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  1. I seem to remember that I couldn't log in with my VPN turned on a few years ago. I turned it off and boom, I could log in. So maybe there's some region-locking or IP filtering?
  2. Oh, I know all about big raptors; we have one at home.
  3. That sounds like it's right up our alley; thanks for the tip!
  4. Lemme tell you what's doin': Glasses are not optimal. I'm out of contacts and don't plan to go get more in the near future. Maybe I'll get lasik and add that to the cost of VR? It's still good, but not optimal. Mouse is a fun game. It's simple, but each level is like a diorama with an easy puzzle to solve. Ridiculously cute! Half Life: Alyx was a "whoa" experience, but I only started the game and played for 15-20 minutes. Wow, though. Looking forward to playing more. The Rick & Morty game was a hit in our house. Easy puzzling, but darn, it wa
  5. You have a CRT? I output to punch cards and read the patterns. SMH.
  6. You're wrong about the percentage and I would like to spend the next 3 pages arguing about whether it's 99% or 99.9%.
  7. I just got a Rift S and it's turning into a fun little quarantine purchase!
  8. I have a small 29" ultrawide at work and I love it. It isn't too big, but easily let's me have 2 big windows side-by-side. Great value.
  9. Never thought I'd be old and fat, but here am I am killing it!
  10. Copyright says 1993. I mean, we were already using modern stuff like Windows 3.11 for Workgroups (November 11, 1993).
  11. I already had a mechanic tell me the problem with my bike is a loose nut between the handlebar and seat...
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