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  1. Sounds great, but I can't see the pic?
  2. The movie is one of our favorite comedies in the last several years. And he show was a very pleasant surprise. Highly recommended. There's also a mini spin-off that follows the two cops from the movie who were hypnotized to not see anything supernatural.
  3. I was, and I've never forgiven Uncle Whooter.
  4. I remember a buddy of mine argued that Iceman was the real hero and I remember everyone saying "huh, you're right." And he used many of the same examples as you!
  5. Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash.
  6. I talked to 2 recruiters last year. The first one asked me to stop by and chat. We talked about my skills and what's important to me for maybe an hour. The second one asked me to Skype. We talked about my skills and what's important to me for maybe a half hour. The first one called back and proposed a type of job we never discussed, but said "I think there might be a good fit here." After I interviewed there I called him and told him I loved the people and the job. He said that's funny they just called me and said they want to make an offer, but please trust me and let me negotiate for more. About a week later I had an offer with a significant bump in salary. It's where I work now and I love it. Hilariously, the second firm still occasionally emails me generic job search tips. Obviously, the second firm are in the category of time wasters. Except that I put in maybe a half-hour with them on skype? If I could give people advice it would be to talk to as many recruiters as you can -- as long as you aren't paying someone or giving exclusivity, what's the downside? You lose a tiny bit of time. I wouldn't say this to just anyone, but knowing what little I do of you, Camp, I'd think you're too perceptive to fall for the other potential downside, the scam artist.
  7. I thought the UN put a stop to that?
  8. I knew a guy ages ago who insisted that "Rutger" was pronounced "ROO-ger" like the pistol maker. 'Member Blind Fury?
  9. I'm still on the fence -- it looks like so much fun, but I don't have any specific use.
  10. You have no idea. I used to be a high-end thief and I'm constantly being forced back into the game. I've had, like 3 days off in the last 4 years. Because why? Because I'm always burning my PTO on the "one last big score" some shitheel underworld boss has forced me into. Assholes.
  11. I know dogbert is using a 3D printer for making boardgame bits. What else are people using 3D printers for? Also: Worst thing about a 3D printer?
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