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  1. Here's the (lengthy) launch trailer. Maybe avoid if you're in no spoilers mode:
  2. I got some gold codes for a little more. 3 years of Ultimate for less than a buck a week, I'm happy with that!
  3. Ugh looks like I missed out on the gamepass code deal at CAG.
  4. I'm on the Subway 2017 theme which is messed up for me and I can't change back to the default theme when signed in. I does work when I sign out though. Tried deleting cookies & different browsers etc. Here's what I see instead of the option to change the theme:
  5. I watched the VoD. Not a great showing. S.O.S. I liked. As much as I want to like Anthem, I know it's not my type of game.
  6. Fell asleep the moment FIFA came on. I'm proud of that.
  7. Free games with Twitch Prime for May: Psychonauts, Clustertruck, Gone Home, Titan Souls, HighHell, I Hope
  8. My plasma is also 7 years old & replaced an 8 year old rear projection. I may go longer than that this time. Not feelin' a need yet.
  9. OK, looked into it & it seems that Twitch Group Chat was eliminated, to be replaced by "Rooms" & probably hasn't rolled out yet... https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/2850001-twitch-software-rewrite-beta-roll-out
  10. I can't even find the chat room, & I'm the one that created it. Nice job, Twitch. user name: Manic_D
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