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  1. That class sound like a blast! As for the beef, do you have an H-Mart near you?
  2. PUERCO PIBIL Grind all these:5 TB annato (1 pkg from Mexican store; not pre-ground)2 TB kosher salt1 TB peppercorns8 whole allspice2 tsp cumin1/2 tsp whole clovesBlend all these:8 garlic cloves2 habaneros1/2 C OJ1/2 C white vinegarjuice of 5 lemons1/4 C tequilaBlend this smooth, add ground spices, blend to mix~5 lbs pork butt, cut into chunksPut in bag, add marinade, refrigerate 6 hrs or overnight. Turn bag periodically.Oven to 325 deg. Wrap pork in banana leaves, cover tightly with foil.Bake 4 hrs.I like to do all this the day before I want to serve -- let it cool, pull out all the pork and put it in a container in the fridge.Put the remaining sauce in a container in the fridge. Next day pull out the yellow fat cap from the sauce. (sometimes I save this and use it for refried beans).Put the sauce back into the pork, add a splash of OJ and tequila to brighten it up and reheat. Serve with quick pickled sliced red onions no matter what. Sometimes I serve it on rice with grilled tomato and grilled jalapeno and pickled red onions. Sometimes I serve taco-style on corn tortillas with cilantro and pickled red onions.
  3. Is this close? https://dinnerthendessert.com/shake-shack-sauce/
  4. Just a gentle reminder: The premier sporting event of the year kicks of tomorrow at 11:30 AM EST. If you've never seen George Shea's tasteful and understated introductions, well, you can't call that living:
  5. Have you tried making smash burgers on your own? I bet if you have a cast iron skillet, this is all in your wheelhouse. The accoutrements, especially fries and shakes is another deal, but the burger? I think you can do that.
  6. This is gonna be sweet on my 3080. No, I don't have one yet, but I figured I'll order one from Amazon or whatever. Why do I hear snickering?
  7. That's a shame. I remain envious of your Ghostbusters firehouse. I see that it's "retired" but do they ever bring stuff back?
  8. Sam I love Sam Richardson and Theo Von. Here's hoping it's John Wick in the sense of "Better than it needed to be."
  9. Wow, that's tempting. The open rear of the building looks like there's some very cool dioramas in there.
  10. It sounds like something similar to an MVNO setup for cell service?
  11. Something functional? Take up archery.
  12. She was great. Still chuckle just remembering that business with the lousy winking in AD.
  13. Good mac and cheese is never "just" mac and cheese. Congrats on your fancy from scratch comfort food!
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