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  1. That's a good point. Aside from Kino doing the colour timing on the Man with No Name trilogy themselves I think MGM already had masters ready to roll for everything else. That's one reason why I could see Kino doing a UHD of West Side Story. I wonder if they'd do Robocop (assuming Arrow passed on the UHD rights themselves when they acquired rights for a Blu-ray), although, like Fargo, Robocop only seems to have a 4k SDR finish.
  2. I read on Twitter last night a post stating that on screen it will be titled Dune Part I, but am not sure where confirmation of that is coming from. If true, it would at least imply that Warner are committed to Villenueve's vision for this.
  3. Is that not because Jungle Cruise is effectively Dad Jokes: The Ride? I think that's part of the problem when they keep going back to the same key rides, all of "the untouchables" have been pretty well documented in some form or another. Disney have no genuine interest in their own history, particularly parks history, outside of the existing classics unless they think they can package it and make money of it somehow which is why it's such a crying shame they would never dare focus forty minutes on an extinct attraction. Even something like Muppet Vision 3D, which is clinging on for dear life in Florida where I suspect execs are salivating at the thought of expanding Star Wars Land into that Muppets courtyard region of the park, would benefit immensely from a documentary as there must be a load of behind the scenes footage and photographs people have never seen, and as Henson's last completed Muppet project it absolutely deserves retrospective focus.
  4. I still had not got round to upgrading my Criterion DVD of that to their Blu-ray, so it's great to see Kino doing a UHD (I have to keep the Criterion DVD though as that commentary is an all time favourite). It would be a huge shame if Amazon's buyout of MGM puts and end to MGM licensing out titles to indie labels, especially with their relationship with Kino being particularly on fire right now. Kino's latest contract with MGM was struck as recently as this month, so there's at least still an open window of opportunity until the ink is written and dry on the Amazon deal should things change. It's also very telling that Criterion had zero interest/foresight to acquire UHD rights to certain titles they've already acquired like Silence of the Lambs when they would have had the opportunity. So what's the tally of announced Kino UHDs up to now? Eastern Promises* Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind* A Fistful of Dollars (SDR) For a Few Dollars More (SDR) Invasion of the Bodysnatchers [1978 version] Misery Out of Sight* The Silence of the Lambs Touch of Evil* * Status/release date unknown. Am I forgetting any? It's curious that it happens to be the four Universal titles above that we're still waiting on final details for. It also seems like the twelve forthcoming UHDs they promised are all MGM related so that figure would not include those Universal titles they've announced). In which case we now know five of those MGM movies. They apparently have "some" 1950s titles from MGM to come. 12 Angry Men could possibly be one of those (which would be typical as I bought the Criterion Blu on sale a couple of months ago). I've yet to grab Criterion's disc of Some Like it Hot however, so a UHD of that from Kino would be delightful. I REALLY want them to do Raging Bull. Fargo would be nice too as MGM already have a 4k master of that one (though it's SDR). I wonder if they have acquired Carrie? I've still not picked up the Arrow Blu-ray of that one. West Side Story would be welcome too since MGM already have it in 4k/DV on iTunes and Spielberg's version is coming soon.
  5. I need to redeem a free month of D+ from Xbox before the offer expires (September I think). That's a good selection for the first five episodes. I can only assume Pirates will be an obligatory choice for the second wave of episodes. I wonder what the others might be though. It's a shame they'd never do episodes about rides that no longer exist. It's hard to imagine it being worthwhile focusing on anything from EPCOT outside of looking back to extinct attractions.
  6. That he's managed to make two radically different period dramas back to back durning the pandemic seems like something only he could do (the other being House of Gucci). The man's an 83yr old machine of unrivalled efficiency.
  7. This is leaving Game Pass soon so there's probably only a couple of weeks left to play it for those who have yet to check it out (as noted in posts above, it's not a long game at all so shouldn't be difficult to clear). I had previously only fired it up ever so briefly before being distracted by bigger games in my backlog, but on hearing the news it will be departing the service I fired it up again this evening and I think it's an absolute delight of a game, and visually it's a treat. I'll definitely 100% this over the coming days as it's incredibly easy to dip in and out of at leisure. I thought that was really cute too. It's basically a retro version of actual F-Zero Clone Fast RMX (which Shin'en also developed).
  8. Surprised but nevertheless pleased to see Studio Canal are bringing The Servant to UHD in the UK on Sept 21st: Special Features: Feature in both 1:66 and 1:77 aspect ratios NEW: Locations featurette with Adam Scovell NEW: Video essay with Film Historian Matthew Sweet and Film Critic Phuong Le Trailer Stills Gallery Interview with Wendy Craig Interview with Sarah Miles Interview with Stephen Woolley Harry Burton on Harold Pinter John Coldstream on Dirk Bogarde Audio Interview with Douglas Slocombe conducted by Matthew Sweet Joseph Losey & Adolphus Mekas at the New York Film Festival in 1963 Harold Pinter Tempo Interview Joseph Losey Talks About The Servant James Fox Interviewed by Richard Ayoade 64 page booklet with essays by Peter Bradshaw and Anna Smith Artcards I'll likely wait for a standard edition as with most Studio Canal releases.
  9. The Last Duel trailer (one of two Ridley Scott/Adam Driver team ups for 2021):
  10. Leaving soon are: It Lurks Below The Touryst UnderMine I've done nothing with The Touryst beyond booting it up to admire how pretty it is. How Log t Beat has it down as around 5hrs in length so I'll try to get that done before it goes.
  11. I'm sad I never embraced it fully. I only ever had a 2DS for the briefest of time for an Animal Crossing fix. I really did want the New 3DS XL or 2DS XL but just never got round to acquiring one and am not really in the position financially to go hunting for one these days either. It's weird to think that DS and 3DS games might never have a second life through backward compatibility since it's hard to imagine Nintendo making a similar handheld again.
  12. I realised I never actually commented on the game's visuals and I'd be a fool not to as it's one of the prettiest depictions of scenery and wildlife I've ever seen in one of these kind of games. I'm glad I didn't rush to immediately play in black and white mode as the vibrancy of the vegetation is genuinely quite breathtaking at times. The sun hitting through the particularly dense areas of forest is incredibly striking too. There was such an engaging sense of warmth and peacefulness to so much of the map that it made the move to the snow covered regions feel doubly cold and uninviting (so much so that I genuinely couldn't wait to get away from them). I also loved how they used natural elements to guide you to your destination (wind, smoke, fire, the foxes...etc). It's a game that feels so deeply in touch with its environment and I though that was wonderful. I absolutely could have kept on playing, finishing up all the additional trophies and minor side tales that I ignored as I enjoyed roaming the environment so much, but again I wanted to leave myself more new things to do if I ever get round to getting the Director's Cut, which I suspect I will in a year or two (it's great to know that saves will carry over). Interestingly, with so much crossover from cinematic depictions of Samurai culture spilling into embellished depictions of America's old west in movies, the game has left me more eager to finally play Red Dead Redemption 2 than I've felt in a while as the original RDR had a similar sense of putting me slap bang in the middle of an environment I just loved roaming around. I'll have to give some thought about when I might pick that up.
  13. Well... If I ever play the Director's Cut I might make the exact same choice again just to piss you off.
  14. I know! I still logged 26hrs over the course of four days of play though (the vaccine getting into my system really knocked me out all of Saturday so I used the downtime over the weekend to power through a massive chunk of the game). I was also playing on the easiest difficulty as these kinds of games can get tedious for me very quickly these days, so I was in it more for the story and the fun rather than the challenge. I was also keeping the PS5 version in the back of my mind too, so I wanted to save a higher difficulty for another day should I ever desire to revisit the game via way of the Director's Cut (likewise I opted to play with the Japanese audio but not in B&W which I'd still be interested in trying someday). Scanning back through the thread after playing I might as well let you know that I made the RIGHT choice by the way...
  15. Ugh. How many big independent studios are left in the UK now?
  16. Interesting to see the Swan, Dolphin and the forthcoming Swan Reserve hotels added to the list with the Deluxe/DVC resorts that will be offering the early park entry and extended evening hour perks. Given how reasonable the Swan and Dolphin's prices are you'd think that will make them an even more attractive option for guests wanting to stay on property.
  17. 4k is around 8 (yes, eight) megapixels at a 16:9 ratio. At the 3:2 sensor ratio adopted by APS-C and full frame cameras, 4k resolution would apparently be a little under 10.7 megapixels. On paper, yes a Q should look "better" than the XH1, or to perhaps be more accurate, have the potential to render an image better, because the larger sensor makes it more light sensitive, it probably has slightly better dynamic range and that Summilux lens is remarkably high quality. Leica's colour science is nice too (but then so is Fuji's). The Q2M is where things get particularly interesting because in taking away the colour filter from the sensor, the perceptible resolution of the image increases, as does the dynamic range if one were comparing it to the same photograph taken with a regular Q2. Also remember that the size of an image being displayed, in balance with your viewing distance, factors in to your perception of sharpness and detail of that image. This is true whether you're at the cinema, watching TV at home, or looking at a photograph hanging on the wall. Take watching a UHD movie or TV show on a 4k TV at home for example, there is an acceptable threshold based on screen size where you could be sitting too close (and begin to see pixels and other image artefacts) or too far away (and begin to lose the ability to benefit from having a display of that resolution). Similarly, think about professionals who shot huge budget billboard campaigns with a 2.7MP APS-C Nikon D1 back in the day. They would look great because you'd always be at a significant distance from the image to ever notice resolution shortcomings in the print at that scale. There's also good reason we rarely see large prints in galleries of photos taken by the great photojournalists as their focus would rarely be dead on, and so a smaller print, again combined with one's viewing distance, can alter our perception of sharpness (something noticeably out of focus in Lightroom/Capture One on our computer monitors can often look perfectly sharp when reduced to Instagram's display size for example). So really, while on paper we look at these specific numbers and get obsessed over them, nothing can really be taken as an absolute as there are too many variables (display/printing size, viewing distance, sensor resolution, sensor quality, lens quality...etc) that affect the final image and how we perceive it. Incidentally, via some of the Leica dealers I shop with, I've seen original Q 50mm crops (7.5mp) and Q2 75mm crops (6.6mp) printed to A2 (23.4x16.5") size and have looked at them right up close and the quality and sharpness of both was remarkable. Consequently, assuming I was happy with the focus, I feel like I would rarely hesitate to make 14x11 prints of images cropped to that extent with those cameras (and obviously a print of such a size from an uncropped or barely cropped image would be even less of a concern). Really, aside from being locked in with a 28mm lens and the inherent depth of field that comes with it, the Q cameras are so damn versatile. I really parted with my original Q much too soon, though I do thing the refinements and resolution boost to the Q2/Q2M have pretty much perfected what I liked so much about the original.
  18. Some French retail listings have appeared for Guns of Navarone and Final Fantasy: Spirits Within (both Sony). They're currently down for release in November.
  19. Damn it. I grabbed the Arrow Blu-ray of that not too long ago (at least I got it in a sale).
  20. Enjoyed this a great deal. I really just focused on the main story and the key side quests and anything I happened to stumble upon en route. There's not really enough to drive me toward wanting the Platinum, but I was throughly satisfied with the time I spent with it.
  21. I adore Coco. One of my favourite Pixar films. Nice to read that the update is coming to Paris as well. Disney also did another Jungle Cruise update video (Disneyland version):
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