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  1. It sounds like something similar to an MVNO setup for cell service?
  2. Something functional? Take up archery.
  3. She was great. Still chuckle just remembering that business with the lousy winking in AD.
  4. Good mac and cheese is never "just" mac and cheese. Congrats on your fancy from scratch comfort food!
  5. Turn your oven on broil. Boil a small head of cauliflower in very heavily salted water for about 8 minutes. A knife should slide in with a little resistance when done. I put a weight on top to keep it submerged. Take it out and let it drain. Rub with olive oil. Taste the harissa. How salty is it? Not enough? Sprinkle some flakes on top of the cauliflower. Now rub it lightly with harissa. Put it in the oven to broil and get some nice roasted spots. Looking burned in spot tends to be nice. Meanwhile, take a cup of greek yogurt and stir in 1 TB of lemon juice a
  6. Lucky devil -- we have a crappy recirc deal built into the microwave. Your next assignment is to get 4 oz jam jars and try creme brulee, chocolate pot de creme, and egg bites.
  7. I was all set to build a new one, but I'm in the same boat -- waiting.
  8. This hobby is absolutely fascinating.
  9. Maryland plates and she didn't use her turn signal when pulling out? Seems legit. (I don't think they're MD plates, but couldn't resist the dig)
  10. I've been looking at 3rd party light kits for my Razor Crest and would love to hear how yours works out.
  11. Holy hell, Kitchener Waterloo! That brings back some memories!
  12. That guy is a real piece of garbage, BTW. Couldn't happen to a better person ...
  13. I like inexpensive sets of plastic boards from Costco or dirt cheap plastic boards from restaurant supply. Nothing wrong with the nice stuff (except glass, that's bullshit and wreck's your knife edge). But I find that the cheap plastic ones last very, very, very long. And if you wanna soak them in a mild bleach solution? Go for it. Chuck in the dishwasher? Yep, go for it.
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