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  1. I was watching various Dreams related videos over lunch and I just have to play with it so I bought it at the current sale price (Β£17.49 in the UK). I shall now spend the next three years trawling through tutorials and might have an animation cycle up and running by the time the PS6 launches. I'll see how I get on sculpting with the Dualsense. If I really feel I need the Move controllers then I'll consider them next year (I forgot that I'd also have to get the camera as well for those as an added expense).
  2. Good interview with the Apple team on the development of their own chips: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/11/we-are-giddy-interviewing-apple-about-its-mac-silicon-revolution/
  3. And that's a Platinum. Interestingly that was the longest straight session I went without a crash. My profile says that took me 19hrs of play (no idea if that includes the cloud sync bug making me re-do 2hrs or so yesterday).
  4. Yeah I haven't put the console into rest mode once due to some of the scare stories, but Miles still crashed plenty of times. It's good that they have patched Spiderman Remastered but I haven't had any notification of a patch for Miles.
  5. On the home stretch. Just the New Game Plus trophies to acquire now. One thing I haven't mentioned is how often this game has crashed my PS5. It's been a good 5-6 times now, never in the same place. Two of those occasions forced the system to have to rebuild itself. Google suggests quite a number of people are encountering it with Miles but nothing else so it seems to be game related rather than hardware.
  6. Just to go back to this. That is indeed how it works. You can just use the app to trigger local crime scenes. I got the trophy. Now to get that damn combo trophy. 🀬
  7. I forgot to give mention to the game's excellent use of music earlier. There's a particularly ingenious music related thing you can do in Miles' apartment which put a big smile on my face. John Paesano delivered a terrific score too: I also loved hearing Christmas music at street level in various parts of the city. It's just another element that helps the game's version of New York feel even richer and vibrant than it did in the previous game. It's so dense with traffic and people, with an endless draw distance and some beautiful lighting at times (especially after
  8. I hadn't thought about doing it on the Combat Training! Excellent idea. I'll try that in the morning. I don't actually know if you can force them to respawn, but you can get a display of current crimes in a single area via the app yes.
  9. I have to say, the time trial/training missions are a certainly more enjoyable this time around than they were in the first game. I didn't have any trouble getting the trophies for those in the end. Also the final training mission that unlocks after you complete the initial ones is very amusing. So I think I just have x24 ceiling takedowns, x100 combo and New Game Plus to achieve to reach Platinum. I was struggling to work out the Crime Master trophy all evening and then after shutting down the PS5 it dawned on me that those missions are all in the phone app, so I'll do those befo
  10. Thanks to Romier for showing me how voice chat and share play worked this evening. It's a bit of a fiddle getting to where you need to get to for accessing those features and Sony definitely need to work on making things clearer and quicker in that respect, but the features themselves are remarkably seamless once up and running. I had his live play of Sackboy pinned to to my screen as I played Miles Morales, and he had my live play pinned as he played Sackboy. I even switched to view his feed in full screen a couple of times. It's really quite brilliant and a great application for
  11. Encountered a cloud sync error and lost a good chunk of my final progress and... I'm not even mad. πŸ˜„ Any other game and I might be really annoyed, but just getting to replay that ending again was a treat. From both a gameplay and emotional level it's remarkably satisfying. I did have to redo a few collectible and app missions though, but that left me wondering. Does anyone know if the ending is slightly different depending on your progress with side quests up to a certain point?
  12. I may try that tomorrow. it completed it's charge via my iPhone adapter, so at least I know I can charge it fully.
  13. My controller stopped glowing after about 90mins connected to Switch dock, so I fired up the PS5 and it showed two bars on the pad, so it still wasn't fully charged despite the light going out but it's a step in the right direction. I then used the console's cable with an iPhone adapter into the mains and it resumed the orange charge glow... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ We'll see how that goes and whether it bumps it to 100%.
  14. Seems to work both ways as it should. I just tried the packaged cable plugged into a wall charger and, now that I am not playing anything and the PS5 is switched off, it does show the orange light suggesting a charge, but I'm going to run it for a couple more hours before turning the console on again and seeing whether the controller is actually charged or not. No matter what I had it hooked up with to charge while the console was on and I was playing, the pad just wasn't charging. I wonder if the Dualsense has a firmware bug.
  15. Trying something else. It definitely didn't seem to charge when plugged into other sources WHILE still playing a game, so I've currently got it plugged into the Switch (using the Switch USB cable). It's pulsing orange suggesting a charge so we'll see how it is in a few hours I suppose.
  16. 30/Fidelity mode as answered above. I finished the story at lunch and I really loved the experience visually. It's absolutely a PS4 game, but there's a more than respectable degree of polish on top with the PS5 version. Insomniac are masters when it comes to 30fps as I feel the previous Ratchet and Spider-man games on PS4 proved too. I might as well run New Game+ at 60 though to see the difference (it seems you have to replay in New Game+ in order to obtain a Platinum anyway), and I'll equip all the Spider-verse bonuses for good measure. The loading times and fast travel speeds of the PS5 vers
  17. I realised I'm having the Dualsense charging problem, but it extends beyond the console's USB port. It doesn't seem to charge over anything. I've plugged it into a phone charger, and the Switch dock, and the charge icon in the UI menu just cycles and cycles and cycles. The charge never goes above one bar and it isn't long before the PS5 tells me the controller battery is low.
  18. I think I am close to the final story missions so will spend today working on more of the side stuff and collectibles. While I've more to do, I can probably agree with Adam at this stage on a lot of points. This is a game displaying huge confidence from Insomniac coming off the back of its predecessor. The spectacular rendering of the city and the Spider-man animation is even more polished, and the story and characters have been wonderfully engaging. If there is anything bad to say about the game it's definitely that re-model of Peter. A friend of Miles talks about how there was a
  19. Really? I'm more interested in playing with Dreams as an animation tool, and many seem to favour the Move sticks for sculpting. I will probably grab it on sale nevertheless, as it's the cheapest it has ever been (Β£17.49 here) right now, so I'd hopefully be able to find the controllers sometime in the new year if I feel that I do need them.
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