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  1. I chuckled at this and then I remembered I had a wifi card fail and built a new $750 PC in January.
  2. I see what what you're saying, Joey and I get it. I'm a fan of American Vampire and I want more dammit. I just think that when we see these delay with creator-owned properties I have more patience. Maybe patience is the right word, maybe understanding. I remember someone I know complaining about GoT delay for the last season and I also remember saying they should take as much time as they could to get it right (we can argue about how successful they were). Saying "I plotted things to the end" isn't the same as writing the book. I remember hearing a chef say he think of himself as a craftsman, not an artist because artists do their thing when their moved to do so and craftsmen get things done because that's their job. So if if someone delays delays delays a project, I think about whether they are doing Art as opposed to craftsmanship and then sigh, grumble, and try to engage patience on my end. Having typed all that, I'm not sure we actually disagree.
  3. I'm very okay with that. I'd rather creators put something out when they have a story to tell as opposed to filling a publishing requirement. I think it's why Curb Your Enthusiasm is consistently better than, say, Modern Family. And I think it's similar to the thing about shorter seasons like Coupling as opposed to American-style 20-episode-plus orders. And American Vampire is great!
  4. Chris, I thought I read somewhere that the big publishers are delaying digital delivery to try and protect brick-and-mortar.
  5. Same; I need to go in regularly. Huge difference, though? Everyone I run into is very nice. But I don't spend much time on the highways -- I live 5 minutes from work. I strongly recommend Webex, Zoom or whatever for regular virtual happy hours. It's nice to see other people. I usually have a couple trivia cards from a boardgame like Wits & Wagers and throw in a question here and there to spark discussion and arguments. I usually start off by showing me making a cocktail and explaining what I'm doing. BTW, you can share your screen with these apps. Which means you can d/l The Jackbox Party Pack on Steam and your remote friends can join view room code on their cell phones. I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon.
  6. Try watching Fistful of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More in middle of the season like we did. It was awesome!
  7. Gotcha. At some point we'll start looking harder at games like Snipperclips and I thought this might briefly scratch the local multiplayer itch.
  8. Animal Crossing has some kind of splitscreen? I didn't know that! We got an extra pair of joycons thinking it would be nice for 4-player party games, but it seems we aren't doing much entertaining.
  9. We can't find it either here in Maryland.
  10. I didn't, but then I haven't really touched it since Thrag the Barbarian completed Puzzle Quest. I still notice it once in a while when Ruth uses the Switch in handheld mode and it really sounds like a bad fan bearing to me. But I've done nothing about it.
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