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  1. I'll stop spamming the board with my Scythe nonsense after this quick update! So the base game came in this afternoon and I immediately picked a fraction and got to work. Painting mechs is pretty simple, so I started there. Now that I'm warmed up, on to the character. Damn, though, those faces are bitty af. Pray for me. Edited to add the character. I might have missed my calling, y'all. Gluing little tufts of grass onto bases is therapeutic.
  2. Those are included Meeple Source's complete promo set. That would suck. (Played a little on PC but at this point I've watched so many tabletop playthroughs on YouTube, and for Gloomhaven, too, I don't THINK I'm in for any big letdown.) Everything is ordered. Now we wait.
  3. Aight, it's about to go off. Scythe Invaders from Afar Expansion Wind Gambit Expansion Rise of Fenris Expansion Encounters Expansion Legendary Box Broken Token base insert Broken Token Legendary insert Realistic resources pack Metal money pack Complete Promo Set (from MeepleSource.com) MeepleSource Component Upgrade Complete Set, including Fenris Expansion Sleeves for all 3 different size cards Will get modular board when it launches, and probably the extension for the sake of completeness. I have a bunch of Vallejo textures, Army Painter tufts, and other such supplies already inbound to do the miniatures up. Missing anything?
  4. It'll probably be Scythe, but after some quick Amazon cart math we're talking about $450 for EVERYTHING. And I'll still have to paint about a thousand miniatures. But when complete, man, it'll be something to be proud of... Side note: Any experience with Tower Rex on Etsy? They produce some clever inserts, even for some games that Broken Token and others don't, like Wingspan, for a reasonable price. I ordered a few last week, so I'm about to find out how long it takes a package to arrive from the Ukraine (speaking of Scythe).
  5. Gloomhaven or Scythe, that is the question of our time... I'd like to get an "epic" game and create an heirloom-quality set out of it - with inserts, upgraded components, all cards sleeved, painted miniatures, the works. The two that interest me are Gloomhaven and Scythe. Both seem to be this generation's standard bearers for deep, beautiful, and well-realized large game worlds, so both seem to make great examples for what I'd like to do. I'll end up getting both games, but I want to go "all out" with one of them. My heart is telling me Scythe, a lot having to do with the gorgeous artwork and the possibility of creating a HUGE-er set with all the expansions. I really like the idea of filling the Legendary Box with 80lbs of over-wrought gaming goodness. I've been practicing my miniatures painting technique on the Mice & Mystics set and I think I'm already ready to tackle a project like this. Even ordered a bunch of textures and tufts in preparation for taking the bases to 11, too.
  6. Oh, and here's an update that shows why I can't be trusted as I have very little discipline regarding a game I've played maybe 5 times so far: And the custom DM screen came in!
  7. I can't get into Middara's aesthetic because I'm not in high school anymore. I did, however, pick up Wingspan and it's lived up to the hype. The game is gorgeous and the attention to detail is stellar. Gameplay is spot on and it's become the go-to family game night main attraction. Sorry, Trekking the National Parks, but you fought valiantly.
  8. Wingspan is in stock at Amazon for $55. Stonemaier Games Wingspan Game https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MC9JN56/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ASfcDb7X3K063
  9. Word on the street is that Sega are holding onto those licenses as they intend to explore producing their own uprights in the manner of A1U.
  10. A thousand times, yes! Konami announces the Turbografx 16 Mini: Link
  11. Mark, How are you digging the Broken Token inserts? Any reason you chose them over Daedelus?
  12. Didn't know where else to put this:
  13. Reverb is a great site. Purchased a lot from there and even got a call from the mothership after a particularly large purchase to make sure I was satisfied with the transaction.
  14. Hmmm... http://oneboardfamily.com/can-we-stop-with-the-minis/?fbclid=IwAR3O7n3LYcjEdtS-pmnTP0EbVjMTkgW3hWj3LKP3GK4JAdaQLdJgkROkJkU
  15. The erosion of our streaming golden age continues...
  16. I was looking at eBay prices - Looks like Middara was a pretty good Kickstarter investment. 😐
  17. Is Cuphead's legacy something like a top 15-20 game of all time? Higher, maybe?
  18. The table's here and mostly set up (waiting for a sound bar to arrive, gonna mount it underneath). Came out great, imo. So that's probably over the top, but that's exactly where I like to be in relation to the top. Kids and I tested it out tonight with some Lost Mines of Phandelver. They made it through Cragmaw Hideout and the table did not disappoint. Now to teach them the D&D Board Game mechanics because I've been itching to get into Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Wife and I are currently two cases deep into Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (Thames Murders), and now that we have more breathing space and aren't stuck in the middle of the kitchen, bring on case 3. Need to get more games...
  19. On the plus side, since re-upping the HBO access for GoT, I got to catch up on Veep. That show still has its fastball. 10/10
  20. This whole time we've been playing on analog laserdiscs!
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