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  1. I'm still on the fence -- it looks like so much fun, but I don't have any specific use.
  2. You have no idea. I used to be a high-end thief and I'm constantly being forced back into the game. I've had, like 3 days off in the last 4 years. Because why? Because I'm always burning my PTO on the "one last big score" some shitheel underworld boss has forced me into. Assholes.
  3. I know dogbert is using a 3D printer for making boardgame bits. What else are people using 3D printers for? Also: Worst thing about a 3D printer?
  4. The organizers look great! Probably should be another thread, but do you have your own printer? Our local library has a 3D printer and I keep meaning to see what patrons can do with it.
  5. I got no results -- not even AppleTV when I googled how to test hdmi. That's surprising considering all the confusion surrounding HDMI bandwidth and standards. Oh, well. Not really relevant since I don't plan to replace my projector for a while. Right now I'm more interested in Atmos.
  6. I have a fear about the in-wall cable I had installed 2 years ago. The electrician was very on top of his business, so I should be confident, but ya know ... How would a non-Apple household test for that, Ed?
  7. Ok, cool, I'll try to give it a go. I just hope it holds up in a paltry 1080p. Yeah, I'm envious of your 4k projector!
  8. Is this the German show? I meant to give it a shot and completely forgot about it.
  9. Why not put him in a padded suit and maybe mold nipples on the outside? Problem solved.
  10. Yep, just made a michelada that hit the spot!
  11. Gosh, that was a great trip summary! And it made me thirsty!
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