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  1. And so our humble fellowship is set to finally begin the journey. Godspeed, Scared Chitless.
  2. @secretvampire On a side note, were the caps ever replaced on the Express? Mine finally bit the dust and I ordered a replacement set but damn are the leads tiny! And there are a buttload of them. Geez. I'm going to have to send it to someone, I think.
  3. Just ribbing ya! I read that as, "I limit myself to practically the entire focal range of hand-holdable lenses and make myself get creative with it." 😛 How are you liking the M5? I still have a few M(1)'s and often come dangerously close to upgrading for travel purposes.
  4. Cats and s(h)elfies are why the internet exists. Here's both. When we're playing, Cairo likes to jump up there and sit behind the DM screen and watch. And plot. If we really let him DM, there is no doubt he would enjoy killing the players. He's a jerk.
  5. As seen in the Plexaholics group.
  6. Had a blast! We had a very smooth first couple of rounds, then somewhere along the way the entire intruder bag was emptied, half the ship was on fire and the other half didn't work. Good times. Maybe I should go ahead and finish prepping the Void Seeders expansion in case we want to mix up who it is that's going to be killing us.
  7. This past weekend I was able to meet up with a fellow board gamer I've known for a decade but never actually met IRL as well as a guy I've known since elementary school for a game of Legendary Scythe. Elementary school mate had never played Scythe, but the "new guy" had played it a bit and it ranks among his favorites. The game ended in a tie for first with the tie-breaker being whoever painted the minis. 😂 We had a blast. We ended the day at Hopdoddy for one of the best hamburgers I've ever had. Quite a Saturday afternoon. Brian, we could have used you! Hopefully next time. Next up, maybe On Mars or Nemesis or Cthulhu: Death May Die. We'll see. Excelsior.
  8. Marvel Champions bored the bejeezus out of me, but I STILL enjoy seeing your updates. 😂
  9. In Project Cars, I found VR useful when taking tight turns in an open-air formula car - you can look out over the hood and see precisely where your car is in relation to the other cars in the turn and steer accordingly. Those other drivers never had a chance.
  10. Introduced the kids to Cthulhu: Death May Die because it's time for these kids to learn how cruel and unforgiving the world can be. We all died. They had a blast.
  11. Gaming predates 2016? Sounds made up.
  12. I'm all-in for Dork Tower, too, but that neoprene mat, oh that gorgeous, over-sized neoprene mat, makes the whole kit and caboodle $300-ish with shipping and tax. I might have to come off the all-in to fit the mat in instead. What to do, what to do? These are the questions of our time.
  13. Dark Tower I get, but no love for Oath or Apex? 😲
  14. The cable comes out of the top? No way. Not on my watch.
  15. The fam loves Wingspan. In fact, yesterday I received my 4 month old KS pledge of upgraded character markers from Meeple Source because now the culture is all about ordering even normal everyday products through Kickstarter. Zzzz
  16. Working our way through the new games, we first jumped on the one I was most anticipating playing, Edge of Darkness. Having never played Mystic Vale, this is my first foray into John D. Clair's card crafting system - and it's a very difficult game to get a demo of or chance to play. (I saw it once in a store in Anaheim, but they wanted crazy money.) We love it. It's a fascinating system with a lot of uniqueness and depth. It's fun at 2 players and the bog down at 4 is minimal - if only because the downtime between turns gives you time to plan, which is welcome. Side note, I've instituted a policy to speed paint the army-like sets (here, the nameless guild agents), but will continue to take time on player characters or named minis. I'm amazed at how much time it takes to properly paint a game and marvel at people's collections of painted minis. My goal is to not play a game until the minis are painted and the table presence is as pow as practical. Yolo, fam. Also, I may have gone too small for my gaming table! This game, and others, crowd a 4'x4' gaming area. Next up, Cthulhu: Death May Die
  17. But them 36 inches tho. (I still have my 36 WEGA from college sitting in the garage, but that's where it's going to have to stay because gravity.)
  18. The wife and I decided to make this the "Board Game Christmas." I've had worse ideas. Looking forward to finally getting to see what all the fuss is about with Gloomhaven. I received Nemesis as an early gift, so I painted it up and brought it over to the in-laws. We played until 4:30 in the morning. Some died, but all had a great time. Understand, these people think of Monopoly as the height of board game technology and know little else on the subject. Minds were blown.
  19. Give me an NBA Jam cab and I'll fix the roster issue.
  20. Quest, imo. PSVR is for tourists and Rift's modest performance increase over Quest doesn't justify the advantage of being tetherless and mobile.
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