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  1. Copyright says 1993. I mean, we were already using modern stuff like Windows 3.11 for Workgroups (November 11, 1993).
  2. I already had a mechanic tell me the problem with my bike is a loose nut between the handlebar and seat...
  3. It's possible both came up with the same idea around the same time, too. But Ham claims he has documentation proving his claims and refuses to show it. And takes part in an incredibly time-consuming online war making the same claim? I don't really care one way or the other -- sadly, truck nuts of either brand won't find their way onto my sedan. It was a funny story, though!
  4. I don't know where to share this ridiculous story detailing "The Bitter Battle Between Two Men Who Both Say They Invented Truck Nuts," so I'm posting the link here: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/8gkqbg/balls-out-the-weird-story-of-the-great-truck-nuts-war
  5. One issue: Again, I said I'd read my posts to you for the half the cost and you continue to decline my offer?
  6. 2 PCs and Android tablet and not seeing the glitch.
  7. Yeah. It looks like hot garbage to me, but I don't think I'll be jumping back to Xbox this generation.
  8. Ditto. Spider-Man was one of my favorite recent games and Miles is my favorite Spider-Man, so this is a no-brainer launch title for me.
  9. Gave you a sad smiley for hiding the Shaun of the Dead poster. Shame [ding ding].
  10. Looks like the sound is significantly better on the gen 7 -- I think that's what I'll go with as soon as I find a decent sale instead of a gen 8.
  11. Carlos, which model Thinkpad is that? I want to replace my X1 Carbon (3rd gen). I'd like to replace it with the current gen X1 Carbon, but I want to know if the speakers are incredibly tinny still.
  12. Good news, everyone! We're proud to announce our collaboration with Happy Madison Productions! Famed auteur director Brett Ratner is bringing a buddy comedy twist to Spirited Away this June. This faithful re-imagining was produced entirely on Zoom and Windows Movie Maker, starring: David Spade as Chihiro Adam Sandler as Haku, the Spirit of the River Kevin James and Rob Schneider as the parents Chris Tucker as Yubaba, the witch who runs the bathhouse Enjoy the hijinks as fish-out-of-water Chihiro teams up with Haku to solved the mystery of where bacon comes from. Rated R for nudity and sexual content.
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