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  1. Dumb question -- does that mean the game is free to play for that week or does it mean you have a week to snag it for free?
  2. I always say "good people bounce back" and I believe you're a great one. Hang in and reach out in the unlikely event that a dummy like me can help. Or if you just need cooking and/or cocktails tips, because, let's be honest, I'm concerned about your commitment to cocktails.
  3. Me and my wife?! This casual disregard for standards is why we have 2020.
  4. I always prefer inverted for flying games, never for nipples and everything else.
  5. I have launch issues all the time with this game, too. But if you want to try a DualShock, give it a try on your PC. I'm very happy with it (when I can get it to work). There's a very old school fiddling-with-shit aspect to this which is why I originally dumped PC gaming many years ago. I guess this is this price of PC VR, which I'm okay with for now?
  6. I'm using DualShock4 on PC VR and not yet invested in HOTAS. Just the VR aspect is amazing (full disclosure, it's my first flying game in VR). Biu those of you who ride know what I mean. That whole thing about your motorcycle going where you look is a factor in VR. On a 2 ship 1v1, when your opponent breaks past your X-Wing and you track your head all the way up around to keep your while you're turning -- that's a different deal for me. Thumbs up.
  7. Finally got the game to recognize the damn DS4 controller and got through the training in VR. Prettay prettay prettay good!
  8. I paired over bluetooth and plan to blame any problems on input lag.
  9. Hah; I took tomorrow off as well! Turns out the DualShock 4 paired with my PC just fine. Looking forward to trying it out! I assume I just leave the PC on with Steam loaded and it will download over night?
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