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  1. $19.99 at Target: https://www.target.com/p/xbox-game-pass-ultimate/-/A-81874854
  2. They showed some PlayStation footage the other day: Also, some comments from somebody who's been playing it on how the GTA-like marketing is a bit misleading, and the quests and dialogue can be reminiscent of The Witcher 3's best (maybe don't watch if you're in no-spoiler mode):
  3. Maybe it's just not capable of that kind of subtlety, or it just may take devs more time to perfect it.
  4. Are they using the adaptive trigger for the brake pedal? That would seem like a good use of it, if it’s able to mimic that feel.
  5. It loses contact with the Ubi servers after a while and no saves happen after that. From the reports I've seen, it's often after only a half hour or so. There are no manual or local saves, either.
  6. Update: Microsoft did refund my digital purchase of this game.
  7. I requested a refund on this, as it’s still impossible to save progress on Series X. Patch coming in early December at soonest, Ubisoft has said. Not sure if MS will refund a digital game, but we’ll see. I’ll buy it on PS5 if they do.
  8. I’m working on the original remastered first, in fidelity mode, as I’d never finished it. Seems to play well at 30 fps for me. Yeah I can only play one of these types of games at a time, and I still find myself struggling with buttons during combat sometimes.
  9. I’m tempted but with Ratchet coming soon(ish) I think may go with that instead, or wait for a price drop. Astro did get me excited about platformers a bit.
  10. This is also in the XBL sale right now at $19.99 for the Ultimate edition. Picked it up, but am going to wait for the Series X upgrades before playing.
  11. I’d read that they were working on adding wheel support, but I’ve not heard anything specific recently.
  12. I don't think I can wait for the next-gen patch, lol. If we had a clearer idea of when exactly it's coming, it would be nice. The One X version looks pretty good, too.
  13. I played just a bit last night. Don’t have a 120 hz set yet, but it was certainly smooth & load times are not too much of a thing now.
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