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  1. I must be very close, longer game than I expected. Should finish tonight.
  2. I hope this lives up to my expectations. I’m thinking of waiting for the next-gen patch, too.
  3. Yeah, I used what little shotgun ammo I had (and one explosive) Survivor can be stingy with ammo. It’s the one at Will give it a go again tonight.
  4. Nice moves. I got wrecked last night by a bloater, sheesh. Gave up on it after a bunch of tries.
  5. Yeah went through the beginning of day 2 earlier on Survivor. When you finally take down that room full of baddies, only to be rewarded with zilch.
  6. One nitpick I have is doorways closing behind you that you can't re-open. Had it happen a couple of times and had to load a save a ways back so I could finish exploring/looting. Got to manually save frequently. I've liked that the infected encounters have tended to be a bit scarier in this game.
  7. I'm finding Survivor difficulty not too bad so far. Finished downtown Seattle.
  8. Played a couple hours tonight. It’s so damn beautiful.
  9. It looks better vertical. I’m leaning towards the digital version myself.
  10. A look at the accessories. https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/11/21288494/sony-ps5-playstation-5-hd-camera-dualsense-charging-dock-pulse-accessories
  11. I’m thinking of skipping the OLED because of this. I use my TV as a PC monitor. There is some burn-in on my plasma. I’ve learned to keep the taskbar & desktop icons hidden,, but I don’t know that I can avoid burn-in completely on an OLED. Thinking I should get a QLED that I can live with for 5 years (maybe wait for a model with multiple 2.1 inputs though), and then see what’s new at that time. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. ...and I thought I was being ambitious just purchasing Odyssey the other day. FWIW, I've not played the series since the third game & Odyssey seems terrific so far.
  13. I saw that Vampire Bloodlines has cross-generation saves too. Not sure if other games are doing that too, but it's a nice feature to have.
  14. 65’s are $1850 for the B9, $2200 C9., & $2788 for the CX. 55s are B9 $1300, C9 $1500, & the CX 55 is $1800. Maybe C9 is the way to go.
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