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  1. I quite enjoyed it! It's mostly what I wanted -- space fantasy set in the Star Wars universe without any of the cruft. And Wernor Herzog!!!
  2. I can sympathize. My girlfriend had Verizon DSL at her old house in a more rural area and it was pretty common to yell "Who's eating the internet?!" Her DSL modem was very old and it helped a little to get a new one.
  3. Yeah, and don't apologize for helping friends with a good cause!
  4. OT: Ed, you're obviously a rally fan. Are you familiar with the Isle of Man TT? Please. Come to the 2-wheeled side.
  5. Many, many years ago I bought a leather "zero gravity chair" from Costco. It spins up on an axis at the bottom of your hip and takes all the weight off your lower back. Every couple of years I do something silly to my back and sit in that chair and sometimes sleep in it and it's awesome. I remember a buddy visiting and hobbling around and I dragged that thing into the guest bedroom. Even though he lived two miles up the road he slept in the damn thing and thanked me the nextday. It's stashed in my home office because it is not attractive to look at, but, seriously -- sit in one if you have occasional or frequent back problems.
  6. Does it have all the top streaming services?
  7. I appreciate your concern, but we're professionals: The Great Australian Bake-Off Sponsored by Vegemite and hosted by Ozzy Man Reviews.
  8. This sounds too similar to our "Virtual Fap to Scrambled Cable Porn" service (available for $5.95/mo in our premium tiers): ). A Cease and Desist is on its way to you.
  9. Sorry, but this is no mere sequel or even a reboot. This is a reimagining of what will be the cornerstone of the Backdraft franchise. I can't give too much away, but you do know that we secured Owen Wilson as the voice of Fire?
  10. If you refer to the disgusting smear that we're remaking The Cosby Show starring OJ Simpson as Cliff, we are demanding a retraction from Variety. We have no relationship with Mr. Cosby and besides, OJ is hosting our reboot of The Dating Game, not a Cosby Show remake.
  11. Sorry I didn't reply earlier; legal was reviewing our NDAs. So anyway, yes, we greenlit the animated Event Horizon children's television series.
  12. You're talking about the Wes Anderson-led Isle of Dogs spin-off? Wes Anderson had other commitments and ducked out, but Paul W.S. Anderson is our new showrunner.
  13. I didn't want to post until the ink is dry, but I'm excited to announce my own premium streaming service: MonkeyVision+. What do people look for in entertainment today besides another goddamn streaming service? Remakes and reboots -- anything that comes with a built-in nostalgia factor. Our viewers want comforting, non-challenging entertainment. With that in mind, check out some of our exciting TV shows and original movies! A remake of Papillon starring Tracy Morgan and Melissa McCarthy. A television series based on the hit movie Dunstan Checks In in the style of a CBS police procedural. Scarlett Johannson is voice of Dunstan the Orangutang who solves crimes over the internet. Cedric the Entertainer plays the irate hotel concierge who suspects the guest in Room 221 is an ape and wants him out. Who pops over during sweeps? Jason Alexander as Dunstan's client who suspects his wife is cheating on him! We hope to get some pop from internet outrage because ScarJo is not in fact an orang. A remake of the Small Wonder tv show, starring Ashton Kutcher as the dad and Millie Bobbie Brown as the robot girl. A grim and gritty movie remake of Home Improvement, starring Liam Neeson as the dad, Forrest Whittaker as Al, Peter Weller as the voice of Wilson and introducing introducing Willow Smith as a villainous studio head. Chris Hemsworth as the Tool Time Girl. Directed by Zack Snyder. A remake of Blues Brothers 2000 (the sequel, not the original) starring Chris Kattan and Mark Wahlberg. A remake of Backdraft starring Jonah Hill in the Kurt Russell role, Jesse Eisenberg as the imprisoned whackadoo arsonist, Olivia Munn as Adcox the villainous father figure, and Owen Wilson as voice of Fire. We're also planning to launch Visión de mono+ in Spanish markets, of course.
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