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  1. Facebook account news got me looking around. Looking at what's currently available, nothing looks like much of an upgrade over my trusty Rift CV1 (modded for wireless). Is there some new hotness on the horizon that's going to floor us I need to wait for?
  2. Wave 1 is currently arriving. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  3. It may comfort you, faithful reader, that you are not the only one that has to suffer the spamming of the pictures of the games I play. I sometimes instead upload the pics to BoardGameGeek forums. One of those pics, for Tang Garden, got inserted into a Watch It Played video (8:20), so all the practice I've had in this thread has finally paid off.
  4. Beautiful country! If you're interested in pursuing this type of photography (high dynamic range landscape), check out split gradiant filters, or, more specific to this shot, reverse gradiant filters. That is if you're wanting to bring detail and contrast out of the foreground subject while keeping the same for the bright sky and cloud structures. Or, if someone actually makes a 15-stop DR sensor, just get that. ๐Ÿ˜ถ
  5. No, it sounds like you did it right. ๐Ÿ˜‚ (As a starting character, Frankenstein is hard to beat. Actually, Frankenstein is hard to beat regardless of experience.)
  6. The Carnomorphs are coming, and hell is coming with them. Meanwhile, here I am waiting to hear some 7th Continent impressions:
  7. Too Many Bones won't be back until August, at the earliest. If that 7th Continent has Frankenstein, Lovecraft, and Swamp of Madness, do it!
  8. I believe it's just the language orders yet to be fulfilled, but so far it's been following the expected timeline, despite the pandemic. I think it's impressive how a game that only started shipping towards the end of last year is already knocking on the top 30. Lockdown has a lot to live up to. In other news, these past few weeks have been filled with games. Even had a friend over for some games and I introduced him to Lisboa. I may never see him again. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Tiny Towns: Horrified: Glen More II: Chronicles: I looked
  9. In the past month Nemesis has passed Mechs vs Minions, Power Grid, Kingdom Death Monster, Root, and Pandemic Legacy Season 2 on BGG's rankings. It's currently bearing down on Mansions of Madness 2E and will probably pass it before the week is out. The game is still being fulfilled to wave 1 backers. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
  10. "..without sinking money into it..." Oh, you sweet sweet summer child.
  11. Haven't played digital much, apart from the first bit where you get to know Beor. I'm hoping it gives us an easier path to the story. As the table top version stands, the narrative is what I hoped it would be but the experience is hindered somewhat by the grind-y nature of the game play. It's certainly worth the slog to live in that world and watch it develop, but I also wouldn't mind an option to go full bore story mode. The digital so far seems more accessible that kind of way. In other news, been getting a lot of games in. Quacks of Quedlinburg was a long time coming. Quite a fu
  12. Big Fantasy Grounds sale on Steam right now. Tainted Grail early access is up, too.
  13. Today I swapped out the 4x4 Expedit for a 5x5 Kallax and was looking forward to all the extra space I'd have for activities. After I loaded up the shelves I have about as much extra space as I did before! WTF. I'm currently playing phone tag with Ripley's because I think this qualifies.
  14. Western Legends and Ante up! Seeing them warms my heart. For those of you with families and are looking for something for everyone, check it: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/tcok601.html That price is a steal. (They have the cheapest price on the expansion too, but it's out of stock atm.)
  15. Sounds like a plan. Luckily you'll have at least a few weeks still to get all the minis painted up.
  16. Team Hoard And you remind me, I need to try Blood Rage.
  17. Something went wrong, the pic isn't showing up.
  18. Here is my One Year Anniversary Shelfieโ„ข. Started from the Trivial Pursuit variants and Bed Bugs and now we here. The Milton Bradley types are not long for the world. Shelf space is becoming precious. Sorry Christmas Story: The Board Game but I'm not the man I used to be. The 4x4 Expedit is about to get replaced with a 5x5 Kallax to help tame the beast. Pour one out for yet another retired Expedit. What started with Battleship has become an obsession with grand epics like Gloomhaven, Tainted Grail, and 7th Continent, thinky Euros like On Mars, The Gallerist,
  19. I dig Gloomhaven, but if you're playing a good DnD game, you're not missing anything. Gloomhaven is the DnD consolation prize. In other news, the kids have been enjoying X-Wing which has given me all the excuse I need to collect the minis even more, which I like to do almost as much as actually playing the game.
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