive or not? If it didn't have one then that'd be the one thing to damage the replacement for Xbox One systems theory I think. It may be difficult to market it as the de facto entry level model into the Xbox ecosystem if the S and X cease production and become harder to find. How much does MS want this, and what lengths will they go to in trying to regain the success of the 360 era? That's the big question at the end of the day, and I wonder how long the game of chicken between Sony and MS can run when it comes to revealing the pricing. It would be weird for Microsoft to unveil Lockhart in August and not take that moment to lay their pricing cards on the table because you'd think they'd want to bolster that reveal of such a system by showing that it's cheaper. I do think MS will be in a more confident position to leverage their revenue from services against losses on hardware compared to Sony as Sony still lack something as attractive as Gamepass. Microsoft's earnings call in April stated they were nearing 90million "active users" on XBL, and had just passed 10 million Gamepass subs. I'd love to know the retention details on subscriptions.
  11. Is there a remote chance it could do 1440p, or is it really looking locked in to 1080 with the rumoured specs?
  12. MGM have updated Rain Man to 4k. Like Fargo however it has no HDR which is a shame.
  13. That price would be pretty insane since rumours suggest we'll only see a decrease in RAM and GPU on Lockhart, but again it comes back to the question of how badly do MS want to "win." I don't think any of us really know how far they're willing to go to make up for the XB1 launch debacle. It's feasible they could go $399 there and $499 for Series X I suppose. Certainly, with lockhart on the shelves, I would hope they would want to phase out the Xbox One systems relatively quickly.
  14. It's certainly going to be interesting to see what fundamental level design changes exist purely on the XB1 S and X versions of future first party games to compensate for the radical differences in hardware (notably that SSD and data throughput). I'm not sure just how much MS Studios titles will hold back on their SeriesX development though, because there's so much riding on the boasts about the new hardware. I do think those studios will be best equipped to do whatever extra work needs to be done for the XB1 series of systems (e.g altering level design to accommodate loading...etc), but it's certainly a bit frustrating to think of them having to dedicate extra time to do such work at all. The most recent indication of the window they're giving to catering to the whole "family" with first party titles is two years if I recall correctly. That's long enough for them to sell their concept of an all encompassing Xbox and Windows ecosystem and to bring existing owners over to the next-gen I suppose, but like you I'd like to see that end sooner too. Perhaps sales will dictate whether it does or not. Third parties I guess are free to release next-gen exclusives whenever they want? It was interesting re-watching Digital Foundry's tech analysis of the Series X demo of Gears 5 (which was apparently thrown together in two weeks). I know it's a little different to what we're discussing, since this is a current gen game that's being scaled up in performance, but it's interesting with regards to how it compared to the game on a top spec PC and indeed to see how that performance is scaled down to run on XB1 X.
  15. Agreed. I would be surprised if this happens though. We know $599 is a toxic number. I think at most we're looking at XB1X numbers for the SeriesX here (so $499 and £449 in the UK), which could mean the S is $399. I keep wondering just how badly MS want a "win" here, and just how low they are willing to push down the price of both models as a consequence. They were allegedly losing around $120 for every 360 at one point, right? As we wondered about the two PS5 variants though, the very existence of the "S model here understandably raises a fear that it exists to lessen the blow of the Series X carrying a silly price, and it's more concerning here in that regard compared to the digital PS5 since we know both PS5's offer identical performance specs. I'm pretty set on getting the SeriesX first, but if they mess the launch with confusing model variants and messaging, and if they also mess up the pricing, then I'll revert to sitting things out and defer a purchase to a later date. I do think both Xbox and Playstation will potentially be more open to taking losses on hardware with this next generation on account of the profitability of their services. Just how much only they know of course. Definitely bugging me too. You also have them boasting that the Series X is the most powerful next-gen console, so how do you market the S? "The least powerful next gen console?" It seems like a dangerous game here and, unless they really have some massive pricing shocks up their sleeve, I worry two models of differing performance will backfire. I really don't think it can be dismissed as easily as arguing that we have two performance variants of both the PS4 and XB1 on sale together right now either. They didn't launch together, and their more powerful iterations came at a later date. A big concern for me too. Can it possibly be argued that it might not differ all that much from PC game development having to cater to varying specs and components, and that it might even be better here because devs will at least have two known sets of specs to cater for under a single development platform? I can't confess to know enough about these things to have any idea either way. Is it possible the Lockheart specs could translate to to a basic scaling down of resolution and effects/textures and consequently not really hinder performance on the Series X? I can't imagine MS would go to so much expense developing such an advanced piece of hardware and knowingly throttle its maximum potential by virtue of having a lesser powered version on the shelves alongside it. There just seems like so much we still don't know. I guess we'll have to wait and see, but they need to be VERY clear and detailed about explaining this kind of stuff when they're ready to take the lid off of Lockheart. It's certainly a shame Digital Foundry won't be able to get a similar hands on with it like they had with the SeriesX just before the lockdowns occurred. It would be great if Microsoft were open to doing webcam interviews with DF though like we've seen from WWDC over the past week.
  16. It’s certainly said to be the best for Plex as it allows passthrough of the HD audio codecs.
  17. Eurogamer is reporting the Lockheart/Series S reveal will come in August. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-06-29-microsoft-will-close-out-june-without-a-big-xbox-20-20-moment I’m just not sure how I feel about that coming out this year.
  18. Tokyo Splash has the same layout as Florida, but scenes are in a different order, the only exterior drop is the big one likely due to weather concerns, and (of course) all the lighting and animatronic effects are far better. The Japanese version of 'How do You Do' is fun. Japan had a laserdisc, but here in Europe it was released on VHS once or twice in the 1980s (I still have my late 80s copy from when I was a kid). I don't think I have seen the film in around 25-30yrs now. Much of it is a blur, memories of which only really lived on in me through Splash Mountain. Even as a child I was never particularly fond of the film though. I was fascinated by the merging of live action and animation at that time whether it was Song of the South, Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks...etc, but the live action story bored me. It's just generally not a good film. I also really hated the kid in it (the character that is).
  19. Apparently Nintendo are ceasing distribution of digital download codes to third party retailers, at least in Europe, as of 11pm tomorrow. That's frustrating as ShopTo and CDKeys were my go to for Switch purchases, outside of those I've picked up via the eShop Voucher scheme. I'll be deferring to eShop sales more in future as a consequence. So Microsoft/Xbox remains the only platform that's still friendly to licensing keys to other retailers here.
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