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  1. I remember this one. Pegg and Frost have great chemistry, but there was something missing. I found out afterwards that Edgar Wright didn't direct.
  2. I've had this tube amp on my wishlist for a while as a gift for someone: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=13194 There are a few different models (the 25W one is on sale for $110).
  3. Our Switch is about a year and a half old -- does anyone else have terrible intermittent fan noise where it sounds like it's about to fail?
  4. I'm putting in a plug for: Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This game really pushed a team mentality and I have fond memories of getting a full team charging after objectives. It was also back in the day when everybody was using comms. Super Mario Odyssey. This and the next game were the first in years that had me actually enjoying gaming again. Marvel's Spider-Man. Not so much a game, as a Spider-Man simulator!
  5. I have it! Just haven't watched it yet. Haven't had the chance in 13 years.
  6. I'm glad the world they created kept me watching through the not-so-great early seasons! Great finish, although I wanted to see more of Puddy!
  7. No, as I said -- I agree with you. Just trying to put a finer point on it and struggling through the thought process through what is now three martinis.
  8. I think you're right, Joey, on all counts. But I think we agree that it doesn't excuse Amazon? I just wish the deserved outrage doesn't have a whiff of specificity to Amazon. As an analogy, we can find any number of pieces taking tech companies to task for loosey-goosey attitudes to privacy, but when California's DMV makes millions selling motorists personal information we don't hear much. I'm very glad that there are people out there who aren't asleep at the wheel when it comes to the tech companies, but what's the missing piece when it comes to, say, the California DMV? Not to hijack the thread, but spend some time reading up on Third Party Doctrine and what it means to the Fourth Amendment -- that's eye-opening! Dammit, I did just conduct a Two-Martini Threadjack after Jeff and Joey's thoughtful posts about Amazon. Sorry. Back to holiday cleaning for me.
  9. Your impressions have me interested! Sounds like my next game after Luigi's Mansion.
  10. I somehow scanned this as "gotta jack off first" and admired your commitment to priorities.
  11. Stick with the show, Carlos -- believe it or not Letterkenney gets even better! Adult Spelling Bee and the shark tank episode are probably my favorites.
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